AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Dynamite is finally back on it’s regular night, atleast for now. And it couldn’t have come at a better time as this is the last stop before AEW All Out 2020! I’ll be with you all night, giving you the play-by-play of the show as it comes, so watch this space!

(In the meantime, maybe check out this article on whether we need Faces or Heels in wrestling? What that means is a little different than what you might expect…)

The show begins with Santana and Ortiz coming out to the stage but the Best Friends attack them on the stage! P-N-P take over though, Santana suplexing Chuck onto the floor and Ortiz whipping him with a weight belt! But Trent leaps off the stage to hit both of them with a crossbody! Now they set up some steel steps, want a double suplex on Ortiz but Santana makes the save. P-N-P start chopping, slamming Trent onto the step, whip Chuck into the barrier. Santana is back body dropped past the barricade! Ortiz chokes out Trent and yells into the camera at Sue.

Chuck takes out a ton of chairs and sits a few chairs up. Ortiz throws Trent into the barrier but it’s Trent so he bounces back with his Spear! Chuck is still working with the chairs, stacking them up, this does not look good. Santana clobbers Chuck right over the head with a chair, yikes! He pulls him up on the ramp… Chuck back body drops him onto it! Santana reverses a whip though and TOSSES HIM OFF THE RAMP, CHUCK FLIES THROUGH THE CHAIRS IN A BRUTAL LANDING!

Santana and Trent enter the ring, match finally begins!

Best Friends vs. Proud-N-Powerful

Santana and Trent fighting in the ring, Ortiz holds Trent’s ankle to force him to eat a pump knee, Stun Gun nailed! He’s fighting alone as Chuck is still out from that huge bump. Double Suplex from Santana and Ortiz! Cover for a nearfall. Ortiz with a dropkick to the back of Trent, slams him into the buckle. Tag, Ortiz whips Santana into Trent but a back body drop sends him to the floor, rope-assisted Tornado DDT onto Ortiz! Trent with a Tope Suicida to Ortiz, goes for a Spear on Santana but he leapfrogs him and Trent goes flying headfirst into the barricade!

Back in the ring, Trent manages to get a kick to the face in off a Back Body Drop attempt, Chuck is finally up and there’s the tag! He sends forearms to both men, Meeting of the Minds sends Ortiz to the floor, clothesline takes Santana out there, Tope wipes out both men! Falcon Arrow, pin broken up, Victory Roll for a nearfall. Sexy Chucky Knee off a corner charge, Trent tags in, Buisaku Knee! But Santana knocks Trent off the apron and he flies right onto the steps, my God! Forgot they were there! But Trent fights back in the ring, hits a Dudebuster, Santana pulls Ortiz onto the ropes – ref did count to three by accident there but the match continues. Ortiz distracts the ref, Santana with a steel baton to the back, Street Sweeper gets the win!

Winners: Santana & Ortiz

Shame about that botch, great fight otherwise.

MJF says at All Out there’s only one possible result, him becoming world champ. Lee Johnson tells him Mark Sterling won’t leave his room. He knocks on the door, Sterling says to give him a little more time as he thinks he can get out of this. Wardlow kicks the door in and pulls him to the hallway. MJF tells him ever since he was a kid he wanted to be world champ and he’s done everything to make it happen. Says he knows he’s scared of Jon Moxley but nothing is scarier than getting in the way of his goals. Option 1 is to get into that ring or Option 2 is to get in that f*cking wood chipper. Choice is his.

SCU make their way out, we got a unique Atomics match.

Young Bucks & Jurassic Express vs. SCU & Private Party

Jungleboy and Frankie start out with a chain wrestling exchange, stalemate. Tags to Marq Quen and Matt Jackson. Matt with a double thrust to the throat, stomps him into the mat. Quen with a big dropkick out of the air from a Pop-Up. Headscissor into a High Kick from Kassidy, Springboard Headscissor takes him to the outside! Matt sees a plant with a “Hangman Drink My Beer” sign and he rips it away, throws the beer into his face. Fun stuff. Christopher Daniels is the legal man now, takes Matt into the ring. Nick tags himself in off an Atomic Drop attempt, Roundhouse Kick to Daniels! Stomps him into the mat, makes like he’ll tag to one of the Jurassic Express but tags in Matt instead. Flip Legdrop for a nearfall.

Double leg, catapult into a kick, double footstomp from Nick! Frankie and Jungleboy get simultags, charging elbow, crossbody! Guillotine Legdrop to Matt Jackson, spin kick, huge clothesline! Pullover Cutter to Matt, clotheslines Nick over the top rope! Daniels with an Asai Moonsault onto both men! Kazarian bodyslams Jungle, Springboard Legdrop for a nearfall! Kassidy tags in, double whip but Jungle gets a boot up off the charge only to rush right into a Flapjack/Bulldog combo! Nearfall. Daniels tags in, Vertical Suplex to Jungle for a nearfall. Kazarian tags in, SCU with a double team on Jungle that ends with a Flip Neckbreaker from Kaz, commercial break.

In the inset, poor Jungleboy has to deal with one pullover legdrop after another from all four of his opponents. We come back, Jungle ducks a Daniels clothesline and it takes out Kassidy, Jungle with an Angle Slam-esque maneuver, and there’s the tag to Luchasaurus who comes into the match for the first time! Big chops to everybody, pulls Quen into the ring! Double Goozle on Private Party but they escape it, two double dropkicks put him down but he kips up, backflip to avoid them, double clothesline! Asai Moonsault wipes out SCU! Double goozle again, Matt tags himself in, double chokeslam lands, Jungle and Nick go up top, Double Risky Business from Young Bucks and Jurassic Express! Lovely!

Matt with a Superkick but it gets caught, Jungle flips in, huge clothesline! Kazarian sends him into Lucha, Daniels knocks everyone else off the apron. SCU double teams Jungle, Alley Oop into a Neckbreaker Bomb! Kassidy with a Senton Bomb for a nearfall! Daniels hooks Jungle for a Uranage, ducks a Superkick from Nick and Jungle gets laid out! Dumps Nick, Uranage nailed, BME and then a Shooting Star Press from Marq Quen! Luchasaurus has to break up the pin! Pop-up to a spinning knee to Daniels! Headbutt to Quen, flips him into a Sit-Out Powerbomb from Jungleboy! Kazarian has to break up this one, gets dumped, Lucha clotheslines Kassidy to the floor. Lucha now legally tagged in, Jungleboy with a suicide dive to Kassidy, Lucha wants a chokeslam on Quen but Matt tags himself in again, Lucha with a Hook Kick to Daniels, BTE Trigger on Quen for the win!

Winners: Young Bucks & Jurassic Express

Fun stuff and this match at All Out should be exciting!

Jake Hager meets up with Orange Cassidy backstage and tells him Jericho wants him at ringside for his match tonight. Cassidy responds by laying a leg over Hager’s lap, he shoves it off and tells him it’d be smart to be there.

Tully Blanchard talking to FTR backstage, says if they didn’t win the Gauntlet it’d be back to the contender race but they won it, they accomplished the first goal. On Saturday night, the prize is in front of them. They won’t just give them the gold they have to take it. Cash says everything they’ve ever worked for, their legacy is dead if they don’t walk out with those championships. Dax says as much as they like Hangman, they love the prestige that little bit more. On Saturday they will Fear The Revelation.

Tony Schiavone in the ring brings out Kenny Omega to speak his piece on that tag title match. Tony says his tag partner isn’t by his side and obviously there’s a lot to say about that, a week ago he caused the Bucks to lose their match. Asks what’s going on in his mind? Kenny says everyone in life makes mistakes and this is something Hangman will have to live with but as a tag team what they have to deal with is FTR. A lovelorn, very lonely Adam Page was taken by the cockroaches FTR and fooled, these things happen, we live and learn and move on. Just like every other tag team before them, they’ll fall. Says FTR better bring their A-Game because Page and Omega will bring theirs. FTR come out with a cooler. Kenny says let them talk.

Dax says he and Adam have had a great run, and they’re impressed. Two singles guys becoming AEW tag team champions and they’ve never had a problem with Kenny. Says they’re looking forward to having a great athletic contest with two great wrestlers and they brought him some choccy milk. Kenny says they know he can’t turn that down but what he can turn down is spending any more time than he has to with two dickheads. If they came here to bamboozle him, why not get it over with? It’s 2-vs-1, laughs and says Tully makes 3. Says to go ahead and get their shots in but keep the old man away because he can small his depends from here.

FTR start to advance on him but to the ring comes Hangman Page, Dax calls him a hero and they’ve been waiting. Tells him to explain who got to him and made him turn on his best friends so he wouldn’t have to face them again. Says it was nobody but Page! Says Hangman has always been an insecure little boy. Says Kenny already knows what a piece he is and Kenny tries to talk Page down into not letting them get to him. FTR takes the tag titles just to drop them on the mat. Page picks them up and tries to hand them to Omega… but he’s already left the ring. This time Kenny’s the one who doesn’t want to stand with Page.

Chris Jericho backstage says he helped make Orange Cassidy into a made man. He’s let him show he can cut a promo, show off his mean streak, he’s made him a star in AEW. But that’s why he can put a bullet in his head because he is a main event star but he’s not on his level. He promises to hit the Judas Effect, make him tap to the Walls of Jericho and throw him into the Mimosa and the dreams and desires of Orange Cassidy will be drowned. Says tonight Joey Janela is a sacrifice, he’ll give him just a little taste of what he’ll do to him at All Out. Tells the Bad Boy things are about to get a lot worse for him tonight.

Janela and Jericho come out for the match and indeed Cassidy is here too, coming leisurely down the steps to sit at ringside.

Chris Jericho vs. Joey Janela

Jericho clobbers Janela, batters him into the corner. Big chops, whip to the opposite buckle for a charging clothesline. Snapmare, punches him square in the head. Pulls him up by the hair for a Back Suplex! Grinds a boot into his face. Pulls him up, back suplex nailed once again! Jericho whips him to the ropes, cross chop to the throat. He wants yet another Back Suplex but Janela escapes, couple of punches, hits the ropes for a wild Shoulder tackle! Jericho reverses a whip, clothesline flips him inside out. Jericho with knees to the face of Janela, throws him to the ramp. Janela rushes, leaps off the second rope at Chris but eats a Codebreaker out of the air! Walls of Jericho locked in and there’s the tap.

Winner: Chris Jericho

That was dominant, Janela’s maybe not who I’d have put in this spot but Jericho probably did need to look vicious tonight. He pulls off the top turnbuckle pad and throws Janela facefirst into the exposed steel! Janela’s bleeding from the top of his head and Jericho is targeting him. Jericho wipes the blood on the Cassidy shirt he’s wearing, throws it at him, Orange rushes into the ring to attack, Hager and Jericho double team him until Sonny Kiss rushes out to the ring to get Jericho with a discus elbow, Hager flattens him but Cassidy manages to dump him, Round-The-World DDT! Kip up! Aaaaand goes for a Superman Punch but Hager pulls Jericho out of the ring to save him.

Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara get a video package. Sammy comes out with his cards to talk about how we witnessed the breaking of a legend, but the whole time Matt Hardy is watching from the balcony! Sammy’s signs say that at All Out not only will he be beaten, he’ll be deleted, gone from AEW and forgotten! Long live the career of the Spanish God! After going over the signs again, he finally notices Matt and he has his own signs saying at All Out, Sammy will be broken! Makes the Delete signal and there is a chant though the music drowns it out a bit.

Team Taz make their way to the ring. Taz is on the mic and says this Saturday night, one his two athletes will win the Casino Royale, that’s a fact. If Darby Allin doesn’t realize that Absolute Ricky Starks will take him out, he’s dead meat. Says Lance Archer can’t deal with the machine, FTW Champion. Jake Roberts interrupts him, says this is tit for tat if Taz interrupts him he’ll give it right back to him. Calls them a couple of squirrels looking for a nut but you won’t bust a nut when they’re in the ring. Says they’re the best set of losers they’ve ever seen. Taz says they better be careful when they get in the ring and indeed Archer enters the ring. Jake says in a good world what would happen is –

But now Eddie Kingston interrupts! Says he gets it, they’re legends but the show is live and they gotta hurry up and make time! Says he’ll put it to ’em like this, Lance is a big tough dude, but he ain’t tougher than him. Tells Taz he used to be around killers but now he’s around big-for-nothing machines. But now out comes Shawn Spears with Tully Blanchard! Eddie yells now he’s hanging out with Ricky Starks, doesn’t know whether to take him out on a date or fight him! Taz says these two men will fight all of these guys especially Lance!

Starks throws a punch, Lance pounds him back, big brawl breaks out, Gunn Club is involved, Darby Allin’s music hits and he makes a beeline for Starks! Tons more folks come out, all the Casino ROyale entrants, many get thrown from the ring! Even Santana and Ortiz make their way out, along with Jake Hager but Best Friends attack them on the way in! The mayhem continues! We actually have a commercial with this brawl continuing into picture-in-picture! And the fight goes on even as we come back. Who on Earth is gonna win out here? Referees are trying to clear things up but they are greatly outnumbered.

We transition to a Dark Order vignette. Brodie says they do what they want when they want. We see Brodie’s dominant victory over Cody. Lee claims they created this monster and now it’s taken over AEW. Dustin says what he did to the family was uncalled for, unforgivable and he’ll pay.

Now we got the AEW debut of NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa! She faces Serena Deeb!

NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa vs. Serena Deeb (Non-title)

Lock-up. Deeb with a wristlock. Rosa rolls through, drop toe hold and grabs the hair! Exchange of forearms, Rosa with a few arm drags into a swift dropkick! Chops her into the ropes, whip reversed into a Straitjacket Neckbreaker! Deeb hooks her arms, slams the knee repeatedly into the mat! Vicious! And now a single leg crab! Rosa pulls her way to the ropes, gets to the apron, forearm as we go to commercial, in the inset, Deeb with a Front Facelock into a Rope-Hung Neckbreaker!

Rosa fights back, Rude Awakening, hits the ropes multiple times for a huge running legdrop! We come back to see Rosa hit a running kick to the face. Deeb fights back with chops, during the break Rosa got Deeb with a dropkick to the ribs from a Tree of Woe! Rosa chokes her in the ropes, pulls Deeb to her feet. Waistlock, takes her to the mat. Straitjacket lock. Deeb fights to her feet, reverses into a Backstabber! Series of clotheslines, armbreaker and now an Octopus Stretch! But turns it into a roll-up, charges her in the corner, Rosa with a back elbow, sidesteps, charging Miz-style Clothesline! Pullover Meteora, Basement Dropkick! Pulls her to the center for a nearfall.

Takes her to the feet, pulls her up, variation of the Gory Special but Deeb turns it into a Crucifx Cradle for a nearfall, tries for an Angel’s Wings like maneuver, Rosa turns it into a Death Valley Driver! Rosa with a big German Suplex, Buisaku Knee. Thunder Driver for the pin!

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Not a match anyone expected to see a couple of weeks ago but I dug it! Hope they nab Serena.

Jon Moxley with a promo, says 2020 has been bad enough already we don’t need MJF walking around as world champion on top of everything else. Tells him everything he’s done up until this point, that was the easy part.

Big Swole being interviewed by Schiavone at ringside, Swole says Baker has been ducking her for the longest time but at All Out in the Buy-In, she has nowhere to hide and she’s coming for her job; they will be fighting tooth and nail. Reba in disguise offers to give Schiavone a pizza. Swole laughs at her and says she’s not fooling anybody but Baker attacks from behind, throws her facefirst into the pizza and then put hers into Lockjaw! She rubs yet more of the pizza into her face.

MJF’s theme plays and Wardlow tosses poor Mark Sterling onto the stage, he’s in a ridiculous outfit. Being forced to the ring.

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley vs. Mark Sterling (Non-title)

Moxley gives Sterling a weird look as he bows up. Mox jolts towards him and Sterling leaps backwards. Circling around, Mox is barely budging. He offers a free shot to his chin. Hands behind his back, Sterling rears back but hesitates. Mox teaches him how to make a fist. Mox ducks the swing, huge haymaker! Sterling stumbles his way up, jolts towards him again and Sterling has to bail! As he comes back in, Mox turns his back! Sterling hits the ropes but he’s side stepped and Mark falls to the floor.

Mox rushes after him around the ring, runs him into the ring, Mox blocks a kick but Sterling stops him with an eye poke! He celebrates, hits the ropes, Mox with a clothesline and then another sends him to the floor! Tosses him right into the barricade! Now he’s covering him in chairs. Pulls off a shoe and beats him with it! Pulls him back to ringside area, throws him into the ring, grabs up a chair. Sits it up in the ring and just sits there daring him to do something. Tosses it away and offers a handshake. Sterling accepts it… Mox with a retaliatory eyepoke, Paradigm Shift for the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Afterwards though, Wardlow runs through him with a clothesline! F-10 sends him to the mat! MJF comes out on a walker as Wardlow does it again… MJF throws the walker away and peels off the neck brace! Yanks off the jacket. MJF mounts Mox for a bunch of right hands, gouging the eyes, stomps him in the corner! MJF chokes him in the corner and yells in the camera if you want violence, you got it. Steps on his head. Asks for the Dynamite Diamond Ring… Wardlow pulls Moxley up in a full nelson, MJF with a big Diamond Ring shot! Bites at his forehead and rips the flesh! Mox is bleeding now as MJF screams at him, says that’s what they want! Blood all over the mat now. Mounts for punches and wipes his blood all over him! MJF stands tall at the end of the show, hoisting the title above his head.

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