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It’s that time again! After a surprisingly strong PPV, especially given some tough circumstances, we’ve got the follow-up edition of Monday Night Raw. Granted all the biggest success of last night revolved around SmackDown by quite a wide margin but uh… y’know, this is the one that’s next so hey. I’m Jordan Huie, aka the One Zeel One and you’re here at 1Z1 Pro Wrestling! As always, I’ll be giving you the live recap of the show as it comes. Watch this space for all the results from tonight’s iteration of WWE Raw!

To open the show, we have all the legends who made their return last night in attacking Randy Orton during the Ambulance match. Ric Flair, Big Show, Christian and Shawn Michaels all come out one-by-one. HBK has a mic and says it’s been a long time since he’s done this but here we go: Welcome to Monday Night Raw! Piped pop. He introduces Drew McIntyre.

Drew says this is pretty cool, standing in the ring with four legends. Doesn’t know if a lot of people know but he’s known them for a very long time. Big Show and Christian, he grew up with them, traveling the world together. Christian was always going to bat for him and helping him improve in this ring. Says when things got tough and they often did, Show was there like a big brother. Shawn was a mentor to him, especially his time in NXT and he wouldn’t be in this position without him. He loves Ric’s stories. When he first came to America he was still on the active roster before SOMEBODY retired him. He was astounded thinking he was on the same roster as Ric freakin’ Flair.

The one thing that brought them all together was their disdain for Randall Keith Orton. Last night him and Randy beat the hell out of each other but he put him in an Ambulance and stands here WWE Champion. Shawn says as they were off recovering from Orton did to them, they got together and showed up and they know Drew wasn’t really aware. They wanted to even the odds and get a little revenge, so he hopes Drew doesn’t mind. But if he is upset about them interfering, it was the Naitch’s fault.

McIntyre says he already proved he could beat Orton at SummerSlam and things are so personal now he doesn’t care how many people beat on him, he hopes he gets attacked in the streets. On the tron, Randy Orton interrupts. Says this isn’t over until he says it’s over. If he thinks he went through Hell last night, he has no idea what Hell is. But he will. Gee I wonder where this is going. Orton says he’s not finished with him until he’s WWE Champion. Drew says he’s gonna beg for another match. Orton says he doesn’t need to, he will be GIVEN a title match because he is Randy Orton. Says there’s a price that you pay when you cross the Legend Killer. And then, seemingly, he up and leaves the arena!

Drew says such a shame, Orton’s left the building. All this talk about titles, standing with four former world champions, it gives him an idea. He wants to be the fighting champion. He doesn’t feel great tonight but it’s the kind of champ he wants to be so he’s issuing an open challenge to anyone who wants to be the man around here! Tells Ric not to be a bad influence on everyone as he doesn’t want them drunk after the show. Asks for somebody in the back to please step up.

Zelina Vega is backstage. Says she’s just getting started here. Everyone will feel so sorry for Asuka when she goes in there and proves that she’s ready for her, but Asuka is not ready for Zelina. Asuka comes up to her and says she hopes she’s ready to lose to her one more time! Officials have to prevent a skirmish.

And we’re just straight-up doing this title match for the second straight night, curious.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka (c) vs. Zelina Vega

Vega tackles her to the ground, Asuka reverses into a Cross-Armbreaker but Vega gets a foot onto the ropes for a break. Asuka with a hair trip. Zelina kicks her away and nails the injured left arm. Asuka shoves her away, Tilt-A-Whirl leads to a sloppy spot, Vega rolls her through into an Octopus Stretch! Commercial break. When we come back Zelina is pelting Asuka with roundhouse kicks. Asuka fights up but gets a big slap in the face. She grins at this, unloads with palm strikes. Pop-Up Knee Lift! German Suplex! Shining Wizard for a nearfall!

Zelina escapes a hammerlock, leaps at her for a Body Scissors-Kimura combo! Asuka fights this, still on her feet! Asuka eventually counters with a Vertical Suplex! Asuka attacks from behind, Zelina with a Judo Throw, Asuka kicks out of a cover into the Asukalock just like last week but this time Vega makes it to the ropes! Asuka comes up favoring her arm, Vega with a Backstabber, she tucks the injured arm for a cover and a nearfall! Zelina goes up top, Scorpio Splash attempted but Asuka with her knees up! Asukalock gets the quick tap out.

Winner: Asuka

Quick-paced and strong action. Zelina is working that rust off quickly.

Legends backstage playing a Poker game for whatever reason. Apparently the only Superstars eligible for the Open Challenge are those who have not yet challenged McIntyre for the WWE title. That rules out a lot of people.

We come back to see Andrade in the ring yelling at Zelina Vega who is still being helped out of the ring. He says she’s noting without him. She blamed him for everything but look at her, Asuka beat her twice. She’s a weakling! Zelina leaves in disgust. Andrade says that is why Garza got hurt last night. He was holding this team together. Andrade is the greatest in WWE. Who wants to face him?! Keith Lee’s terrible new music hits!

Andrade vs. Keith Lee

Andrade with a waistlock. Lee breaks the hold, whips him to the ropes for a shoulder block. Hoists him up by the wrist! Andrade with some forearms but Lee just tosses him away. Charges, Andrade with a low dropkick that sends him flying into the corner! Andrade pummels him in an adjacent corner. Andrade with some chops, Lee leap frogs a charge and nails a Crossbody! Lee with a corner avalanche. Andrade avoids a second one, another low dropkick leads to another pummel but this time Lee sends him to the apron.

Andrade comes off the top but Lee goozles him out of the air! Andrade escapes behind him though, Chop Block, dropkick to the back of the head! Meteora nailed! Andrade pulls Lee out of the corner and to his feet but Lee surprises him with a Spirit Bomb and that’s that.

Winner: Keith Lee

I can’t help but think Andrade is officially done.

Backstage, some rando sits at the Hurt Business’ table. No matter what seat he’s in, Bobby calls it his. They scare him and he tries to leave with his plate but Lashley claims that it’s his and he leaves it. They laugh at his fear.

They show a replay of the scene where Akira Tozawa was seemingly eaten by a shark. Then we see R-Truth playing chess with Little Jimmy. He gets checkmate and says he feels like a winner, he should go challenge Drew McIntyre. But then a ninja shows up. Hands Truth a letter. He dabs/bows and opens it up to see that it’s in Japanese. But they gave him an English version as well.

“R-Truth if you are reading this, I was eaten by a shark. Our battles were epic. You make my sensei Kung Fu Naki proud. At heart I was a ronin until I met you. So I leave this to you.”

Ninja opens the briefcase to reveal Tozawa’s blackbelt. R-Truth howls “Why did Tozawa have to get devoured?!” But of course it’s all a distraction and Tozawa appears to roll up R-Truth to win the 24/7 title. But then the ninja nails him over the head with the briefcase and pins him to take the title. Reveals that he was actually Drew Gulak. As he gloats, Truth rolls him up for the title and darts away. Akira and Drew stare each other down before pursuing him.

Buddy Murphy is backstage, Rollins meets up with him and hugs him. He asks what’s wrong? Tonight’s a beautiful night. The Mysterio Family are on the King’s Court tonight! Tells Murphy to go on and put on that suit he got him. Murphy doesn’t seem happy as he leaves. Rollins takes up Murphy’s phone it looks like.

Jerry Lawler starts up the King’s Court and talks about how Rey Mysterio might not actually be Dominik’s father atleast according to Seth Rollins. So he introduces the Mysterios. Jerry asks them for a comment on last week. Rey says they all know Seth has been running his mouth trying to upset his family. Seth can’t even control his own house so now he’s trying to disrupt his. Dominik and Aliyah are his kids, he is their family. Him and Angie have worked very hard to build a strong family. His kids have been his whole life since the day they were born and it takes a truly sick human being to fabricate the kind of lies that Seth Rollins has.

Dominik says this has gone on way too long and way too far. Next time he sees Seth, he’ll put an end to this. Jerry says Seth may be lying because they saw no documentation. But we did see Aliyah being upset by her words. He said she was naive and knows nothing about their world and that led to her walking out on them. Aliyah says she doesn’t know what to think about Murphy. What she does know is whoever surrounds themselves with people like Seth needs to re-evaluate their life choices, Seth is a fraud.

Rollins appears on the tron and laughs. Says he knows he might be the last person in the world that they want to see and he completely understands. But what he has to tell them is important. And this will bother him just as much as it bothers them but he has to tell them the truth. The truth is that one of them aren’t being 100% honest with the family. The truth is that Aliyah might not be telling the truth in regards to how she feels about his disciple Murphy. And he knows, why would you believe him when you can take it from her? He shows a screenshot of Murphy’s phone where Aliyah slid into his DMs to wish him well and also wish him a Happy Birthday.

Mysterios storm out of the ring. Meanwhile Murphy confronts Rollins about what he just did. Seth says he thinks he can lie about things? He laughs at him and says he’s the disciple. Murphy grabs Seth by the collar and he laughs on until Dominik jumps Murphy! They brawl until officials pull them apart.

Natalya and Lana are in the ring and demand that Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler be stripped of their tag titles. Lana says they should be handed to them, the only reason we have women’s tag titles is because of Natalya and her. That’s a wonderful heel line, these two were not a thing when the women’s tag titles were made. Adam Pearce comes out and says the titles will not be vacated but he will give Lana and Nattie a match against Raw’s newest additions to the division: Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke!

Natalya & Lana vs. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Mandy and Dana take over on Nattie with suplexes and cartwheel kicks. Nattie blocks a back body drop and Lana tags herself in, trips Dana up and kicks her for a 2 count. Lana gets her in a side headlock. Mandy fights her way up, body shots until she gets tripped to the mat. Lana celebrates, gets a cheap shot on Mandy, Dana rolls her up but the ref is dealing with Rose. Dana with an enziguri, tag to Rose and she clotheslines both women! Inverted Gutwrench that was a DANGEROUS landing, nearfall! Dana pulls Nattie to the floor, Rose with a Pump Knee for the win!

Winners: Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Lana with a dangerous bump three weeks in a row.

Aleister Black says Kevin has a knack for betraying people that rely on him. “I’m sorry Aleister, I was with my family”. Black says that family to him represents pain after what his father did to him. He asks him if he’s talked to his son about his betrayal. Asks if he can forgive and forget, because he will not. He takes off his blindfold and he has a contact for his injured eye to make it blacker.

Kevin Owens vs. Aleister Black

Black is yet another who had to lose his CFO$ theme I guess. Owens quickly batters him around. Black whips him to the opposite corner for a charging avalanche, snapmare and front facelock. Owens takes him to his feet and drives him into the corner. Knife edge chops. Black with a back elbow takes him to the second rope. Black with a roundhouse kick, Owens avoids it, punches him in the face. Power whip into the corner. Black wins a chop exchange and chokes him in the ropes.

Whips him to the ropes for a back elbow. Stomp to the chest. Black fires back. Grinds his knee into his face. Owens with a roll up for 2. Kevin chops him, whips, Black with a boot up but Owens with an immediate clothesline! Whips him for another one! Half Senton! THROWS him with a German Suplex and Black falls out of the ring! Owens with a brutal Senton off the apron! Commercial break. Owens with a DDT on the way back for a 2 count! Black takes the legs out from under him with a roll, stomps him into the mat. Kicks him in the back. Owens fights up, chops to the chest, Black with a roundhouse kick sends him into the corner. Grinds his knee into his face.

Owens fights back but Black with a snapmare, PK! Damn that looked like it landed. Black with a nearfall, then starts a cravate. Owens snapmares his way out of it but Black with a roundhouse kick for a nearfall! Owens avoids a Pump Kick, Superkick lands for a nearfall! Owens goes up top but Black cuts him off. Hooks him for a superplex. Owens fights him, knocks him to the mat. Looks for the Senton Bomb but Black gets the knees up! Pump Knee Strike, close nearfall! He just covers again for another one and then a third time!

Black kicks Owens into the ropes, ref has to pull him off. Black gets in his face for a long while. He turns around to a closed fist from Owens. He pummels him in the ropes, ref sneaks up behind him and gets an arrant elbow to the ribs and he falls to the mat, calls for the bell.

Winner: Kevin Owens (by DQ)

Black is furious at the referee, doesn’t know that he hit him. As the announcement is made, Owens gets him with a Stunner!

Hurt Business bumps into Ali backstage. They shove him, Apollo Crews and Ricochet materialize to get between him and them. I guess they remembered Ali was their friend too!

24/7 Championship: R-Truth (c) vs. Drew Gulak vs. Akira Tozawa

Gulak and Tozawa quickly start double teaming him in the corner. Body shots in the opposite corner. Power whip to yet another opposite corner. Gulak breaks up the pin, then Tozawa breaks up the pin. R-Truth with a double clothesline, covers both for 2 counts. Double teaming ensues again, Back Suplex but Gulak drags Tozawa off the cover. Gulak with an arm wringer, Akira stomps him and then wrings the opposite arm! The heels keep struggling to not turn on each other though and keep screwing each other out of pin opportunities. Gulak deposits Tozawa to the floor. Truth with body shots on his way back up, Gulak with a body slam into the Gulock! Tozawa scales the top rope, Truth escapes just as Tozawa nails Gulak with a Senton Atomico! Truth with a Gordbuster to Tozawa, Attitude Adjustment sends Gulak onto Tozawa and Truth overcomes the odds just like his childhood hero John Cena!

Winner: R-Truth

Nothing says killing time quite like an actual match for the 24/7 title.

Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose are interviewed backstage. Mandy says she’s had some ups and downs but Dana has always been there for her and she’s an incredible athlete. They put each other over and say they’ll be going for whoever wins the eventual Women’s tag title match, the one planned for Clash is still going to happen down the road I suppose.

Buddy Murphy vs. Dominik Mysterio

Dominik charges him into the corner. Buddy with a boot, they brawl around the mat. Murphy stomps him into the mat. Dominik deposits him, but he pulls Murphy out of the ring and drives him into the barrier. Throws him back inside and goes up top! Buddy rolls out of the ring, Dominik wants a Baseball Slide but he avoids it, Dominik sends him into the announce desk! Murphy throws him over the table! Goes back inside for a count out attempt but then he decides to reset it and grabs him, drives him into the apron. They batter each other around in the ring, Dominik takes over and slams his face into the buckle.

Big forearm drops Murphy! Dominik with a back elbow, hits the ropes, Murphy with a Buisaku Knee! Buddy stomps him into the mat, kick to the ribs! Dominik with a Jawbreaker on the way up, Murphy fights back with a combination of kicks! Stomp of the foot to try and lead into the knee strike but Dominik avoids it and bounces him off the turnbuckle, Around-The-World DDT lands! Dominik continues with the stomps until the ref pulls him off, twice. Dominik drives him into the apron and barricade. He throws him into the ring.

Dominik takes up a kendo stick! But now Aliyah comes out to tell him to stop. The brother and sister argue, she wants him to put the weapon down, he tells her to get out of here. Dominik rolls into the ring, he keeps yellign at Aliyah until Murphy rolls him up for what really doesn’t look like a three count but is called one.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

Dominik pursues him out of the ring, nails him with the kendo stick a few times but Aliyah pleads for him to stop, says he’s not like Seth. Dominik argues with her and says dad’s right, she is naive. Aliyah slaps him and storms off.

Dolph Ziggler talks with Adam Pearce about the open challenge, though he knows he isn’t eligible, but he still knows the perfect guy.

Hurt Business comes out. MVP says the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over. Cedric Alexander had a slip-up against Apollo last week, that’s why they sent him to the Hurt Business boot camp. He told Crews that they would repo the US championship and he would NEVER see it again. Apollo stepped to Lashley, Lashley took his championship and he got dropped. Then at Clash of Champions he stepped to Lashley again, same result, he got dropped.

Apollo Crews, Ricochet & Mustafa Ali vs. The Hurt Business

Bobby starts out with Ali, faces clear the Hurt Business apron and then triple team Lashley. MVP pulls Ali to the floor and drives him int othe steps. Benjamin takes it to Ricochet on the outside. Lashley drives Crews into the barrier, the bell might not have sounded… lights start flickering? Retribution aren’t even supposed to be here according to rumors, but they can still flash their logo. Commercial break.

Shelton Benjamin clotheslines Apollo Crews. Side headlock. Crews fights his way up but MVP tags in. Looks for a running Big Boot, Crews sidesteps. Lashley with a cheap shot to the apron, Crews with a German Suplex. MVP with a corner charge but he gets the boots up, they both go for the tag. Simultags, Ricochet with a springboard crossbody to Benjamin! Uppercuts, Springboard Moonsault! Running Shooting Star for a nearfall! Ricochet with a Pheonix Splash attempt off the second rope, Shelton avoids it and Ricochet lands on his feet, Benjamin with a running knee in the corner!

MVP tags in, Double Pancake. Ricochet avoids a shot, tag to Ali who gets a couple clotheslines in, ducks a line, charging dropkick! Neckbreaker out of the corner, Lashley pulls Ali off the cover and to the floor! Crews with a baseball slide saves Ali, Asai Moonsault onto Lashley! Ricochet with a huge Flying Senton to Benjamin! Ali and MVP exchange roll-ups, MVP kicks out, Ali with a Satellite DDT! 450 Splash off the top rope and Ali gets a victory!!

Winner: Apollo Crews, Ricochet & Mustafa Ali

Eyyy always nice to see Ali get a win on TV!

Bianca Belair vignette plays. She is the only one dressed like an olympic runner for a race and she destroys everyone. On a second attempt she gives a huge headstart and wins anyway. On the third time she also leaps over hurdles and still wins!

Retribution vignette as well.

McIntyre makes his way out for the open challenge. Asks who’s ready to step up? He starts to stall, until Dolph Ziggler comes out, not dressed to wrestle. He says this is gonna be special… and it’s Robert Roode!

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Robert Roode

Roode ducks a grapple, kicks to the legs. Takes him into the corner. Ref forces a break but he still gets a cheap shot to the leg, chop to the chest. Wants a single leg, McIntyre knocks him away, shot to the face. Roode escapes behind him, kicks to the leg. Roode tries a floatover off a whip but gets kicked out of the air and falls to the floor! McIntyre on the outside nails a Reverse Alabama Slam onto the apron, brutal! Commercial break.

McIntyre hooks Roode for a Superplex as we come back, Roode crotches him to block it! Puts him in a Tree of Woe! Looking for a double stomp it looks like but McIntyre spiders up for an Overhead Suplex! McIntyre stalks, wants the Claymore but Ziggler pulls him out of the ring to save him. Drew pulls Ziggler up to the apron by the hair, tosses him into the ring! Roode with a chop block to McIntyre, stomps and an elbow drop to his leg. Slams the leg into the ringpost!

McIntyre kicks him away and goes out there with him, Roode with a leg kick. Slams his knee onto the announce desk! Throws him into the ring, locks him into a Figure Four Leglock! McIntyre reverses the pressure and Roode grabs the rope to break it! Drew with a Glasgow Kiss! Clothesline, whip to the ropes, Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex! And a second one! Kip-up! But no, that leg gives way! Roode with a Spinebuster! Nearfall!

McIntyre sidesteps him into the corner, Roode gets a boot up on a charge. McIntyre ducks a line, wants the Future Shock DDT but Roode blocks it with a double leg and jacknife for 2, McIntyre on the way back up manages to hit the Future Shock DDT for a nearfall! Ziggler on the apron to distract him, McIntyre knocks him off the apron, turns around – Glorious DDT!! NEARFALL! Roode pulls him up for a second one, McIntyre shoves him away, ducks a line, Claymore! And that is that.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Neat surprise, good match. Even with a loss, I could definitely think of plenty of worse ways to bring Roode back.

There’s… a shot of a janitor walking around pushing a cart. He’s masked. He takes up a steel chair. He waits outside the Legends Lounge. Takes the hood down and the mask off and it’s Randy Orton. He turn puts on some rad goggles. Opens the door and barges into the room. Pulls the goggles down and turns the lights off, we just hear a ton of chair shot sound effects and crashing noises. This is hilarious. Afterwards Orton leaves the room, puts the getup back on and directs medics into the room. That’s… how the show ends. Okay.

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