AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Wednesday night brings us another edition of AEW Dynamite. We’re back to the Wednesday Night Wars format for now, which means I can’t do both shows live from this point forward. Thus NXT’s own recap page will have to wait for a bit. It’ll still happen though. Regardless, for tonight, we’re All Elite! I’m Jordan Huie, this is 1Z1 Pro Wrestling, and I’ll be giving the blow-by-blow of the action as soon as it starts so watch this space for your AEW Dynamite results!

In a first, an NWA title is being defended on AEW soil. NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa defends the gold against Ivelisse in what is sure to be a brawl for the ages. We’ve got some big matches in the tag division, including champions FTR facing off with Jurassic Express in a non-title match, as well as the Best Friends going up against Santana & Ortiz in a Parking Lot Brawl!

Show kicking off, Jurassic Express are already in the ring for our opener but before FTR come out, the Young Bucks make their way out instead. They pace the ring, turn and Stereo Superkick the referee! The Express are baffled. Bucks go backstage, see Tony Khan at a table and toss him $5000. They walk past FTR who seem amused, ask them how the Elite are doing. Officials still helping poor Mike Posey out of the ring as Dax and Cash go to the ring.

AEW Tag Team Champions FTR vs. Jurassic Express (Non-title)

Jungleboy and Dax lock-up. Harwood singles out an arm, tags in Dash who keeps a hold of it, shoulderbreaker. Quick tags from FTR as they target the arm. Jungle flips out, gets a takedown for a 1 count. Chop to the chest, flipping Lucha Arm Drag for a dropkick! Cash Wheeler comes in, misses and gets arm dragged to the outside, another for Dax. Tag to Luchasaurus, Cash tags in tentatively as well. He attacks Jungle, distracts the ref and Dax attacks Lucha from behind, Cash takes over, double team, Luchasaurus manages a clothesline to both men though.

Charges, Harwood with a knee up in the corner, goes up top, leaps at him but eats a Snap Powerslam out of the air for a 2 count! “AEW” chant as Jungle tags in, Luchasaurus body slams Dax, Jungle spins off the big man’s shoulders for a flip senton for 2! Jungle is distracted by Cash, Harwood with a brutal elbow! Tag to Cash, Jungle with a double rana! After a few leap frogs Wheeler is able to slam him out of the air for a 2 count! Bow And Arrow Lock cinched in!

Dax tags in, kick to the chest. Snap suplex, legdrop for two. Cash tags in, Dax tosses Jungle onto the knee of Cash for a 2 count. Isolation in deep as Jungle is being kept waaay away from his corner. He makes an attempt to escape but they catch him out of the air, Assisted Gordbuster for a nearfall! Pulls him up by the hair and lays in a chop. Cash tags in, running stomp. Charging dropkick, Jungleboy avoids it and he hits the mat hard! Harwood tags in though, gets between him and his corner but Jungle with a lariato! Cash tags in, but this time Jungle makes the tag to Luchasaurus! House of fire with big chops, Pump Kick to Dax, double clothesline to both men!

He hoists Dax up into the air and tosses him at Cash! Chokeslam to Wheeler, Standing Moonsault for a nearfall! Dax pulls Dash out of the way of a charge, tags in, looking for an Assisted Vertical Suplex but Lucha escapes, Hook Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Trouble In Paradise style to Dax, Jungleboy with a sliding clothesline to the back of the head for a nearfall! Jungleboy turns over on a back suplex for a 2 count, but then eats the Saito Suplex! Cash tags in, Jungle leaps at him, he tries to slam him out of the air again but Jungle rolls through for a nearfall!

Cash tags in, exchange of cradles. Jungle taken to the apron, high kick! Springboard Crossbody, Dax rolls through, but then so does Jungle, Cash has to break it up! Luchasaurus into the ring, absorbs strikes from Cash, goozles! Dax attacks from behind, but Jungle rolls him up for a clooose nearfall! Exchange of big uppercuts. Jungleboy flips off the corner, Inside Cradle for another narrow one! Luchasaurus charges at Cash at the outside and leaps, he evades it and he flies into the crowd! Jungle with a Tope Suicida to Cash, on the way back in he gets a sunset flip to Dax but Cash is able to pull his partner on top behind the ref’s back and Tully assists as well, there’s the 3!

Winners: FTR

That was beautiful. These two teams go together wonderfully.

Alex Marvez is backstage, Matt Hardy is down on the floor. Private Party is over him checking on him. Chris Jericho and Jake Hager rush over and pretend to be concerned, Jericho says they may have to amputate that leg. Hager recommends putting some ice on it. Private Party are fuming as they walk off.

Kenny Omega on commentary for this next one.

Hangman Page vs. Frankie Kazarian

Lock-up. Hangman takes Frankie in the corner, ref breaks them up. Frankie with a waistlock takedown into a front facelock. Page with a back body drop but Kazarian with a sunset flip for 2, drop toe hold! Inverted Cravate. Page fights his way up with body shots but Kazarian keeps the hold in, turns it into a Flip Neckbreaker! Page fights his way up again, Kaz with a knee to the gut, Page with a shoulder block, catches him out of the air on a leapfrog attempt for a bodyslam! Big chops! They trade corner chops, Page wins out.

Pulls him to his feet, snap suplex! Another “AEW” chant, fans are very excited to be here. Page pulls Kaz to his feet but he answers with a punch! Knocks him to the opposite corner. Power whip to the opposite corner, but Page with a Second Rope Clothesline taking him to the floor, Pescado nails him! Commercial break. We come back to see an exchange of forearms, both weary now. Page wins out momentarily, hits the ropes, Kaz with a charging elbow! Page responds in kind though! Hits the ropes, meeting in the middle with clotheslines! And another! Kaz ducks a line, German Suplex but Page flips to land on his feet! Big lariat!

Exchange of forearms continues, Page with a whip to the corner, Kaz with a boot up. Crossbody off the second rope but Page catches him, Fallaway Slam! And there’s the kip up, Charging Shooting Star Press! Nearfall. Kazarian with a boot up, back elbow on a charge, ducks a flying clothesline, Pullover DDT for a nearfall! Kaz wants a backslide, on the second attempt he gets it but Page fights his way up, slowwwly reverses it, no he shoves him to the front of him but Kazarian slips right behind him for an Unprettier for a nearfall!

Page with a Clothesline, Pumphandle Death Valley Driver for a nearfall! Pulls him up, Kazarian reverses him to the apron, then whiplashes him inside for a Cutter out of the air! Nearfall! Kazarian pulls him to his feet, scoop and a slam. Springboard but Page catches him right out of the air, BEAUTIFUL Sit-Out Powerbomb! “This is Awesome” chant. Page wants a Buckshot, Kaz slides through his legs to the floor, Page tries a moonsault, it’s avoided but he lands on his feet, Kaz takes over anyway and tries to whip him inside but Page rebounds back for a lariat! Throws him inside, on the apron, he has to fight mightily to force Kazarian to give him enough space, Page avoids the Guillotine Legdrop, finally able to hit the Buckshot Lariat for the victory!

Winner: Hangman Page

Afterwards Page is looking around for Kenny but Omega was quick to make his leave. No reunion tonight. He does accept a brewsky tossed at him though.

Quick vignette for Best Friends’ feud with Santana & Ortiz. Parking Lot Brawl is the main event tonight evidently. Now, MJF out here for a match.

MJF vs. Shawn Dean

They get in each other’s face, MJF immediately goes for the eyes, pulls him to the mat with the Salt-Of-The-Earthbar for the quick submission!

Winner: MJF

He keeps the hold locked in for an unnecessarily long time before tossing Dean from the ring. Gets on the mic and says if there’s one thing we can agree on it’s that MJF is a very honest man. “No you’re not” chant. MJF says that Moxley, the guy you’re cheering for, cheated! And he should be undefeated right now, he should be the AEW World Champion. “You’re a loser” kicks up. Says since he SHOULD be undefeated, and he IS undefeated because Jon cheated, and because he SHOULD be world champ, you are to refer to him as the undefeated, undisputed, uncrowned world champion of AEW. Tells Justin Roberts to announce this new title to the world. He starts to but MJF demands he say it with some gusto or else he’ll sicc Wardlow on him. And he has no choice.

MJF says it’s become very clear that he’s never going to get a fair shake around here. In order to get around it seems you have to be part of a new group or stable. Seems one pops up every week on Dynamite. He’s always fancied himself a lone wolf but maybe it’s time for him to join a wolf pack. But regardless of what he decides, at the end of the day, he’s still better than you and you know it.

Eddie Kingston and his crew are down the arena. Eddie claims he never lost that battle royal, look up the rules! Says he should be getting the reward, not Lance. Says they’re not a stable or a faction, they’re family. When families fight most of the time they go out to dinner, have a little therapy session but not them. They are creatures of violence. Butcher and Blade pull some folks from he front row to ringside and into the ring, Lucha Bros and Butcher & Blade are decimating everyone as Kingston runs them down on the mic. It’s a pretty brutal beatdown.

After clearing the ring, Eddie says they got everybody ready now. But he turns to Blade, says since they got them together, it’s time for him to get his house in order.

Private Party vs. Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

Hager locks up with Quen, tosses him away. Quen with a waistlock but an elbow sends him away. Quen floats over in the corner, tag to Kassidy, toe hold and bulldog combo takes Hager off guard! Jericho with a forearm from the apron but a Poetry In Motion style dropkick takes him down! Stereo Tope Suicidas to both men on different sides of the ring! Hager sent into the ring, Hilo for a 1 count. Kassidy pummeling him, tag to Quen, double suplex nailed! 2 count. Hager tosses him away from a front facelock, big boot!

Tag to Jericho, mounted punches to the face. Chops Quen into the ropes, whip to the ropes, double axe handle. Raises a fist. Back suplex for a 1 count. Hager tags in, pummels him in the corner. Knocks Quen to the mat. Marq tries to fight to his feet, ducks a line and there’s the tag! Flying dropkick, Springboard Moonsault Press for a CLOSE nearfall! Jericho sends him to the apron, Kassidy with a forearm, wants a springboard, Hager hits him in the leg with the bat!! Ref didn’t see it, Kassidy is in dire pain as we go to commercial break!

Hager with a huge lariat just before we come back. Headlock, big blows to the face. Chokes him with his shin. Kassidy fights his way up, tries a boot out of the corner, leaps for a tag but Hager catches him and tosses him to the mat. Hager whips him, but Kassidy with a floatover headscissor hold, Silly String nailed! Simultags, Quen with a series of clotheslines to Jericho! Manhattan Drop, dropkick! Pop-Up Dropkick to Hager knocks him from the ring! Tope Con Hilo! Springboard Crossbody to Jericho for a narrow nearfall! Kassidy tags in, still not fully able, double whip, Poetry In Motion nailed, Footstomp/Neckbreaker but Kassidy clutching his back, slow cover for a 2 count.

Jericho comes in to attack him, gets taken up top, Kassidy escapes a Hager powerbomb attempt and turns it into a Top Rope Rana to Jericho! Quen takes Hager to the floor as Kassidy covers for another nearfall! In comes shots! Ducks a Judas Effect, roll-up for a nearfall, Kassidy with a Springboard Cutter! Slowly he rolls to the apron and struggles his way up top. Jericho avoids the Senton Bomb! And there’s a vicious Judas Effect for the win!

Winner: Chris Jericho

Afterwards Jericho attacks Kassidy, Walls of Jericho cinched in until Marq Quen comes in to make the save, takes Jericho down with a Pele Kick! Hager has to pull Jericho from the ring.

NWA Women’s World Championship: Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Ivelisse

Shoving fight before the bell. Both scrambling for advantage. Ivelisse catches a kick, forearm lands. Arm drag, Rosa does the same. They both go for the same, neither work. Ivelisse whips her around and gets in her face. Facewashes her! Rosa with a wicked slap right back! Chop to the chest. Rosa leaps to the top rope with a wrist lock, Lucha Arm Drag! Charging Headscissors! Ivelisse with a high kick, Springboard Lucha Arm Drag! Rose evades the charge, Ivelisse gets a boot up, Flying Rana from the second rope! Rosa with a hard dropkick!

Solid charging forearm, 2 count! Pulls her up for the Gory Special. Diamante distracts her momentarily, Ivelisse is able to backslide her into a driving knee to the face for a nearfall! Rosa rolls to the outside, Ivelisse gets her with a running kick to the face from the apron before the commercial break! We come back to see Ivelisse forcing Rosa to her knees, roundhouse kicks to the chest commence until Rosa catches one, Dragon Screw Legwhip! Exchange of forearms, Rosa wins out in the corner, Mizline nailed! And from the top, a Pull-In Meteora! Roundhouse kick drops her, brutal basement dropkick for a nearfall!

Pulls her up but Ivelisse counters with a swift Tiger Driver for a nearfall! Rosa with a Russian Legsweep, rolls through into a Crossface! Ivelisse gets her foot to the ropes to break. Tries to pull her from the ropes but Ivelisse lands on her feet for a back kick, tries to come off the second rope but Rosa stops her with a forearm, pulls her off for a Death Valley Driver! Close nearfall! Hoists her up, Ivelisse slips to her feet, Snapmare-roll-thru-Roundhouse-Kick for a nearfall! Hits the ropes but Rosa with a boot to the gut, hoists her up, Ivelisse escapes, hits the ropes but Rosa takes her up for a devastating Tombstone Piledriver, that is it!

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Afterwards, Diamante jumps Rosa from behind! She hoists up the NWA title, until Hikaru Shida rushes the ring to send Diamante and Ivelisse to the floor! She takes up the NWA title and puts it on Rosa’s shoulder.

Kip Sabian with a promo as Miro is bench pressing in the background with Ford spotting. Sabian says they go hard in the ring, Miro jumps to his feet, says he is THE Best Man which means he provides the best bachelor’s party ever! Fist bumps all around.

Lance Archer arrives, pulls a masked dude from the front row and into the ring, titanic Chokeslam! Jake Roberts calls that a proper ring entrance on the mic. Asks if you’d trade your heroes for ghosts? Would you exchange all your pleasure for some pain? After all, aren’t they the same? Says in wrestling or politics, you find yourself in bed with people you don’t think you would be. That’s where they are, Archer isn’t happy about it. But there’s a reason for it. They need partners, in a six man tag match. If he’d lay in bed with the devil he’d just as soon lay with the Tasmanian Devil. He asks Taz to come out here.

He comes to the ring, says as they discussed earlier, everyone in Team Taz is excited and happy to do business with them. The trio of Ricky Starks, Brian Cage and Lance Archer is a deadly trio, a great deal. Speaking of a deal, they have a deal that when Archer destroys Jon Moxley and takes the AEW World Championship, he will defend it against Cage. Archer says him and his boys are enemies of his enemies and that makes them… friendly. But when he puts that punkass Moxley down, AEW will have a killer new champion and he doesn’t care how much whining and crying Eddie Kingston says about not going over the top rope. Mosnter and the Machine will go Godzilla all over Daily’s Place.

Now, it’s Jon Moxley’s turn. He’s got a mic and he stays in the crowd area this time… Starks and Cage jump him before he can respond though! Security tries to pull them off but they get fended off! Cage tosses him right through a row case. As this goes on, Will Hobbs makes his way up the stairs with a chair! He cracks it over Cage until him and Starks rush away! Mox on the mic says he’s got a hell of a team. Introduces him to his partner, Oakland’s Most Violent, Willpower Will Hobbs! And they’re gonna need a third so he’ll call in the services of Taz’s favorite wrestler Darby Allin! Says in that six-man, they will go to war!

Parking Lot Fight is all that’s left.

Parking Lot Fight: Santana & Ortiz vs. Best Friends

Proud-N-Powerful painted up like Juggalos for this one. Chuck drives Santana into the flatbed of a car. Trent knocking Ortiz around. Santana chops Chuck, but Taylor able to throw him into the back of a car and then tosses him facefirst into the mirror! Trent takes Ortiz under the hood, sends it crashing onto him repeatedly! Chuck stands atop the car for a BRUTAL senton! TRENT WITH A SIT-OUT SENTON ONTO THE HOOD! Christ alive this is already brutal.

Chuck and Trent pull off a huge sheet of plywood from a truck bed, they set it up like a platform, oh man. Trent slams a plywood railing onto Ortiz and it actually bounces back into him. They exchange blows, Santana comes up and he’s got bruises all over his back, bleeding as well. He takes a steel bar to Trent and Chuck! Catapults Trent right into the truck’s back, geeze! Ortiz takes up a sledgehammer and tosses it, Chuck barely avoids it and it goes flying into a windshield! Chuck and Ortiz fight atop a car, Ortiz with a snap suplex onto the roof! And Santana leaps from one car to another for a frog splash for a nearfall!

Trent fighting back, sends Ortiz sliding over a car hood. Trent sets up another bit of plywood against a hood but Ortiz nails him with a baton to the ribs! Hoists him up for a Powerbomb but Trent escapes, forearm to the face, SPEAR RIGHT THROUGH THE PLYWOOD! And that tore into Ortiz’s elbow, bleeding bad! Santana slams a piece of the wood against Taylor’s back. Crossface blows, landing hard! Rams his head into the hood! Chuck reverses with a back suplex onto the hood! Trent wants to kick off the truck with a Swinging DDT but Ortiz throws him off, BLASTS him with a dust pan! Chuck tosses Ortiz into another car hood and then grabs a barrier, leans it against that hood! Ortiz fights back, they battle over a suplex but TAYLOR SUPLEXES ORTIZ THROUGH THE STEEL RAILING!

Santana smashes a 2X4 over Trent’s back! Knocks him to an SUV, batters his cut with punches. Ortiz is laid out on a car, Trent pursues him up there as Santana drives Chuck into the side of the car, Trent wants a piledriver but Ortiz with a low blow counter, POWERBOMB ONTO THE ROOF! Proud-N-Powerful pull Trent up, DOUBLE POWERBOMB THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD! Chuck choking out Santana with a bat now, takes the end of it to Ortiz, slams more plywood over Ortiz’s back, charges at Santana, Back Body Drop sends Chuck flying onto some turned over trash cans! Trent’s back is absolutely torn apart! Ortiz smashing the wood over that bloody back, yikes! Santana leans Chuck against a car and tells him this was the biggest mistake of his life, tons of lefts and rights until Chuck is seemingly knocked out. Santana with a lead pipe! He prepares to nail Chuck but the trunk suddenly opens and Orange Cassidy appears! Orange Punch! And he was holding onto a length of chain to load it! Chuck with a Piledriver to Ortiz onto a car hood!! TRENT WITH THE DUDEBUSTER THROUGH THE PLYWOOD PLATFORM ONTO THE TRUCK BED! That is mercifully it!

Winners: Best Friend

Christ. They were bound and determined to have an unforgettable match and earn that main event spot, my word. Afterwards, Best Friends and Orange Cassidy drive off with Sue who makes sure to flip off Proud-N-Powerful on her way out! That’s the show!

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