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Yet another Monday – they just never seem to end, do they? – brings us another edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. My name is Jordan Huie and you are at 1Z1 Pro Wrestling, where I swear we do a lot more than just these recaps! But hey they make for good consistent work while I’m getting everything else situated. As always, I’ll be with you tonight to give you the live play-by-play of the show as it comes. This page will be updated throughout the evening, so stick with us for the WWE Raw Recap!

The signature open includes random rewinding and fast forwarding and before the actual intro starts, Retribution attacks the area. They look different… they take down their hoods and have a bunch of crazy Bane and Jason masks. Blue haired girl says they’re not safe just because they gave them contracts. They will destroy the WWE. Big man looking very Mad Max says they will do this by draining the WWE of it’s lifeblood, the WWE Superstars. They toil away for fame and fortune, so they can collect their payday like whores. Retribution will make you pay for your sins, calls themselves the judge, jury and executioners. Hurt Business making their way down the ramp now. Retribution leaves the ring as the Business enters.

MVP says when the realness shows up they have no heart. Without chainsaws or crowbars, they’re not so tough. He’d think with contracts they’d stop running their mouths but they’re still going. Lashley tells them they aren’t just little kids in masks. Retribution has tons more members surrounding the ring. Hurt Business kicks up a brawl but they are hideously outnumbered. Lashley gets taken down with a double team chokebomb right before the commercial break.

Mysterio Family is being interviewed backstage. Rey is asked about Dominik’s first title opportunity tonight. Rey says he first made his mark as a tag team champion and it’s an honor to see his son follow in his footsteps.

Street Profits come out to the broadcast table, commentating a match-up with a shot at the WWE Raw tag titles on the line. It includes Angel Garza and Andrade who incredibly are STILL not broken up! Amazing!

Angel Garza & Andrade vs. Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy vs. Dominik Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo

Angel and Buddy start, Angel strips the pants immediately which is not a great sign for him, swiftly tags out but Andrade just tags in Humberto. Carrillo with a top wristlock, Buddy rolls through, arm wringer. Humberto fights out, sends Andrade outside, takes Murphy to the apron, kicks him to the floor! Dominik tags in, Carrillo and Dominik with a double dive onto Andrade and Murphy! Dominik takes Andrade into the ring. Exchange of blows, Dominik with a Code Blue but Angel breaks it up!

Murphy tags himself in and throws Dominik away. Andrade escapes his grasp with a back elbow, hits the ropes, but eats a single leg dropkick! Buddy wants a tag but Seth leaves, just says he has a lot on his mind. Completely abandons him as Buddy keeps trying to fight, Andrade with the feint kick spinning elbow! Garza tags in, Wingclipper! Carrillo and Dominik can’t break it up, there’s the pin.

Winners: Andrade & Angel Garza

So it seems the story is that Angel and Andrade fought so very much that they… decided to leave Zelina together. Since she’s going off to be a wrestler now and all… whatever.

Retribution backstage says Hurt Business could’ve been part of the solution but they bend the knee like always and they’re part of the problem. Says they didn’t ask for this opportunity out of hate or anger, they asked out of greed. Their payment won’t come in the form of money, it’ll come in the form of a match against them and they’ll pay them in Retribution.

Kevin Owens welcomes us to the KO Show. Says on the last edition things didn’t work out for me, he was attacked for no real reason by his guest captain Hot Topic but he beat him and is moving on. His guest tonight is someone he never thought he’d invite and give this platform but 2020’s been pretty weird so here’s Shane McMahon. He comes out and Owens tells him to have a seat.

Kev says he can’t believe he’s here. Shane can’t believe it either, there’s always a little agenda with him but some other time. Kevin says they tried to destroy each other for two years, had Hell In A Cell and got him fired but now he’s back! And he should be upset a little but he’s not, tonight is about what he does best and that’s promoting! He’s a McMahon, he’s a promoter at heart and tonight he has a huge fight to promote and lets him have the floor. Shane says Raw Underground is the battle of the behemoths, Dabba-Kato vs. Braun Strowman. Kato’s a newcomer here, Braun’s well established, says it’ll be a big battle. Mentions Owens came to Raw Underground and met Dabba-Kato. He wants him to sample the wares and has Dabba-Kato come down the ramp for once.

Everyone standing now. Kevin says this is why he wanted Shane here because he knew Kato wouldn’t be far behind. He doesn’t care about tonight’s Raw Underground but he does care about it from two weeks ago. They didn’t need to show the footage, he knows exactly what he did to him. Says he might be the new kid, focused on Braun, he respects that. But the two of them will have a match at some point. Until then, here’s something to chew on… he slaps him right across the face! Shane has to hold Kato back and Owens introduces hsi second guest, Braun Strowman!

Two big men stand face to face, until Aleister Black grabs Kevin Owens by the ankles and pulls him crotch-first into the ringpost over and over. For some reason that breaks up the big bois from their would-be fight.

Drew McIntyre wandering around backstage. Says things got a little heated with Keith and him fighting all over the Thunderdome, but he gets it. If you’re in WWE and you don’t want this title, why are you even here? Says he’s sure they’ll have a laugh over this with some drinks some time but for tonight, they’ll beat the hell out of each other. And those drinks will be on him after he beats him.

After a commercial break, Retribution is attacking a bunch of hapless face lower carders backstage. Their apparent leader says WWE Superstars are a sickness and they are the judge, jury and executioners.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee (Non-Title)

Keith gets Drew into a side headlock. Drew rips out of it and reverses. Keith trying to power him off but McIntyre keeps him held tight. Lee hoists him up into the air but McIntyre fights back to his feet. Trying to wrench him onto the mat. Lee sends him to the corner, Drew floats over, but Lee with a Pounce sends him to the floor! Pursues him out there, Drew fights back with forearms and sends him into the ring, Lee powders and Drew pursues. Knife edge chop lands hard, Grizzly Magnum in response! But McIntyre with an Orton-like back suplex onto the announce table right before the commercial break!

We come back to see Lee battering McIntyre with body shots into the corner but he fights back only to get dropped with a lariat! Avalanche splashes in the corner, hits the ropes, Drew ducks a line, hoists him up slowly on his shoulder but Lee slips out. McIntyre with a big boot but a forearm smash drops him! That landed in his injured jaw, Lee realizes what he’s done and hesitates. But Lee pulls McIntyre up for the Spirit Bomb, McIntyre ranas to counter, wow! Lee charges right into a Spinebuster, Jacknife Cover for a nearfall! Drew is holding his jaw, selling his injury.

Drew keeps the pressure on with a neckbreaker, 2 count. Lee fights back with a bullrush into the corner. Charges but Drew gets a boot up, rushes at him but a Chokeslam-like maneuver gets a nearfall! Lee with a few more shots to the face, lariat flips McIntyre onto his face! Nearfall. Lee hoists him up again but McIntyre escapes, hits a Claymore Kick – Randy Orton appears behind Drew and smacks him with a chair.

Winner: Keith Lee (by DQ)

Afterwards Orton chokes Drew with a steel chair. He then turns to nail Keith Lee with the Punt!

After a commercial, Orton is still in the ring. Says shame on everyone for doubting him for even a second, for doubting that he would make it to Clash of Champions this Sunday. 20 years in the WWE, the one constant in that locker room, Orton has never walked away from a world title match and he doesn’t plan on doing so anytime soon. But the world title match at Clash of Champions isn’t exactly a normal world title match. He stalks down the ramp and opens up the ambulance. Says he took a ride in it just a few weeks ago because Drew McIntyre hit him with not one, not two, not three… well yeah actually three Claymores.

Says he could barely see straight, deafened by sirens, and he thought this is what it feels like to be taken out by the Legend Killer. It’s what his long list of victims felt like when he kicked them in the skull. When he came to, he felt a smile rush over his face. Not because he was enjoying the pain, but because he remembered exactly what he is capable of. He remembered exactly what it takes to become WWE Champion. Says an ambulance represents different things to different people. Could represent hope and healing, for others it represents pain and agony and even death. For him, it represents his 14th world championship. Says at Clash of Champions he’ll make sure Drew takes one more ride in this ambulance and his world title reign flatlines courtesy of the three most dangerous letters in Sports Entertainment, RKO.

Asuka is backstage. Asked who the better threat to her reign is between Mickie and Zelina. Asuka chuckles at this. Billie Kay comes into the ring and mocks Asuka for giving away title matches. Says she is just so willing to compete against anyone who asks for it, maybe the interviewer could face her, maybe Jen from catering… Peyton Royce interrupts and says maybe she could wrestle her. Billie says yes, either of them. Asuka asks if they’re still friends. They try to blow this off, even if they’re not a team they can still support each other. Peyton says things change, just because she’s champion now, doesn’t mean she’ll be champ at Clash of Champions. Asuka tells Peyton nobody is ready for Asuka but tonight, Asuka is ready for her.

Zelina Vega vs. Mickie James (No. 1 Contender’s Match)

In an inset before the match Mickie says last week she never gave up and she never will. Tonight Zelina will find out what it’s like to clash with a real champion. Bell rings, Mickie charges but Zelina quickly picks a leg, axe kick to the back, stomps her into the corner. Facewash, James shoves her away. Mickie trips her onto the mat. Piggyback sleeper attempt from Zelina, quelled with a snapmare, running kick to the face. Zelina avoids her next attack, locks her into an Octopus Stretch! Mickie rams her into the corner to break the hold. Zelina avoids a charge, pump kick to the face.

Wants another but Mickie catches it, wants a powerbomb, Vega ranas to counter, Mickie rolls through for 2 but Zelina spikes her! Vega chokes Mickie with her legs in the ropes. Looking for a Tornado DDT but Mickie shoves her away, fights back with high kicks, Flapjack and a kip up! Goes up top, Louise Thesz Press for a nearfall! MickDT attempted, Zelina counters and whips her hard into the rope, Backstabber for the victory!

Winner: Zelina Vega

Zelina’s probably a bit rusty, hasn’t worked regularly in a long time but she is genuinely good and it’s nice to see her getting an opportunity. Backstage, Hurt Business assaulting some of Retribution’s flunkies!

Vignette for Bianca Belair. Shows her in the gym embarrassing some dude. Works!

R-Truth at a beach is being petrified by ‘sharks’ as he and Little Jimmy swim out in search for his baby. Somehow he does manage to get his 24/7 title back, apparently Tozawa got eaten by a shark.

Hurt Business makes their way to the ring. MVP says Retribution can call themselves whatever they want but the Hurt Business are the executioners. Cedric says MVP is 100% correct. When you send a message to the Hurt Business, they send one back. Says Apollo might think this is a chance to get revenge on him, but no, it’s the other way around. He wants revenge on Apollo for the months he used him to get a title shot he didn’t even deserve. Says tonight he’ll show he doesn’t give a damn about him or his kids.

Apollo and Ricochet come out. Crews says he never thought he’d see this side of him. Doesn’t even care anymore why he did what he did, all he cares about is punching him in the face. Lashley gets a front-row view tonight of what will go down at Clash of Champions where he’ll become a 2-time United States Champion.

Cedric Alexander vs. Apollo Crews

Crews swiftly tackles him to the mat, dropkick takes him to the floor. Cedric tries to convene with MVP, Crews surprises him with a baseball slide before the commercial break! Cedric gets Crews down with a headlock as we come back. Crews fights back with blows, Cedric with a knee to the gut, takedown into a dropkick to the back for a 2 count. Cedric with a waistlock. Apollo fights his way up and tries to elbow his way free but Cedric stops that with a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall!

Apollo with a boot up on a charge, big crossbody off the second rope! Double axe handles follow. He drives Alexander into the corner, shoulder thrusts. Avalanche splash, Fallaway Slam for a nearfall! Cedric counters, takes Crews outside and hits a suicide dive. Sends Crews back into the ring but stops to argue with Ricochet, back into the ring Apollo cradles him for the pin!

Winner: Apollo Crews

Afterwards Shelton and Lashley come out and it distracts Crews and Ricochet, Cedric and MVP with the attack from behind and the faces end up laid out. Lashley gets Crews into the Hurt Lock.

Shane McMahon introduces Raw Underground where we begin with a neat one, Dolph Ziggler vs. Arturo Ruas. Teasing the grapple for a while, Ziggler avoids a few rolling kicks. Dolph wants the single leg, Ruas fights it. Knee to the gut, big takedown, flips into the Cross-Armbreaker but Ziggler struggling to escape, rolls through, pummels him with strikes to make it out. Sleeper cinched in. Shane’s trying to give more legit commentary this week but he’s drowned out a bit. Ruas tossesh im down and gets a few shots in. Kneebar attempted, he hooks his legs, Dolph with a shot to the mouth and now a Piggyback Sleeper. Ruas falls to the mat and can’t break it, ref calls it.

Shane asks Braun for a word. Strowman hollers at him that he doesn’t want to say anything. Strowman tells him he wanted his best fighter and this is all he has? He says they better have dental insurance because he’ll send every last one of his guys home to their mommies with a pocketful of teeth. And if Shane has a problem with it, he can step into the ring and get these hands too.

Seth Rollins makes his way out with a yellow sheet of paper in his hand. He says it’s no secret that he’s had the Mysterios number for quite some time now. But after he defeated Dominik last week, he truly thought it was all done, he thought he was free from the torment that they’ve been putting him through all these months. But there’s something that’s been bothering him about them for quite some time. He should’ve let it go but he was inspired to look into it, to dig deeper by the most unlikely of sources. WWE.com posted a series of photographs of the Mysterio family and it was like a lightbulb went off. The world has to know the truth. It’s hard for him to do it justice with just words and wants to put the photo on the tron.

We see a Mysterio family portrait on the titantron. Seth says he can’t be the only one who notices something amiss here. Look at Rey and look at Dominik… it doesn’t seem possible right? Doesn’t seem fathomable, almost unbelievable and we deserve the truth. So he had some people do some digging. And in this here folder, he has the results of this investigation. But before he tells the world he wants to extend the courtesy from the Mysterios to come out and learn the truth in person. Seth says Rey can trust him, he wants to hear this in person.

Rey says wow this must be very important. But before he starts, he must know that they’re all tired of his mindgames. They intend to give him a beating just like they did to Murphy. Seth says he understands their anger but speaking to his entire family, he’s truly grown to respect them and what they stand for. It might sound weird but he’s inspired by them. They stand together, cheer each other on, fight together and overcome adversity together. It’s a beautiful thing and that’s why they deserve the truth because in this envelope he has the results of a DNA test.

He knows this has been done before but times have changed, technology has advanced a lot since then and they need to get to the bottom of this. We need an answer to the question, is Rey Mysterio really the father? Rey balks at this but Seth says the WWE Universe deserves the truth and so do the Mysterios. The truth is… the results of the DNA test are conclusive. Rey Mysterio… you are NOT the father! Seth laughs. Rey just says wow, really brought them out here for that? They’ve been there before, it didn’t work then, it won’t work now. Tells him to stop running his family’s name through the mud. Seth says he might be onto something here, maybe he made a mistake. He asked his guy to look into the Mysterio kid, maybe it’s not Dominik who isn’t his son, maybe it’s Aliyah who is not his daughter!

And if the paternity test isn’t proof enough, he’s got concrete evidence to back it up so let’s roll the footage from last week. We see a replay of Aliyah checking on Murphy on her way into the cage. Seth says that didn’t look like something a Mysterio would do, she wasn’t consoling Dominik, she was consoling Murphy. He asks Aliyah what was going on there? Rey tells him he doesn’t talk to her, he talks to him. Says it’s nothing they need to know. But he raised his daughter to be caring and compassionate. Says he should keep her name out of his filthy mouth. She’s just 19 years old, she’s naive and knows nothing about our world. Aliyah takes offense to this and walks off.

Seth says he’s sorry, he just came out here to inform he didn’t come out to drive a wedge but he guesses that happens sometimes. Even a family as strong as the Mysterio family, guess that can happen to them too. Looks to the screen and says he’s sure it’s probably happened to some of you and your families, sorry.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax vs. Natalya & Lana

Nattie ducks a line and tries to charge her, Jax shoves her away, Lana tags in. Nattie avoids a corner charge, Lana whips Nattie into Jax, rolling heel kick in the corner. Lana wants a sunset flip but Nia stops that with a headbutt. Baszler tags in, knocks Natalya to the floor. Hoists Lana up for a Gutwrench Front Suplex! Kirifuda Clutch cinched in on Lana for the quick tap.

Winners: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

Afterwards the champs get in the faces of Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan who were on commentary. Shoving match starts, Shayna strips the announce table but the faces manage to slip away. Nia hoists Lana up onto her shoulders, just like last week she Samoan Drops her right through the table in front of the challengers.

Drew backstage has an ice pack to his jaw. Promises to beat the piss out of Orton in the Ambulance Match and as for tonight he will pick a fight.

Mysterios backstage, Rey says he was just trying to trust Aliyah. She tells him he doesn’t need to protect her, she’s old enough to take care of herself. Rey says she doesn’t know Seth like he does. Aliyah says she just came here to support Dominik, but it’s all too much for her, at the end of the day she’s just a naive 19-year-old girl, huh? Storms off.

On Raw Underground, Riddick Moss fights Erik. Erik sprawls a takedown attempt. Erik gets a side headlock takedown but Moss scrambles out of it. Exchange of body shots. Erik with a big forearm, takedown, Deadlift German Suplex! Riddick back up, knockout shot to the face and the ref has to pull him off, Moss gets the duke. Quick interview with Dabba-Kato. He says talk is cheap. Tonight you all will see, but he will feel what Dabba-Kato is all about. Demands Shane get out of his face.

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Peyton Royce (Non-Title)

Asuka rolls her up for a 1 count, kicks her to the corner, Hip Attack leads right to a German Suplex, and a sliding kick to the face follows for a nearfall! Royce ducks a line, Gory Bomb for a nearfall! Asuka reverses a wristlock into an Asukalock, Peyton rolls through for a 2 count, Roundhouse Kick drops her for a nearfall! She goes up top but Asuka blocks her, only to get knocked to the mat. But then a Rolling Roundhouse Kick sends her off the top rope to the mat! She wants the Asukalock, but Zelina Vega charges in and stomps on her to force a DQ.

Winner: Asuka (By DQ)

Zelina attacks her but Asuka fights back, Vega ducks a Spinning Backfist and runs up the ramp.

Buddy Murphy meets up with Aliyah when she’s alone. He apologizes to her for if him and Seth ever made her uncomfortable.

Braun and Dabba-Kato fight time, exchanging hamhocks. They lock up. Kato with some body shots, seperation. Braun with a Go Behind, trying for a Katahajime! Kato rolls through, they fight to the floor. Some poor shmuck gets pulled between them and pulverized. They fight back into the ring. Braun with a couple of shots drops him, he jumps on top of him and mounts him with hammerfists until they call it. That wasn’t really much.

Retribution make their way out. The dudes are evidently Slapjack, T-Bar and Mace, according to the ring announcement. Which is which, they didn’t really specify.

Hurt Business vs. Edgy Nexus

Lashley immediately tosses the Jason Vorhees dude with an Overhead Belly To Belly. The one called Mace tags in and Lashley is all over him, battering him in the corner. Mace evades a charge, big shoulder block and in comes T-Bar I’m guessing. Clotheslines Lashley outside. He comes back in and tries for a Uranage but T-Bar escapes, Lashley with a leapfrog and a clothesline. Takes him to the Hurt Business corner. Cedric tags in, shoulder thrusts. Pulls him out to the middle of the ring but a knee to the gut drops him. Slapjack tags in, snapmare and kick to the back. Isolation and tags commence.

Cedric fights back with a Neuralizer, tag to Benjamin who comes in and batters T-Bar, attacks the others. T-Bar with a body shot, hits the ropes, knee to the gut stops him. Benjamin hits the ropes, Mace tries to clip him, gets clotheslined but T-Bar with a roundhouse kick. Mace tags in, Double Suplex. Cover for 2. He’s slithering around a lot in the ring. Shelton tries to fight up but Mace overwhelms him with strikes. Into the heel corner, Slapjack tags in, boot to the gut. Snapmare, kick to the ribs. Benjamin with a Back Body Drop, tag to Lashley! Clothesline, huge Elevated Flatliner! Chokeslam drives him down hard! Hurt Lock cinched in! T-Bar punches Lashley in the face and that’s a goddamn DQ holy crap…

Winners: absolutely nobody

Retribution fills the ring and destroys Hurt Business but this time the backstage empties and the Raw roster takes the fight to them. McIntyre tosses one of them right to the floor. But during the scuffle, Orton nails McIntyre with an RKO. Show end.

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