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It’s Monday again and boy doesn’t everyone love Mondays?! Another edition of WWE Raw is upon us. I’m Jordan Huie aka the One Zeel One and you are at 1Z1 Pro Wrestling, where as always, I’ll be giving you the live recap of the show as it comes! Watch this space~!

We first see a backstage promo from Randy Orton. Says he should’ve left Clash of Champions with the WWE title but instead he left in an Ambulance. He doesn’t remember much of that ride but he does remember the match. Big Show chokeslamming him through the announce table. Being ambushed by Christian. Shawn Michaels kicking him between the eyes. And he remembers McIntyre kicking him exactly where he kicked him, and somehow he even remembers Ric Flair was driving.

In those moments, he saw nothing but complete darkness. He felt nothing but excruciating pain. Fast forward 24 hours and Drew McIntyre stood inside that ring with his mentors on Raw and celebrated. Just recalling that sight makes him sick. They laughed, they smiled. They even played poker. Toasted with 2/3rds of his opponents tonight. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. After the actions they took, he felt obligated to treat them with a much needed reintroduction to the Legend Killer. Says when the Ambulance closed, each of those men saw the darkness he saw and felt his pain. With super rad nightvision goggles he could see every bit of it. Saws Big Show flailed wildly hoping he could hit something, so he broke each of his hands and left him laying.

He says Christian had his head on a swivel looking everywhere for help but there was none. Orton whispered into his ear, “Say hi to Edge for me” and dropped him. Explains that HBK raised a chair above his head, but he took it from him and nothing could stop him from kicking him in his skull. By then Ric Flair had just about made it to the door, he almost escaped until Orton grabbed him by the shoulder and sealed his fate. He wishes he could’ve seen Drew’s reaction. He still has Hell to pay. Tells Drew to tell anyone that will listen that he wants to cement his legacy as WWE Champion. That legacy will be waiting for him if he survives one more WWE Championship match against him inside Hell In A Cell.

Drew McIntyre bursts into the room! He attacks him, chokes him against the wall, batters him onto a loveseat and pounds him! Officials have to separate them.

Six-woman tag match up next.

Asuka, Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose vs. Zelina Vega, Lana & Natalya

Nattie and Dana start out. Exchange of cradles, Dana with an Around The World Headscissor takedown! Tag to Mandy Rose, double delayed suplex! Cover for 2. Zelina pulls Asuka off the apron on the outside, the distraction allows Natalya to trip Mandy for a 2 count. Batters her into the heel corner, Zelina tags herself in and gets a pump kick in for a 2 count. Rolls her into a modified Octopus Stretch, Mandy rolls through for a 2 count. Vega with another cheap shot to Asuka, back to the heel corner.

Lana tags in, Nattie holds Mandy in place for a sliding knee. Nattie tags in, body slam to Rose. Back elbow to Dana Brooke, Natalya tries a Sharpshooter but Rose kicks her away, Asuka and Lana simultag! Asuka with an immediate Hip Attack to Vega knocking her off the apron, runs through Lana, Hip Attack in the corner nailed! Kicks Vega and Nattie when they charge in, Pop-Up Knee Lift to Lana, Sliding Knee Strike but Natalya breaks it up! Lana elbows Asuka over to the corner, Mandy blind tags in, Lana ducks an Asuka clothesline but Mandy surprises Lana with a Pump Knee Strike and gets the pin!

Winners: Asuka, Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose

As Natalya is tending to Lana in the ring, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler make their way out! Nattie actually has to drag Lana out of the ring. Oh no… they surround them. Nia gets Natalya with a headbutt! She hoists her onto her shoulders, but Lana pulls her free. So Nia grabs Lana instead and you’ve got to be kidding me. A THIRD Samoan Drop through the table, is this supposed to be this transparent?

R-Truth has himself a Mock Draft board backstage. Says he has Little Jimmy going third overall to SmackDown. He doesn’t want him to be on the same brand as ninja ghost Tozawa. Hooded custodian goes after him with a broom, Truth yells that he won’t let Randy Orton get him, he slips on the wet floor said custodian created and he pins him to take the 24/7 title. Pulls the hood down and it’s Drew Gulak. Says “see you next fall”.

MVP comes up to Ali, Ricochet and Cedric. Says since they’re young and green and he’s the experienced vet, he knows their career could change in a snap in a draft. Says he was on SmackDown, a nobody doing nothing, gets drafted to Raw and becomes a champion. He wants to offer them a spot in the Hurt Business. Cedric said no several times as well. Doesn’t matter if you’re red or blue, if you get drafted to black-and-gold, business is booming. Says they’re on the clock. Apollo tells them not to worry and takes Ali along, Ricochet seems to be having second thoughts.

Dramatic vignette of the Mysterios/Rollins & Murphy saga. Rollins and Murphy are standing in the ring. Seth holds his hand out. Murphy doesn’t move. Seth urges him to give him his mic. Seth growls at him, says we talked about this earlier in the week, now is not the time or the place. Demands he give him the mic. Buddy speaks into the mic, says he needs to get something off his chest. Says for months he’s done everything he’s wanted of him and more. But the last couple of weeks… if Seth wants him to still be his disciple, he needs him to apologize. In fact he wants him to apologize to Aalyah. Seth laughs.

Buddy says he gets that he despises Rey- Seth knocks the mic out of his hand and howls at him, telling him that he saved him! Messiah! Disciple! That’s how this relationship works! He wants him to apologize to Aalyah for what?! Seth went EASY on her! He could’ve exposed ALL the DMs that they shared! The ones where she says her true feelings about her family, he could’ve put that out there! Demands he gets it through his head. Disciple. Messiah. Finally Dominik’s music hits. Glad to see Humberto and Dominik are still a thing atleast for now.

Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy vs. Dominik Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo

Faces take the fight to them quickly, bell hasn’t rang yet but Dominik and Humberto get Buddy with a double team. They take the heels to the floor, tope and crossbody off the top combo! Commercial break. We come back to see Rollins with a back elbow to Dominik. Tag to Murphy who stomps him into the corner. Quick tags and isolation, Seth is telling him not to tag in unless he tells him to tag in. Disciple, Messiah! Dominik with shots to both men, runs for his corner but Seth hoists him up into a Gutbuster, cover for a 2 count! Abdominal Stretch, Dominik escapes with a Jawbreaker but eats a Slingblade. Murphy had run in to intercept but Seth gets in his face about him tagging in.

This lets Carrillo tag in, crossbody to both of them! Clothesline to Murphy, big boot takes Rollins to the floor, Missile Dropkick to Murphy for a 2 count! Rollins apparently distracts him, Murphy rolls him up for 2. Plants him with a DDT, Dominik breaks it up. Seth pulls Dominik to the floor, Buddy out there to dump him over the barrier. He tries to help Seth up but he shoves him away and screams he doesn’t need him. Carillo with a tope! Throws Murphy into the ring, comes flying off the top, BRUTAL PUMP KNEE RIGHT TO THE FACE FROM MURPHY! This gets the pin!

Winner: Buddy Murphy

Buddy decides to leave without Rollins and hilariously Seth seems baffled.

Adam Pearce is confronted by Braun. He says he knows Raw Underground isn’t happening tonight but he came here for a reason. He wants a fight. Pearce says he’s not a Raw superstar so he can’t give him an official match. Maybe the Draft will change that. Braun protests but Pearce says while he can’t give him an official match he can give him an exhibition. Braun accepts this and leaves, Keith Lee appears… and says sign him up!

Seth Rollins confronts Buddy Murphy backstage. Yells that he is the Messiah and he apologizes for nothing. After the last two weeks he thinks Buddy needs to apologize to him. If he wants to be his disciple, he has until 10 PM to find him and apologize or there will be Hell to pay.

Kevin Owens is here for the KO Show. He’s a bit glum. Says usually he’s excited but tonight’s KO Show has a different feel because he feels different. He’s felt this way for a couple days and couldn’t put his finger on it. But he knows why, people are right when they say that when the Fiend touches you, you change. Because he feels changed. SmackDown was his first time experiencing the Fiend’s presence, and it’s still with him. The anger, the agony, the dread. He says that’s why tonight’s different because tonight’s KO SHow isn’t about a nice chat with his guest. He tosses the chairs and signs out of the ring, says tonight’s KO Show is about this. Shows a video of last Friday.

Kev says it’s hard to find the words to explain how the Mandible Claw felt. He was ripping the breath from him, he was paralyzed. He doesn’t get these dark, tortured souls, why they seem to have a problem with him. What’s it gonna be next week, the Brood?! Ministry of Darkness?! Says all he cares about is Bray Wyatt coming down here so they can have a little chat, face to face and incredibly this works.

Bray appears on the tron and waves. Says hi, Monday Night Raw! It’s so nice of Kevin to have him on his show. That’s what friends do! And he’s his new friend! It’s always nice making friends. TO have someone to play ball with, have sleepovers, make a mess fingerpainting or even bury a body together in the woods! Friends are great. But Huskus and Rabbit don’t want to leave the Funhouse, scared of the draft. Bray says not to worry. Wrote a song about friends and it’s pretty terrible~!

Bray asks for Owens to sing too. Kevin says he will not sing, it’s the only thing worse than seeing his demented Mr. Rogers reboot. Says him and Bray aren’t friends but they could’ve been if he hadn’t attacked him on Friday. Demands that he come to the ring so he doesn’t have to wait until Friday to beat the hell out of him. Bray says that’s not nice. He doesn’t like bullies and neither does he. As for him and Ms. Bliss, well that’s none of his business! It’s clear he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. But he will. So consider this a warning, that’s what friends are for! Owens says he knows what that translates to, he said he won’t wait until Friday. So he’ll come to him first. Owens marches down the ramp but from behind Aleister Black attacks! Black Mass!

Drew McIntyre backstage. He says the interviewer must have a bunch of questions about Randy Orton, he wants to just sum it up. Every time he is in the same building as Randy Orton, he will beat his ass. Says Randy is the one locked in the Cell with him and he won’t send him to purgatory, he’ll send him straight to Hell.

Now out comes Braun Strowman for this Exhibition Match. It’s akin to AEW’s Unsanctioned matches in that it won’t count towards the W/L records that they supposedly keep for these people.

Exhibition Match: Braun Strowman vs. Keith Lee

Lock-up, grappling for position. Lee with a headlock, Braun shoots him off, Lee with a shoulder block. Braun barely budges. But on the second attempt he sends him several steps back, but Braun bounces back with a dropkick taking him to the floor! Braun goes outside, rushes around the ring but Lee with a body blow to stop him. Knees to the gut, whip into the steps reversed! Aaaaaand seriously, a double count out, that quick?

Winner: Absolutely Nobody

Strowman yells at the ref and then charges at Lee, drives both of them right through the barricade. Officials demand Strowman leave but Lee rises! He takes the fight back to him, drives him into the LED board and then spears him right off the stage through a couple of tables!

Bianca Belair vignette shows her playing party games. She explains scientifically why the sky appears blue, gives info on Genghis Khan, Chess, Octopuses and Plato. Also says Michael Jordan was the GOAT before her. Decides to tell her friends to just let her know who finishes second behind her. She’s the smart-EST.

Drew Gulak is running around with his title. Says he’ll write about this one day in his book. R-Truth appears behind him and accues Randy Orton of having the worst Gulak disguise ever. Gulak tries to take off but he knocks over a trash can and falls to the ground. Akira Tozawa was hiding in it. They both glower at each other. The three men fight into the dumpster. Referee somehow counts a fall without even seeing what’s happening in there and R-Truth becomes the 24/7 Champion again.

Hurt Business comes to the ring. MVP with a mic says he wants to clear up some confusion about last week. Apollo, Ricochet and Mustafa Ali did not beat them. They win a match sometimes but they never win the fight. They’re very talented young men though, so talented that he offered them a position in the Hurt Business. But last week would not have happened without the interference of Retribution. He’s putting them on notice. T-Bag, him and his squad wants to run around and play tough but they’ll learn. When they see the black and gold, prepare to fold. They can wear their masks and pretend to be dangerous, but they fit the description.

Faces comes out to the stage, Mustafa mocks them for Retribution’s logo scaring them. Says they lost because they pushed him and he pushed back. Apollo says they always have excuses. Ricochet says he knows he gave them until the end of the night to join the Hurt Business but he didn’t want to keep them waiting. He looks all tense… smiles and says, “It’s a PASS!” Faces laugh and MVP is disgruntled. MVP says he’s about to be on the business end of a hurtin’. Ricochet says that’s been the case for a long time and he’s not running. MVP wants them to ring the bell and he wants them to punish them with special emphasis on Ricochet.

Shelton Benjamin & Bobby Lashley vs. Ricochet & Apollo Crews

Shelton with a waistlock, Ricochet reverses, looks for a sunset flip but Benjamin turns it into a modified Fujiwara Armbar, Ricochet escapes to the rope. We… have a “Deadline To Apologize” graphic on the screen, a timer counting down until Rollins’ ultimatum. I don’t know what to say. Meanwhile Lashley tags in, Ric with a boot up on a charge, Missile Dropkick, tag to Crews! Double clothesline sends Lashley to the floor! Commercial break.

After the break, we see Lashley taking it to Ricochet in the ring. Delayed Vertical Suplex! Nails him with a Flatliner for a nearfall! Shelton tags in, Ricochet with a trip, tag to Crews who comes in with a series of double axe handles! Book up off a charge, crossbody from the second rope! Hoists him up and drives him into the corner, shoulder thrusts. Shelton charges right into a Spinebuster! Standing Moonsault for a 2 count, Bobby breaks it up. Ricochet in the ring, Superkick to Lashley! And a second one, still hasn’t dropped him! Lashley hoists him up for an extremely impressive Dominator! Crews knocks him from the ring but Shelton gets him with a German Suplex! Lashley tags in. Stalks for the Spear. Crews leaps over him though! Enziguri to the head! Hits the ropes, Lashley with a Chokeslam! Stalks again! And this time he goes for the Hurt Lock and Crews has to tap.

Winners: Hurt Business

This feud is really starting to feel endless. Though, it’s possible the Draft will alter it significantly.

Aalyah meets up with Buddy. He apologizes, this whole Seth thing has gone way out of hand. Aalyah says it’s not his fault and it’s not her he needs to worry about, it’s Seth. Asks if he’s really considering apologizing to him? Buddy thinks and says “kinda”.

Hurt Business walking around backstage, they meet up with Mustafa. Says he must be out of his mind. He says yeah he’s alone right now and he may be alone out there later but he wants MVP to bring both of his guys with him.

Seth Rollins comes out, the deadline is up. He asks for Murphy to come out and give his apology. Murphy looks anxious. Seth says this will be quick and easy and we can move forward. Buddy hesitates. Seth says come on, what does he have to think about, he’s had a whole hour to mull this over. Let’s move on and serve the greater good. Asks what’s eating at him? Apologize and get this over with! Murphy says nothing.

Seth says he doesn’t want to go down this road. He’s seen first-hand what happens to those who stand in the way. They’ve been through so much together. He plucked him from obscurity and saved his career. He made him the man he is. All he has to do is apologize. Starts to get mad and yells at him to apologize NOW. Says he made him who he is. Buddy looks pissed. Seth facewashes him. Murphy double legs him and pounds him! They battle it out on the mat!

Buddy with a high kick sends Rollins to the floor! They fight over the announce table. Rollins throws him into the barricade and nails him with body shots. Buddy reverses though, slams him into the apron! Rollins grabs a Kendo Stick but Murphy drives him into the barrier and picks it up instead! Nails him in the gut! Takes him into the ring and keeps nailing him with the kendo stick, Buddy yells at him to apologize. Seth says he’s sorry but Murphy says not to him – to Aalyah! Seth looks around for her, Buddy nails him again and Seth apologizes to Aalyah, says he didn’t mean to bring her into this.

Rollins turtles up and begs him off. Says he’s done enough. Murphy slowly lowers the kendo stick. Drops it. Seth leaps at him and gouges at his eyes! Takes the stick to his back, nails him across the back of the head! And now he’s wearing him out on the mat! Finally he breaks it over him and then goes out for a chair. When he comes back in, Aalyah is in the ring to protect Murphy. She asks Seth to stop. Dominik comes down to the ring. Rey and Angie are soon behind. Seth retreats. Dominik and Rey are both trying to talk sense into Aalyah and they have her leave Murphy behind, though she clearly doesn’t want to.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax (c) vs. The Riott Squad

Riott Squad quickly trips Nia down, Liv piggybacks on Ruby for a double Senton, 2 count! Ruby tags in, Nia knocks Liv down and puts Riott in the Tree of Woe! Running hip attack. Tag to Shayna, throws Ruby into the apron. Takes her into the ring, cover for 2. Hooks an arm, grinds her boot into the face. Sets the arm up for her stomp and casually hits it. That was putting people on the shelf months ago, now it’s just a move I guess. Shayna throws the bum arm into the mat, pulls her up and throws her from the ring. Nia slams Ruby into the apron repeatedly as we go to commercial break.

We come back to see Shayna knocking around Ruby in the ring, roundhouse kicks to the chest. Ruby is asking for more! Dodges a kick, rolls her up for 2. Wants the tag but Shayna pulls her back, Ruby with a punch, tag to Liv! She comes in clobbering Baszler! Nia blind tags in as Liv hits an enziguri on Baszler. Boot up on a charge, rana sends Nia facefirst into the second buckle! Charging elbows on opposite corners until Jax stops her with a clothesline! Nia pulls her up, Morgan looks for another rana but Nia pulls her up, Liv escapes to her feet but is dropped with a headbutt.

Shayna tags in, Nia holds Liv for body shots. Morgan manages to escape, tag to Ruby who takes over on Baszler, Tornado DDT to Shayna as Liv tags in again, double stomp to the back, cover for a nearfall! Tags Ruby again. She looks for the Riott Kick but Nia Jax in runs through Liv. Ruby with a shot to Nia but Shayna whips her down into a knee to the face, Kirifuda Clutch! Nia holds Liv down as Ruby taps!

Winners: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

Shayna’s not letting go, Ruby’s eyes rolls into the back of her head as Liv desperately rips Shayna off of her.

Street Profits talk up being in the main event of Monday Night Raw. Angelo says they don’t need nightvision goggles to see Orton. They look up to the legends that Orton destroyed. Montez says tonight they’re coming for him and it will not be out of nowhere. Drew walks with them to the ring, I guess. Seems like it might be a long walk.

Mustafa Ali vs. MVP

Lock-up. MVP with a knee to the gut. Body slam. Knee drop to the chest. Cover for 2. Power whip to the corner, clothesline flips Ali onto his face! Rolls him over for a couple of covers and kickouts. Ali ducks a line, dropkick takesh im to the floor! MVP reconvening with Shelton and Lashley. He decides the whole group is going back in the ring with him! Ali is cornered. But now the lights are flashing again. Retribution’s logo appears and they’re here, earlier than I expected.

Winner: N/A

Or maybe there’s some body doubles here, that’s actually likely. Ali decides to square up on the Hurt Business’ side… then he rushes out of the ring to face off with T-Bar and Mace. Suddenly he smirks and turns around, points and yells “Get ’em”. Retribution assaults the Hurt Business.

Ali poses at the center of Retribution and puts his hand up, turns it into a fist.

Drew McIntyre & The Street Profits vs. Randy Orton, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler

McIntyre takes over on Roode quickly, throws Ziggler out of the ring, Orton tries a surprise RKO but McIntyre deposits him as well. Throws Roode out with Ziggler, Ford gets them both with a tope as the main eventers stare each other down. Commercial break. Ford takes control over Ziggler as we come back, big dropkick to Dolph, one for Roode too. Ford escapes a back suplex attempt, nails one of his own to Dolph. Standing Moonsault for a 2 count. Ziggler manages to tag out to Roode who takes over, battersh im, takes him to the heel corner and Orton tags in, quickly pulls Ford over and Back Suplexes him onto the announce table. I guess they took the time to replace it after the first one got broken, they usually don’t.

Pulls him into the ring, European Uppercuts. Taunts him over his inability to tag out. Trips him to the mat. Randy distracts himself with McIntyre, Ford lands a DDT. Drew tags in as does Ziggler, McIntyre with a series of clotheslines, big Overhead Belly To Belly. Knocks Roode off the apron. HUGE Overhead Belly To Belly to Ziggler. McIntyre pulls Orton into the ring and mounts him, Roode and Ziggler have to pull him off. Drew escapes to the corner after a Glasgow Kiss, Dawkins tags in, rolls up Ziggler for 2. Tries for the Anointment but Ziggler counters with a DDT out of the air, tag to Orton.

Randy gets Dawkins with a Draping DDT. Stalks. Goes for an RKO, Dawkins counters with the Anointment! Ford tags in, From The Heavens, Roode and Ziggler both break it up! Ford disposes of Orton and Roode, McIntyre blind tags in, Ziggler hits a Fameasser on Ford, but McIntyre Claymores him out of the ring! Now he stalks Orton. Roode rushes in and gets taken out with a Claymore of his own, Orton with an RKO and he pins McIntyre.

Winners: Randy Orton, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler

Pretty standard big tag TV main event.

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