#7 – The Fiend And The Firefly Funhouse

…or not. Yep, he’s done it twice! Which is a little bit like breaking out of prison twice. It’s impressive that you pulled it off, but not so great that you had to.

But yes, as much as Bray Wyatt seemed like a sure thing… well, he sure wasn’t. His penchant for delivery, explosive ring style and sizable backup couldn’t save him from WWE booking. They just could NOT stop beating him! Once they found he could absorb a few losses without losing his burgeoning popularity, they figured he could absorb a thousand of them!

And… he really couldn’t. The aura he was so careful to build ended up squandered bit by bit, and it soon became clear that his cryptic warnings and grand promises would never amount to anything. While he was a great promo, he got in a rut where he spoke all the time and yet had nothing of value to say.

A short detour into Matt Hardy’s Woken World later, Bray disappeared from television to reinvent himself. When he came back, his new character was exactly what everyone expected: a creepy Mr. Rogers impersonator who occasionally transforms into the demon spawn of Beetlejuice! And it took the world by storm. For another brief shining moment, he was the hottest act in the business!

Sure, he’s lost a lot of his momentum again but we never said these success stories were permanent. And besides at this point, Bray’s proven that he’ll always bounce back.

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