AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

We are here again for another night of AEW Dynamite! As always I will be with you throughout the show, giving you the live play-by-play as the show airs. Watch this space!

Tony Schiavone introduces us to the show and some SUVs drive up behind him, Chris Jericho and MJF come out. Jericho says MJF got robbed by Moxley, everyone saw him cheat behind the ref’s back and it never should’ve happened but he guarantees he WILL be AEW Champion very soon. MJF wants to get this off his chest, that coming from a legend means the world to him and he knows it’s genuine. Says the fact that he even had to touch that soulless ginger prick Orange Cassidy and lost to him not once but twice is criminal and he guarantees that he too will one day regain his AEW Championship. We get a split screen of them walking away from each other and laughing at the other with MJF calling him a loser.

We then cut to the ring for an exciting tag match!

Jurassic Express vs. Lucha Bros.

Fenix and Jungle starting off, quick exchanges, Jungle with a wheelbarrow armdrag, springs off the ropes for a lucha arm drag! Fenix blocks a kick, smack to the face. Grabs the wrist, chop to the chest, walks the ropes for a double jump arm drag! They both avoid dropkicks and stand off. Penta tags in, Fenix with a drop down into a dropkick as Penta knocks Luchasaurus off the apron, Wheelbarrow Roll-Through Splash double team to Jungleboy! Penta puts Jungleboy against the ropes and chops him across the chest. Looking for Strong Zero but Jungleboy escapes, tag to Luchasaurus who gets a big headbutt! Throws Jungle into a Flatliner for a nearfall, Fenix has to break it up! Jungleboy runs off the back of his partner for a headbutt out of the air!

Penta gets in Lucha’s face for the Cero Miedo taunt but Lucha blocks it, punches him down! Exchange of chops goes poorly for Penta but he gets a leg kick, completes the taunt and Springboard Crossbody nails! Jungle tags in, diving headscissor! Fenix tags in and tries the same, it’s avoided, arm drag/headscissor combo takes both men down! Tope Suicida to Fenix, shoulder thrust to Penta, wants his wild DDT but Penta shoves him off the ropes into a superkick out of the air from Fenix! Rolls him into the ring, Penta covers for a nearfall!

Snap kicks aplenty, now he’s got Jungle down in an arm stretch. Tag to Fenix, Jungleboy flips out of a back suplex, gets some dodges to tag in Luchasaurus! He runs wild with kicks, pump kick takes Penta to the outside, pops Fenix up for an Inverted Fireman’s Carry Slam! Fenix tries to come off the top but eats a massive chokeslam from the ropes, Standing Moonsault, Penta kicks Lucha to break up the pin! Saurus is up and mad. Penta with another taunt, Luchasaurus with the Tail Whip! Fenix with a headbutt takes him down, Gory Bomb to Jungleboy whilst also leg dropping Luchasaurus! Tag to Penta, Slingblade to Lucha! Tries another to Jungle, it’s avoided but he gets a Backstabber in!

They hook him up, nail Strong Zero, Fenix with the tope suicida to Lucha – Penta covers for a nearfall?! They try to set him up again, but a Canadian Destroyer leads to Jungle getting the pin!

Winners: Jurassic Express

Afterwards Eddie Kingston gets in the ring and he’s apoplectic. Tells Lucha that their British friend ain’t here, Butcher and Blade’s wife ain’t here. He’s irate that there were five of them in the battle royal and Fenix kicked Blade in the face. Asks Lucha Bros where they were when Butcher and Blade were backing him up in the closing moments. He demands they shake hands, the two teams start shoving each other until Kingston calms him down. Eddie says he was never eliminated from the battle royal, look up the rules!

After a card rundown we get a promo from Jacket Roberts in a dark alley. Says he never thought in his mind that he wouldn’t be walking out the winner. Says Mox might be playing the good guy, going around in fancy cars, they go around trashing cars. ‘Cause it’s what they do. Just like they like to get wet. Roberts poses in the rain. Says Mox will get wet, he’ll be sweaty. Archer tells Moxley he’s been champion for far too long, the Murderhawk Monster will be champion and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. In the end, everybody dies.

Matt Hardy makes his way out and looks normal, if a little sullen. Takes up a mic and thanks the crowd for the ovation. Says it’s so amazing to actually be in an arena – interrupted by a “Hardy” chant – with a live audience of real people and just revel in the emotion. Says they’re a part of the magic, thanks them. And all the people watching Dynamite across the globe, thank you. Says that Saturday at All Out he suffered a scary fall and he knows it frightened a lot of people. The outpouring of love and support over the past few days has been overwhelming, humbling and he can’t believe it. Thanks them again.

Matt says he’s happy to stand here in front of them and say after a myriad of tests he is expected to make a 100% full recovery. Not gonna lie he’d like to sit here and say, “Look at my shirt” – it says ‘I Don’t Die’ – and say he’s the toughest man alive but he’ll take being the luckiest man alive. Gives a nod to his family, including his wife who is here with his newborn. He apologizes to putting his family through that, and putting all his fans through that as well. Showed everyone how much you care about the people who put their lives on the line.

The last thing he wants to apologize for is that the All Out Broken Rules match wasn’t what he wanted it to be. But maybe it’s for the best that this vendetta between him and Sammy Guevara is over because if it kept escalating, someone would’ve gotten seriously hurt. Says he’s gonna focus on getting healthy, then getting ranked and going after his first AEW title. Thanks the fans once more and says AEW’s fans are the best. Makes his leave.

Orange Cassidy vs. Angelico

Angelico gets him with a forearm, he’s got Evans helping him at ringside with distractions. Wrist lock cinched in. Spinning him around, Cassidy and Angelico go roll for roll until he breaks the hold. Wants the hands in the pockets but Angelico hooks the hands, tries to shove him down, Cassidy counters with a backslide attempt but Angelico hooks him with a unique submission. Now trying his own backslide, Cassidy thwarts it but gets a knee to the gut. Arm drag, Cassidy bounces back, wants the Around The World DDT but Angelico counters into a drop toe hold, inverted facelock, Cassidy makes it to the ropes.

Angelico gets him to a corner, charge but Orange low bridges and sends him to the floor! Hits the ropes, tope suicida! Throws him into the ring, goes up top, crossbody! Around-The-World DDT and a nip up! Rips off the elbow pad, Superman Punch for the win!

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Could’ve done with seeing them go for longer but I understand Cassidy’s way higher on the totem pole and you want that to be apparent. Cassidy argues with Jack Evans until Santana and Ortiz jump him, beat him down until the Best Friends rush the ring! Taylor gets on the mic and calls them ding dongs. Says this has got to end, wants to meet ’em in a Parking Lot Brawl next week! They’re coming to hurt ’em and to make his momma proud! Chant of “Sue”. Best Friends with the trio hug.

Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford to announce the best man next, I genuinely have no guesses for this. But first Alex Marvez wants an interview with the Young Bucks. Not opening up at their locker room though. But eventually they do open up to give him a Stereo Superkick! Man this really is vintage Young Bucks.

Now come the Superbad Couple to the ring. Tony Schiavone is here to curate things. Asks if there’s a problem, Kip asks if he can help him. If he wanted any member of the announce team out there he’d probably ask JR ’cause he knows how to have a good time. Demands Timmy leave. Kip takes the mic and says ever since All Out he’s been inundated with questions, everyone wanting to know fi they can be the Best Man, who is the Best Man? He’ll get straight to it, introduces the Best Man…

Out comes a large man in a colorful shirt. Kip leaves the ring to tell “Puff” that he’s not the best man he just told him he was the best for subscribing to his Twitch channel. He goes into introducing the real Best Man, makes a big emphasis on how handsome he is… says he shares his passion, and this time out comes Brian Pillman Jr.? Brian seems excited. Kip says no, he meant “You’re the best, man” but he’d been stalking him since All Out, they’re not even friends. Wants to try one more time to introduce the Best Man… they play music this time so it must be real! AND IT REALLY IS HANDSOME MIRO! Oh my God when he first talked about how handsome his Best Man was I wanted it to be Miro so bad and it’s real!

“Miro Day” chant kicks up before he can say much of anything. Miro says it has a good ring to it. Says after ten years in the same house, under the same glass ceiling with an imaginary brass ring. Says you can take that brass ring and shove it up your ass! “Miro” chant comes up again. Says that elite recognizes elite and elite recognizes the best! Says he loves Kip and of course he’ll be the Best Man because he is THE Best Man! If you tune into his Twitch channel you know he’s the best gamer and you’ll see him here devour person after person everytime you tune in! His name is Miro and he’s All Elite.

Very busy Tony Schiavone backstage talking to Hangman Page. Doesn’t want the stock answer, asks how he’s doing? Page sighs and says at All Out we had a few hundred fans, not many, not that close, but you could see that look on their face. Couldn’t hear him. For thirty minutes it felt like they were holding their breath because it seemed like it was inevitable that they’d fall apart and lose their tag titles. But it wasn’t inevitable, it didn’t have to happen. FTR shouldn’t have been No. 1 Contenders in the first place, it’s his fault that happened. Kenny was right, Bucks are the best tag team in the world, it was dumb of him to throw his friendships away, think because FTR look like him and walk like him… he feels like from head to toe he’s just full of poison.

He’s asked about the incident with Omega barely avoiding hitting him with a table and storming out. Page says he and Kenny have had a lot of problems but a lot of victories. Despite everything they’ve managed to be the best tag team in the world and now that they’ve lost it’s just a matter of climbing back up. It’s probably their toughest test but like the rest of them they’ll get it done.

No DQ: Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs. Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela

Jericho pummels Joey until he bounces off a corner whip with a clothesline! Mounts him with punches. Jericho fights back with short forearms. Tag in to Sonny, double Flapjack into a Double Basement Dropkick! Jericho with a Jawbreaker on his way up. Sonny blocks a back body drop, kick to the face, tag to Janela, they go up top for Stereo Missile Dropkicks to both opponents, Janela clotheslines Hager to the outside and they do their pose. Sonny with a running kick to Hager off the apron, Janela with a Tope Suicida to Jericho! Janela takes a chair from under the ring, back in the ring, nails Jericho in the gut with it, smashes it over his back! Sits it up, launches off the chair for the back elbow but Jericho catches him out of the air with a back suplex right onto the steel, ouch! Commercial break.

We come back to see Jericho hit a running kick to the jaw of Janela! Joey fights back, throws Jericho into a chair wedged in the corner! Simultags, Kiss with a series of enziguris to Hager! Boot up on a charge, Hager pulls him into a splits but he ducks a kick, roll-up for 2, Avada Kedavra, Jericho has to break it up! He has a trash can but eats a spin kick to the gut, throws Jericho to the ramp but Hager with a lariat to the back of the head! Takes the can up and lays it on Kiss. Looking for the Vader Bomb, Kiss holds the can up to counter! Janela with a Cactus Clothesline taking him to the ramp! Joey pummeling Jericho on the stage, Jericho throws him into the lighting rig. Pulls him into a catapault, sending him into the arms of Hager who tosses him from the stage through a table!!!

Kiss with a crossbody takes down both though, clotheslines Hager into the ring! Pulls Jericho into the second rope, handspring spin kick to Hager, Cartwheel Axe Kick to Jericho! Kiss goes up top now! Jericho stops him with a Fire Extinguisher, Hager with a Uranage into the Head-And-Arm Choke, pins him to the mat with it and it gets the three!

Winners: Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

Afterwards he takes up a microphone and demands the crowd give him some love. Hager is holding the fire extinguisher. Jericho says the Inner Circle had a terrible night at All Out, his boots are still squishy. But that’s all in the past. It’s a new leaf, it’s a new page, and Hager and himself will build up their wins in the tag team division to impress the AEW suits and get a shot at the AEW tag team championships. Calls himself Le Champion and Hager the Human Brick Wall.

MJF with a campaign promo says Dictator Jon had to cheat like a coward but of course he cheated. Can’t blame a scorpion for stinging you because it’s in their nature. But he knows who is to blame. This campaign was supposed to create change, give hope to the hopeless, and make him a champion and they all blew it! He yells at his managers, tips a table over. Tells Nina that he’s sick of her disgusting crooked teeth and her bullshit face and demands she leave. Gum Guy hands him gum and he dismisses him as well. Gets in Wardlow’s face and asks if he was ‘Sir’ when he cost him the AEW Championship? Calls him an illiterate oaf.

Wardlow isn’t happy. MJF says last time he checked, Tony Khan doesn’t sign off on his checks, he does. Says he’s the only one who sees his potential, he’s his only friend. If he doesn’t go along with him he’ll put him and his family on the street. Asks if they have a problem. Wardlow says no. MJF says now is the time for planning to get back on top like they belong.

Jon Moxley with a promo from the hallway says if he didn’t have enough on his plate on Saturday, he saw out of the corner of his eye that Lance Archer was the next in line, said to himself ‘Son of a bitch!’, it just doesn’t get any easier. But it’s not supposed to, nothing they do is easy. The only way to become AEW champion is to crawl through a mile of crap and climb a mountain on the other side. Says with Archer you can see what you can measure on paper, Moxley might as well be going through a wood chipper. But what you can’t see is what’s down in his soul, he feels, he knows he’s unstoppable. When this is on the line, there’s one question you need to ask yourself: right now, do you really wanna bet against me?

FTR in the ring with a celebration now. Tully Blanchard says you’ve heard a lot of things from a lot of people, just heard from Moxley the greatest world champion. But these two gentlemen are the greatest tag team champions in the world, Fear The Revelation! Gives you just a little bit of a review. Heat Temperature was 117 degrees in this ring, the men battled for 30 minutes. It was Dax and Cash, 1-2-3 who became the best tag team in the world. Cash says you have talent top to bottom, no slouches in this division. May be undefeated but they had to fight for every one of those victories.

It was a dream to step into the ring with SCU, they grew up watching them! Could you imagine if they were still in their prime, if it was 20 years ago who knows who would’ve won? They turn to Private Party and say they have nothing to say about them. Dax says they do represent the deepest tag division in the world and they are the top guys in AEW, speaking of top guys… Billy is a multi-time tag champ and a legend in the business but don’t think because he’s in a second rate Hall of Fame he and his kid will skip to the top of the line.

Says next week Jurassic Express will get a chance to step into the ring with greatness but it won’t be for the belts, maybe if they beat them they’ll get an opportunity but they won’t let a comedy gimmick, a cosplay Tarzan and some dumb dinosaur run the division! Jurassic Express slowly enter the ring. FTR tease a toast but try to get the jump on them, Lucha goozles both men but they rush from the ring. Tully has them regroup but Marko Stunt dumps a cooler full of ice on them! He cackles as they leave, considerably more soggy.

Taz is at the commentary table, says he’s hearing of some scuttlebutt backstage, and it’s that Darby Allin is here, surprisingly after that bodybag spot. But of course it’s once again Ricky Starks doing his impersonation. He comes out looking haggered, says it finally happened, he got injured! He dislocated his pinky and he got thumbtacks in his foot and now he can’t go skateboard with his friends! Tells Darby he writes it on his jacket, on his board, everywhere that Darby Allin is relentless, or is he reckless? There’s a reason nobody backstage wants to tag with him, there’s a reason he’s sitting at home right now hurt and alone because he’s reckless. He doesn’t know the meaning of relentless but Starks does. Next time he shows up, he will relentlessly beat his ass!

Tay Conti vs. Nyla Rose

Tay rushes in with forearms, Nyla drives her into the corner, shoulder thrusts commence. Big biel toss sends her across the ring! Tay with an enziguri from the mat, Question Mark Kick, drives her into the corner, rolls her up for 2. Tay blocks a kick, takes her down into a Kneebar! Nyla gouges at her eyes, stomps her in the gut, avalanche in the corner! Just drives her out of the ring, distracts the ref as Vickie Guerrero gouges at Conti as well! Nyla drives Conti into the barrier as we go to commercial.

We come back to see Rose whip Conti into the corner, she gets a boot up, leaps off the top rope for a sunset flip but Rose pulls her up for a Tree Bomb! Goozles her, Conti tries to counter with a Triangle Choke! No, turns it into an Inverted Cross-Armbreaker, Rose looks to be in trouble! Rose powers her up though, Beast Bomb plants her and that is that!

Winner: Nyla Rose

Cool finish, don’t tend to see people win with that kinda spot but it worked real well here. Afterwards Vickie goes into the ring and says the Vicious Vixens have a statement to make, not gonna anywhere! Nyla is about to attack but Hikaru Shida enters the ring with her kendo stick! Slowly Rose and Vickie back off. “Holy Shida” chant as she checks on Conti.

JR speaking with Kenny Omega in the locker room. Asks how he processed what happened Saturday night. Kenny says he was a champion and now he’s not. These things happen, it’s just a part of the game. Him and Page had a chemistry, there was something there that held them together, they had that magic. That’s why he couldn’t let go, he was doing what he was supposed to do in AEW. He had these expectations tossed upon him that he was supposed to be this singles star, the ace of the company but he didn’t have that direction, he lost his way. He thought with Page he had a different direction, to be more than a singles guy. Says we have such a deep division, the best in all of wrestling, to be at the top of it they had to learn about themselves. What he learned about Hangman, was not something he liked. He thinks if Page wants a rematch or to reconcile with Matt and Nick, he’d best change plans because he has his own goals and aspirations. Gave a year of his life for the team, now he wants to give everyone a taste of what they were looking for from the beginning.

And now, TNT title time.

TNT Championship: Brodie Lee (c) vs. Dustin Rhodes

Dustin attacks Brodie when he turns his back before the bell! Takes him out of the ring, chops him across the chest but Brodie throws him into the barricade! They fight out into the concord, Dustin back body drops him onto a table and it doesn’t break, yeow! Dustin takes him to ringside, slams his head into the steel steps, Brodie rushes by John Silver who gets a kick that sends him to the floor! Into the ring, bell rings, Dustin with chops but Brodie fights back with strikes, uppercut sends him to the floor. They brawl over towards the ramp, Brodie throws him back in. Takes him to the corner, heavy chop! And another bitter one until Dustin reverses it! Big shot to the face, Corner Ten Punches commence! Except he gets the whole 20, wow!

Back for another chop. Knocking him around the ring, uppercut to the face. Brodie fights back and drives him into a corner. This thing is just a slugfest. Dustin tries to hit the ropes but Brodie with a body block, sets him up, catapults him into the second rope! Commercial break. We come back to see Dustin making a comeback with flying forearms, Dustin Uppercut leads to the Bulldog! Spinning Powerslam! Wants the Canadian Destroyer, Brodie Lee with a back body drop to counter. But Dustin gets a boot up on a corner charge, Code Blue for a nearfall!!

Brodie hoists him up but Dustin slips behind him, Cross-Rhodes!! Narrow nearfall! Brodie fights back, kick to the gut, Kevin Nash style throw-down Powerbomb for a nearfall. Brodie looks so stunned, the fans have to give a “He Kicked Out” chant. Brodie goes for a charging big boot but Dustin sidesteps and sends him to the floor! Runs off the apron with a Cannonball Senton! Back into the ring, Silver distracts the ref but it allows Dustin to hit the Unnatural Kick! Silver leaps in, eats an Inverted Atomic Drop and a Powerslam! Dustin hits a Piledriver on Brodie, he gets a hand on the bottom rope to break the count! They come head-to-head. Exchange of blows now! Brodie with a wicked chop, Dustin answers! Brodie with a big boot but Dustin steals the Discus Lariat, CLOSE nearfall! Dustin hits the ropes, Brodie tries a Bossman Slam but Dustin escapes, Lee hits a series of superkicks into the Discus Lariat and that’s that!

Winner: Brodie Lee

Now in come the Dark Order to try and celebrate the win but Brodie doesn’t even want Colt Cabana in the ring after he got pinned at All Out. But now they set Dustin up, Brodie with a kick between the legs! Raises the title high.

And now in a Breaking News segment they make look like a separate thing. Cody says go big or go home, but since he’s home, he thinks it’s time to do something never seen before. They have a quarantine bubble in Macon, Georgia for a talent show never seen before. Rosario Dawson, Cody, Jennifer Nettles and Snoop Dogg are hosting the Go Big Show on TBS. It’s the Biggest, Most Extreme Talent show ever. It looks pretty outrageous.

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