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Belayed recap time! I’m Jordan Huie, you’re here at 1Z1 Pro Wrestling and I’ll be giving you the blow-by-blow of the September 16th edition of WWE NXT! It’s not live, I got to it when I had the time, but it’s still important to have this archived. And I also didn’t watch this until now, so it’s all new to me!

Starting out, we’ve got the NXT Women’s Champion in action!

NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai vs. Shotzi Blackheart (Non-Title)

Shotzi offers a handshake. Io slaps it away. Lock-up. Shotzi with an arm drag. Io dodges a big boot, waistlock. Shotzi wrestles out of it, shoves her away and howls. Sidesteps a charge, trips her down, rolls over her. Duck under, Io with a couple of backflips and a staredown. They exchange leg trips for 1 counts. Io with a Crucifix for 2. Shotzi kicks her in the gut, Tiger Bomb for a 2 count, Io rolls her into a Crossface, Shotzi rolls through for a 2 count to break. Shotzi with a double armlock, very deep. It’d be nice to have someone on commentary who knew submissions so I could maybe hear the name of it but alas. It’s fairly ZSJ-esque though.

Io makes it to the ropes to break. Shotzi takes her to the apron, forearm lands, hits the ropes, Io evades her and sends her to the floor, Asai Moonsault! Throws her into the ring. Cover for a 2 count, commercial break. When we come back, Io with a corner whip, Shotzi rolls over her to counter a charge, dropkick into the corner. Pummels her, pulls her out, Inverted Slingblade! Pump knee to the face, Io fights up, exchange of forearms and chops! Shotzi takes several forearms, misses a roundhouse kick but avoids an enziguri, wants a German perhaps but Io counters into a Crossface! Shotzi struggles, gets a toe on the bottom rope for the break!

Shirai hits the ropes, Shotzi avoids a seated senton, roundhouse kick lands, hits a Cannonball! Io holds onto the ropes, Shotzi has to rip her arms away, Tiger Suplex for a nearfall! And then right into a Cattle Mutilation!! Io rolls through for a 2 ocunt to force the break. Shotzi hoists her onto her shoulders, Io escapes, whips her into a Flapjack! Follows up quick with the Tiger Feint Kick! And there’s the Missile Dropkick for a nearfall! Now she goes up top but Shotzi trips her up. Super Rana!! Nearfall! Shotzi up top now. Io cuts her off. They fight on the top rope. Io wants a Superplex, Shotzi takes her to the apron, kick to the chest, she wants a Code Blue on the apron! Io escapes though, GERMAN SUPLEX DROPS HER RIGHT ON HER HEAD ON THE APRON! Jesus Christ! Pulls her into the ring for a nearfall! Meteora in the corner! Over The Moon Moonsault, CRUNCHING landing, and that’s that!

Winner: Io Shirai

Helluva match there.

Ciampa vignette. He’s in action next.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Desmond Troy

Troy wants a Single Leg, Ciampa backs into the ropes for a break, high knee to the face as soon as he lets go! Side headlock takeover into a Bully Choke! He releases for a big stomp but Troy avoids it, dropkick lands, takes him to the corner but Ciampa rebounds with a lariat! Takes Troy into the corner, clothesline nailed, stomps him into the mat. Catapult sends him facefirst into the bottom buckle! And that sets up Willow’s Bell, that’s all.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa gets a chair afterwards, but out comes Jake Atlas on the stage with a mic. Says he could’ve come down and jumped him from behind but that’s not how he is, he’s not a coward. He knows how dangerous he is because he’s been at the top of the food chain for so long. Next time is his turn to eat and he’ll show him just how dangerous he can be. Ciampa just smiles.

Drake Maverick is rolling a suitcase. Says the gameplan is simple, him and Killian Dain have a common enemy in the Undisputed Era and they will do this as a team. Though he notes he hasn’t been able to get a hold of him and he’s punched him in the face a few times, but… everything will be fine.

Finn Balor promo. Says everyone wanted to know who the greatest when Finn Balor faced Adam Cole. Now the questions keep coming. What’s it like to be champion four years apart? How is NXT different then vs. now? How will being champ be different now? In the past, he built the brand, carried the brand. Now he doesn’t need the brand, he made it and the brand needs him. Says him being the champ makes the title the most important in the game no matter what brand or country.

Austin Theory comes out to the ring. Grabs a mic. Says Austin Theory is a future first ballot Hall of Famer. Bronson Reed, last week was a fluke and he’ll prove that right now. Whoeever is up next, says this is his opportunity to tell the world that he’s grateful to step into the ring with Austin Theory. Kushida comes out with no music and immediately hits him with an enziguri, sending him to the outside! Ref is trying to call him off, bell did not sound. Theory comes in and it finally does.

Austin Theory vs. Kushida

Kushida with a Front Facelock, Theory scrambles to the ropes for a break. Kushida with a big takedown, taking full control with the mat wrestling. Back on his feet, Theory elevates him and drops him on the ropes, clothesline follow up. Mounts him, hammerfists. Leaping stomp to the chest. Theory with some knees to the gut, snap suplex. 1 count. Exchange of blows, Theory with a Pendulum Backbreaker. Standing Moonsault but Kushida evades it, Soccer Kick to the elbow! Ducks a clothesline, roundhouse kicks connect.Situates him for another, aiming at the elbow, and lands again!

Hip Toss and a Basement Dropkick! Handspring Liger Kick sends Theory to the outside! Wants a tope, Theory sidesteps, kick to the gut, puts him against the post, Kushida ducks the forearm and Theory injures himself further! Armbar Takedown onto the floor! Into the ring, Kushida grabs the wrists and stomps Theory’s face in, and there’s the Hoverboard Lock for the quick submission!

Winner: Kushida

Nice to see Kush looking more like himself.

Candice LaRae in a promo says she gave Tegan Nox the opportunity of a lifetime. Johnny Gargano complains about spending their fourth wedding anniversary watching a terrible TV because Tegan broke theirs! She’ll be footing the bill for the new one. Candice says there’s a battle royal for No. 1 Contendership to the women’s championship and she’ll be the winner.

Fashion Police make their way out, Imperium rush the ring to attack before the bell but Breezango win out!

WWE NXT Tag Team Championships: Breezango (c) vs. Imperium

Cheap shot at the bell again, Aichner takes over on Fandango. Bodyslam! Barthel takes him to the corner, big shot to the face, stomps him into the mat. ‘Dango with chops out of the corner but Barthel takes him to the heel corner, slams his face into the mat. Mounted elbows, stomp to the chest. Sliding European Uppercut! ‘Dango fights up but gets stopped with a Jawbreaker! Aichner tags in, chokes him in the ropes. Hoists him up for a wicked Back Suplex, and makes his little pose. Fandango tries for a comeback, but gets cutoff. Aichner pulls him into the heel corner, Barthel tags in and clobbers him with an elbow. Grabs his ear! Pulls him up, corner whip, charging uppercut, Butterfly Suplex for a 2 count!

Grinds his boot into ‘Dango’s face. Aichner tags in, he tries to fight back but Aichner tosses Fandango into a European Uppercut from Barthel! Double team dropkick as he’s caught in the tree of woe! Fandango with a kick on a back body drop attempt, wants the tag bad but Barthel holds onto his tights, back elbow drops him! Slowly he rises, Barthel with a wiastlock, Fandango elbows his way free, clothesline nailed! Finally he makes the tag, Aichner in as well, Breeze with a series of clotheslines, low kick trips him, dropkick to the side of the head!

Charging forearm in the corner! Kick on a back body drop, bodyscissors him to the mat into a Single Leg Crab! Ducks a clothesline from the interfering Barthel, ‘Dango low bridges to send Barthel out of the ring! Aichner counters Breeze for a Regal Roller and and looks to finish the You Can’t Escape but ‘Dango intercepts him, Breeze with the Ospreay Superkick, Barthel barely breaks up the pin!

Looks for a catapult double team but Aichner with a forearm to ‘Dango, rolls through, hoists him up from the mat with a Backlund Bomb attempt! Breeze fights his way free but ends up on the Imperium corner! Barthel shoves him off, Aichner catches him out of the air with a Vertical Suplex! Fandango breaks up the pin, pulls Breeze over and tags in! Crossbody takes Aichner to the outside (totally bungled spot), and Barthel is also down somehow? Breeze tries a Suicide Dive, Aichner catches him again but ‘Dango pulls him down, Superkick to both members of Imperium!

Into the ring, tries a Top Rope Legdrop but Aichner avoids it, Barthel with a PK behind the ref’s back! Aichner with a German Suplex, stacked up for a close nearfall! Fandango with knife edge chops to fight back, takes him into the corner, Kick-Off Tornado DDT! Simultags, Breeze with a charging forearm to Barthel. Marcel ducks a shot, european uppercut lands but Breeze nails an enziguri! Aichner tags himself in though, spinebuster, PK from Barthel! Set up for the European Bomb but Fandango dropkicks Aichner to get them closer to the corner, Breeze knocks Barthel to the floor, flash rana for the victory!

Winners: Breezango

I always knew Breezango could have matches like that but I never thought they’d get the chance. Definitely a blessing there.

Jessi Kamea & Xia Li vs. Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro

Carter with a top wristlock. Li reverses. Carter kicks off the ropes and takes over again. Arm drag, keeps the hold on. Pulls her back up, tag to Kacy. Trips her up, Carter with a Basement Dropkick, Kacy with a Hilo for a nearfall! Carter with a Crucifix for 2, gets her back in arm wringer. Xi fights back, back elbow, tag to Kamea but quickly gets arm dragged. THey grapple in the corner, Kacy tags in, double back elbow, cover for a 2 count. Clothesline from Kamea drops her, Xia tags in. Clubbering blow to the back, takes her into the corner. Chop to the chest nailed. Kneelifts to the face, spin kick to the gut, nearfall!

Tag to Kamea, leaping clothesline in the corner, snapmare. Straitjacket, Kacy fights her way free, gets a boot up off the charge, simultags! Carter with a series of forearms, Xia shoves her away but Kayden nails her with a dropkick! Whip reversed, but Carter rolls her through into a superkick! Kamea comes in and eats one too! Tag to Kazy, Pump Kick/Samoan Drop/Jacknife combo, very unique, and it gets the victory!

Winners: Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro

Interesting match, pretty fresh. Afterwards, Xia Li denies the handshake.

Maverick finally meets up with Killian Dain backstage and asks if he’s ready for the tag match up next. Dain tells him he’s not his friend or tag partner. Wishes him good luck but he’s not coming out tonight.

Tegan Nox says she knows she’s the one who hasn’t changed. She berates her, says she wanted a lackey to do her bidding and she just wanted her friend back. Neither of these things happened. She’ll win the battle royal next week and she’ll love seeing the look on Candice’s face. Warns Io that everything is different this time.

Poor Drake Maverick indeed comes out alone and looks pretty sad, but enters the ring alone regardless.

Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong vs. Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

Fish drives Maverick into the corner, double teaming starts quickly, Maverick throwing hands desperately. Strong chops him across the chest. Whip him to the corner, Maverick tries a floatover but Roddy avoids it, forearm to the back. Chop to the chest. Power whip to the corner, Maverick fights his way out but Roddy gets the boots up on a charge. Fish tags in, Drake dropkicks his legs out from under him and goes up top. Missile Dropkick. Cover for a 2 count. Roddy with a distraction, Fish with a knee to the gut. Roddy blind tags, Fish with a combination of strikes, Maverick ducks it and they fight to the heel corner, Strong comes in, brutal backbreakers ensue! Cover for a 2 count! Maverick fights his way up to his feet in a side headlock, shoulder thrusts in the corner. But Strong with a Uranage Backbreaker!

Killian Dain is watching with the locker room backstage and seems apathetic, perhaps even happy to see Drake get demolished. Finally, Regal walks over to him and tells him he’s his tag partner and he shouldn’t let this happen to him. Dain tries to blow it off but he opts to go out there. Maverick gets thrown out of the ring, Undisputed Era pose in the ring. Dain makes his way out now. He pulls Maverick up to his feet and drags him into the ring. He tells him to take it like a man. Turns around and Roddy tells him off. Dain turns around, furious and storms down the ramp. They toss Maverick at him but he sidesteps it. Pulls FIsh to the floor very roughly! Tosses Strong around, clotheslines, body block to Strong! As he goes wild on Roddy, Fish nails Dain with a chair shot and there’s the DQ!

Winners: Drake Maverick & Killian Dain (by DQ)

Maverick pulls the chair away to prevent a second shot, Dain takes Fish down, powers both men over and Maverick assists with a low bridge, sending both members of the Undisputed Era to the floor! Drake celebrates, yells “We’re a team!” and gives him a little shove, Dain with a haymaker drops him flush. He leaves in disgust.

Jake Atlas says last time he was in the ring with Ciampa he was excited for the opportunity. But now he wants to show that he’s lit a fire under him. Ciampa attacks him from behind and throws him into a production truck. Kyle O’Reilly gets in his face, says they have a match next week, save it! Ciampa says he’ll see Atlas next week and he’ll be seeing Kyle too.

William Regal makes an announcement for the latest wild gimmick to determine the No. 1 Contender for the NXT Championship. It’s the Gauntlet Eliminator. If you ever watched Lucha Underground, it’s basically Aztec Warfare. Imagine a Royal Rumble where eliminations can only happen by pinfall or submission.

NXT North American Championship: Damian Priest (c) vs. Timothy Thatcher

Lock-up. Chain wrestling sequence, Priest with a big arm drag. Staredown from across the ring. Priest with a headlock, arm drag. Arm wringer, Thatcher fights to his feet, exchanging side headlocks. Headlock takedown. Priest makes it to his feet, shoots him off, shoulder tackle! Thatcher with a European Uppercut! Headbutt, Thatcher gets the worst of it and ends up in the corner, but he takes Priest to the apron, uppercut knocks him to the floor! Thatcher goes out there with him, Priest with a kick, sets him up for the Razor’s Edge but Thatcher counters, sends him into the steps, Butterfly Suplex onto the floor! Commercial break.

We come back to see Thatcher grind him into the mat, driving knee to the ribs, 2 count. Forearm takes him to the corner, Priest fires back with body blows until Thatcher grabs him by the chin, big slap! Priest looks pissed off. Thatcher tries it again but Priest knocks his arm away. Right hands to the arms, high kicks to the elbows, spinning forearm! And a big ‘ol lariat flips him inside out! Priest stomps the mat.

Does his little arrow pose, charging elbow lands, big Falcon Arrow for a nearfall! Priest with a pump kick, spinning roundhouse kick lands! Wants a springboard senton but Thatcher avoids it, trying to go for a Fujiwara Armbar but Priest is blocking it. Fights to his feet, forearms, leg kicks, forearm to the face drops him to his knees! Looks for a kick, Thatcher catches it! Kick drops him, trying to turn him over for a Single Leg Boston Crab, Priest blocks it, but on the second attempt he gets it cinched in!

Priest escapes in the ropes, fights up but Thatcher surprises him with a Fujiwara Armbar! He gets a foot on the ropes for the break! They both goozle each other, Priest surprises him with a Paydirt, and there’s South Of Heaven! Cover for a close nearfall! Priest with a roundhouse kick to the face, goes up top, Flying Wheel Kick! Roars to the crowd, and there’s the Reckoning for the win!

Winner: Damian Priest

Interesting mix of styles there. And a good main event. That’s all for this show!

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