The Dark Order Chili's Being The Elite Compilation

Over the past year, the Dark Order has done a lot to rehabilitate their image after largely failing to get over in 2019. Brodie Lee’s leadership has made them much easier to take seriously, and Uno & Grayson have earned a lot of respect as a tag team. Pres10 Vance, Alan V Angels and Ana Jay are all intriguing prospects for the future. While nobody really expects Colt Cabana to stick with the group, his inclusion has been interesting as well. And then, there’s the recruitment specialists, Alex Reynolds and John Silver. And if you’ve been watching Being The Elite regularly lately, you know exactly what they bring to the table.

Reynolds and Silver (although really mostly Silver) have actually been stealing the show as of late on the popular YouTube series, outshining far bigger names than themselves in the process. Their pathetic, ineffectual henchman shtick and increasingly desperate recruitment pitches have really won a lot of people over. Even on the show it’s been acknowledged how much the Dark Order have become fan favorites as a result. They even landed a sponsership deal with Chili’s!

I happen to agree with the sentiment. So much so that I decided I’d make a little compilation video of all of their skits of the past couple of months. Except it didn’t end up being so little at all. The video wound up being over half an hour long, which really shows just how much they’ve been featuring them! Without any further ado, here it is:

The handful of people that have seen it so far seemed to really appreciate it, including Silver and Reynolds themselves!

Of course, the last episode isn’t included in this since I actually made this compilation a few days ago. But hey, you can of course see the latest BTE episode below:

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