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It’s that time of the week again. Another edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown awaits us. I’m Jordan Huie and you’re here at 1Z1 Pro Wrestling for another round of recaps. I’ll be giving the live play-by-play of the show as it comes, so watch this space for WWE SmackDown Results!

AJ Styles is out first, I think he’s on comm for this opening match. Jeff and Sami have a match but it looks like an in-ring confrontation is up before that, all three men in the ring with a bunch of ladders. Who will make the symbolic climb this time?

Corey Graves is there as well, says all three have claimed to be the rightful Intercontinental champion. Before the three way ladder match, apparently both titles will be raised up in a championship ascension ceremony. AJ asks if the title is heavy. Wants him to savor this moment because it’s the last time he’ll hold that championship. As for Sami, he doesn’t know why he’s even here. Says he took the Summer off to go grow a neckbeard. He wants to make that title mean something and he beat him last week.

Sami says this whole match shouldn’t be happening. This happened because AJ decided to partake in a tournament for a new fraudulent championship and won it. When Jeff won it from him, he should’ve denounced the title and recognized him as the real champ but he didn’t do the right thing. Now he has to defend it in a ladder match? Sami asks Jeff Hardy if he knows how dangerous ladder matches are.

Jeff says surprisingly he actually agrees with AJ, because the two of them have been defending that title with honor week after week. Finally time for the ceremony, the titles slowly begin to rise. AJ and Jeff stare each other down while Sami pretends to leave… but then he turns around and tips the ladder over onto both of his opponents! Sami makes his leave but Adam Pearce makes his way out and tells Sami thanks to that stunt, he’s adding AJ to his match with Jeff tonight and it’s a triple threat now, up next.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn (Non-Title)

Brawl kicks up swiftly. AJ gets taken down and Sami and Jeff grapple, Jeff wins out and double legs him for the Legal Lowblow but AJ is quick to stop his momentum with a stomp. Takes him to the corner, attacking the injured knee, Pendulum Backbreaker. Baseball Slide to Sami Zayn sends him right into the announce table! Pulls Jeff up to his feet, Hardy tries to fight back, holds onto the ropes off a whip, boots up but AJ catches the feet and tosses him over the top rope to the floor! AJ pursues out there, rams him facefirst into the table but Sami clips him. Rams him into the barrier.

Sami takes AJ into the ring, stomps him in the corner, clothesline drops him for a 2 count. AJ drives him into the corner to get his advantage back. Snapmare into a side headlock. Stops to keep Hardy from getting back into the ring, back to the headlock. Sami fights his way up, AJ tosses him at Hardy on the apron but he low bridges and sends Sami to the floor! Jeff takes the fight to him, right hands to both men. Sami with a body blow to stop him, hits the ropes, Jeff ducks a line, dropkick takes out both opponents! Jeff whips AJ to the corner, back body drop to Sami, uses Sami as the platform for a flying Stinger Splash to Styles! He goes up top but Zayn deposits him to the floor!

He goes out to batter Jeff. AJ with a kick from inside the ring, Tope Forearm right before the commercial break! As we come back, there’s a tower spot brewing. Jeff wants to bomb Sami who is trying to suplex AJ but Sami knocks Jeff down, then AJ trips Sami facefirst onto the buckle. AJ charges Jeff in the corner but he gets the boots up, same happens to Sami, Whisper In The Wind takes both men down again! All three men are trading shots, Jeff blocks one and gets a Dragon Whip, Sami with a big boot apiece for both men but Styles with a Pele Kick drops him, all three are down!

AJ out to the apron, Hot Shot to Jeff, forearm to Sami, he goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, Sami ducks it and Hardy eats it! Sami dumps AJ to the floor and covers Jeff, that’s the match.

Winner: Sami Zayn

I really wouldn’t have had them face off like this tonight, none of them should be pinned right now but a good match all the same and Sami is certainly the one who needed that win the most. Afterwards though AJ clobbers him with a ladder, BRUTAL ladder shot to Jeff right in the damn head takes him to the floor! And to answer my earlier question, AJ stands the ladder up, climbs it and pulls down both titles.

Heavy Machinery backstage being interviewed about the lawsuit against them. Otis says there are three things his mom told him not to trust, carnival clowns, 1% milk and lawyers. Miz and Morrison appear before him, implore that Otis give up the contract. Says he will be left with a mountain of legal bills that he can’t possibly pay and Miz will get the contract anyway. He makes comments about his mom and Mandy, both of which infuriate Otis. He says where he comes from, they don’t settle things in court rooms. Tucker is reading the contract and asks Miz why only his name is on it. Miz and Morrison glance awkwardly at each other, until Otis up and jumps Morrison! Officials have to separate the teams.

Bayley comes down to the stage to sit on a chair. Says she could watch the video of her betraying Sasha over and over but she has no time left to waste on Banks. Unlike her, she has a championship match to prepare for. Says she admires Nikki Cross’ heart and fighting spirit. But last week she overheard her say that this match was gonna be different, this time she had a chance because she didn’t have Sasha in her corner. Tells Nikki to think long and hard about that statement, about why Sasha isn’t going to be there. If that’s what she did to her ‘best friend’ then she should be worried about this Sunday where she’ll slap that goofy smile off of her face. She implies that she’ll demolish her with a chair after defeating her, just like she did to Sasha.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Gran Metalik

Nak with knees to the gut. Whip, Metalik flips out of it, flip and spring into a very Lucha Armdrag! Takes Nak to the outside, Metalik looks for a baseball slide but Nak ducks it, Dragon Whip nailed and then he drives him into the barricade. Takes him up on the apron for his running knee to the face. Back in the ring, knee to the gut, Metalik reverses a corner whip but Nak with ANOTHER knee to the gut on the charge, throws him against the buckle and stomps relentlessly on the back of his head. Metalik with a big chop to the chest on his way out but Nak with a Front Facelock cinched in.

Nakamura turns him for a Reverse Exploder but Metalik fights out of it, takes him to the apron, enziguri sends him to the floor! Metalik hits the ropes, Flip Tope wipes him out! Kalisto and Lince are excited. Throws him inside, big distance on the Hilo for a 2 count! Shinsuke fights back, drapes him on the second buckle for a running knee to the back of the head! Reverse Exploder, stalks for it – Kinshasa for the win.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Maaaan Lucha House Party are as weak as challengers to a title can possibly be. Afterwards just to make it worse Nak and Cesaro stomp on Lince whilst Kalisto just watches from outside. After the champs leave, Kalisto tries to help Lince up but he shoves him away.

Jey Uso backstage batters on Roman Reigns’ door and yells for him to open up.

Quick tribute to Road Warrior Animal.

Another deep dive on Roman Reigns and the Usos’ history. Older members of the family recap the dynamic, how Roman Reigns was always destined for greatness while Jey had to work for everything he had.

Jey makes his way out now. He’s hyped up, says this Sunday is Clash of Champions Gold Rush, Uce vs. Uce, Cuz vs. Cuz, Family vs. Family, Uso vs. Reigns for the Universal championship. Says he’s got some questions for big cousin to answer. Shows a video from last week, where Reigns and Jey defeated Sheamus and Corbin in a Street Fight. Including showing Jey toss Roman his Universal title, their hug, and then Roman’s scowl after Jey turned his back.

Jey says all week they’ve been asking about the look. He had his back turned so how is he supposed to know? But let’s ask Roman. We see Roman backstage but he ain’t budging it. Jey says he thought they were better than that, smiling to his face but frowning to his back? Paul Heyman leaves Roman’s room and says let’s get one thing straight, he thinks the entire WWE Universe deserves to hear what Roman has to say to his cousin Jey Uso face-to-face in the ring. But it’s not going to happen when Jey wants it to happen, it will happen at the accommodation of the schedule of the Universal champion, your Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. And he guarantees that this discussion will happen in the ring tonight.

Jey says he knew something was up, Uce changed his phone number, has Heyman at his mailbox. But it’s all love, at Clash of Champions, welcome to the Uso Penitentiary.

King Corbin backstage says last week when he was preparing to elevate the main event of SmackDown you can imagine hie discuss when he saw Matt Riddle’s little bro message. Says he will make him say ‘bro’ meaning intolerable misery and excruciating agony. Riddle makes his way out, says Corbin wants to give him all sorts of pain because he has anger issues. He can’t wait to throw down and show SmackDown the difference between a stallion and a jackass.

Matt Riddle vs. King Corbin

Riddle pummels Corbin with body shots before the bell. After it rings he just keeps going, clotheslines Corbin to the floor. Back into the ring, Corbin ties Riddle up in to the ropes, rights and lefts of his own. Pulls him in for a slam, Riddle grabs the arm and twists but Corbin still manages to slam him. Knocks him around the ring. Corbin with bodyshots. Riddle fights back, hits the ropes, gets dropped with a back elbow for a 2 count!

Corbin with a power whip into the corner, goes for Ring-Around-The-Ringpost but Riddle blocks it, pele kick! Takes him outside and throws him over the announce table! He poses atop the table as we go to commercial. As we come back Riddle gets Corbin in an ankle lock, Corbin drives him away. From atop the ropes Riddle goes for a Triangle Choke! Corbin with the Backlund Bomb counter for a nearfall. Corbin chokes Riddle against the top rope. Charging forearm to the back. Slowly pulls Riddle up but he surprises him with a Ripcord Final Flash!

Exploder Suplex out of the corner, wants the PK, Corbin avoids it, rolls out of the way of the Standing Moonsault as well but Riddle lands on his feet for the Broton! PK lands this time for a nearfall! Elbows to the back of the head, singles out an arm. Twister attempted, Corbin fights to his feet as Riddle has him in a Piggyback Sleeper. Corbin grabs the rope to escape, Riddle escapes behind him, kicks his arms, wants another Ripcord but Corbin counters with a Deep Six out of the air for a nearfall! Exchange of blows, Riddle springboards but eats a punch out of the air, Corbin tries to pull him in for the End of Days but Riddle rolls through, Final Flash Knee Strike! Goes up top, Floating Bro but Corbin gets the knees up! End of Days for the win.

Winner: King Corbin

Good match. I kinda wish I was surprised to see Corbin pin him but I’m really not.

In an interview afterwards, Riddle says he won’t lie, losing sucks. But he won’t let a setback stop this stallion. He won’t stop until SmackDown is the Bro Show.

Mystery lady vignette time. She draws “Untouchable” on the mirror in lipstick.

Alexa Bliss says Lacey Evans is the kind of lady who asks to speak to the manager, the kind of lady who gives ladies a bad name. Says tonight the only thing that’ll be sent back to the kitchen is her demeanor.

Alexa Bliss vs. Lacey Evans

Bliss with a quick roll up for 2. Lacey with a thrust kick to the gut. Whips her but Alexa reverses, roll through for a 2 count. Evans double legs her, forearm to the face. Pulls her up to her feet, throws her around the ring. Elevated Bronco Buster for a 2 count. Chinlock, Alexa fights her way up but Evans trips her to the mat. Chokes her in the corner with her leg wrapped around her neck until the ref counts her down. Bliss blocks a corner thrust, STO to take control! Suddenly we hear Bray Wyatt’s laughter echoing throughout the arena… Alexa looks frightened as we go to commercial break.

We come back, Lacey has taken over again. Standing Moonsault for a 2 count. Evans scrapes her elbow across Bliss’ face. She fights her way up, Evans rams her into the corner. Bliss tries to fight back but Evans grabs her and rakes her face across the middle rope. Trips her to the mat, Pullover Dropkick sends Bliss to the floor, damn! Pulls Alexa into the ring for a few covers, 2 counts apiece. Bliss with a low dropkick, side steps her into the buckles. Charging clotheslines, big slaps, basement dropkick. Pulls her up slowly but she seems a bit out of it, Evans with an arm wringer takedown. Looks for the BME but Bliss rolls out of the way and she crashes and burns!

Spooky red lights and scare chords commence. Suddenly Bliss looks rabid, she howls as she charges Evans with a flying knee, pummels her into the mat. She stomps her into the corner, throws her into the mat. Stands on her back and stomps her face into the mat until the referee calls for the DQ.

Winner: Lacey Evans (by DQ)

Alexa rolls Lacey to the floor. Pursues her, grabs her up by the chin, Sister Abigail onto the floor! As she stands in the middle of the ring, w esee the Fiend’s face on the tron as he calls out, “Let me in” and Alexa smiles.

As she makes her leave, Roman Reigns’ music hits and they walk past each other on the stage. Bliss stops and turns to watch him with a mad expression as Roman holds up his title.

Roman Reigns in the ring, Paul Heyman says now is the time. Jey Uso comes out. Roman says if he wants his side of the story, to be honest, he’d give him this title if he could. But Jey wouldn’t know what to do with it. He doesn’t understand the accountability and responsibility with being on top. He doesn’t understand the pressure of being the face of WWE, how could he? It’s not his fault. He’s a twin. His entire life he’s depended on his brother. He is one half of the greatest tag team of his generation and because of that, the family is so proud of him. But their family depends on him being the Tribal Chief, that’s what he is in life. It won’t be Jey, it will never be Jey because it will always be him.

Drops the mic and goes to leave. Jey looks a bit speechless. As Reigns goes up the ramp, Jey asks “What if you’re wrong?” and that stops him. Says why can’t he be the one to provide for his family, his wife and kids and nephews? Says he’s seen him for years, the main event, Mr. WrestleMania, the Big Dog, you know what people say when they see Jey? “Which one are you?” After Sunday, they’ll say “I know you Uce, you’re the one who beat Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship!” Hot damn that was a great segment. Reigns continues to walk out, Jey goes up the ramp but Roman surprises him with a Superman Punch! Yells at him that he doesn’t just feed his kids or Jey’s kids, he feeds the whole family and Jey will never take his place at the head of the table.

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