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It’s Friday Night which of course exclusively means another episode of WWE SmackDown! I am running late tonight but I’m still here for the start of the show! Jordan Huie aka the One Zeel One of 1Z1 Pro Wrestling here, I will be giving you the live WWE SmackDown Results as usual, live play-by-play of the show as it comes!

We begin with the Dirt Sheet in the ring. John Morrison calls himself the most important part of a balanced breakfast. Says here on the Dirt Sheet, it’s their honor and duty to keep their loyal fans up to speed on what’s going down. Miz says tonight they expose the truth behind Bayley’s savage attack on Sasha Banks. They reveal the reason that WWE tried to erase the one true IC champion Sami Zayn from history. They also will delve into the Samoan family that Jey Uso is trying to bury. But they’ll also talk about the sudden and shocking SmackDown departure of the golden goddess Mandy Rose. They play the clip from Talking Smack where they made this trade happen.

Miz says people are accusing him of trying to break up Otis and Mandy. But he’s not playing mindgames with him or using his power and influence to get petty revenge. He’s trying to help Otis, he wants the pressures of trying to carry that contract, he’s on high alert. He should look for every opportunity possible. He sent Mandy away and now Otis can focus on cashing in on his contract. Morrison says he could also just give it to him. Miz says Otis should be thanking him, he took away the one simple obstacle that kept him from reaching the top. Sure Otis is heartbroken but he’ll get over it, and from what he hears, Mandy already has. Ziggler’s over there, as they point out…

Otis makes his way out and clobbers them, sending them from the ring. He tosses the chairs out into the “crowd”. Tucker appears to grab Miz and force him back into the ring, Otis with an Overhead Belly To Belly! Same to Morrison, sending him flying to the floor! Otis with an Avalanche on Miz sends him to the mat, and there’s the Caterpillar! Vader Bomb for good measure. He then strips Miz down to his undies by accident as he tries to scamper away.

Lucha House Party make their way out.

Cesaro vs. Gran Metalik

Metalik with an immediate spinning headscissors. Lince Dorado and Kalisto are both trying to give him alternate advice which just distracts him. Metalik tries a crossbody but Cesaro catches him out of the air for a body slam. Body shots. Metalik fires back with his own but gets taken to the corner, charging uppercut. Metalik fights back, flying rana off the second rope but Cesaro stops his momentum with a big uppercut for a 2 count. Metalik sidesteps a corner charge, roundhouse kick from the apron, Lince and Kalisto come up there with him and the ref has to eject them! Cesaro knocks Metalik to the floor off the distraction. Throws him back inside as Kalisto and Lince bicker on who’s fault that was. Metalik with a Senton Bomb to the floor on Cesaro! Commercial break.

When we come back Cesaro has retaken control in the ring, takes him up top and pursues, Metalik fights back. Stands on the ring post itself for a huge Super Rana! Nearfall! Cesaro with the feet up off a Moonsault, running uppercut in the corner leads to the Neutralizer for the victory.

Winner: Cesaro

Well the story here seems to be that Metalik legitimately can’t win on his own, that’s great.

Jey Uso is backstage for an interview. Tonight he teams with Roman Reigns to take on King Corbin and Sheamus again but this time, in a Street Fight. Says Roman told him- no, Heyman said last week was a miscommunication. So tonight he trusts he has his back. They’ve been tearing up fools in the street since they were little and tonight is gonna be no different. But only one of them can be Universal champion, they’re not little no more. But that’s a week from Sunday, tonight it’s Friday Night Lockdown. Welcomes Sheamus and Corbin to the Uso Penitentiary.

Matt Riddle says the reason he says bro so much is because it’s a universal language that can convey any emotion. He shows off Happy, Sad, Angry, Introspective, Afraid and Confident uses of the word.

Alexa Bliss here for a Moment of Bliss. Says usually her guest would be sitting here in the co-host chair but after last week, she needs her in the hot seat. Introduces her best friend, Nikki Cross. Congratulates her for last week but says she has to ask the things people wanna know. Asks what her plans are for this match, it has to be different because she challenged Bayley plenty of times and has always lost. In fact she hasn’t beaten her since last year. Nikki says wow, she wasn’t kidding. But this one’s different because there’s no Sasha Banks watching over Bayley. She used to feel like there were eyes in the back of her head. This time she will give her the beating she deserves. She saw what she did to Sasha with that steel chair, and she can still feel it on her back from last week. And Bayley was so proud of that, so much contempt in her eyes. Tells Bayley if she wants to take cheap shots, come Clash of Champions, Nikki Cross will become the new WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion! Asks if that answers her question. Alexa says it sure does!

But now Nikki has a question for Lexi. Asks what’s going on with her. Says of all things she could’ve hit her with, a Sister Abigail, and then she just walks off? Bliss says she doesn’t know how to explain it. She doesn’t fully understand it, there’s a change she can’t control and doesn’t know how to handle it. Randomly Lacey Evans interrupts. Lacey mocks Alexa for crying and says Nikki should be thanking her because when she walked away from that match she took Lacey off her game, the only reason Nikki won that Fatal Four Way. Can do all the speeches in the world but it won’t prepare her for getting in the ring with Bayley. She has something Nikki will never have and that’s a mean streak. Calls her too nice, too short, too weak and has no backbone. It’s why she’ll never beat Bayley. Nikki grabs the handkerchief from her hand and laughs at her. Blows her nose on the handkerchief and tosses it at her. When she bends down for it, Nikki kicks her in the face and sends her down the ramp, Lacey storms into the ring for their match.

Nikki Cross vs. Lacey Evans

Lacey swiftly powders, but this earns her a Baseball Slide! Lacey takes her back into the ring, legsweep from the apron. Tries a hilo but Cross avoids it, Piggyback Sleeper. Evans drives her into the corner, Nikki with a back elbow from the corner, Crossbody off the second rope for 2! Short Arm Clothesline leads to a La Magistral for 2. Evans with a single arm trip, knee drives to the elbow.

Evans wraps Nikki up in the ropes and kicks her, basement dropkick, Rope-Assisted Bronco Buster for a 2 count. Pulls her to her feet, kick to the shoulder. Grabs her for a Cobra Clutch, Nikki elbows her way up but Lacey with a nice takedown. Cross Armbreaker of sorts. Cross turns her over for a cover to break it, Lacey with a clothesline. Double knee drive to the elbow. Armbreaker. Standing Moonsault for a nearfall! Evans takes up some hand sanitizer and spritz it into her eyes! Nikki fights up to her feet, Flying Double Axe Handle! The sanitizer seems to have just angered her. Charging clothesline in the corner, batters her with forearms. Angery Monkey Flip. Stomps her leg, then in the face. Pulls her in for a Tornado DDT, holds on for a Draping Neckbreaker for the win!

Winner: Nikki Cross

I like the intensity in Nikki’s (now very clean) eyes during that pinfall. Afterwards Alexa looks all smug at Lacey as she pulls herself up the announce table. Evans howls at her, mentions the Fiend. Bliss stands up looking vacant staring in the middle distance. She grabs her and nails a Sister Abigail onto the floor. She walks around zombie-like as she makes her leave.

Sasha Banks is backstage with a neck brace looking very sad as she prepares for an interview.

Paul Heyman narrates a vignette on the Anoa’i bloodline. Your Tribal Chief Roman Reigns comes from a long line of royalty. From the Wild Samoans to Yokozuna to The Rock himself. Warriors like Umaga, characters like Rikishi, father of the great team of Jimmy and Jey Uso. Says Roman Reign’s dominance is his birthright. From the day he inherited the torch of legacy he has cemented it with victory after victory. While Jey has done a respectable job as tag champion with brother Jimmy. Cousins who may as well be brothers, from the living room to the football field to the squared circle. At Clash of Champions this battle of the bloodline will be fought with honor and pride but make no mistake. They may feast at the same table but there is only one ruler in this dynasty and it is Roman Reigns.

Back to Sasha who is asked about the attack two weeks ago. Replay of what happened with Bayley’s betrayal. She’s asked the extent of her injuries, says she’s still here, ain’t she? Sasha says Bayley was using her and now she’s just useless to her. She heard every single word Bayley said last week. Banks sounds on the brink of tears. Says she can’t help but be filled with emotions as they sit in the Performance Center, a place they built. Says they showed the world that they’d take over the whole damn company together. Now when she walks the halls and goes to the locker room and sees all these girls who come here now… it’s because they did it together. All the pictures and posters, all their accolades, they did all of it together. If these walls could talk… if they could tell you… she’s starting to break down. Sasha says she came here to answer questions. If she thinks Bayley’s some kind of idiot or naive, and says damn straight she is because she’s nothing without her. But since she’s useless to her now, one day, she will take the one thing she loves; her SmackDown Women’s Championship. Bayley attacks her from behind with a chair outta nowhere! Rips off her brace and wraps the chair around her neck again but some randos rush in to pull her off before she can injure her further.

AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn

Once again on the way out Sami is furious that he is not announced as IC Champion, AJ Styles attacks him from behind and bounces him off the announce table, throws him into the ring. Charging clothesline in the corner, Fireman’s Carry Slam for a 2 count. Wants the Styles Clash, Sami escapes to the floor. AJ pursues, whips him into the ring. Sami ducks a line but eats a Pendulum Backbreaker for a 2 count. Sami rushes from the ring, lures him back in for stomps. Holds him down for a headlock. AJ fights out but gets taken to the apron, Sami tries a Helluva Kick but AJ escapes into the ring, clothesline takes Zayn to the floor! Tope Flying Forearm leads us to commercial break.

As we come back, Sami has taken control back in the ring. Takes him to the top rope, hooks his arm for a superplex. Styles slips to the ring, trips him to the ring. Boot up on a charge, goes for a Phenomenal Forearm but Sami avoids it, Flapjack sends him neckfirst on the top rope! Suplex attempted twice, AJ reverses to position him for a neckbreaker, nearfall! Exchange of strikes, AJ starts his combination, Sami answers with a big boot but that leads to a Pele Kick and both men are down! AJ hoists him up but Sami slips behind him for a waistlock. AJ tries to escape but Zayn pulls him in for the Blue Thunder Bomb nearfall!

Pulls him up by the hair, AJ counters with leg kicks. Charges but Sami blocks a shot, Exploder Suplex into the corner! Sets up the Helluva Kick, AJ reverses but Sami rolls him up – official catches him grabbing onto the tights before 2. AJ rolls him up and grabs the tights but the ref doesn’t spot it, Styles gets the duke.

Winner: AJ Styles

So nice to see Sami Zayn portrayed as a wrestler again. Afterwards he attacks AJ Styles, then yells at the ring announcer again to declare him still the champion. Afterwards, in rushes Jeff Hardy who clips AJ on the way over to ram Sami into the announce table. Throws him into the ring, under the ring he pulls out a table, a ladder and a chair! Sami and AJ try to attack him but Jeff thwarts them both! Takes Sami into the ring, Twist of Fate! Jeff grabs a mic and says he is sick of this IC title situation. Sick of being called a cheat or a fraud. At Clash of Champions he will fight them both but not in a normal match, a Ladder match! Welp that’s what I predicted, completes the HBK/Razor Ramon allegory.

Otis is handed a lawsuit. Says he’s shown negligence to the Money In The Bank briefcase, and that MizTV is a news program whose first amendment rights he’s somehow violated. Tucker tells Otis he needs a lawyer.

Different part of backstage, Sheamus introduces Corbin to the guy who helped him trick Big E a little bit ago. Tells him if he needs anything, let him know. The guy tells him that he just heard his car’s being towed. Sheamus rushes out there and finds a guy dressed like a tow truck dude. Turns around and it’s Big E! He attacks Sheamus and sends him running, then jumps the dude who just set Sheamus up? What that guy’s endgame is, nobody knows. E assaults him and throws him into the garage door. Calls him Larry since he needs some kinda name, punts him in the ribs and pulls him up atop a car hood! Refs rush in to try and tell him not to do this. Big E hooks him, Belly to Belly onto the hood.

Adam Pearce comes up and tells Big E that he needs him to leave the building. He insists, “I need you to ACTUALLY leave” which I find hilarious. Samoan Street Fight main event up next.

Another vignette of the mystery woman. Roman and Paul come out for the main event. Roman on the mic says you can call this place whatever you like but it’s his yard, his island, his ring, his WWE and if you want it you can take it from him.

Samoan Street Fight: Roman Reigns & Jey Uso vs. King Corbin & Sheamus

Brawl starts, spills to the outside, Corbin throws a chair at Roman’s face, Uso with a flying clothesline off the barrier to Corbin! Sheamus and Reigns fight to the outside as well. Roman takes him past the barrier, Jey Uso surprises Sheamus with a Superkick! Corbin with a Deep Six on Jey to the floor. Corbin takes Roman into the ring and brings a steel chair but Roman stops him, nails him repeatedly across the back with a chair. Roman goes to get a table, Sheamus with a running high knee. This feels very rushed so far, going from spot to spot quick.

Sheamus and Corbin batter him in a double team. They toss him over the announce table. Now they double team Jey in the ring. They set up the table in the ring. Jey with an enziguri to Sheamus, boot up to stop a Corbin charge, tries to go up top but he gets stopped, Double Powerbomb through the table!! Sheamus covers, nearfall! Corbin leaves the ring, Reigns throws a chair from the commentary table at him! Sheamus clips Reigns though, strips the table down. Sheamus grabs Roman and pulls him up onto the announce table for White Noise but Reigns slips out of his hands, kick between the legs! Samoan Drop onto the table and it doesn’t break, ow! Corbin trips Roman up and pulls him from the table but Reigns tosses him into the ringpost! SPEAR TAKES SHEAMUS THROUGH THE BARRICADE!

Corbin attacks Reigns, sends him into the ring but Jey with a suicide dive onto him only for Corbin to block it and throw him over the barricade. Corbin reaches for the scepter, Jey nails him with the Universal Championship! Reigns with a Spear, Uso Splash gets the win.

Winners: Roman Reigns & Jey Uso

Yeah that was definitely a bit hurried. This also really wasn’t the week for WWE to try a tag team street fight main event. But good stuff anyway. Jey has the Universal title for a moment afterwards, moment of awkwardness but he tosses it to Roman and they hug it out with big smiles. Jey celebrates big as he leaves but when he turns his back, Roman suddenly doesn’t look so happy and neither does Heyman… show closes.

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