#1 – Stone Cold Steve Austin

Top 10 Gimmick Changes in WWE History

Man, is it mind-boggling how the higher ups in wrestling can completely miss the boat sometimes. Bad enough WCW had Austin labeled as a permanent midcarder, but it was even worse when WWF brought him in as the character-bereft Ringmaster. A gimmick that seemed destined for enhancement talent status. It’s the kind of thing that makes you wonder what kind of stars we’re missing on today under the same management…

But ultimately, a guy like Austin couldn’t be denied forever. He abandoned the moniker, started calling himself Stone Cold and slowly morphed into the Rattlesnake we know and love today. He managed to become the top star in the entire business, all off the back of a much needed gimmick change.

Notice a pattern with these last few entries? A good repackaging led to the crowning of the very top names in the biggest boom period in wrestling history! Without this artform, the Attitude Era as we know it would never have existed. And without that big upswing in the late 90s, lord only knows what the state of the business would be today.

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