AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

After last night’s Late Night edition went much later than expected, I feel good about being back on a regular time tonight… AEW Dynamite comes to us live once again. My name is Jordan Huie and you’re here at 1Z1 Pro Wrestling where as always I will be giving you the recap goodness! NXT recaps will be delayed for a bit, working solo on this site so I can’t do both at once. But they will come! In the meantime, watch this space for live AEW Dynamite Results!

Memorium shot of Road Warrior Animal. RIP.

In our first match, we got a major debut coming… big boos as Sabian comes out first. He says it is time for the in-ring debut of the most handsome man ever and he’s not just his best man or your best man, he is THE Best Man, Miro! He comes out and he’s buff as hell. Joey Janela in an inset warns Kip that he’s making a big mistake marrying Penelope. He and Sonny are on the express to victory.

Kip Sabian & Miro vs. Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss

Grapple, Sabian trips Sonny to the mat and stands on his elbow just to mock. Back on their feet, Sabian with a go behind and shoves him. Sonny takes him to the corner, several backflips into a slap and Miro tags in now… except no, Sabian blind tags himself back in for cheap heat. Fun. Joey tags in as well, Sabian just slaps him to the mat. “We Want Miro” chant begins. Sonny with a crossbody to Sabian for a 2 count. Pulls him into the corner, tag to Janela who gets a double axe handle to the singled out arm.

Tag to Sonny who does the exact same, quick tags here. Joey does it again, double Irish Whip, forearm from Joey, spin kick from Sonny, Neckbreaker from Joey, Standing Moonsault from Kiss for a 2 count! Miro came in to break it up but just ends up kicking Sonny in the back as a cheap shot. Sabian makes the tag, both teams charge each other, Miro and Sabian take them down, Black Hole Slam to Janela lands HARD! Solid “Miro” chant as Sabian tags himself back in for heat yet again, shoulder thrusts to Kiss, power whip to the opposite corner.

Miro tags in again, Gutwrench Suplex to Kiss! Stalks him as he slowly rises, clubbering clothesline. Looks out into the crowd and gets some applause. Pulls Kiss up, European Uppercut for a 2 count! Tag to Sabian, body slam, Assisted Hilo and Miro with a kick to the back, setting up the punt kick from Sabian! Cover for a 2 count. Kiss fighting up, Sabian tries to hold him but Kiss knocks him away and tags to Janela – but Miro was distracting the ref! Janela is forced back to the apron as Sabian takes Kiss to the corner, Miro tags in and gets a shoulder drive in. Chokes Kiss in the second rope! Snap kick to the back!

Sabian tags in, looks for a suplex but Kiss with an inside cradle counter for 2. Forearms aplenty, Kip pushes him off but misses a shot, Sonny with a splits into a haymaker, rolls over the back of Kip to make the tag! Janela with a series of clotheslines, tries to knock Miro off the apron but he doesn’t budge! So he rushes into the ring, Janela low bridges him and sends him to the floor, Miro limping on his ankle off the landing. Joey with a running kick from the apron. On the charge, Miro with a back body drop sends Joey past the barrier, tries for a double team where he tosses Kip at Janela but he catches him out of the air with a forearm! Joey leaps from the barrier at Miro, he catches him and hoists him up but a flying dropkick from the apron from Kiss takes him down!

Back into the ring, Janela ducks some lines from Sabian, thrust kick for a nearfall! Sonny tags in, Sabian sneaks to the outside to lure him out, Miro with a roundhouse kick! Rolls him back in, double team ensues, Pop-Up into the Lungblower from Miro, Janela barely makes it in time to break it up! Janela leaps at him, Miro catches him out of the air, throws him to Sabian for a BRUTAL Saito Suplex on the apron! Miro stomps the mat, Flying Superkick! Miro is pumped. Screams, stomp to the spine and there’s the Camel Clutch! Quick submission!

Winner: Miro

Good debut for Miro, looked strong and agile as always.

Eddie Kingston storms out of the ring as the music is still fading. He demands they leave the hard cam on. He wants to talk to the people at home. If you don’t check social media, it’s him and Moxley tonight for THE world’s championship! Says he was never eliminated from the Casino Battle Royale and that’s why he’s getting this shot! Says him and Jon Moxley used to be cut from the same cloth but then Jon sold out and went to the land of Sports Entertainers! Well he never did, he stayed with the fighters and outlaws and he never sold his soul to the devil. So before he puts him down and becomes the world’s champion, he wants to look into the entertainer’s eyes. Demands Mox come out here. Jon’s music hits and he storms down to the ring! They meet nose-to-nose in the middle of the ring and already officials are out here to separate them.

Kenny Omega has a big grand entrance for his stay on the commentary table. We’re told he actually asked the ranking committee to remove him and Hangman from the tag rankings, that’s how much he wants to move onto singles action.

Hangman Page vs. Evil Uno

Lock-up. Uno pushes him into the corner. Clean break, Dark Order signal. Uno with a wrist lock. Page rolls through into a side headlock. Uno shoots him off, Page with a shoulder tackle but Uno hits it instead! Page flips to avoid a shot, big clothesline. Chops him into the corner, snap suplex for a 1 count! Page with a Fireman Carry’s Front Slam, and there’s a Pumphandle Fallaway for a 2 count! Uno fights back with chops, Back Suplex lands! Uno with stomps into the corner. Charges, Page takes him to the apron, Second Rope Clothesline takes him to the floor! Tope, beautiful landing!

Page takes him into the ring. Uno hides behind the ref in the corner, Page gets past him, Uno catches a boot and sends it into Knox’s hands for a neckbreaker, New Japan-style! Uno waves to the crowd, poses on the top rope to bait an “Uno Sucks” chant. Commercial break! We come back to see Page land a forearm in an exchange, hits the ropes but Uno with a charging forearm takes him to the ramp! Dark Order friends start converging onto the ramp. Uno however tells them to back away. He wants to keep Colt Cabana comfortable with them. He charges at Page but eats a brutal Back Suplex onto the apron! Into the ring, Fallaway Slam into the Standing Shooting Star for a nearfall! “Cowboy Stuff” chant, I guess it’s too early for swearing.

Hangman with a bunch of charging corner clotheslines but eventually Uno catches him with a Pump Kick. Up top, Senton Atomico for a nearfall! Pulls him up, Page shoves him away but Uno with a meaty lariat! Page tries to fight back, Uno with a solid right hand! Hits the ropes but Page clotheslines him to the mat! Page with another Shooting Star but Uno with the knees up, rolls him for a nearfall! Page catches a kick, spns him around but Knox drops Uno’s boot, so instead he nails him, whips him to the ropes for a Pop-Up Spinebuster! Hangman goes out to the apron, Buckshot Lariat nailed! And that is that!

Winner: Hangman Page

Rock solid stuff.

Tony Schiavone backstage, the Young Bucks requested an interview. He’s hesitant to knock on the door. He jumps when Matt Jackson comes out. He says people at home have noticed the Young Bucks have been acting out of line, should’ve never superkicked what’s-his-face announcer or Mike Poser. Says people should understand they’ve gone through a lot, losing matches, title shots, friends. Schiavone says FTR is behind it all, how do you handle them? Matt wants him to move on. Tony asks what it was like watching them beat Page and Omega. Matt gets mad, takes his phone away and smacks it into the door frame a few times and breaks the glass. Tony is sad, Matt apologizes and suggests he get an upgrade, tosses him a bunch of dollar bills.

Orange Cassidy on his way out, he’s got his first title shot on tap tonight!

TNT Championship: Brodie Lee (c) vs. Orange Cassidy

Before the bell, Cassidy takes off his jacket, Silver takes it and stomps it on the floor, flexes until Cassidy drapes his T-Shirt on his head. Anna Jay on the apron mocks Orange until he puts his sunglasses on her head. Brodie takes it upon himself to remove the sunglasses. He drops them onto the mat. Bell rings, Cassidy pulls out his elbow pad and puts it on. Hands in the pockets and there are the nothing leg kicks. Brodie stomps his foot and nails him with an uppercut! Cassidy back up, hands still in the pockets, ducks a line and low bridges him to the floor! He goes for the no-hands tope but Brodie avoids it AND the rest of the Dark Order catches him! They hold him up for a crazy Tope Suicida from Brodie!

Chops him across the floor! Takes him into the ring, elbow drop. Pulls him up, heavy chop drops him. Kicks him out of the ring. Brodie distracts the ref, Silver, Vance and Angels swarm on Cassidy for stomps! Brodie throws Cassidy into the ring. Hilo lands for a 2 count! Throws him into the ring post and sends him to the floor! Once more he distracts the ref as the flunkies stomp on him. Brodie takes it upon himself to shove Silver and force him to scurry away. Pulls Cassidy into the ring. Cassidy wants a DDT, Brodie counters with a Bossman Slam! Commercial break.

We come back to see Brodie nail a BRUTAL Half-N-Half Suplex! Pulls Cassidy up to his feet but Orange just falls again. Pulls him up again, Discus Clothesline attempted but Orange drops again, seemingly out of exhaustion to avoid it. This might be a trick. Brodie wants it again but Cassidy drops a third time! Orange avoids a kick, roll up for 2! Sends him into the corners twice, wants to hoist him up but Brodie picks him up instead, Cassidy escapes, sends him to the floor for a series of Elbow Suicidas! Rolls him into the ring! Ducks a rtitle shot from Silver, Superman Punch to Angels, ducks another and Silver nails Vance! Orange rushes back into the ring, Brodie wants a Black Hole Slam but Cassidy turns it into a Stunner out of the air! Goes up top, Diving DDT!

Cassidy with a Running PK! And a second one! Brodie fires up, hard to take down – but an Around-The-World DDT lands!! AIR RAID CRASH ON THE BIG MAN, nearfall!! Silver slides into the ring, eats a Superman Punch! Cassidy charges at Brodie but gets tossed into a Sit-Out Powerbomb! Discus Lariat lands this time and that is that!

Winner: Brodie Lee

Very good stuff. Brodie celebrates but the lights go down… Cody’s intro plays! And out he comes, the blonde has been lost from his hair! Cody charges the ring, takes out Dark Order members left and right! Cody Cutter to Vance! “Cody” chant! Cody takes 5 to the post, rams his leg into it! Back into the ring, Figure Four Leglock cinched in and he taps relentlessly!

Backstage, Brodie is furious. Says the audacity of Cody to return like that! He’s been gone for five weeks while he’s been here doing the work and being undeniable! Says what kind of man sends another man to do his work? Did you see what he did to Dustin, what Anna Jay did to Brandi? What kinda man lets his wife post Instagram thirsttraps every other day? What kind of man lives in his bubble… says he is not any kind of man. Grabs a dog collar, tells him he can run on for a long time but sooner or later Brodie will cut him down! He will take the collar and wrap it around his godforsaken tattoo and he will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Tells Cody he has one week, is he a man or a coward?

Matt Hardy out here with Private Party, crowd gives a chant of “Happy Birthday” and he thanks the fans. Matt says last week somebody hit him from behind. He’s been trying to figure out who had the motivation to attack him in such a cowardly fashion. Says he had a heated conversation with MJF that day at one point. He had a discussion with Brodie Lee about the TNT Championship. And of course he has a long history with the Inner Circle. He knows whoever attacked him wore a mask, and he was hit with either a piece of steel or something like a bat.

Says Chris Jericho is his prime suspect but speaking of Jake Hager and Jericho, his boys Private Party tore the house down last week and they were this close to beating them. Only reason they didn’t is because they used that same bat and blasted them across the bat. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Says Chris Jericho wants to be known as the Million Viewer Man or a Demo God but he will always be known as an asshole. This brings Jericho to the ring. Chris mockingly gives Matt a happy birthday and then says who gives a shit?! Says there’s only four members of the Inner Circle tonight because of what he did to his teammate Sammy Guevara. Matt says couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

Chris says he annihilated him and sent him out of AEW and nobody knows when he’s coming back! But he lied, he’s back right now! Sammy comes out onto the stage and there’s the famous hug. Jericho says Matt knows better than to think he would hit him from behind with a baseball bat. Says he’s the Million Viewer Man, people tune into see what a bastard he is. If he were to hit him with a bat in the leg he’d let him see the smile on his face as he did it. He did not hit him with a bat last week but he can do it right now!

Matt wants to accept the challenge but Marq Quen tells him to calm down and heal up until he’s cleared… because HE is cleared. He says last week Jericho assaulted his bro… he wants to make a singles challenge it seems, but Kassidy takes over and says he almost beat Jericho not once but twice last week. Tells Jericho he’s issuing the challenge, knows everyone is counting him out but what if a young kid from the streets of Brooklyn beats Chris Jericho? As a matter of fact, what if next week, right here on Dynamite, he makes Chris Jericho his Le Champion Bitch?

Next segment, Tony Schiavone is in the ring with FTR and Tully Blanchard. Tully says it’s a great pleasure to talk to the audience. Every week on live television there are thousands and thousands of new fans and how do they get to see the best tag team in the world today? You have to be creative! Says traditionally world championship matches have 60-minute time limits. But he says he’s changing the rules, 20-minutes on television. It’s a twenty minute brush with greatness and they get to pick the opponents. Next week they’re going up with SCU. Tully says this is a blast from the past, if they don’t win in 20 minutes, they get a check in the winner’s column.

Dax says who’s the next if they can get past them? Says the Best Friends had an impressive match last week but it was just a glorified backyard wrestling match and that’s all they are is backyard comedic wrestlers – they make their way out and says that wasn’t a match last week, that was a war! Trent says they’re a little banged up but both teams are here, why not do this little 20 minute challenge right here? Dax says Mommy isn’t here to fight their battles for them. They accept! They all get down to their gear and get ready in their corners, but then Dax stops the ref from ringing the bell! Cash says they’re fighting champs but they can see they’re clearly not 100% and it just wouldn’t be fair to have this match now. So they make their leave. Chuck Taylor on the mic says atleast Santana and Ortiz didn’t run from a fight like a couple of weenies! “Weenies” chant as FTR makes their leave, Chuck tells them they’ll show them what a real entrance. Hug and zoom-out!

Women’s tag is up, Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa get jumped from behind by Ivelisse and Diamante!

Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa vs. Ivelisse & Diamante

Heels with a double back suplex! Cover for 2. Faces fight back, Ivelisse intercepts a Shida knee lift on the outside but Rosa with a kick to Diamante, they knock Ivelisse away, double knee to the face of Diamante! Rosa tags in, Shida body slams Diamante, then slams Rosa onto her! Rosa with a series of clotheslines, body slam, senton for a 2 count! Heels get back in with double teaming, Ivelisse with mounted punches. Pulls her up, blows to the back. Blue Thunder Bomb for a 2 count! Commercial break.

We come back to see Shida get a nearfall. Back elbows out of a waistlock, shoves her to the corner but Ivelisse gets the tag, Wheelbarrow Stunner from Diamante, Wheelbarrow DDT from Ivelisse! Rosa breaks up the pin. Rosa ducks a line and there’s a beautiful neckbreaker! Dropped with a Flatliner from Ivelisse! Shida with an enziguri to Ivelisse, but she fires back with a Buisaku Knee! Hook kicks to both opponents! Tag to Diamante, Assisted Sliced Bread, Rosa has to break it up again! She takes Ivelisse to the floor. Diamante tries for Code Red, Rosa pulls her off of Shida for a Death Valley Driver! Shida hoists up Diamante for the Falcon Arrow but Ivelisse breaks up the pin! Rosa pulls Ivelisse to the floor, Shida with a Shining Wizard to Diamante for the win!

Winners: Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa

Champs pose with their titles. Wonder what’s next for Rosa?

Chris Jericho backstage says he has some respect for Isiah for having the balls to step up to him. One day he’ll be a big star here but not today. He’s the biggest star here and the only shot, shot, shot he’ll see comes from his fists! MJF comes up to him and says he thinks what they said to Jericho is deplorable. Jericho says that coming from him, the uncrowned champion of AEW, that means a lot. MJF says that coming from the Demo God, Le Champion, OH YEAH, that means a lot! They say the other is great, then simultaneously ask “So why’d you call me a loser?” MJF saw it on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram… Jericho saw it on Dynamite with his own two eyes! MJF says the limo drivers were who he was calling losers! Jericho says he was calling Tony Schiavone a loser and they happily agree to that and mock him for being fat. Jericho says Max is alright and Max says the same for Chris.

AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Eddie Kingston

Tense stand off to start. Fists up as they approach. Tie up, Kingston with a headlock takedown. Mox with a headscissor. They scramble up. Test of Strength starts. Kingston seems to get the edge and brings him to his knees. Mox fights up to his feet, reverses into a hammerlock. Kingston makes it to the ropes for the break. Slaps across the face. Kingston with an ANGRY chop! They trade mean chops, Kingston’s are real loud. Eddie has a deep bruise on his back already. Mox with elbows, Kingston surprises him with an enziguri! Clothesline drops him! Takes him to the floor.

He throws Mox past the timekeepers table and then dumps it onto him! Commercial break as the brawl continues. In the inset Kingston whips Mox HARD into the barrier and sends the rail sliding way back. We come back to see Kingston in control in the ring with a headlock. Mox fights his way up, axe handles himself free but a MIGHTY chop drops the champion! And he lays it in all the more! Hits the ropes, big boot but Mox responds with a lariat! Mox with a charging knee sends him to the floor, and there’s the tope suicida! And he follows up quickly with a Snap Suplex onto the floor!

Mox takes him into the ring, goes up top, Kingston pulls him to the mat, wrestle for position, Mox nails a Piledriver! Kingston barely gets his boot on the rope to break it up, wonderful positioning. Mox mounts him in the corner with elbows but he hurts himself doing it as he’s got that elbow injury, Kingston powerbombs him as a result for a nearfall! Mox dodges a spinning backfist, but now the chop exchange continues! Mox has a very red chest. Mox with a German Suplex, Kingston fires back with two High Angle Back Suplexes for a close nearfall! Chops and slaps break out. Mox blocks the backfist, looks for the Rear Naked Choke! Turns it into the Bully Choke! And Kingston passes out, ref calls for the bell!

Winner: Jon Moxley

Awesome fight there. Kingston’s boys the Lucha Bros jump Jon Moxley afterwards! Will Hobbs comes out, he tries to take the fight to them but eventually gets stopped with a double superkick! But of course Darby Allin is here with his skateboard to complete the save, cracks all three men with it to clear the ring! Ricky Starks rushes the ring though and nails him with a spear! Taz is here as well. Starks nails Darby right in the gut with his own skateboard and Kingston also taking it to Mox now. Starks with the Roshambo to Darby! Heels stand tall as the show closes and Starks gets to have his theme play us off which is kinda cool for him.

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