#4 – Kane

Top 10 Gimmick Changes in WWE History

It’s hard to have worse luck with gimmicks than one Glen Jacobs in his younger years. From his stint as the Christmas Creature in the USWA to the evil dentist Isaac Yankem in WWF, with plenty of other stinkers in between. He seemed to just run into one dead end after another. Likely his most infamous role was when he played the part of Fake Diesel, alongside his good buddy Fake Razor Ramon.

This was of course dropped from television five months later. And frankly, the fact that it even lasted that long tells you something about the depth issues that the WWF roster was going through in 1996. Of course, that lack of depth also likely contributed to him getting another shot in the big time. And it’s no surprise that when the time came, they put him in a mask and full bodysuit. Last thing they wanted was ANY fan recognizing him!

Once again, the third time’s the charm. Kane, the burned brother of the legendary Undertaker, proved to be an instant hit. It was one of the most well-built debuts you’ll ever see. Paul Bearer spent months heralding his arrival in advance. And when the time finally came for his arrival, it did not disappoint. He ripped the door off that Hell In A Cell cage and walked into infamy.

An odyssey of ups and downs followed over the next two decades and the character would evolve in a myriad of ways. But all the while, Kane was a WWE constant. Not bad for a guy who, at one point, couldn’t hold onto a name for more than a few months.

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