Top 10 Gimmick Changes In WWE History

Ah, the art of the repackage. In the best of times, it’s a bright light at the end of a tunnel. A second chance! A chance to break free from the cringey character that you’ve been up to this point, to peel off your vile hide and emerge smelling of roses on the other side. Atleast, in theory…

Not every repackaging is created equal, mind you. It’s far from foolproof, and you might end up in an even worse state! It’s certainly happened before. But generally speaking, if we have to talk about doing a wholesale gimmick change in the first place, odds are good you’re at the point where you’ll take that gamble.

After all, sometimes a good repackaging can make all the difference for your job security. And in the dream scenario, it could even be the difference between an enhancement talent and a breakout superstar.

That’s what we’ll be focusing on here today. We’ve got a list of some of the most successful gimmick changes in WWE history. Some people here were saddled with a wretched gimmick from the start, while others simply got stale with time. But everyone on this list greatly benefited from taking that brave step into the unknown.

We could all use a reminder that things can get better, right? That there’s always a way to do better, even when you’re at your lowest point. Here are the Top 10 Gimmick Changes in WWE History.

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