AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

It’s that time of the week again, y’all. Another episode of AEW Dynamite is soon at hand. I’m Jordan Huie AKA the One Zeel One, and you’re here at 1Z1 Pro Wrestling. As usual, I’ll be giving you the live recap of the show as it airs. That means a play-by-play for every match. Watch this space!

Going right into the action! We see a video of somebody cutting a promo on Starks on Darby’s behalf. Says it takes more than a bodybag and a couple of thumbtacks to bury Darby Allin and he’ll find that out right now.

Ricky Starks vs. Darby Allin

Starks with a slap across the face! Darby with a dropkick takes him to the floor! Darby pursues, throws him right back in. Starks hits the ropes, tries for a Spear but Darby counters into a Guillotine! Ricky fights his to his feet, Darby with a wristlock takedown. Takes him off the mat with a beautiful arm drag and an armbar cinched in, Starks with a grab of the ropes for the break. Slips to the apron.

Darby looks for a suplex, Ricky tries to counter it. Darby gets taken to the apron, but he suplexes Starks right onto it! Starks staggers his way up on the floor, Darby with a Suicide Dive wiping him out! Takes him slowly up into the ring but before he can, out comes Brian Cage down the ramp! Darby stares him down but out comes Will Hobbs to intercept! The big men brawl back up the ramp and through the tunnel. Darby grabs Starks’ wrist again but Ricky counters, whipping him off the apron and onto the floor, a brutal arm drag!

Takes him back into the ring, elbow drop to the spine! Pummels him in the corner, chops into the ropes! Power whip to the corner! And then to the opposite corner! Darby with the boots up on a charge. Looks for a dropkick but Ricky counters into a Single Leg Boston Crab! Starks’ back gives out though and Darby is able to escape. Starks pulls him from the mat for a Back Suplex, 2 count! Ricky with an Inverted Curbstomp for a nearfall! Looking for Roshambo, Darby escapes behind him, forearm to the back, zips in front of him for a beautiful Code Blue for a nearfall!

Fujiwara Armbar from Darby now! Double Chickenwing to prevent Starks from making it to the ropes! He crawls allll the way over and barely grabs the rope for the break! From their knees, they exchange slaps! On their feet it becomes elbows and palm strikes! Darby wins out with shots, hits the ropes, Ricky tries a chop block but Darby leaps over it, slips behind him for the OTT Stunner! Looks for a Springboard but Starks spears him out of the air for a nearfall!

Starks takes Darby up top and is looking for a Super Roshambo!! Darby escapes it though, kick to the face drops Starks to the mat! Now Darby up, Coffin Drop right onto that back! And that is that!

Winner: Darby Allin

Awesome stuff. Was really looking forward to this match, did not disappoint.

Cody makes his way out now, we’ll hear whether or not he accepts Brodie Lee’s challenge next. The answer might just surprise you!

After a quick commercial break, Dasha is in the ring with Cody. She says his injury has been a bit of a mystery, asks how he’s feeling. Cody says his trainer Al Snow once said you’ll always wrestle hurt, never wrestle injured. Had he known then what he knows now, he would’ve offered this retort: what if the injury transcends the physical? What if the breaking of the body transcends the spirit?

Says Dasha’s a good wrestler, she knows that pre-Pandemic, wrestlers used to shake hands ad nauseum backstage, something people misconstrue as respect. No, they shake hands because they need each other. Both names on the marquee, supposed to put on a big show so imagine his humiliation when he got beat in three minutes. Says after that, he got a call that few would admit to hoping for, a call from Hollywood. He went onto a new show with the stars, but who the Hell was he? He was the guy who got beaten in three minutes.

In his time off he heard the usual promos, people talking about being the future, even calling themselves the Ace. Says that could only belong to three people. Hikaru Shida, Jon Moxley or the man carrying the ace belt himself, Brodie Lee. Dasha asked if he accepts the Dog Collar challenge. Cody says the optics of a match like this, a match so violent and bloody… as the executive of this company, a title he is so happy to have, his answer is no. He turns and walks off, the crowd sounds appalled. But he stops at the stage, turns around and walks back into the ring. Says no, as in no regrets, no looking back, we enter different than we leave, TNT Title Dog Collar Match next week, he accepts!

Brodie Lee makes his way out with agents already following him, Cody and Brodie start up a brawl! Locker room empties as they get pulled apart! Brandi Rhodes comes out and ends up hitting a Flip Senton off the top onto the whole Dark Order! She ends up brawling with Anna Jay! Nyla Rose jumps the barrier and attacks Kilynn King, who was just out there to separate stuff. Brodie back into the ring charges at Cody when he sees an opening!

Tony Schiavone interviewing FTR backstage with Tully Blanchard. Tony says they thought they’d see the 20 minute Brush With Greatness with the Best Friends last week but tonight it starts with SCU. Cash says they did the Best Friends a favor, they were beaten up, they’d just gone through a war. Besides, they’re participation trophy guys, they don’t deserve a title shot. SCU on the other hand, the resume speaks for itself, they are the first AEW World Tag Team Champions. Tony asks what about the Young Bucks?

Dax says every time they’ve gotten an opportunity they blew it! Blew the tournament, blew a tag title shot against Kenny and Hangman, blew the gauntlet that FTR wins. Tony says Full Gear comes up on November 7th, and he wants to ask who they will be defending against- suddenly Matt Jackson just superkicks Shiavone! Matt acts like it was somehow an accident and walks off, FTR are baffled, saying they were right here, why not kick them?

SCU back with Dasha. Scorpio says they haven’t been together for a while but why not get on the SCU train and see where it lands them? Frankie guarantees they become tag champs for a second time. Scorpio sees Shawn Spears just standing there on their way out and he smirks, tells him good luck. Hangman Page is also on commentary for this match.

20 Minute Brush With Greatness for the AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR (c) vs. SCU

Dax gets Frankie with a side headlock. Takedown, Dax with a hammerlock. Kazarian counters into a side headlock of his own. Dax spins his way into a Front Facelock. Frankie with a hammerlock. Cover for 2. Kips up out of a headscissor. Lock-up, Dax shoots him off, Frankie with a shoulderblock, and another. Arm drag blocked, Kaz with a clothesline! Tag to Scorpio, big dropkick! Cash tags in.

Scorpio with a side headlock takedown. Cash shoots him off, Sky with a shoulder block! They exchange leapfrogs, Cash falls to the mat in front of Christopher Daniels – pretends Daniels tripped him and the ref ejects him! Off the distraction, Cash attacks Sky from behind! Scorpio dodges a corner charge, leaps over Dax, dropkick to Cash, Leg Lariat to Dax! Tag to Kazarian, double back body drop, clothesline takes Dax to the floor, back body drop sends Cash right onto him!

Kaz wants a baseball slide, FTR evade it and they surround him, Kaz tries to flee, Scorpio catches FTR with a Tope Con Hilo! Throws Cash into the ring for a cover for 2. Dax pulls Sky to the floor, he pursues him but Cash nails Scorpio with a clothesline! Commercial break. Scorpio evades a Cash charge but Dax manages to get back in time to stop the tag. Cash comes in to distract the ref as Sky gets Dax in a cradle, finally gets a nearfall. Kazarian makes the tag, clotheslines to both men, Wheel Kick to Dax, Guillotine Legdrop to Cash! Flying Forearm to Dax! Catches a kick from Cash, flips him onto his partner with a splash!

Frankie with a Northern Lights Suplex that ends up pinning both men for a nearfall! Kazarian with a Fisherman’s Buster to Cash for a nearfall! 10 minutes in, halfway to the time limit. Harwood tags in for a sunset flip, Cash dropkicks him in for the cover of 2! Dax with uppercuts to Kazarian. Kazarian escapes a Backslide, flips his way free to tag in Scorpio, Kazarian with a German Suplex, Sky with a Crucifix for a nearfall!

FTR with a double team takes Scorpio to the outside, Kazarian escapes a double clothesline, sunset flip/crossbody from SCU for a double nearfall! Pair of Cutters, Sky covers for another nearfall! Kazarian tags in, Cash tags in, double shots, Dax with a powerbomb, Dash with a Dragon Suplex for a nearfall! FTR trying to setup a Rocket Launcher but Kaz knocks Dax into Cash which crotches him up top! Kazarian now looking for a superplex! He kicks away Dax but Cash slams his face into the buckle! Tag to Dax, he wants a Doomsday Device but Kazarian counters out of the air with a Powerslam and Sky intercepts Cash, cover for a nearfall!

Sky tags in, crossbody, double roll though for a nearfall! Sky with a unique cradle for 2, Victory Roll for another! Tully holds onto Cash, Sky has to break the grip for a roll-up for 2! Cash escapes to the ramp, Sky forces him back in with a suplex! Cash rolls out of the ring to the other side, Sky wants to bring him in with another suplex but Cash lands on top of him! Tully grabs Scorpio’s legs to hold him down for the pin and that’s that!

Winners: FTR

Fun stuff, they win the same way that they got Daniels fraudulently expelled for.

They announce an eight-man tournament that leads up to Full Gear where the winner gets a shot at the AEW World title. The first three announced are Jungleboy, Rey Fenix and Kenny Omega! Hangman Page is stunned at this news and walks off.

Chris Jericho vs. Isiah Kassidy

Chris with a facewash from the get-go. He turns his back on him, Isiah charges him and pummels him, series of clotheslines! Double leg, mounting with punches! Body shots on his way up, slips between his legs for a rana! Arm drag, drop toe hold! La Magistral Cradle for a nearfall! Jericho with a charging forearm. Batters him around the ring. Another forearm lands hard. Whips him, Kassidy ducks a line, Jericho looks for the Codebreaker but Kassidy counters into a catapault sending Jericho to the floor!

He goes for a dive but Jericho blocks it! They grapple, Kassidy sends him into the crowd where he bumps into Dr. Luther. Jericho shoves him, Luther clotheslines him! Sends him into ringside, Kassidy throws him into the ring, goes up top, Senton Bomb for a nearfall! Kassidy with a chop, hits the ropes, Jericho with a Pancake. Whip to the ropes, Back Body Drop! Commercial break. We come back and Jericho gets a Vertical Suplex. Forearm drops Kassidy. Isiah with body shots, hits the ropes, Hager with a shot to the back as the referee is distracted with Jericho.

Chris wants a bulldog but Kassidy sends him into the turnbuckle and crotches him! Kassidy with a couple clotheslines, enziguri lands! Charges, Jericho takes him to the apron, Kassidy with a forearm. Springboard OTT Stunner! Nearfall! Jericho takes him to the apron, right hand to the face, wants a Springboard Dropkick but Kassidy ducks it, Jericho lands on his feet, Springboard Cutter for a nearfall! Hits the ropes, Jericho with a clothesline. Lionsault but Kassidy gets the knees up! Kassidy with a Lionsault of his own for a nearfall! Isiah follows up with a Codebreaker and he gets a nearfall! He stalks him, springboards right into the Judas Effect and that is that!

Winner: Chris Jericho

Inner Circle charges the ring to attack Kassidy but Marq Quen and Matt Hardy enter the ring quick to thwart that, Matt has a chair! On the outside, Hager and Jericho kick up a fight with Dr. Luther and Serpentico!

Kip Sabian and Miro talk on the couch. Sabian says he’s only got one bachelor party and it needs to be epic. Miro promises it will be. They toss big balls. Sabian is throwing axes in a different room, Miro is on a phone call saying he promises him Rumspringa. They’re at the arcade where Miro meets, of all people, Billy Mitchell who offers to help him out.

Best Friends are being interviewed about their mindset, FTR come in before they answer. They say there’s a spot in the main event for guys like FTR and there’s a spot in the middle of the card for comedic backyarders like Best Friends. And that’s okay! Best Friends rear back their fists and FTR flinch. Orange Cassidy calls them weenies and then they make their way to the arena.

Orange Cassidy vs. 10

10 takes Cassidy’s sunglasses and puts them on Silver’s face, he’s delighted at it. Cassidy is distracted and 10 chop blocks him. Catches a crossbody, turns it into a wild End of Days for a nearfall. Whip to the corner, big clothesline. Hoists him up for a Delayed Vertical Suplex, plants him for a 2 count. He grabs Orange’s wrists to force them into his pockets. Double thumbs up, Orange ducks a line and rolls him up for 2. 10 with a big ‘ol Spinebuster and poses! Cassidy onto the apron, 10 with a big boot takes him to the floor! Rams him into the barricade!

Throws him into the ring. 10, 5 and Silver mock the Best Friends with the big hug in front of Chuck and Trent! Cassidy up top, flying elbow takes them all out! Throws 10 into the ring, up top, Crossbody but 10 catches him again! He tries for his End of Days again but Cassidy turns it into a DDT! Elbow pad off, Superman Punch! Hoists him up for a brutal Air Raid Crash that he calls Beach Break and that’s that!

Winner: Orange Cassidy

We quickly cut backstage to MJF. Mocks his cameraman. Goes into Jericho’s room, Wardlow carries a big present in with him. Inner Circle are here as well. MJF congratulates him on his win tonight, opens up the gift. Pulls out a big jacket for Hager. Looks like he’s got matching Inner Circle jackets for the whole crew. Except… he forgot Sammy Guevara’s? Asks if it was there for Wardlow to pack? Says this is so embarrassing. MJF promises that this was not intentional. Sammy says whatever Max, what is he doing here? Jericho repeats him exactly.

Jericho says he asked him a question a long time ago and he’s picking up what he’s putting down. Asks him if he wants him to join the Inner Circle? MJF repeats Jericho almost exactly and asks if he wants him to join? They go back to their questioning back and forth from a year ago. Hager and Wardlow end up squaring up as things get tense. But the leaders wave them off. Jericho says this was a classy move, a very MJF move. Max says it was a very Chris Jericho move to notice. They make their leave somewhat peacefully. Sammy starts to call MJF a loser but Jericho cuts him off and says, “Perhaps he’s not…”

Britt Baker makes her way out, she’s making her in-ring return tonight.

Britt Baker vs. Red Velvet

Lock-up. Britt with a wristlock, Velvet rolls through, reverses. Baker with a takedown, 2 count. Baker with a headscissor cinched in, Double Chickenwing, rolled into a 2 count. Baker with a shot to the face as they make their way up, Velvet with an arm drag but Britt holds onto the wrist. Big headlock. Baker pulls her up, big forearm. Grappling, Baker with a Sweeping Clothesline! Butterfly Suplex. Kicks her facefirst into the ropes repeatedly, trying to break her teeth. Whips her, Slingblade! Pulls her right back up, wants the Neckbreaker but Velvet rolls her up for 2 – Superkick from Baker! Hooks her, Fisherman’s Neckbreaker! Pulls her up for a boot to the head and pins her.

Winner: Britt Baker

After the match, Baker pulls her into the Lockjaw! Rebel even gives her a surgeon’s glove to really torque it in!

Eddie Kingston comes out with a referee, and the Lucha Bros. After a commercial, Kingston makes sure to note that the ref is his friend of eighteen years. He wants to break things down for anyone dumb enough to not watch Dynamite last week. Says he got put into a Bulldog Choke and he did not tap. But your world champion, Big Bad Jon Moxley was so pissed off that he called Tony Khan and decided that he’ll take out an open contract and Kingston gets to pick the person he fights. Eddie says they beat each other up pretty well and he’s not feeling up to it. Before he discloses the man who’s gonna kick his ass, he wants to talk to a friend of his.

Says to Remsburg that he never tapped or said he quit, so what gave him the right and the balls to ring that bell? Bryce tells him he was unresponsive. They go back for eighteen years, but this is their professional life and in a world title match, it’s his job to protect him from himself. Eddie drops the mic and Fenix and Pentagon bow up, the ref is surrounded… Moxley’s music hits! And he comes out with a Barbed Wire Bat! The heels leave the ring as Mox enters, Eddie demands they cut the music. As he distracts him, out comes the Butcher behind him! Mox says he’s fighting him tonight, ring the bell!

AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. The Butcher

Mox turns around right into a lariat! Uranage plants him! Pulls him to his feet, forearm to the chest drops him! Chops him into the corner. Mox fights back with forearms, hits the ropes but another clothesline drops him! Knee drop to the chest! Chokes him into the second rope, Kingston yells in Mox’s face! Commercial break.

We come back to see that during the break Butcher blocks a suicide dive, rams his leg into the apron! Mox fights back in the ring, Neckbreaker, PK for a 2 count! Cross Armbreaker! Butcher escapes it and transitions to a Single Leg Boston Crab! Mox rolls to his back but Butcher pounds him with forearms! Hoists him onto his shoulders for an Oklahoma Stampede, nearfall! Back into the Single Leg Crab. Mox fights back up and wants the Paradigm Shift, Butcher double legs into a Stretch Muffer but Mox is able to fend that off, still ends up in a brutal single leg hold!

Mox fights his way to his feet but eats a clothesline! Rolls to the outside. Moxley has been on the defensive pretty much the whole time. Mox with a sidestep of a crossbody and Butcher gets sent right into the barrier! They fight their way back into the ring, exchange of forearms. Mox wins out momentarily but his leg gives out when he hits the ropes, Butcher with a Crossbody for 2! Exchange of forearms on the way back up, Mox slips behind him for a German but Butcher escapes, Pumphandle Uranage for a nearfall! Butcher with a legdrop, 2 count.

Fight goes up top, Mox with a Superplex but Butcher holds onto his leg! Mox rolls through to send him into the turnbuckle pad, kick to the gut, Piledriver lands! Nearfall! They fight their way up, Butcher with a Crossbody for a nearfall! Mox ducks a line, sudden Paradigm Shift! And now he’s got him in the Bulldog Choke and that is that, Butcher taps!

Winner: Jon Moxley

And that is the show!

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