WWE Clash of Champions 2020 Results & Recap

It’s PPV time and we’ve got many title matches on tap for this evening. This time we’ve got WWE Clash of Champions 2020! My name is Jordan Huie and you’re here at 1Z1 Pro Wrestling. I’ll be here all night to cover the show. That means a blow-by-blow recap of every match. Watch this space~! And in the meantime, check out my predictions for tonight’s event.

Surprisingly it seems Asuka/Zelina Vega got moved as well as the other changes to the card so now the SmackDown tag titles are on the pre-show instead.

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Lucha House Party

Cesaro with a body slam to Lince. Irish Whip, back body drop. Lince flies up to Cesaro’s shoulders for a spinning headscissor, dropkick to the corner, high kick in the corner. Tag to Kalisto. He leaps off Lince’s shoulders for a splash, Dorado with a Standing Splash, 1 count. Cesaro throws Kalisto into the air but he lands on his feet. Gets onto his back with a Piggyback Sleeper, Cesaro drives him into the corner to break. Kalisto leaps from the second rope for a Rana though! Tag to Dorado, Missile Dropkick!

Nak tags himself in, takes the blows to Lince. Power whip to the corner, Lince with a boot up. Goes up top but Nak with a roundhouse kick takes Dorado to the floor! Nak with a knee to the head. Cesaro tags in, clobbers Lince into the corner. Pulls him up, European Uppercut for a 2 count! Nak tags in. Pulls Lince to the middle, pelts him with roundhouse kicks! 2 count. Takes him to the corner, Good Vibes! Snapmare, knee drop to the chest for a 2 count. Cesaro tags in, grinds the forearm into his face. Cesaro with a whip, Lince counters with a Code Blue for a nearfall!

Cesaro with a big boot for a nearfall! Shinsuke tags in, takes Lince up onto the top rope. Dorado avoids a corner charge, Headkick! Up top, Crossbody nailed! Tag to Cesaro who prevents Lince from making the tag, big boot to Kalisto takes him to the floor! Pummels Lince, hoists him up on his shoulders and throws Dorado to the corner. Shinsuke tags in, driving knee to the gut! Gutwrench/Flying Knee combo for a nearfall! Shinsuke with driving knees to the ribs! Lince with a back elbow off a charge, lands on his feet on two flip attempts, tag to Kalisto!

He comes in with a crossbody, ducks two lines, Around-The-World DDT! Nak has to break up the pin. Lince tries his Handspring Stunner but Nak counters with a Back Suplex attempt, Lince turns this into Backstabber! On the outside, Kalisto tries for a Tope Suicida, Cesaro catches him but Dorado with a dive – he spins Kalisto into a wild Tornado DDT! Back in the ring, quick tags and Moonsaults from both Lucha House Party members, the final one from Kalisto got a nearfall! Kalisto with a roll up for 2, tries to make the tag but Nakamura pulls Lince off the apron, Reverse Exploder sends him over the barrier! Kalisto with a rana in the ring gets 2, tries for SDS but it’s blocked, Nakamura tags in, Cesaro with a European Uppercut, Giant Swing/Knee combo gets the win!

Winners: Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

Good stuff.

Main card starting now. Looks like the ladder match is up next!

Triple Threat Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn

Brawl kicks up quickly. Jeff whips AJ to one corner, clothesline to Sami in another, whip to a sandwich spot. Snapmare to AJ, side headlock for some reason, bulldog/clothesline combo! Jeff goes out to get a ladder. Takes it inside, Styles baseball slides the ladder into his ribs. AJ with a Phenomenal Forearm to Jeff on the floor! He pursues but Sami with a back kick, Asai Moonsault! Takes the ladder up. Crashes it on the back of Hardy! Sami tosses the ladder onto AJ and then throws it into the ring. He starts to stand it up. Jeff attacks him from behind, ladder ends up leaning against the ropes, whip, back body drop onto the ladder!

Jeff sets up the ladder upside down, wants to suplex Styles onto it but he drives him into the corner. Jeff fights to the second rope, kicks him away, dives at him but AJ evades it and Hardy falls right into the center of the ladder, yikes! Ladder is leaned into the corner, Styles power whips Sami into the ladder, he takes a colossal bump! AJ sets up the ladder, starts to climb. Sami in to grab him, pull him to the mat! But AJ stops him with a Pele Kick! Sami’s back is covered in red welts.

AJ and Jeff both climbing. Styles just yanks Jeff to the mat, he lands hard!! AJ climbs, but Hardy springs right back up and grabs his ankle, pulls him tot he mat. AJ with his combo but Jeff ducks the spinning backfist, double leg into the Legal Low Blow and a Basement Dropkick for good measure! Sami slinks under a ladder for bad luck, deposits Jeff to the floor, sliding dropkick to AJ! Sami scrambles up the ladder but Styles manages to grab him, pull him down, wants to slam him into the ladder but Sami blocks him, Exploder Suplex onto the ladder!

Zayn starts a slow climb up the ladder. Jeff manages to stop him. He slowly gets pulled back to the mat. Deposits him but Sami quickly grabs his leg and pulls him out of the ring, tosses him into a ladder leaned against the barrier! AJ nails Sami with a right hand. Takes Jeff over and slams him into a stood-up ladder near the rampway. AJ leans him against the barricade, runs across ringside and leaps off the steps, Jeff evades his Stinger Splash! Jeff takes the same running start, leaps off the steps for Poetry In Motion! But on his way back up, Sami surprises him with a Helluva Kick which takes him over the barricade!

Now Sami back into the ring, another cautious climb. FROM THE FLOOR AJ TOSSES A TINY LADDER RIGHT AT SAMI! He falls to the mat and is cradling his hand. AJ pulls the ladder back up, Jeff and Styles both climbing! Exchanging forearms! Jeff starts tipping the ladder to prevent Styles from going, they both tumble and Sami barely avoids being hit by the ladder! He sets up the ladder and starts to climb! Jeff grabs him by the ankle, Sami kicks him away. AJ wants the Springboard onto the ladder but Jeff tips it, nailing AJ out of the air! Sami landed on his feet but gets a Twist of Fate!

Jeff starts to climb, Sami tips the ladder – Jeff actually starts climbing upside down to avoid being tossed! But Sami eventually tips it over and sends it the floor, a very messy bump! AJ takes Sami to the floor, leans a ladder against the apron, Sami with some shots and posts him! Sami sets up a bridge. But AJ fights back, climbs onto the announce table, Reverse DDT Backflip! He wants to set him up on the ladder bridge but the ladder falls so he turns and slams him onto the announce table! Styles pulls the desk cover away and resets the bridge. Hoists Sami onto it. Jeff stops AJ, starts climbing an extremely tall ladder! SWANTON RIGHT THROUGH THE LADDER!

Jeff amazingly gets up in time to attack AJ on the outside! He wants to pull the ladder into the ring but AJ stops him, drives him into the apron. AJ pulls a ladder into the ring! He starts to climb but Jeff is able to tip the ladder and send him to the mat! “This is awesome” chant as Sami slowly stumbles to his feet. He pulls Hardy up and tosses him into the barricade twice! He goes over to his ring jacket and pulls out two pairs of handcuffs! He takes a ladder and batters Jeff Hardy, he cuffs… THE GAP IN HIS EAR. The other cuff is attached to the ladder! Jesus Christ!

Now back in the ring, he’s looking to cuff AJ as well. Suddenly he stops and sets a ladder up. AJ takes the advantage to fight back. He sends him into the steel, then hooks him for a suplex. Nails it. But wait… Sami cuffed him to his wrist while he was trying to get him up! Zayn is smiling! AJ stomps him into the mat! Jeff is dragging the ladder he’s cuffed to with him as he goes into the ring! Meanwhile AJ has Sami on his shoulders as he climbs up! Sami has the key to his cuffs! Meanwhile Jeff is driving his ladder into Styles! Sami unlocks the cuff from himself and then hooks it onto the ladder! He climbs up! And he grabs the titles!

Winner: Sami Zayn

Hot damn we are not topping that one tonight. What a wild and creative match. Glad to see Sami with the gold. And it turns out he was keeping that key in his mouth!

On the stage, Sami is happy as hell with his two titles. Tells the interviewer he didn’t recapture anything, he is STILL the WWE Intercontinetal Champion, Sami Zayn!

R-Truth is walking backstage, disguised but holding his 24/7 Championship. He wanders into the referee’s room and then gets mad at Lil Jimmy for leading him to the wrong set. One of the refs follows him out there, Truth snaps at him but Drew Gulak rolls him up! Drew Gulak is now 24/7 Champion – and the title has thusly switched brands!

Women’s title match time.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka (c) vs. Zelina Vega

Lock-up, Asuka drives Zelina into the canvas. Asuka mocking her height with a test of strength attempt, Vega tries to stomp her feet but she avoids it atleast for a while. Eventually Vega gets it and locks up, but Asuka powers her to the mat. Covers for 2. Zelina spins out of a wristlock, upkick to the arm! Zelina grabs the arm again, Asuka with a forearm and pulls her into a side headlock. Vega shoots her off, Asuka with a shoulder block. Asuka blocks an arm drag! And gets her down into a Cross Armbreaker! Zelina gets to the ropes for the break.

Asuka takes her up top. Hooks her for a superplex, Zelina fighting it. She shoves her to the mat! Goes down with her and grabs at the left arm, Asuka shoves her away. Spin kick to the gut sends Zelina to the apron, Asuka’s arm is bothering her. Hip Attack takes Vega to the floor! She pursues, Zelina pulls her arm-first into the steps! Takes her into the ring, stomps her into the corner. Asuka with a reversal to take her into the corner, Vega with a boot up off on a charge, Arm Wringer Takedown. Can’t get the shoulders down afterwards though.

Cattle Mutilation style hold on that arm! Rolls her over for a 2 count. Keeps a tight hold on that arm. Asuka surprises her with an Asukalock though! Vega rolls through, Cross Armbreaker cinched through! But Asuka escapes it swiftly and rolls behind her for the Asukalock! Vega with a judo throw, Asuka with a thrust kick to the gut sends her to the apron! Exchange of forearms. Asuka sets up for another Hip Attack but Zelina dodges it, and now Vega with a rope-assisted Crucifix on that arm! Rana off the top sends Asuka to the corner, Meteora for a nearfall! Wants a Backstabber, Asuka holds onto the ropes to block, but Vega rolls Asuka up for a Rolling Kick to the head! Nearfall! Vega with a Pump Kick attempt, Asuka blocks it, wants a German but Vega rolls through for a 2 count, Asuka zombies up for the Asukalock and gets the submission!

Winner: Asuka

That was good! Glad Zelina got to show her stuff, in hindsight very cool that this made it onto the main card.

Post-match interview, Asuka says Zelina is like a firecracker. Small but dangerous. But she was not ready for Asuka. She offers Zelina a handshake, Vega gives a bow instead. Asuka bows too but Vega kicks her in the head and makes her leave! Asuka howls at her in Japanese.

A full hour in, time for match 3! US title is up next.

WWE United States Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Apollo Crews

Bobby with a trip, cover for a 0 count. Arm wringer cinched in. Bobby with a knee to the gut, hits the ropes for a shoulder block. Chain wrestling, takes Apollo down but he stops him with an up kick, kick to the face, clothesline takes him to the floor! Goes to the apron, Asai Moonsault! Takes Lashley into the ring, Bobby tries to block him from getting back in but he eats a headkick, Crews up top for a Crossbody for a 2 count!

Crews wants a whip, Bobby reverses, Crews tries to floatover but Lashley doesn’t fall for it, Flatliner for a nearfall! Bobby chokes him in the second rope. MVP is in Crews’ face. Bobby drives Apollo into the corner. Grinds his forearm into his face. Takes him up to choke him on the top rope instead. MVP keeps yelling at him. Lashley with a Vertical Suplex, Crews rolls to the floor. Lashley pursues, hoists him onto his shoulders. Crews escapes behind him and posts him! Both men have to beat the count. Crews with some double axe handles. Drives him into the corner, shoulder thrusts. Stinger Splash! Ducks a line, Bobby with a back kick, hits the ropes but Crews drives him to the floor! Flying Crossbody off the apron!

Back into the ring, big enziguri kick from Crews! Military Press, Standing Moonsault for a nearfall! Crews up top, but Lashley blocks him, Superplex for a nearfall! Lashley looking for the Dominator, but Crews escapes to his feet, kick to the face, Standing Shooting Star! Up top, Frog Splash for a narrow nearfall! Hits the ropes, Lashley counters with a HUGE chokeslam! Hurt Lock cinched in, and Crews quickly submits.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Very good match there. Predictions going well so far. Hope Crews can rebound, the US title was the only thing he ever had in WWE.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championships: Street Profits (c) vs. Andrade & Angel Garza

Dawkins and Adrade with a lockup. Andrade with a forearm, takes him to the corner, Garza tags in and gets him with an arm wringer. Quick tags from the heels. Dawkins shoots him off, shoulder block. Leap frogs him for a dropkick! Ford tags in, dropkicks aplenty! But Andrade clips him from behind. Ford with some leapfrogs but Garza holds onto Andrade to avoid a dropkick! Garza whips off the pants and starts a half-n-half lock. Tag to Andrade who nails a brutal dropkick!

Andrade holds Ford on the apron for a brutal knee from Garza! Holds him down with a half nelson, Ford fights his way up with a Back Suplex! Ford escapes Angel’s grasp, makes the tag to Dawkins! Andrade in as well but Dawkins is the house of fire, clothesline to both, Flapjack to Garza! Spinning Avalanche to Andrade in the corner but on the rebound Andrade with a snap dropkick! Looking for the Meteora, Dawkins evades it! Garza tags himself in, Dawkins with a Spinebuster to Andrade, Garza dropkicks him out of the ring just as Ford tags in! Montez up top but Garza stops him. They fight up there. Garza with A CRAZY SPANISH FLY! Nearfall!!

Ford and Garza scrambling to their feet, Ford with a big forearm! Wants the tag but Andrade clips Dawkins. Garza blocks a kick from Ford, sends him to the heel corner! Angel’s leg seems legit messed up though, Andrade tags in, Meteora for a nearfall! Medics are checking on Angel, camera’s trying not to show it. Andrade pulls Ford up for the Hammerlock DDT but Montez escapes it, enziguri, tag to Dawkins! Nails the Anointment, Andrade kicks out but the bell rings anyway. Dawkins is visibly confused.

Winners: Street Profits

Well that didn’t go as planned. Hope Angel’s okay.

Replay shows that Andrade undoubtedly had a shoulder up so I guess they gave them reason for a rematch.

Drew Gulak is celebrating his 24/7 title win. Says that as a coach, one of his first rules is to always be alert. He wasn’t scheduled to compete so he must stay loose. He was doing his lunges and R-Truth had his guard down, he siezed his moment. He’d like to dedicate his victory to a former 24/7 champion and good friend of his Akira Tozawa, who was apparently eaten by a shark on Raw. R-Truth attacks him from behind as he gives this touching eulogy and rolls him up for the three. R-Truth is now 24/7 Champion. He leaves saying “You coulda had a V8!”

Bayley comes out to the ring as they acknowledge that her challenger Nikki Cross is not cleared to compete. Bayley sets up the chair in the ring. She sits the title upon the seat. Says what sad news about Nikki, she’s unable to compete so she has to forfeit her title opportunity! Man that sucks she was looking forward to her proving the world wrong and showing she could beat her without Sasha. Bayley says she would’ve lost either way but she wishes it wasn’t a forfeit. But she is still your role model so she is giving the opportunity of a lifetime to anyone, anyone…? Quickly says the door’s closed. Demands a referee come in and raise her arm. But… out comes Asuka!

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Asuka

Asuka ducks a line, Hip Attack! German Suplex blocked at first but the second one lands and Bayley bails! Asuka goeso ut and catches her, throws her into the ring! Dropkick to the face, Hip Attack for a 2 count. Cross-Armbreaker cinched in! Bayley rolls through for 2, but it gets turned into the Asukalock! Bayley grabs the bottom rope for the break! Hot Shot from the apron, comes in and ground and pounds. Saito Suplex for a nearfall!

Bayley stomping at the arm that Vega injured earlier in the night. Throws her down for a cover for 2. Armbreaker! Bayley goes up top, comes flying off but Asuka with a Codebreaker out of the air! Bayley bails, Asuka wants a running kick from the apron but Bayley blocks it and pulls her to the floor. Bayley wants a Baseball Slide but Asuka sidesteps, roundhouse kick to the face! She nails a BRUTAL German Suplex onto the floor! Asuka advances on her, Bayley attacks her with a steel chair for the DQ.

Winner: Asuka (by DQ)

That felt like the kinda thing you might do for a substitute on a house show. But as Bayley celebrates, Sasha appears and nails her with a vicious chair shot of her own! She pummels her, Bayley kicks her away. Sends her to the floor hard, and she’s still got that neckbrace on! Bayley throws her into the ring, takes a steel chair in the ring and a kendo stick as well. Bayley with a second chair, goes for a shot but Banks with a kick to the leg drops her! Cracks the kendo stick over her back over and over! Bayley reaches for her chair but Sasha takes it first! Swings it but Bayley bails from the ring in time to avoid it!

Ambulance match is up next, looks like Roman and Jey are getting the main event spot. The odds of this WWE title match having a fluke finish just skyrocketed in my mind.

Ambulance Match for the WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton

Drew with shots to Orton at the bell. Pounds him around the ring, meaty chop. Kicks in the corner, forearm to the face. More chops. Chops in the ropes. Closed fist to the face. Whips him, Orton ducks a line, tries for the RKO but McIntyre shoves him, Orton dumps him to the apron, kicks the middle rope for a low blow, Draping DDT! McIntyre has a cut on his arm it seems. Orton is thinking about the Punt. But someone grabs his leg. Camera pans and Big Show drops his mask. He pulls him out of the ring and Chokeslams him right through the announce table.


Drew McIntyre goes out there, hoists Orton up onto his shoulders and drives him into the barricade. Yet another meaty chop. He drives him into the steps. He singles out a hand on the floor and stomps on it. McIntyre whips him right into the barricade. Pulls him over to the Ambulance and lawn darts him right into the back of it! Drew pulls out a red chair with a white cross on it, someone had fun with that. McIntyre nails him in the stomach and cracks him across the back. Wants another shot but Orton stops him with a crutch! Grinds the top of the chair into McIntyre’s jaw. They fight up to their feet and brawl into the Ambulance, McIntyre pounds on him but Orton kicks him away.

Orton blocks a punch, right hand to the jaw as they escape the Ambulance. He sends McIntyre into the side of the ambulance. Orton pulls Drew over, opens the car door and wants to bring him inside this way but McIntyre surprises him with the Glasgow Kiss! He stalks for the Clatymore, Orton sidesteps and McIntyre kicks the door right off it’s hinges! He also lands hard on the floor and is selling his knee. Orton with an uppercut, Drew reverses on him and sends him right onto the hood! Orton crawls away and they go past a curtain.

Drew hits Orton onto a rolling chair and he slides he across the floor on it. McIntyre keeps nailing him and tapping his injured knee. Chop, whip reversed and Orton launches him into the wall! Christian appears and attacks him! He throws him right into a catering table! Official has to pull him away. McIntyre takes over on Orton and throws him onto the hood of the ambulance, they’re climbing up top. Pulls him up slowly but Orton pokes his eye! Trips him right into the glass and shatters it! Orton instinctively covers McIntyre, that’s hilarious. Drew starts climbing up the ambulance, they near the top. Orton with some shots, takes him to the roof!

McIntyre’s back is bloody after that windshield shot. McIntyre fights back but eats a knee to the face! He shoves McIntyre until he’s barely hanging onto the top of the ambulance, Orton stomps his hand until he falls to the floor. Orton slowly stands. He turns around, into a Sweet Chin Music from HBK! He casually shoves him off the top of the Ambulance! Drew drags Orton up to his feet and hoists him onto his shoulders. Orton with some shots to the jaw to escape, RKO onto the floor! Orton throws McIntyre into the Ambulance and slowly shuts one door. He struggles to close the second one, McIntyre gets his hand up to stop it! He reaches out and gouges Orton’s eyes to get him to stop!

McIntyre nails the Claymore! He tosses Orton into the Ambulance… but stops short of closing the door. He pulls Orton out. He starts to back up. Punt Kick to Orton! And then he shoves him back inside and slams the door shut for the win!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Wasn’t what I expected at all. Orton just up and got all his comeuppance tonight, and just to cap things off it’s Ric Flair who drives the Ambulance out of the arena!

Main event time.

WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Jey Uso

Lock-up, Roman takes Jey into the corner. Ref with the break. Staredown is tense. Lock-up again, Roman tosses Jey across the mat! Roman says he’s just trying to get a payday, Jey says he’s trying to get it too. Reigns whips him to the corner but Jey floats over, dances and dabs before him. Reigns is furious, Jey avoids him, grapple for position, Roman throws him outside and Jey slips to his feet on the floor. Roman yells at him, asks how he’ll be the chief if he can’t stay on the island?

Jey with a shoulder thrust from the apron, deep uppercuts in the ring! Whip reversed, Jey ducks a line but eats a flying clothesline on the rebound for a 2 count! Drives him into the buckle. Pulls him out for a shot to the face. Jey slips out to the apron, Roman chokes him on the top rope, wicked uppercut on the break drops him to the floor! Reigns drives Jey into the apron, Jey fires back with an uppercut but Roman sends one back and floors him. Reigns resets the count. Slams Jey facefirst onto the announce table. Throws him into the ring, cover for a 2 count.

Side headlock cinched in. Jey fights his way up but Roman with a headbutt. Whips him, Jey with a kick on a back body drop attempt, kick to the midsection, deep uppercut and there’s a Samoan Drop for a 2 count! Jey stalking in the corner, charges for the Umaga Hip Attack but Reigns counters with a Superman Punch! Jey bails and Roman pursues. Jey with a right hand. Reigns with a forearm, exchange now. Uppercut from Roman drops Uce! Reigns selling his jaw after those shots.

Pulls him into the ring, cover for a 2 count. Roman starts acting emotional, says he told him to take his payday. This is the asswhooping he was talking about, he shouldn’t have to do this. Jey should’ve laid down. Headbutt takes him to the corner, series of hard forearms! Reigns keeps taunting him how he’s not ready. It’s not his fault… Jey with a chop, Reigns no sells and uppercuts him hard! He knocks him around the ring, Jey with a flurry of shots and drives Reigns into the corner! Knocks him to the outside, Suicide Dive drives him into the barricade! Throws him back inside, Dragon Whip sends him to the floor again! Another sudden Suicide Dive, didn’t even hit the ropes for that one!

Jey up top! Crossbody for a close nearfall! Avada Kedavra nailed! Another split second nearfall! Jey struggling his way up top! Reigns is up, Jay rolls through, Roman with a Rough Ryder/Radio Silence of all things for a nearfall! Reigns looks for a Spear, Jey flips over him for a roll-up for a nearfall!! Superkick!! Up top! USO SPLASH! Reigns kicks out at 1 – and low blows him when the ref wasn’t looking! Never seen that before, he low blowed him as he was getting the shoulder up! Smile crosses his face, “This is Awesome” is piped in. Spear lands and the ref goes down to count but Roman isn’t pinning him.

Reigns tells him yet again that he should’ve taken the payday and laid down. Says he wants him to say it to him, tell him that he’s the chief. Do it now and it’s done. Jey says no. Roman grabs him by the chin, whips him and nails him with a brutal Spear! Once again he demands that he acknowledge him and tell the whole world. Makes Jey face the camera, calls it his camera. Wants him to tell the world that he runs the WWE and the whole world. Jey says not today. Roman mounts him with forearms!

Referee wants him to stop, Reigns tells him not to address him again or he’ll never have a job. Says this is family business. Reigns yells at Jey to acknowledge him, sends elbows and punches. The ref is checking on Jey and Reigns is mad at him once again. Says he’s been whooping his ass like this his whole life. Says his whole family is watching, his children are watching. Elbows to the back of his head. Jimmy Uso limps out here with a white towel! He begs Jey to let him throw it, says he doesn’t need to prove anything to this fool. Jey refuses it. Roman tells Jimmy to acknowledge him. Jimmy is battling over whether or not to throw it. Jey begs him not to. Jimmy grabs his hand and pleads with him but Roman pulls him away, mounts him with punches until Jimmy throws it and the ref calls for the bell!

Winner: Roman Reigns

Holy crap. That was the best Brock Lesnar match in years and Brock wasn’t even involved. Jimmy rushes into the ring and gets between Roman and Jey. Says they’re family, what the hell is wrong with him? Says he’s the Chief, if that’s what he wants. Paul Heyman takes the lai that Jey wore to the ring and puts it around Roman’s neck as the show goes off the air. That was awesome.

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