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Yeah we’re up all night with this one. My name is Jordan Huie, and here at 1Z1 Pro Wrestling we’ve got a special edition recap tonight as an hour of AEW Dynamite airs right after the NBA Playoffs. No matter the day or time, I’ll be here giving you the live play by play of the show as it airs! Watch this space for the recap and results from Late Night Dynamite!

Man this title ended up being very, very apt. It’s 10:40 PM for me, nearly midnight Eastern time! This certainly has a mood to it if nothing else. But the NBA game is over now so it should be starting any minute now, I guess? Wow I sure spoke too soon. One hour later, they’re finally saying ‘Next’… sure hope the DVRs adjust themselves for this one.

Finally! Pyro goes off, it’s a damn good thing this was not a live show could you imagine? Chris Jericho comes out first, he’s on commentary for the evening. First wrestler out is Ben Carter, interestingly he’s actually trained by the Black And Brave Academy, the school that Seth Rollins runs. He’s impressed a lot on Dark, enough to get a solid opportunity pretty early here.

Scorpio Sky vs. Ben Carter

Lock-up, Sky with a waistlock, full nelson into a hammerlock. Carter slides to his backside, reverses the hammerlock! Sky manages to flip out of it, wrestle for position, Carter with a headlock. Sky shoots him off, trips him but they start evading each other’s holds, Carter with a deep arm drag! Lock-up again. Sky backs him into the corner, shoulder thrust. Whip, Carter with a back elbow on a charge, floatover flip into another arm drag and arm wringer! Ben with some forearms but Sky responds with uppercuts. Carter fights back, forces him into a corner, ton of backflips, avoids a line and there’s a dropkick sending Sky to the floor!

Scorpio looks a little taken aback but he gives him a respectful handsmack when he comes back in. Jockey for position, Carter ducks an elbow but eats a kick to the face, dropkick lands! Pulls him to his feet, irish whip, body shot, Russian Legsweep and roll through! Cover for 2. Scorpio with a meaty Pendulum Backbreaker into a Bow-And-Arrow Stretch, then pulls him up into the Abdominal Stretch! Carter fights out, escapes a back suplex, running knife edge chop in the corner, tons more follow until he falls! Sky with a forearm on a charge drops him! Double stomp to he face follows, commercial break.

On a comeback, Carter tries to fight out of a headlock but Sky takes him down for a 2 count. Carter rolls to the apron, Sky wants a suplex but he blocks it, high kick, springs in, BEAUTIFUL Asai flip into a Final Cut for a nearfall! Running Shooting Star for another nearfall, beautiful one! Sky barely avoids a Triangle Moonsault, Carter lands on his feet but Sky with a big boot! Takes Carter to the apron, Legdrop misses for a hard landing! Carter with a lovely tope, swiftly takes him into the ring! Goes up top, Frozen In Time Frog Splash! Nearfall, Sky’s got a cut right next to his eye. Carter up top for a Phoenix Splash but Sky avoids it, Neckbreaker for a 2 count!

“This Is Awesome” chant, Sky wants a Fisherman’s Buster but Carter escapes, round kick to the ribs, wants a suplex but Sky reverses with the Fisherman’s Buster for a nearfall! Sky looks astounded by Carter’s resolve. Looking for stomps to the gut but Carter with an up kick, Sky tries to pull him off the rope but Carter slips to his feet, big enziguri! Stalks, tries a few round kicks but Sky ducks them both and clips him with a low dropkick, leading to a double footstomp to the back! Whips him to the ropes, big boot, pulls him up on his shoulders and there’s the TKO for the win!

Winner: Scorpio Sky

Man you could see the influences in Carter very clearly. That is a dynamic high flier right there, looked damn good. Great action in that match. Afterwards Scorpio helps Carter up, nice handshake and hug.

Anna Jay vs. Brandi Rhodes

We’re just going straight into this, Brandi with a forearm at bell. Ducks a line, spear nailed! Jay rolls to the apron, Brandi takes the fight to her. Kick to the gut, DDT Facebuster right onto the steel frame! Takes her into the ring, Thesz Press and mounted punches! Power whip to the corner, kicks to the face. Pulls her up, whip, Jay ducks a line and there’s the Queenslayer Sleeper! Brandi rolls through for a 2 count, clothesline for a nearfall!

Jay evades a corner charge, Reverse Neckbreaker for a 2 count. Kicks Brandi into the corner. Pulls her out of the corner for a Snap Suplex! Snapmare, Flipping Neck Snap for a 2 count! Arm wringer/facelock combo, Brandi fights her way out of it. Whip to the corner but Jay with a back elbow up on the charge. Brandi with some elbow strikes, series of clotheslines! Jay reverses a whip but Brandi with a Slingblade, Dark Order make their way out! Evil Uno is trying to keep Grayson from entering the ring, distracts the ref as Brandi nails a Big Boot, delayed count of the cover and Jay kicks out! Brandi argues with the ref, kick to the back of the head and the Queenslayer is back in! Bodyscissors added to the sleeper and Brandi’s out, that’s it.

Winner: Anna Jay

That’s about as good as Brandi’s looked since AEW started. I probably would’ve made this more of a showcase for the winner myself though, sorta felt like how WWE would book in a lot of ways but oh well.

Scorpio Sky backstage says Ben Carter has a very bright future but he will continue to rise and he is in the Top 5. Matt Sydal comes in and puts over Sky too. It’s mentioned that he got a number of eliminations in that battle royal, Sky says he even eliminated his opponent tonight Shawn Spears. They plan on celebrating after they’re done.

Matt Sydal vs. Shawn Spears

Lock-up, Spears takes him into the corner. Ref breaks it up. Spears with a waistlock, Sydal reverses. Rolls through on a wristlock, hammerlock into a side headlock. Spears with a boot to the back of the leg to keel him over, escapes briefly but Sydal with a side headlock takedown for a 1 count! Spears wants a back suplex but he flips him again for another side headlock takedown. Speats fights up, rams him facefirst into the turnbuckle, knife edge chops send him to the floor. Spears slips to the apron but Sydal trips him up and lands him hard on the apron! Takes him back inside, Spears stops him with a Baseball Slide, hits the ropes but Sydal in with a swift Leg Lariat! Kick to the back, cover for 2. Chain wrestling kicks up again as we go to commercial break.

As we come back, Sydal with a leaping rana taking Spears off the second rope! Roundhouse kicks to the chest, unique roll-up for 2. Thrust Kick, holds him for a legdrop for 2, Standing Tornilo for a 2 count! Wants to go up top but Spears holds onto him. Sydal fights out of his grasp, pulls him to his feet for a Swinging DDT but Spears throws him away. Back elbow from Spears, Sydal with a Rana but Spears blocks it, spins him around for a Sitout Powerbomb for a nearfall! Spears with some wicked knife edge chops but Sydal squares up with him, exchanges his own chops and forearms, Spears stops him with a Discus Forearm! Suplex blocked, Sydal with a jumping knee strike but Spears with an Ushigoroshi!

Spears hoists him up for the C4, Sydal escapes to the apron, Hot Shot! Roundhouse kick to the face, Sydal goes up top (after wiping down the top rope lulz) Flying Meteora for a nearfall! Spears on the outside unwisely sits on a folding chair, Sydal out with a Kushida style charging dropkick taking him off the chair! As the ref has to deal with the chair, Tully slides the steel slug into the glove of Spears. Sydal goes outside and throws Spears into the ring. Sydal goes up top… Spears is up, Sydal leaps over him, ducks a loaded punch, wants a sunset flip but Spears gets him right in the face with the loaded glove! Pulls him up, C4 nailed and wow that’s a surprising result there.

Winner: Shawn Spears

Afterwards Spears wants another shot as he often does but Scorpio Sky rushes out to make the save! Spears has to run for the hills as Sky helps Sydal up and that’s the show.

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