AEW All Out 2020 Recap & Results

Tonight we have a major PPV on our hands with AEW All Out 2020. I’ll be with you throughout the show, giving you the live play-by-play of the action as it’s going down. Watch this space and in the meantime, you can check out my preview and predictions for the event.

MJF with a promo on the Buy-In. Says everyone thought he was at a disadvantage but they’re all smooth-brained idiots. Says he won’t allow this match to get outside the ring. Tells him the Paradigm Shift is his only killshot and he doesn’t have any bullets left. He might think he can tap him out, beat him any number of ways but he’s wrong because he’s got reversals for everything. Bad things happen to people that get between him and his goals and his goal is to be AEW World Champion. He’s better than him and he knows it.

Some promos from Casino Royale hopefuls. Christopher Daniels confirmed, that’s a new name for it. As is Frankie Kazarian, it’d be weird if he wasn’t in if Daniels is there. Still two unknowns left.

Vignettes for the Mimosa Mayhem and FTR/Hangman and Kenny matches. More Casino Royale promos. Chuck Taylor looks amazingly sleazy tonight. Don’t think they gave any new names for it, we know there will be atleast one mystery participant left when the match comes.

Promo from Jon Moxley says he woke up this morning with the taste in his mouth, taste of his blood still in his mouth. Says that’s the taste of being alive, he loves that feeling, the number one stud MJF is trying to take him out and he likes that feeling. Mox says he’s been on a rampage all over the world for over a year like a kid playing GTA on crack, says he’s made sacrifices that MJF couldn’t imagine. Knows MJF gets off on being a dick but when you get right down to it, MJF ain’t the bad boy, Moxley is.

Now time for the first match of the Buy-In.

Joey Janela vs. Serpentico

Janela right in the ring to throw hands, dumps Serpentico, “Joey” chants already. He pursues, throws him into the barricade and then hits a Back Body Drop onto the floor! Dr. Luther stares Janela down, Serpentico tries to attack from behind but he was ready for it, takes him into the ring and goes up top. Serpentico springs up though, sends him into the rope and onto the apron, and Luther had laid out Sonny Kiss as well. Serpentico takes him into the barricade, throws him right back in. Charges, Joey with a boot up, charges but a Flapjack nets the luchador a 1 count.

Serpentico whips Janela HARD into the second buckle facefirst, big knee strike. Cover for a 1 count. Takes Janela to the floor, distracts Rick Knox as Dr. Luther attacks him. Throws him back in, Serpentico with a Standing Moonsault of sorts for a nearfall. Snap suplex! He poses, goes up top. Crosses his arms, jumps to the mat and just stomps him. But Joey snaps up and clobbers him, takes him to the apron but misses a shot, Roundhouse Kick from Serpentico leads to a Pullover Double Footstomp, another 1 count! He can’t seem to get a 2 on him.

Goes up top again, wants the Senton Bomb but Janela gets the knees up! Hoists him up, DVD into a Thrust Kick! Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall! Goes up for a Moonsault but Serpentico rolls out of the way, Avada Kedavra, Kneeling DDT for a nearfall! Serpentico goes up top again but Janela stops him. Pursues him, battering shots to the back, Fisherman’s Superplex for a nearfall! Hits the ropes twice but Serpentico distracts the ref as Luther grabs Janela’s ankle, Kiss punches Luther and this allows Janela to hit a Baseball Slide, Serpentico attacks but eats a clothesline that flips him onto his back! Now he’s up top one more time for the Flying Elbow Drop! That is that.

Winner: Joey Janela

Good action there. Probably overthought this prediction, Janela is definitely the bigger name, just felt there might’ve been a reason this particular match was booked, but nah just gives Joey an easy bounceback from his dominant loss to Jericho.

Without wasting much time we move to the second match of the Buy-In.

Private Party vs. Alex Reynolds & John Silver

Kassidy and Silver lock-up, Silver takes him into a wristlock. Kassidy rolls through into a side headlock! Silver fights out, but eats some deep arm drags into a single leg dropkick! Double Suplex attempted from Dark Order but Quen pulls Kassidy to the mat for a double dropkick! Match settles down, Silver with a headlock, Kassidy shoots him off, blind tag from Quen, quick double teams, Atomic Drop/Enziguri to Reynolds when he runs in. Silver with a meaty chop to Quen, Reynolds tags in but gets taken with a rana. Kassidy tags in, double axe handle to the arm, double whip, Flapjack/Bulldog combo! 1 count.

Kassidy wants an O’Connor Roll but Silver tags himself in, Powerbombs him onto the raised knees of Reynolds! Nearfall! Stomps him and flexes his arms. Tag to Reynolds, drives Kassidy into the corner. They both deliver shoulder thrusts to the back, Reynolds with a Pendulum Backbreaker for a 2 count. Reynolds knocks Quen off the apron, goes over to Kassidy but surprised by a cradle for 2, Reynolds pulls him over to the heel corner, Silver tags in for an elbow drop and a 2 count.

Silver with a roundhouse kick to the chest, and another! Kassidy dares him to do it again, PK for a nearfall! Reynolds tags in, springs off the bottom rope for an elbow drop for a nearfall! Gets him in a chinlock, Kassidy fights up for elbows. But Reynolds slams him to the mat for a 2 count. Silver tags in, tries for a Back Suplex but Kassidy escapes, tag to Quen! Series of clotheslines to Silver, back body drop to Reynolds, Manhattan Drop to Silver, dropkick, clotheslines Reynolds to the floor. Boot up off a Silver charge, HIIIGH up there with the Moonsault Press, Reynolds breaks up the pin!

Reynolds with a big boot to Kassidy, who fires back with an enziguri! They try for Silly String but Silver stops that with a Double Footstomp to Quen, Double Dropkick nailed hard, hoists him up and tosses him through the air in an F-5 like maneuver for a close nearfall! Hot damn. They take Private Party up top, they shove them to the mat but they avoid the 450 attempts, huge sequence involving a Rolling Elbow, High Knee and a German Suplex, Reynolds with the Jacknife for another close nearfall! They want to setup the Flip DDT on Kassidy but it’s broken up, Trouble In Paradise style kick, Quen tags in, they set Silver up top, Gin and Juice for the narrow win, Reynolds stopped from entering the ring!

Winners: Private Party

It was a damn good choice to make this match. That was just lovely.

Jim Ross makes his way out, the classic signal for the start of the main card!

Looks like we’re starting out Tooth and Nail!

Tooth & Nail Match: Britt Baker vs. Big Swole

Swole drives up to Britt Baker’s dental office, has to beat up Reba to get through reception. She goes through the halls with a referee. She sees a dentist chair with oodles of blood all over it. As she looks for her, we see a creepy shot of Baker stalking her in her facemask. There’s a drawer full of chattering teeth. Britt attacks her from behind with a picture frame. Baker takes her onto a chair and goes for a drill! But Baker stops her by hitting her with a bedpan, Reba interferes and shoots water at Swole.

Fight spills to the outside, Swole smashes her with a wet floor sign. They fight over to the dumpsters, Baker DDTs her onto her Roll’s Royce. Reba back into the fray, Swole fights back and Fireman’s Carry’s her into the Dumpster! She chases Britt back into the building, throws her facefirst into the sink and she’s favoring her nose, but she fights back, Paige Turner onto the floor for a nearfall! They exchange blows through the halls, Swole gets a 2 count on the floor. Baker superkicks her onto a Dentist Chair! And now she has an actual power tool drill! She mounts her! Goes to stab her but the drill penetrates the chair instead.

Reba comes in with garbage on her head, passes Baker a syringe! She tries to stab her but Swole turns it around and Baker gets injected instead! Reba is freaking out about this, Swole gives her a diploma and Discus Punches right through it! Baker is limping, that leg is dead. Baker with Dirty Dancing taking her onto the chair, puts the oxygen mask over her and she’s put to sleep, that’s enough to call for the bell.

Winner: Big Swole

Fun stuff. Baker is mortified when she realizes she’s lost and freaks out. And now for what should be a rad tag match…

The Young Bucks vs. The Jurassic Express

Nick and Jungle start out. Jungle flips out of a wristlock, ducks a kick but a lucha arm drag takes him down. Jungle with a springing arm drag of his own, Nick retaliates, avoiding quick kicks and legsweeps attempt, stand off for applause! Jungle wants a handshake but Matt slaps it away, eats a dropkick for it, Matt tags in. Jungle tags in Luchasaurus, big kicks commence, Bucks sent to the floor! Marko prods at Matt with a crutch, Lucha reaches for him to bring him in but he gets a Hotshot, rolls over the back, but Lucha with a high kick! Nick tags in, back elbow to the face, Jungel tags himself in, Screw High Kick from Nick misses and Jungle with a Flatliner out of the air for a nearfall!

Nick taken to the apron but he escapes for a beautiful tag. High kick from Nick on the apron, Matt with a dropkick, Nick tags back in, Stereo Dropkicks! High Knee, Bulldog/Dropkick combo for a 1 count! Lucha powerbombs one Buck onto another! Jungle tags in, takes Nick to the outside, flies off Matt to hit a headscissor on Nick onto the ramp! Springboards in but Matt catches him out of the air with the Locomotive, three straight Northern Lgiths Suplex, wants a Vertical Suplex for the last one to take him outside, they wanted the spot where both guys tumble but Jungle ends up hanging on Matt’s neck for a bit. Takes him to the outside and simply hits a few more Northern Lights Suplexes onto the floor!

Waits for him to re-enter, Marko helped him into the ring. Nick with a Front Facelock. Jungle fights up, big forearm. Wants to run for his corner but Matt catches him and pulls him to his corner, Matt tags in, running knee from Nick, nearfall! Catapult sends Jungle into a forearm, sets him up for the brutal Double Footstomp! Jungle with two boots up off charges, wants the tag but Nick Superkicks Luchasaurus off the apron just before he can get there! Nick goes onto the apron and taunts Jungleboy, asking for a tag… Marko yanks Nick onto the floor! Matt tries to attack in the ring but Jungle with a big clothesline!

Jungle avoids two shots and makes the tag! Luchasaurus with knife edge chops, double clothesline! Bucks fight back with tag offense, basement dropkick, but Lucha sits up! He avoids a double PK, backflips over a clip, Tail Whips, chokeslam to Matt! And then another flipping Nick onto him! Standing Moonsault, Nick barely breaks it up! Loud “Luchasaurus” chant considering the crowd they have. Matt tries to pummel him but eats a massive headbutt! Lucha hits the ropes, Nick trips him up but Jungle takes him out with a high flying tope!! Luchasaurus with a Triangle Moonsault onto both Bucks!!

Lucha takes Matt into the ring, Jungle tags in, they try for Extinction Event but Nick pulls Matt free, Jungle wants an Apron Rana, but Nick with a brutal powerbomb onto the steel frame!! Pulleover Canadian Destroyer on Luchasaurus! Matt goes out to confront Marko. Kicks the crutch away from him and lays him out with a Superkick! Crowd is not happy with it. Matt hoists Jungle onto his shoulders, Nick to the apron for a running kick sends him flipping to the floor! Take him into the ring, Matt hooks him on the ropes for a Senton Bomb off the top from Nick for a nearfall!

They set him up for the BTE Trigger, Jungle rolls away from it, ducks their shots, throws Nick’s leg into Matt! They want the Meltzer Driver, Lucha catches Nick off the top rope with a chokeslam! Jungle with a rana out of the air, Extinction Level Event, Nick barely breaks it up!! Bucks taken to the outside, barrier is pulled out, LUCHASAURUS FLIES OVER THE TOP AND PAST THE BARRIER ONTO THE CROWD! But he missed the Bucks!!! Back into the ring, Jungle wants a Springboard but he gets Superkicked out of the air! Stereo Superkick for a nearfall! Bucks set him up once again, there’s the BTE Trigger! That is finally that, my goodness.

Winners: The Young Bucks

Well picking an upset doesn’t always work out, eh? Great match though. Guess the Bucks aren’t too far from their tag title shot.

And now… Casino Royale time!

Casino Battle Royale — Winner Gets AEW World Title Match

First five out are Trent, Christopher Daniels, Jake Hager, the Blade & Rey Fenix! Brawl underway! Blade and Fenix doubling up on Trent. Knife edge chops, Fenix with a crisp dropkick to Trent! Hager with a meaty Back Suplex to Daniels! Fenix with a Basement Dropkick to Trent, Blade gets Daniels with a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker! Blade and Hager ganging up on Daniels until he flips out of a back suplex, sends Blade headfirst into Hager! Corner Ten Punches on Blade, meanwhile Fenix with a Springing Lucha Armdrag on Trent, but in a different corner Trent hits his step-up Tornado DDT! Hager with a charging back elbow elbow to Blade, Daniels with a Moonsault Press off the second rope to Hager but when he charges hat him he gets Powerslammed!

20 seconds ’til the next group come out. Blade and Fenix trying to eliminate Trent, but he struggles and survives until the next block! Next out, Frankie Kazarian, Will Hobbs, Chuck Taylor, Santana & Ortiz! Santana and Ortiz prevent Chuck from entering the ring, double suplex onto the floor! Trent with a Tope Suicida onto both of them! Trent throws Ortiz into the barrier. Blade and Fenix double teaming Hobbs but he stops him, puts Blade into the way of a Round Kick, Hobbs dumps Blade!!

Three Inner Circle members in the ring now and they’re working over everybody. Next set comes out, Billy, Penta El Zero M, Ricky Starks, Cage & — Cage immediately Military Presses Billy to the floor! — and the fifth is Darby Allin who comes in with a skateboard to nail Starks and Cage! Fenix wants a headscissor but Darby dumps him onto the ramp! Chuck and Trent with Sole Food/Half-N-Half and there’s the big hug but Santana and Ortiz jump them! This is not an easy thing to call live.

Next set, Shawn Spears out first but decides to go to the announce table instead. Eddie Kingston out as well, with the Butcher! They start pummeling Kazarian. Sonny Kiss here as well, and Lance Archer! Archer immediately with a pullover shoulder tackle onto the whole crowd! Hager is trying to dump Kiss but he reverses and sends him to the outside!! Hager is eliminated!! Cage tosses Kiss to the floor though, he’s out now. Hager clotheslines Kiss as Tully hands Spears the iron slug gimmick. Santana charges Trent, low bridge takes him to the floor! Takes Ortiz to the apron! Archer grabs Trent and Military Presses him to the floor, forearm takes Ortiz to the floor as well!

The Joker is… Matt Sydal!!! He comes in and immediately goes up top and trips horribly, that’s unfortunate. Pentagon gets kicked off the apron, he’s eliminated. Butcher with a power whip sends Kazarian to the floor! Sydal with a series of roundhouse kicks, until Cage stops him with an Inverted Bodyslam! Rude Awakening on Hobbs, Flatliner nailed, Release German Suplex to Eddie Kingston! Discus Clothesline to Archer, tries another on Darby but it’s ducked and he hits Starks instead! Darby with an OTT Stunner to Cage, throws Starks over! Starks pulls Darby out of the ring, and takes up a bodybag from under the ring!

Trent sidesteps Archer into the corner. They take the bodybag int othe ring and Cage empties a ton of thumbtacks into the bodybag! And now they’re zipping up Darby in the bag as well?! Cage hoists Darby up onto his shoulder and just HURLS him over the top rope to the ramp!! Yikes! Starks unzips him and yells in his face. Sydal with some leg kicks to Cage, counters a powerbomb with a Meteora! Spears tries to chop him, but gets taken to the top rope, kick takes him to the apron! Spears looking for a suplex to the floor, Sydal counters with a head kick! Hangs him up, Double Footstomp sends Spears crashing onto the apron to the floor! He leaps over Hobbs on the way back in but then charges into a ruthless Spinebuster!

Archer behind Hobbs though! POUNCE sends him into the ropes! Cage and Archer standing off. Exchange of blows! Turns into high kicks, Archer goozles, Cage backflips out of a Chokeslam, pump knee! Thrust kick takes Hobbs to the apron, Cage wirth a headscissor takes Archer into the ropes! Hobbs stops him when he hits the ropes though, drags him to the apron, Archer with a running dropkick takes both men to the floor! Cage and Hobbs eliminated! Butcher and Kingston try to double team, Butcher with a crossbody to Archer! Sydal ranas Butcher to the floor for the elimination, Archer hits Sydal with the Blackout! Sydal blocks the first attempt to eliminate him, but Kingston runs through him and Sydal goes to the floor! After some run-ins from Butcher and Blade and Jake Roberts intimidating Kingston with his snake, Archer chokeslams Kingston onto his boys for the elimination and that’s the end.

Winner: Lance Archer

That was sure something. Archer winning… hm. Maybe MJF’s odds aren’t that good after all. But then, it’d be fun to see him go after him for sure.

Matt Hardy is going through the stadium area shouting for Sammy! But Sammy is behind him with a golf cart for revenge!! Bell rings!

Broken Rules: Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

Guevara drives the cart into the arena, Hardy flees and he misses and drives into a bunch of boxes. Matt pulls him out of the cart, takes him onto a picnic table, brutal Twist of Fate spikes him! He pulls him over to a Scissor Lift! And it rises! They’re above some tables, Matt wants the Side Effect!! But Guevara escapes, spears him through the air and right through a table onto the concrete!!! Jesus! Matt is motionless, Sammy demands the count. For a second I thought that was a legit serious injury but he does barely beat the count!

Sammy drags Matt across the concrete, Hardy pulls him over. He drags him across the floor, Aubrey is calling for the match to end, Doc Sampson appears. They ring the bell as Sammy is pulled away… but Matt springs up yelling “Where is he?!” He demands they get him out here and let him get his deletion! Sammy escapes towards the ringside area as the announcers explain that the match is over. Matt is still stalking towards the ringside area, Sammy rushes out from the doctor’s area to jump him but Hardy gets him with a DDT onto the floor! Man they tried very hard to scare us and they sure did.

Matt knocks Sammy around the area, the two of them climb up the steps to the stage, still trading blows. Hardy with a forearm, Sammy whips him into the steel beam! Sammy climbs it!! Hardy climbs after him! This is dangerous. They’re fighting inside the beam… Hardy with a right hand sends Guevara right through the stage! And… that’s it.

Winner: Matt Hardy

I’m not really sure that went to plan at all but they felt the need to do the finish I suppose.

Women’s title match up next.

AEW Women’s World Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

They stand face-to-face. Rosa shoves her face away, Shida does the same. They exchange it, Rosa double legs her, Short Powerbomb, wants the Ankle Lock but Shida crawls into the ropes for the break! Rosa with a waistlock, Shida nearly escapes but Rosa with a kick to the arm. Arm drag and flip through, Rosa avoids a knee strike, Rosa floats over, kick to the gut! Forearms to the face! Shida fires it back! Rosa with a headbutt, hits the ropes, they both miss each other, Shida with an arm drag, Step-Up Rana, simultaneous dropkick spot and they stare each other down!

Shiva shoves her, Rosa with a front kick, jumping elbow takes her to the ropes! Forces her to the corner, stomps her to the mat. Takes her up, huge smack to the back. Snapmare, snap kick to the back! Shida drives Rosa into a corner, pummels her. Rosa reverses for a couple of Knife Edge Chops, whip to the opposite corner, Charging Double Knees to the back for a neckbreaker for a nearfall! Hits the ropes but Shida counters into a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! Takes Rosa out to the apron, charging high knee to the face!

Shida takes Rosa to the floor, sets up her chair! But when she runs for it, Rosa uses it as a platform first for a pump kick in the air! Nice! Drives her into the apron, forces her into the ring, grinds her back against the ringpost! Charges, huge Big Boot to the head! Rolls inside to cover for a 2 count. Stampede sends Shida slamming into two opposite corners, rolls her into a backbreaker! Nearfall! Shida avoids a line, Sleeper cinched in, with the legs wrapped around the torso! Rosa rolls back for a 2 count, transitions beautifully into a Romero Special, Hanging Pendulum! Takes her to the corner to repeatedly swing her head into the bottom buckle! Hits both sides of the ropes for a double legdrop, Shida tries to transition into a Stretch Muffler but Rosa escapes it.

Pulls her up, hooks for a Razor’s Edge looking move but Shida escapes for a forearm. Blocks a high kick and looks for the Stretch Muffler again but Rosa turns it into a headscissor! They both hit the ropes but Shida with a leaping knee strike! Shida hooks for a suplex, on the second attempt she gets her over for a 2 count! Hits the ropes, running knee to the face, another nearfall! Tries for a Falcon Arrow, Rosa rolls through for a cover for 2, ends up in a choke, Shida fights to her feet and rams her into the corner.

Charges, Rosa sidesteps, Mizline nailed! And this leads to a Sasha Banks-esque Pullover Meteora, and then a wicked basement dropkick sends Shida to the ramp! Hoists her up for a DVD, Shida escapes, throws her into the post, hooks her and takes her up top! Pursues, hooks for a superplex!! Rosa fights out to the apron, gets her onto her shoulders! DVD ONTO THE APRON! My goodness. Rosa rolls her into the ring and goes for the cover, narrow kickout! Rosa grabs the arm, got her into something like a Kimura, Shida takes her foot to the rope to break!

Rosa going up top, Shida stops her, Snap Superplex! Low Bridge sends Rosa to the ramp, Shida stands onto the middle rope, Springboard Meteora sends Rosa crashing onto the cement, my God! Ref has a count, both in by 7! They fight their way up, Rosa with a knee to the gut, hits the ropes, dropkick to the face but Shida fires back with a knee! Rosa with a German Suplex though! Shida with an enziguri! Hooks her, Falcon Arrow! Kickout at 1! NOBODY KICKS OUT OF THE FALCON ARROW AT 1! Hooks for another but Rosa rolls through for 2, but Shida gets her into the Stretch Muffler finally! She’s starting to stand with her, but Rosa manages to make it to the ropes for the break.

Rosa with a series of strikes, turns her around and there’s a Backstabber for a nearfall! Pulls her to her feet, Gory Special setup and spins but Shida rolls her up for 2, crucifix cradle for 2. Hoists her onto her shoulders, tosses her into a Backbreaker for a nearfall! Psyches herself up, hits the ropes, Shining Wizard gets the victory!

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Very damn good wrestling there.

Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford backstage. Kip has a huge announcement… Ford spoils it: they’re getting married! And they aren’t gonna have just any wedding, it’s gonna be live on AEW Dynamite! With every wedding you need a Best Man. Says they need to meet a certain criteria, loyal, trustworthy and damn handsome because he’ll be in wedding photos forever. He’s found not just A Best Man, but THE Best Man. They also plug Sabian’s Twitch and make sure to say it’s endorsed by All Elite Wrestling for a cheap pop.

And now for the Atomicos!

The Dark Order (Brodie Lee, Evil Uno, Stu Grayson & Colt Cabana) vs. Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky, Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall

Faces charge the ring and a brawl kicks up! Brodie and Dustin end up in the ring alone as the bell rings. Lee with a shot from behind, takes him to the floor. Chops, uppercut, takes him into the ring. Tag to Uno. Dustin with a quick clothesline, uppercut to the face! QT tags in, gut punch, rising knee from Dustin. QT stomps him into the corner. Takes Uno to the corner, Scorpio tags in. Whip to the ropes, shot to the gut, Russian Legsweep with a pop-up, cover for 2. Cardona in with a Neckbreaker for a 2 count! QT tags in with a double axe handle off the top. Uno finally bails, lures QT into the ring, charges him to the Dark Order corner, he and Grayson pummel him, Grayson tags in and stomps him to the mat.

Cabana tags in, LOUD knife edge chop! Forearms and chops ensue, elbow strikes as well. Brodie Lee tags in, uppercut, power whip sends QT into the HBK sell in the corner, and a big ‘ol back body drop! Grayson tags in for the mounted punches. Uno tags in and wants to choke him with the tape on his wrist, Dustin rushes in to try and stop it, ref is distracted and he does get to strangle him for a bit. Grayson tags in, whips him, QT with a Handspring but Grayson picks him up onto his shoulders, QT escapes though, Lethal Combination! Uno tags in, grabs his hand and bites it! Uno turns and knocks Dustin off the apron.

Cabana tags in, double whip, QT avoids two shots and tags in Cardona! Axe handles, knees up off a Cabana charge, Missile Dropkick off the second rope! Clobbers him in the corner, Grayson rushes in but there’s a back body drop! Cardona with a ReBoot, the new name of the Broski Boot, Brodie pulls Cabana’s leg onto the bottom rope for the break. Cardona with a Pancake, hits the ropes but a low bridge from I think Uno sends him to the floor! Lee tosses Cardona back into the ring and they demand Cabana finish him, cover for 2. Cardona Jawbreakers his way up but Cabana stops him with an elbow, tag to Grayson, jumping knee drop to the face!

Throws him to the apron, Pullover Senton!! Back into the ring to cover for a nearfall! Drives Cardona into the Dark Order corner, Lee tags in and grinds his face across the top rope for a chop in the adjacent corner. Uno tags in. Brodie and Uno stomp Cardona, Grayson tags in, Round Kick/Reverse DDT combo for a nearfall. Uno pulls him up for a suplex but Cardona lands on his feet for a neckbreaker! Simultaneous tags to Dustin and Grayson, Dustin Uppercut lands, Inverted Atomic Drop for the Bulldog! Uno rushes in to eat a Snap Powerslam! Grayson springboards in but eats an Atomic Drop of his own, Snap Powerslam! Cabana rushes in but eats a Canadian Destroyer!

Sky tags in, meets up with Brodie in the ring, Ana Jay into the ring to try and interfere, Scorpio catches her arm and Brandi gets her with a pump kick! Grayson takes Lee to the outside, wants a tope, Grayson rushes after him, Scorpio with an arm drag into a TKO, Uno breaks up the pin! Cardona tags in, Radio Silence to Grayson and then one off the middle rope to Uno! QT tags in, Flip Tope onto Uno and Grayson! Tries another Radio Silence on Lee but he counters into a powerbomb!

QT with a dropkick to Lee to send him outside, Cabana misses a Flying Apple and he ends up on the floor as well! QT Special onto the pile! Throws Grayson into the ring, Diamond Cutter symbol, goes for it but Grayson shoves him off, Uno and Grayson toss him back and forth, Uno with a Powerbomb out of the air, Black Hole Slam from Brodie, Cabana with a Frog Splash off the top for a nearfall! Brodie tags in. Tosses QT over and lets Dustin tag in. And now they come to blows! Lee wants a powerbomb but Dustin escapes, wants a DDT but Lee tosses him away, Discus Clothesline! And now as he likes to do, he tags in Colt Cabana! Positions him, goes up top for a Moonsault but Dustin rolls out of the way! Roll-up, faces keep Dark Order from intervening and Dustin gets the duke!

Winner: Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky & The Natural Nightmares

Faces hoist Dustin up on their shoulders on the stage, meanwhile Brodie is all kinds of disappointed in Cabana. Lee is apoplectic, storms into the ring and howls at Cabana for messing up. The whole group is in the ring trying to calm him down as Lee shouts “I saved you!” at Cabana. Uno helps Cabana up afterwards.

Dustin with a promo says they did that for his brother, they did it for Cody, ’cause sooner or later he’ll get what’s his. Tony Schiavone lets him know that Wednesday night he’ll be getting the shot at the TNT Championship. Dustin seems legitimately stunned and says holy crap it’s been a long time since he’s had a shot at gold. Yells to Brodie that he’s coming for his blood and hell is coming with him!

And now… for this.

AEW World Tag Team Championships: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega (c) vs. FTR

Kenny and Cash start out. Page actually wants a tag though. Kenny asks to make sure his head is still in it and he tags him in. Lock-up, Cash takes him into the corner, clean break, he asks for a handshake and says “Friends?” and Page just loses it, nailing them with haymakers. Kenny has to pull them off, he turns and almost lays Kenny out as well. But when FTR go for a whip they reverse it, big boots. Cash eats a ton of knife edge chops, double team painful! Double high five as a show of solidarity, Page tags in, snap suplex! Cover for a 1 count. Kenny tags in, double axe handle across the back of Cash as Page is holding him in place. Kenny and Cash exchanging wicked knife edge chops but Kenny wins out, tag to Page. double whip, kicks to the gut, kicks to the face, big boot from Page, Kitaro Crusher from Omega! And a running Shooting Star Press for a nearfall!

Cash with a back suplex, tag to Dax. Page avoids his shots though, Atomic Drop. Big clothesline to Harwood but Wheeler grabs him and throws him into the ringpost, low dropkick sends him further into it! FTR double teaming and grinding him against the post but Kenny is quick to run them off. Dax takes Page down with a low dropkick, legdrop, stomps on the abdomen, oldschool heel headbutt that seems like it might be a lowblow. Cash tags in, Dax throws Page facefirst into the double knees. Page being clobbered in the heel corner. Cash throws Page gutfirst onto the knee of Dax for a nearfall!

Dax working him over with a waistlock. Abdominal Stretch cinched in. Cash grabs the hand for the stretch, Kenny wants to come in and it distracts the ref. FTR with a phantom tag behind his back and Cash in to continue the Abdominal Stretch but the ref tells him he didn’t see the tag so it doesn’t count! Still the heels are in control, Page with a big clothesline to Dax, tag to Page! Polish Hammers for both men, Discus version for Cash, avoids a Dax elbow drop that lands on his own partner! Omega gets Wheeler onto his shoulders for the You Can’t Escape and he actually hits it for a nearfall!

Omega wants the Snap Dragon, Wheeler blocks it. Kenny takes Wheeler to the apron, snap rana to Dax, dropkick takes Wheeler out of the air! Kenny hits the ropes twice, Terminator Dive onto both men! Takes Cash into the ring, up top, Missile Dropkick for a nearfall! Dax tags in when he doesn’t expect it, Powerbomb and a Jacknife for a nearfall! Cash tags in, double whip, Kenny with kicks to both men, enziguri hits Dax, knee strike meets Cash! Page wants a tag and he gets it. Leaps in, corner clothesline to both men! Kenny with a back elbow as well, Kenny throws Dax for the German Suplex out of the air! Whips Cash his way as well, Page with a Powerbomb, Kenny with the V-Trigger! Page covers for a nearfall!

Looking for the V-Trigger/Buckshot but Harwood pulls Page to the floor, Cash fights back on Kenny and takes him up top. hooks him for a superplex, Omega reverses and throws him into the ring! Cash diverts the ref, Dax crotches Omega! Dax tags in, hooks Omega for a superplex, Kenny knocks him down but on the second attempt, Cash tags himself in, Dax with the Superplex, Cash with the Frog Splash for a nearfall! They want the Goodnight Express but Page stops Wheeler, Omega escapes but Dax counters with a Brainbuster! Sliding Clothesline to Dax, Cash with a Swinging DDT, Omega gets him with a Poison Rana! Tiger Driver ’98 for a clooose nearfall!

“FTR” chant as Omega sets up a V-Trigger, nails it! Pulls him up for the One Winged Angel but Wheeler escapes, throws him to the heel corner, Dax tags in, Kenny misses a knee and nails the turnbuckle, Cash with a Dragon Screw Legwhip into the ropes, Dax with a Dragon Screw in the ring and now he’s got him in an Indian Deathlock! Kenny struggles mightily but gets his hand to the ropes for the break. Dax with elbow drops to the inside of the knee. Dax takes his leg onto the bottom rope for a knee drop. Tag to Cash, they keep targeting that leg. Kenny has to roll outside. Page goes over to him and tries to help him out. Ref forces Page back to his corner and FTR capitalize wih a double team, Dax slams his leg into the post!

Isolation continues, Wheeler chokes Kenny with a tag rope behind the ref’s back. Kenny with a standing switch on Harwood though, Snap Dragon! Cash comes in and gets taken with a Snap Dragon as well! Can’t quite tag, tries a third on Dax, Harwood trips him down, Kenny kicks him away and Harwood collides headfirst with Page to take him to the floor! Dax with a charge but Omega sidesteps him! Cash tags in, but Omega makes the tag! Page with a series of shots, Springboard Clothesline to Dax on the apron, wants a German on Cash but he slips to the second rope for a crossbody but Page catches him with a Fallaway Slam! Tope to Dax! Low bridge sends Cash to the floor!

Page has the wild eyes… “Cowboy Shit” chant as he tries for the Triangle Moonsault, Tully helps FTR move out of the way — but he gets them with a Senton Bomb onto both instead! Takes Cash into the ring for a cover for a nearfall! Cash fights back, uppercut, hooks him for a Swinging DDT and Dax tags himself in, Page shoves him away, blows to both men but Dax hits him from behind, cover for a nearfall. Cash tags in, Diving Headbutts from adjacent corners, Kenny barely breaks it up! Kenny and Dax fighting on the apron, exchange of knife edge chops, they battle for a suplex, Cash slips over him in Sunset Flip Powerbomb position?! No, it’s a Electric Chair Facebuster with a Bulldog from Dax in tandem! Into the ring, they do the same to Page in the ring but he barely kicks out!

They want the Spike Piledriver but Omega makes the save, Dax is sent to the floor, Page pursues Cash up top, BANDIDO STYLE FLIPPING FALLAWAY SLAM FOR A NEARFALL!? “This Is Awesome” kicks up as Page wants the Last Call. Omega holds Cash in place for the Buckshot but Cash ducks – but so does Kenny! He tosses Cash to Page who holds him in place but this time Cash avoids the V-Trigger and he nails Page! Chop block to the injured leg of Kenny! Now they got Page, Mindbreaker Spike Piledriver!!! Dax smiles wickedly as he stares right at Kenny and pins him, but Page kicks out?! But then they hit a second one and Cash blocks Kenny from breaking it up and there’s the pin!

Winners: FTR

Hooooo. Man what a damn tag division this is. Fantastic stuff. Afterwards FTR sets down a beer for Page. Afterwards Kenny takes up a ringside table to ward FTR off… and he’s contemplating making a real bad decision of his own but he throws away the table! Page staggers to his feet, stumbles forward and, he just falls and Kenny doesn’t catch him. He kicks the beer into the camera lens and makes his leave amidst boos.

Kenny backstage sees the Bucks and says “I’m done” and they follow him on his way out, he’s in a huff. Tells them it’s time for a cleaner- a clean split. Clean break. Funny. He gets into a Hummer or something and the Bucks don’t go in with him.

That brings us to Mimosa. Jericho is backstage with Floyd. Says tonight is a monumental ocassion, first ever Mimosa Mayhem match. After 14 weeks of him and Cassidy, it wasn’t a storyline, a feud, program, it was an experiment to see if Jericho could make Cassidy into a legit main event draw. And after everything, he can honestly tell you that tonight, Orange Cassidy is a legit main event draw in AEW and you can thank him for that. But now Cassidy will see what Le Champion does. He makes stars, he makes dreams come true – and he also ends them. He promises to lay him out with the Judas Effect, make him tap to the Liontamer and then throw him into the gallons upon gallons of bubbly and orange juice.

Mimosa Mayhem: Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy

“Thank You Jericho/Freshly Squeezed” dueling chant as the match begins… Cassidy goes for the double hands in the pockets but then up and charges – only for Jericho to counter into a Codebreaker for an immediate nearfall! Big back suplex! Chops him across the ring, trips him for the Walls, turns it into a catapult! He falls over and his foot touches the Mimosa but you have to be fully submerged. Jericho tries to drag him headfirst in, but Cassidy holding onto the ropes. Jericho takes up the small table and just tosses it at Cassidy! Shatters a cocktail tray over his head! Jericho wants to dump him in the Mimosa but Cassidy reverses, sends him to the floor, leaps off for a huge crossbody block!

Cassidy with a few right hands, whips him into the barricade! Jericho fights back on the way back to the vat though. They both stand directly in front of the Mimosa dramatically as they launch hands. They walk to the opposite side of the vat, Jericho walking the tightrope. Cassidy leaps off the top rope for a headscissor, Jericho catches him in Powerbomb position! Cassidy desperately pounding him in the face to try and prevent him from taking him into the Mimosa, one Powerbomb onto the floor, then another through the table!! Jericho grabs up the bat Floyd… but Cassidy nails him with a furious Superkick! Steel bucket to the head sends Jericho into the ring!

Cassidy charges, Jericho back body drops him and he BARELY lands in front of the Mimosa! Jericho with a Springboard Dropkick but he STILL doesn’t go in! Cassidy with a sunset flip into the ring for a 2 count, Michinoku Driver for a nearfall! Exchange of forearms as they fight to their feet. Jericho with a knee to the gut, hooks him for a suplex but Cassidy reverses into Stundog Millionaire! Wants an Around The World DDT but Jericho drops him into the Walls of Jericho right in the center! Cassidy struggles over to the ropes, no rope breaks but he gets under the bottom… grabs a pitcher, takes up some Mimosa. Jericho drags him back into the ring and he splashes it right across Jericho’s face! Inside Cradle for a close nearfall! SUPERMAN PUNCH!

He throws Jericho over the top and his whole leg gets in but not the rest of him! Cassidy to the second rope, clobbering him, Jericho grabs him!! Wants to toss him but Cassidy with a Hot Shot, Jericho stumbles across the vat, Cassidy slams him him facefirst into the turnbuckle! Takes him up top, Jericho shoves him to the mat but Cassidy kips up, Pop-Up Top Rope Rana! PK connects, Around The World DDT for a nearfall! Cassidy up top, goes flying, Jericho with a Codebreaker out of the air but he kicks out of a second one! Mounts him for punches, Jericho looks quite tired.

He hoists him up onto his shoulders and wants to drive him over the top, Cassidy stops himself up top… Jericho hooks him for a Splash Mountain! Cassidy slips to the mat though, Superman Punch! Jericho is barely hanging on! Cassidy tosses away an elbow pad AND THE SECOND SUPERMAN PUNCH SENDS HIM RIGHT INTO THE MIMOSA!

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Absolutely beautiful bump at the end there, that was expertly done.

This has to be AEW’s longest show yet. But now we have but the main event left. Let’s see which way the pendulum swings…

AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. MJF

MJF with a waistlock, Mox reverses, Max takes him to the mat, up before the cover. MJF with a side headlock, gets shot off but he turns it into a Sideheadlock Takeover, yells “I can do this all day!” and the crowd boos. Does it again and keeps getting that heat. In the ropes, MJF wants the cheap shot on the break but Mox gets him with a chop! MJF bails, but rolls right back in when Mox pursues. MJF very much does not want to be outside the ring with Moxley. They do get back into the ring and instinctively he goes for Paradigm Shift but is able to stop himself, MJF bails again, Mox baits him to try his duck in and out again and stomps on his head! Tope suicida! Crotches him on the barricade! Clothesline takes him to the floor!

Batters him around ringside, throws him into the barrier! Rips at the fingers and MJF howls for the referee! Moxley takes him into the ring, rolls him up for a 1 count, MJF tries for an armbar. Chain wrestling exchange, MJF wants a cross-armbreaker, Moxley escapes in the ropes. Fights him on the apron, wants a suplex, Wardlow distracts him for just a moment and MJF drops him arm first onto the apron! Moxley comes up favoring that arm, not wanting to move it, but Wardlow throws him into the ring. Max stomps on that arm, focusing on the elbow that got infected last year.

Back in the armbar, Mox fights his way up, elbow strikes. MJF throws him to the ropes, Japanese Arm Drag for a cover for 2. Throat chop. Double wristlock cinched in. Mox fights up to his feet, comes at him with chops until Max stops him with an eyerake, grabs the arm, brutal arm drag into the corner for a nearfall! Shoulderblock sends Moxley off the apron into the barricade! Pursues him out there, gets cocky and talks about how he thought he was hardcore. Mox shoves him into the post! Catapult into the barricade! Moxley rolls into the ring, rams his shoulder into the bottom buckle to pop his arm in place, meanwhile MJF is busted wide open!

MJF rolls into the ring but he’s panicking, Mox with a corner clothesline, charging knee strike, thinks of the Paradigm Shift again but instead goes for the X-Plex for a nearfall! Looking for the Gotch-Style Piledriver but his arm gives out, MJF takes a powder. Mox pursues him, MJF shoves him away and charges but Moxley with a Black Hole Slam onto the floor! Takes him into the ring, MJF wants a backslide but he counters into the Gotch-Style Piledriver for a nearfall! Moxley bites MJF’s forehead now, ripping him open even more! MJF’s blood is all over Moxley here. Takes him up top and hooks him for a superplex, MJF bites at the hand! Forces him off, Mox trying to hold himself up, double footstomp to that injured arm! Brutal.

Exchange of strikes, Mox wins out with elbows, but MJF ducks a clothesline, kick to the leg sets him up for a thrust kick to the face. Moxley avoids a Rolling Elbow, Release German Suplex, big lariat for a nearfall! Moxley fires himself up as he stands. He demands MJF get back up. MJF on his knees looking up at him… he spits in his face! Moxley pulls him up for the Paradigm Shift!! Referee has to talk him out of it, MJF takes advantage and pulls him into the Salt-Of-The-Earthbar! Mox is struggling! That arm is being torqued high! Moxley manages to get his leg on the bottom rope for the break and MJF is furious.

Moxley rolls to the apron, goes for a simple choke but MJF knocks his hands away, sets him up in the ropes, Heatseeker! NEARFALL! MJF just sets him up in the ropes again, flips off the fans and tries a second Heatseeker but Moxley counters, hoists him up for an Air Raid Crash! Nearfall! Both men up in each other’s face as they fight from their knees! Forearms back and forth! Turns into brutal slaps, Mox pulls him up, knee lifts to the face, repeated headbutts! Forces him to the ropes, hits the opposite ropes, MJF pulls the ref in the way. Mox pulls the ref aside but MJF with an eye poke!

MJF wants a backslide but Mox turns it into a Sleeper! So MJF pulls the ref in, back kick between the legs while the ref can’t see him! Rolls him for a nearfall! Hooks him, Cross-Rhodes nailed for a nearfall! MJF is beside himself. Wardlow comes up, tosses the Dynamite Diamond Ring to MJF but the ref sees him, and as he’s dealing with him, Moxley nails the world’s most brutal Paradigm Shift!!! And that is that!

Winner: Jon Moxley

Helluva physical battle there. Jon Moxley has been an incredible champ and will continue to be. Was wrong on this one, not sure where we go from here but I do look forward to it.

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