#8 – Bray Wyatt

It’s sad to say this, but if you look up the phrase “flash in the pan”, the results are nothing but shots of Nexus. Don’t try this out, just take our word for it. The group exploded onto the scene in such incredible fashion that even WWE didn’t seem to be all that prepared for it. And it was so hideously mishandled that it exploded right back off of the scene less than a year later.

It probably wasn’t a great sign when, about four months into the Nexus’ run, they were already overhauling the membership. They debuted in June and by October, four members had been ousted and two newcomers had been added. Which is where Husky Harris came into the fold. Seemingly replacing the injured Skip Sheffield, both in terms of being the group’s heavy and also by having a similar goofy alliterative name. While not much was known about him, he was a pretty impressive athlete with a decent pedigree and whoops Orton kicked him in the head, he’s gone.

Yeah, that lasted about three months, give or take. And he was right back to developmental. But there he took a little walk on the wild side, and morphed into the charismatic cult leader known as Bray Wyatt. And when he made his return to the main roster two years later, for a brief shining moment, he was the hottest act in the business. And we all lived happily ever after…

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