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Ladies and gentlemen it is time for NXT Super Tuesday! As always, you’ll get the live play-by-play of the action and all the results from 1Z1ProWrestling.com! We’ve got a major hour long world title bout to cover tonight so be sure to watch this space!

Legado del Fantasma open the show. They’re in a big trios match.

Street Fight – Legado del Fantasma vs. Breezango & Isaiah Swerve Scott

Mendoza with an immediate tope at the start, Wilde does much the same! Don’t see that from heels every day. They swiftly start taking up weapons. Wilde throws Breeze into glass, Mendoza does it to Scott. Fandango attacks Escobar as he’s picking up a ladder, he hits a steel-assisted Atomic Drop! Mendoza sets up a chair in the corner, chops Swerve. Whips him but it’s reversed, he manages to stop short but Scott dropkicks him headfirst into the chair! Brutal. Breeze takes Wilde into the ring, puts him down with a Twisting Backstabber!

Faces are in deep control, Swerve slams a trash can onto the back of Escobar. Fandango does the Terry Funk ladder on his shoulders spot to take down all the heels. Mendoza fights back, blocks a sunset flip but Dango catapults him head-first into his nuts! Swerve with a trash can assisted dropkick to Mendoza, Escobar breaks up the pin. Swerve gets him with a high knee! Fandango takes up a fire extinguisher from under the ring! Breeze pulls it inside the ring and douses all three foes with it! Commercial break.

As we come back, we see Legado del Fantasma hit a triple dropkick on a trash can to destroy Breeze during the break, they also triple teamed Fandango. Now Swerve’s trying to fend them off alone, he gets a Paydirt on Wilde, running kick to Mendoza on the apron but Escobar knocks him off the apron with a forearm! Hits the ropes, HUGE Tope Suicida drives him over the barricade! Mendoza and Wilde double teaming Breeze to send him up the ramp… suddenly Imperium comes in to attack Breeze as well! And the heels team up to make a quadruple team! He’s thrown into the ring and now it’s 5-on-1 – until Fandango and Swerve Scott leap off a forklift for stereo sentons onto the lot of them!

Heels sent to the floor, Breezango leap off the top for stereo crossbodies to the floor, Swerve finally gets Escobar to himself, plants him with an Inverted Package Piledriver for the victory!

Winners: Swerve Scott & Breezango

Fun stuff. Nice to see Swerve getting pushed.

Tegan Nox has a counter to last week’s Candice LaRae vignette, similarly describing a genuinely nice friendship. Says that a lot can happen in six months, when she went the Gargano Way, the spark in her eye got darker. Says it’s not the same Candice that she introduced to her nephews. Admits that it hurt her to hear what she had to say, isn’t quite ready to live in a world where they aren’t friends. Hopes she can patch it up with her.

Candice LaRae vs. Kacy Catanzaro

Candice with a forearm. Kacy with a big arm drag, LaRae with a waistlock. Kacy elbows her way out it, nice headscissor, flies at her but Candice evades her and sends her into the ropes for a Draping Neckbreaker! Dropkick takes her off the apron, hitting the floor hard! Kacy’s partner Kayden Carter is checking on her. Candice takes her back int othe ring, back elbow for a nearfall. LaRae with a charging elbow in the corner, snapmare for a cover for 2. Kacy fights back, pummels her in the corner, Flip Legdrop for a nearfall! Wants a Monkey Flip but LaRae blocks her, has the legs hooked in a cloverleaf and there’s the traditional Curbstomp for the victory!

Winner: Candice LaRae

I really do hope Candice’s current run leads her to finally being a champ, she’s been one of the best talents of the division for so long and never gotten much due.

Candice gets on the mic and says hearing what Tegan had to say, honestly it’s a little distracting. Maybe a little jealous because it reminds me of the friendship that Tegan and herself used to have. Says if she wants to talk it over, hash things out, she does too. Invites her to her house, dinner’s on her.

Rhea Ripley with a backstage promo saying she’s sick and tired of the Robert Stone Brand sticking their noses in her business. She challenges Mercedes Martinez to a steel cage match!

Bronson Reed vs. Timothy Thatcher

Lock-up. Reed with a waistlock, Thatcher singles out an arm. Waistlock takedown, Thatcher shoots to his feet. Lock-up, Reed with a side headlock. Holds get broken in the ropes, Reed avoids a strike and gets a few forearms in, Thatcher with a knee to the gut and sinks him into a facelock but Reed stops that with a clothesline! Thatcher with a couple of European Uppercuts, Reed with a shot puts a stop to that. Thatcher with some upkicks from the mat to avoid further offense but Reed manages to hit a half-senton! Reed ducks a shot, big clothesline!

Pulls him to his feet, headbutt connects. Thatcher takes control, takes him to the mat for a key lock. Knee to the back. Reed fights to his feet, exchange of strikes, Reed with a Discus Elbow puts him down! Springs off the bottom rope for an elbow drop! Thatcher bails and tries to leave… Reed charges, Suicide Dive!! Reed’s been favoring that arm and he just landed on it. He tosses Thatcher into the ring, Austin Theory jumps Reed from behind as the ref was dealing with Timothy. He throws Reed into the ring, Reed tries to put him in a Triangle but Reed rolls around and hits some mounted punches only for it to be turned into a Fujiwara Armbar! This gets the tap.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

Interesting mix of styles in that one.

Quick promo from Mercedes Martinez who agrees to the steel cage match challenge from Rhea Ripley. And now, main event time! This is gonna be a classic one, folks.

60-Minute Ironman Match for the NXT Championship: Johnny Gargano vs. Finn Balor vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Adam Cole

Immediately Gargano bails. Ciampa pummels both Balor and Cole in adjacent corners. Finn fights back, takes over on both with chops and kicks in the corners. Whip reversed, Ciampa with a back elbow. Throws him to the outside. Gargano slips inside but Ciampa catches a kick, takes him to the apron, charging knee to Gargano sends him flying, same happens to Balor on the opposite apron! Running high knee takes Balor into the barricade, same to Gargano! Now he’s got eyes on Cole. Clobbers him around, slams him into the apron. Pulls up the skirt, Balor sends Ciampa to the steps and throws Cole into the plexiglass.

Takes Ciampa into the ring but he fights back, chops him across the ring. Snapmare, knee to the back. Chinlock cinched in. Cole comes in and throws Ciampa from the ring but Balor takes over on him, chokes him in the ropes. Big chop. Shoulder thrusts in the corner. Bunch of ’em! Takes him to the mat for a 1 count. Gargano tries to get up on the apron but eats a forearm, right back to the floor. But as Cole takes over on Balor, Gargano flies in to stomp both of them down. Neckbreaker on Finn, mocks the finger guns. Snapmare to Cole, single leg dropkick to the back for a 2 count.

Gargano with a shoulderbreaker to Cole. Cole rolls through on an armlock into the ropes to escape but Gargano keeps up the pressure, kick to the arm! Cole fights back, big elbow, neckbreaker. Balor comes in but Cole maintains control over him too, Rude Awakening for a nearfall. Balor with a boot up off a charge, clothesline, charging forearm, double leg into a double stomp! Ciampa rushes in but eats a Final Cut for a nearfall. Commercial break.

As we come back, Gargano is in control on Cole, chop in the corner. Pummels him. He’s checking his jaw quite a bit. Cole reverses a whip in the corner, Gargano tries to roll over him but Cole grabs him, Gargano escapes but eats a Pump Kick, Ushigoroshi for a nearfall. Cole wants the Panama Sunrise but Balor stops that, looks for a 1916 but Cole deflects that, has a quick Superkick Party going until Ciampa blocks it, big clothesline, everyone is down. Pulls Cole to his feet, he gets a kick to the leg in and wants the Sunrise once more but Balor throws Ciampa into Cole in the corner, Balor going after him and works over the legs. He hooks him for a superplex… Ciampa rolls in to stop it, hooks Balor for a Powerbomb and the Tower falls!

Gargano crotches Ciampa in the ringpost! Covers Balor and Cole for nearfalls. Gargano takes Balor into the corner, shoulder thrusts. He wants the Lawndart but Balor escapes it, hoists him up, 1916! But Gargano kicks out?! Wow. You never expect finisher kickouts in an Ironman match. Balor with a Slingblade, John Wu Dropkick! Goes up top, Coup de Gras but Gargano rolls out of the way, CIampa hoists him up for the Air Raid Crash but that’s a nearfall as well! Commercial break. In the inset, we have a stereo submissions spot! Nobody tapping though, they make it to the ropes. DIY meet in the middle of the ring… but Cole and Balor come in to dump them both and now they stand off instead.

Cole wants a 2 Sweet! Balor goes for it! But then he just up and throws him to the floor, tope takes out Cole and Gargano! He whips around ringside for a huge Shotgun Dropkick to Ciampa into some chairs! Does it again to Gargano and Cole, throws Cole into the ring, up top, Coup de Gras aaaaand that’s the first fall. Finn Balor has 1 point, no one else has one. Balor now playing defensive, attacking anyone who enters the ring, chops Gargano in the corner. Another double stomp for a nearfall, side headlock cinched in. Ciampa rushes in but Balor stops him from doing anything, repeated flying stomps to both men! Commercial break.

We come back, Ciampa with mounted punches to Cole. He pulls up the ring skirt, wants a catapult into the steel but Balor stops him with a flying dropkick between the ropes! Throws Ciampa into the ring but a Willow’s Bell drops him! Fairy Tale Ending follows but Gargano dumps Balor for the cover, gets a fall! Gargano and Balor have 1 point, Ciampa and Cole have 0. Ciampa sends Gargano to the floor, Cole in now, takes Ciampa down, Shining Wizard for a nearfall, wants the Last Shot but Ciampa stops him with a clothesline! Hooks the arms but Cole escapes, superkick lands! Balor with a Slingblade to Cole! Stalks for the dropkick but Cole with a Superkick again, Gargano flies in and eats a Superkick out of the air, Panama Sunrise gets a pin! Cole, Gargano and Balor have 1 point, Ciampa has 0.

Cole pulls Gargano up for Last Shot but Balor pulls him from the ring, Ciampa with a running knee to the face of Gargano for a nearfall! Wants the Fairy Tale Ending but Cole up on the apron has to be stopped, he throws Gargano out there, Double Willow’s Bell! Gargano is left draped on the middle rope, Fairy Tale Ending to Cole! Aaaaand he finally gets his fall. Tied up at 1. Everyone standing off now as we near the last twenty minutes of the match.

Everybody teeing off with shots, Balor with a charging kick to Cole, Ciampa with a big forearm drops Gargano. Ciampa and Balor standing off now. Exchange of forearms in the ring between them as Cole and Gargano do the same on the outside! Ciampa and Balor meet in the middle with clotheslines, Cole and Gargano with simultaneous superkicks on each other! Ciampa with a power whip in the corner, covers Balor twice for 2 counts. Chops Balor in the corner, charging knee to the face! He takes a moment to position his face just right for a second one! On the outside, Ciampa sends Gargano HARD into the glass! And the same for Cole! Hops up onto the apron to give himself a round of applause and a pat on the back!

Ciampa pulls Cole up onto the apron, hoists him onto his shoulders… Cole struggling free. Couple of big boots takes him into the ring. He goes up top but Ciampa blocks him, chops to the chest. Pursues him, hoists him up for the Avalanche Air Raid Crash but Cole escapes, superkick to the leg takes Ciampa to the mat! Commercial break. In the inset, Ciampa and Cole battle over a Figure Four Leglock, Ciampa reverses it but Gargano takes Ciampa into a Gargano Escape as Cole is still writhing, Balor has to stomp everyone free!

We come back to see Balor chopping everyone in different corners. Whips Cole for a charging chop. Balor with a snap suplex to Gargano for a 2 count. Whips Ciampa but his knee gives out and he falls to the mat. Balor kicks Cole to the floor and goes after the knee of Ciampa, Single Leg Boston Crab locked in! It gets broken up but Balor remains in control, Basement Dropkick, goes up top! Less than ten minutes left now, Balor with the Coup de Gras but Ciampa rolls out of the way, Cole and Gargano with Stereo Superkicks, Gargano superkicks Cole to the floor! Gargano with a suicide dive to Ciampa, and then to Cole! Tries one on Balor but he blocks it, tries for 1916 on the floor but Gargano counters into a Tornado DDT! Commercial break.

Gargano stalking for an Avada Kedavra but Cole blocks it, two straight superkicks land, hits the ropes but Gargano takes him down with the Gargano Escape! Ciampa pulls them both to the floor to break it up though, tosses Balor into the glass. Chops to Cole and Gargano. Hoists Cole up, snap suplex onto the floor! Ciampa and Gargano exchanging blows, Ciampa wins out with chops, pulls up the ring skirt a third time! He’s going for the catapault, and there it is, Gargano facefirst into the steel!

Ciampa throws Gargano into the ring, cover… Cole barely pulls Ciampa from the ring in time! Ciampa takes him down, goes in for the pin again but Balor pulls him out this time! Ciampa throws Balor and Cole into stage decorations, slides back into the ring, Gargano with a cradle for a clooose nearfall! Double strike to the throat from Ciampa! Just about at a minute left here! Ciampa takes Gargano to the corner, big knife edge chop.

Ciampa takes him up top, chops to the chest. 50 seconds. Wants the Avalanche Air Raid Crash! Nails it! BUT BALOR WITH THE COUP DE GRAS ON CIAMPA, GETS THE PIN! Balor with 2 points, everyone else with 1!! COLE WITH THE LAST SHOT FROM BEHIND! He baaaarely seems to get the three in time!

Match ends with Cole and Balor with 2 points, Gargano and Ciampa with 1.

Afterwards Regal announces a singles match between them for the title next week. That’s all for tonight.

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