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With another Monday comes another episode of Monday Night Raw. Welcome one and all to the first ever live results page of 1Z1 Pro Wrestling! My name is Jordan Huie, known in some circles as The One Zeel One, and I’ll be with you all throughout the night for your Raw results. If you wanna keep up with the show without actually watching it – a not-so-rare situation to be in – then I’m your man!

As the show goes on, this page will be updated regularly. Watch this space~!

The cold open hilariously starts glitching out, no doubt thanks to the work of Retribution. Yes the angsty legion of teenaged menaces that were last seen breaking windows, cutting ring ropes and hiding eggs inside people’s boots. As the show opens, they note the ‘rumors’ that Rey Mysterio will be here. A vignette plays recapping the events of last week with Ric Flair’s emotional promo, leading to Orton’s betrayal.

Drew McIntyre opens the show proper. He chastises Orton for his betrayal. He says at SummerSlam he’s not facing an old man, he’s facing a six-foot-five fire breathing dragon and he’ll hurt him. For everyone he’s wronged and sure as hell for Ric Flair.

As McIntyre continues, production errors surface as Retribution keeps up their antics.

Random clips of logos and slightly more erratic camera shots than usual. Finally we see Retribution attack the production truck with bats and break a few keyboards. They threaten staff until an emergency commercial break. That seemed like a pretty good promo but it uh, had no ending thanks to the hoodie boys.

Backstage a bunch of guys argue over what’s going on. Drew McIntyre approaches them and says he wants to beat Orton at SummerSlam but he doesn’t even know that we’ll get here. Says he doesn’t appreciate people invading. We can wait and see what happens, or we can band together to fight them. They seem into it but Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy come in clapping and cackling. Seth says they already have someone capable of leading. Seth is told about Rey coming in for his receipt, Seth says it’s a lie. Drew accuses him of being scared. Seth badgers Drew saying he can atleast protect himself and the people around him. McIntyre shoves him and Seth walks off.

Camera weirdness continues as the Hurt Business come to the ring. MVP says they’re here to make a statement and they call out Retribution. Suddenly everyone’s paying attention to them. Says tough isn’t terrorizing people in the shadows, the three of them are tough. Says who benefits most from the actions of Retribution? Money trail takes you to catering where you find Apollo Crews, Ricochet, Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander. It’s not a coincidence they came around right when MVP was challenging for the US title and made the lights flicker during his match.

This draws out Apollo Crews who says he knew he’d be out here making excuses. But this is low even for him. Claims Montel can’t beat him without any help. MVP mocks Apollo’s career before he became US champ and says that made him bitter and he fears losing the US title because as soon as he loses it, he’s back to catering. Apollo admits he does fear that and that’s why he fights so hard to remain a champion. Crews challenges Benjamin and says if he wins, Shelton and Lashley have to stay in the back during their SummerSlam title match.

Shelton Benjamin vs. WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews (Non-title)

Match in progress after commercial break, Shelton has the advantage. Tries for Paydirt, gets countered into a Spinebuster for 2. Apollo wants the elevated powerbomb but Shelton counters with a DDT out of the air for a nearfall. R-Truth is chased by ninjas through the ring and to the backstage. I haven’t watched in months and yet it’s like I never left. Crews manages to flash pin Benjamin with a Jacknife cover due to distraction.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Hurt Business jumps Apollo afterwards but the Catering Crew come in to make the save. It takes all four of them to dump Lashley from the ring but they stand tall. R-Truth charges back out and Benjamin clips him, pins him and takes the 24/7 title out of sheer spite. I appreciate this. MVP challenges Apollo and two of his boys to a six-man elimination tag tonight.

Angel Garza flirts with Demi backstage. Ivar interrupts and asks her to be his +1 to Raw Underground. That’s, certainly a concept. Hot date at the fight pit. Ivar accuses Angel of poisoning Montez and she asks if this is true. He angrily denies it and smacks the turkey leg out of his hand. He just summons another one and gives it to Demi who now has Ivar’s turkey and Angel’s rose.

Ivar vs. Angel Garza

We come back to a sudden match. They both show off their speed, Garza catches a kick and pulls him by the beard to the mat to take control. As Demi watches from backstage, Angelo Dawkins is now flirting with Demi to make this a love quadrangle. Meanwhile, Ivar takes over with a big overhead belly to belly, meaty shoulder block and side slam. Low Crossbody. Corner squash, into a corner clothesline. Wants a slam but Garza slips away only to eat a seated senton for a nearfall.

Ivar takes Angel up top, but he trips him onto the top rope, goes to the apron but eats a flying clothesline that wipes him out. Wants a tope but Zelina Vega steps in front of him to block. Ivar instead goes out there to slam Angel into the barricade. Andrade appears to distract him, Angel with a dropkick to Ivar on the way in, another to the head gets the win.

Winner: Angel Garza

Angelo and Demi appear on the screen to taunt Angel. Dawkins mentions Charly Caruso and Angel demands he mind his own business. Dawkins says you can find out a lot about someone by who they roll with and we’re about to find out a lot about him. Angel seems upset and rushes backstage. Samoa Joe seems to know what video he’s talking about. Zelina asks what’s going on. Joe says part of the added security because of Retribution involved extra surveillance footage and they found something involving Angel. He warns her about how far people are willing to go when they don’t think anyone’s watching.

They talk about Rey again and show the brutal bruises Dominik was left with last week. Backstage Angel tries to stop Dawkins from showing Demi the video. Charly wants to know what’s up with the video. We see the footage and it seems to show Zelina poisoning Ford’s drink. Ford re-appears and the Profits drive them off.

Mickie James vs. Natalya

Mickie makes her return to Raw but due to an immediate distraction from Lana Nattie takes the advantage. Mickie fights back with kicks, hits the Louise Thesz Press as JR used to call it. Exchanging of headlocks. James wants the MickieDT but Nattie shoves her off, Discus Clothesline clearly hits but they pretend it’s a collision spot and both go down. As this goes on, Rollins and Buddy make their way to the announce booth. Seth wants to know how he knows for sure Rey is here tonight. Meanwhile James with a rana in the ring, neckbreaker. I guess they just do this during matches now, that’s fun. Lana up on the apron to distract Mickie, Nattie knocks her to the floor. Seth and Joe continue to bicker. Mickie can’t get back into the ring somehow and gets counted out.

Winner: Natalya

That was roughly as lame as a match can be and it was neither woman’s fault. Lana seems to be taking a video of Mickie afterwards until she gets a Mick Kick for her troubles. Rollins lets Joe know if Rey shows up both him and Dominick will suffer at SummerSlam.

Sasha Banks and Bayley make their way to the ring. Having all the gold is enough to break anybody, going to NXT, Raw and SmackDown? Give them a break! And now both of them have to wrestle Asuka at SummerSlam. They cackle about finally having the night off. They joke about which of them should beat her first. Bayley says she’s her best friend and she’ll do anything for her so she’ll take her on first and take the heavy load, then after she beats her, Sasha will have easy pickings.

They’ll also be defending their tag titles at Payback and ask who the losers will be? They name some teams and mock Asuka for not having her partner Kairi Sane anymore.. Shayna Baszler comes out and says whoever has the Raw title after SummerSlam, she’s got next. Asuka emerges to yell in Japanese and says Shayna must fight with her before she fights against her.

Asuka & Shayna Baszler vs. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Bayley & Sasha Banks (Non-title)

Sasha and Bayley double team Asuka to work her over, she fights back with a codebreaker to Banks! But moments into the match Nia Jax appears to send Shayna into the glass. Pat Buck leads a charge of refs to get the suspended Jax out of here, meanwhile Asuka takes control of the tag match and takes Bayley to the floor with a hip attack. Commercial break.

Asuka is being double teamed as we come back, double suplex and a headlock. Double whip to the corner, Sasha with a snapmare and cover for 2. Asuka fights back and takes out Bayley with a spinning backfist but Sasha with a backstabber into the Bank Statement! Shayna Baszler is back into the ring to make the save. She tags in, wicked knees to Sasha. Wants to stomp the elbow but Sasha rolls her up for 2. Bayley blind tags in, Shayna with the Clutch on both but a Backstabber leads to a Bayley-To-Belly… for a neafall?! Wow that one surprised me. Baszler with a knee to the face of Bayley, Kirifuda Clutch but Sasha breaks it up. Asuka pulls Sasha from the ring into the Asukalock, Baszler gets the Clutch back on and Sasha finally has to tap.

Winner: Shayna Baszler & Asuka

Wonder if this means Shayna and Asuka are challenging for the tag titles at Payback. Either way that was pretty good after the break but man, this show truly is just Nitro now. Everyone says that but it’s for good reason. Straight-up Russo booking with constant interference in matches, often time stuff that doesn’t even relate to the match. Genuinely every match so far has had some kind of distraction – not just for the wrestlers but for the audience. They don’t think the matches alone would hold your attention otherwise. That’s Nitro to a tee, except their nWo is a buncha teenagers in hoodies.

We get a replay of the Passion of the Dominick from last week. They really did mess the poor kid up. Initiations are rough. Backstage Apollo Crew chooses Ali and Ricochet for his three man grew, says Cedric needed some rest after the Full Nelson and to be fair he is still selling his neck. He isn’t happy about missing about though, but he understands. As they walk off, Randy Orton appears. Just, to remind you he’s around.

Shawn Michaels talks to Drew McIntyre backstage and tells him that Orton will use his anger against, needs to refocus and kick his head off at SummerSlam. Says he’s worked too hard to let it go now. Drew thanks Shawn for his help in getting where he is, says HBK believed in him. But he says Orton has run roughshod, taken out Edge, Christian, Big Show, Ric Flair… thinks he’s let him down.

Shawn says there are hills and mountains to climb, all that adversity was tailor made for Drew McIntyre. Says he hasn’t let anybody down. Talks about his re-emergence. Shawn is endearing himself to Drew so much that he is definitely doomed. He will be punted before the night ends. In fact just to ensure it he outright says he’ll confront Orton and he demands Drew give him some space. And you won’t believe what happens next~!

IIconics pick on Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan backstage. Ruby gets defensive over them insulting Liv. Also Duke and Shafir are here with Shayna now. Here I was gonna call this a bad show! That’s a complete 180 right there.

Terrifying Retribution vignette plays. These unplanned invaders who shouldn’t be here are getting highlight reels with dramatic music. Makes sense!

Ruby Riott vs. Peyton Royce

Riott immediately attacks her, Royce eeks to the floor but eats a baseball slide! She drives her into the barricade, wants it again but Royce reverses it! Royce takes her into the ring and hits a charging knee for a nearfall. Grinds her into the corner with a heel. Ruby takes over, charging kick in the corner. Royce bails but Riott runs the apron for a flying crossbody! Takes her into the ring. Kay distracts Ruby and Liv, Royce shoves Ruby into Liv, throws her into the ring and hits the Deja Vu for the win.

Winner: Peyton Royce

Afterwards Liv and Ruby are having a tense chat because they’re easily manipulated. Shane McMahon makes his way into the smoky Raw Underground room.

We see the fight pit and Erik of the Viking Raiders is fighting an unnamed opponent. It’s hard to make out any identity from this but it might be Colby Corino. He takes the guy down and knees him until he’s out. Shane asks Ziggler to rate his performance, he gives it a 4/10, hilarious. Erik isn’t happy with that and demands Dolph step into the ring with him. Dolph accepts and Shane is yelling excitedly about how sick it’ll be. Is Shane trying to be Dana White?

They start grappling. Erik with a toss. Dolph tries to outwrestle him but Erik takes him to his feet, knee to the gut. Lifts him but Dolph slips out for a sleeper and rolls him to the floor. Dolph with a thumb in the eye and it helps him complete the hold and he gets him to pass out. Dolph celebrates until Ivar charges and knocks him out of the ring and onto the crowd. That was seemingly better than what it sounded like, now that the known names are actually starting to fight each other.

Rey Mysterio makes his way out with his son in tow.

Rey says there’s one word to describe how he felt since the Horrow Show at Extreme Rules and that’s pain. First because of what Seth Rollins did to his eye but then, even worse, from what he did to Dominick. Having to witness his own flesh and blood in agony as Seth and Murphy crucified his son in the ropes and beat him down with kendo sticks over and over, made him feel a rage that he’s never felt before. He needed to be there to protect him and stop the beating, to take it for him.

Rey says he might not be cleared by the doctors but no one on Earth will stop him from protecting his son. At SummerSlam, Rey will be in his corner and watch him kick Seth’s ass in a street fight. Dominick says he knows what he has to do to defend their family and he’ll be ready. Rey says he has no idea how proud of a father he is, he admires his fight and determination, his will to defend the family name. He knows he’ll be ready and kick some ass. If Seth gets anywhere near us tonight, it’ll be him who doesn’t make it.

Seth appears on the tron and calls Rey an idiot for putting his son in danger. For himself, for his own personal glory because it’s always been about Rey. Calls him selfish. What kind of father is he? Says this all could’ve been prevented if he just accepted his role for the greater good. But he got hurt and his son got hurt and he still hasn’t learned. The tragic thing is that it’s nost just gonna be him or his son. It’s the Mysterio name that will end up the ultimate sacrifice. Rey demands Seth back up his big words. Seth laughs, says he has one eye and his kid can’t even stand up straight. Be careful what you wish for.

The heels emerge and… Rey and Dominick bail? Rey doesn’t actually want Dominick to fight right now after all apparently. He distracts them to the other side of the ring… Dominick pulls out two kendo sticks! He sneaks up behind them and takes the stick to Buddy and Seth! He arms his dad as well and now they’re teeing off on Rollins! They try to tie Rollins up in the ropes to give him the crucifixion treatment, Murphy intervenes to save him and he gets pelted as Rollins runs for it. Good segment!

MVP backstage comes up to Cedric and tries to tempt him into betraying his buddies since he didn’t get picked. Cedric says Apollo was just looking out for him. MVP says maybe he saw him in the Full Lashley and thought he’d give him the night off, or maybe he figured he was the weakest link. As MVP leaves, Cedric is quite upset.

Back to the Raw Underground fight pit, Arturo Ruas takes on Riddick Moss now. Riddick is charging, Ruas with a sleeper, Moss falls out to break it. But from the ground Ruas trips him into a kneebar, Moss is struggling… rolls to the floor to break it up. Someone gets in Ruas’ face and gets knocked out! Same with Moss, he rips his shirt and squares up with Ruas. Shane I guess calls the match a draw as he asks who is next.

Elimination Six-Man Tag: Apollo Crews, Mustafa Ali & Ricochet vs. The Hurt Business

Shelton and Mustafa start out, Ali takes advantage, tag to Ricochet who comes in with an elbow to his arm. Quick tags as the faces keep control. Shelton with a back elbow, tag to Lashley who rams through Ali and takes out his partners as well. Utterly casual Dominator to Ali aaaand that’s it for him. Mustafa Ali has been eliminated. Lashley pancakes Ricochet, tag to Benjamin who nails Paydirt for the pin. Ricochet has been eliminated.

Apollo isn’t happy but he goes into the right and takes it to Shelton. Toss Powerbomb gets the pin. Shelton Benjamin has been eliminated. As Shelton rolls to the floor, Cedric comes in to roll him up and win the 24/7 title purely out of spite. I hope every 24/7 title change is presented like petty spite from now on. Also this really didn’t need to be elimination, all you achieve is beating everyone involved.

We come back to see MVP pummeling Crews in the corner. Tags and isolation. MVP with a Playa’s Boot for a nearfall. Wants another but Crews avoids it, Toss Powerbomb for the pin. MVP has been eliminated. Lashley immediately swarms him and pummels him. Apollo fights back with some enziguris. Standing Moonsault for a nearfall. Wants another Toss Powerbomb (can they really not come up with a better name than that?) but Lashley avoids it and Spears him for the win.

Winners: The Hurt Business

Backstage, Shane McMahon talking with Shayna Baszler and her henchwomen.

24/7 Championship: Cedric Alexander (c) vs. Akira Tozawa

What a totally random time to just actually have a 24/7 title match, okay. Cedric hits a dropkick, kip up. Tozawa in the ropes forces him to back up. Poses, summons a ninja but Cedric with a superman punch takes him down. Tozawa takes him down with a Trouble in Paradise style kick, goes up top, Cedric avoids his attack and hits the Neuralizer before planting him with the Lumbar Check for the pin.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

Cedric celebrates until Benjamin appears outta nowhere to hit Paydirt and pin him. Third 24/7 title change of the night.

Back in Raw Underground, Marina Shafir womanhandles some victim before putting her in a Triangle Choke to get the submission. Nia Jax jumps her from behind though. Kicks Jessamyn Duke as well and then demands Shayna Baszler! Baszler enters the ring! The bell rings for the fight but Nia immediately leaves. Shane says the only rule is you gotta fight! Chant of “She’s scared!” as we fade to commercial.

Andrade is out now and the Street Profits are making their way out as well.

Montez Ford vs. Andrade

Ford immediately charges, big dropkick takes Andrade to the floor. Beautiful tope, he ends up halfway up the ramp. Takes Andrade into the ring, goes up top. Andrade crotches him, big chop to the chest, goes for a superplex. He nails it for a nearfall! Headlock. Ford fights his way up, takes him down, Standing Moonsault for a 2 count. Ford with a hurricarana, shakes the ropes. Zelina Vega up on the apron, Bianca comes up behind her, she tries for a crossbody but Bianca catches her and slams her to the floor! Ford rolls up a distracted Andrade for the win.

Winner: Montez Ford

Shawn Michaels on his way to the ring to die now. He makes his way out and this segment is evidently the main event. Another replay of Ric Flair’s extremely sad promo. Shawn talks about how touched he was to hear Flair’s words. Says Ric, like many of us but him more than anyone, loved performing in this ring for the WWE Universe. Without him there’d be no Shawn Michaels, no Edge, no Christian, no Batista, no Big Show, certainly no Drew McIntyre. Batista seems random in this field but he was a huge mentor of his too obviously. Shawn says that also includes Randy and he had the best mentor ever but he felt he was owed it. Shawn doesn’t know if Orton will get his comeuppance in the form of a Sweet Chin Music or a Claymore but it will happen.

Naturally as he’s leaving, Orton materializes, RKOs him and punts him as quickly as he can. McIntyre is swiftly out there to run him off but the damage is done. Somehow Shawn looks like he’s getitng to his feet when Orton tries to strike again but McIntyre fights back, takes him to the floor and tosses him into the plexiglass over and over. Drew goes to tend to Shawn, Orton sneaks up on him, RKO.

That’s that for Raw. This show is really all over the place these days. See you soon!

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