#3 – Triple H

Top 10 Gimmick Changes in WWE History

For the past couple of decades, Haitch has ruled the roost in WWE. But it’s fair to say he didn’t start out at the top of the pecking order. Not even close, actually. When he was first signed to the World Wrestling Federation in 1995, he was very much just some guy. And while the American Blueblood gimmick wasn’t as embarrassing as other things people on this list were saddled with, it didn’t exactly scream ‘main event’.

Indeed he was staunchly placed in the midcard for the first year, mostly feuding with other goofy gimmicks. The likes of Henry O. Godwinn and Duke The Dumpster Drose were archrivals of his. And then there’s the time Ultimate Warrior no sold the Pedigree and beat him in a minute and a half. Not something that happens to a headliner in the making.

Something notable about Triple H’s shift in gimmick was that it was more gradual than most. But somewhere along the way, the pompous aristocrat aspect just disappeared. By the time he was paired with Shawn Michaels in D-Generation X, he was much closer to the man we know today. Both in his attitude, and in his success.

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