#2 – The Rock

Top 10 Gimmick Changes in WWE History

It’s hard to even recognize the fresh-faced youngster who trotted down the aisle at Survivor Series 1996 as the Hollywood superstar we know today. But indeed, Rocky Maivia burst onto the scene as a smiling, glad-handing babyface. And boy was it a misfire.

It was just such a bad fit, both for the times and for the man himself. Introducing a new whitemeat babyface at a time when the audience was moving on from the whole idea just wasn’t gonna cut it. And it ended up preventing him from showcasing his boundless charisma rather than highlighting it.

It should be no surprise that fans just couldn’t warm up to him. But the ensuing heel turn changed everything for the future legend. He first joined the Nation of Domination, before eventually taking it over. And in the process, he adopted the Rock as his moniker, cementing that this was a changed man.

After allowing the people to hate him, the Rock finally managed to make the people adore him. Without this shift, he might’ve never become the name he is today.

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