AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

It is once again time for another episode of AEW Dynamite! I’m Jordan Huie aka the One Zeel One and you are here at As always, I’ll be giving you the live play-by-play of the show as it comes. Watch this space~!

Show begins and we hear a lot of people, faces and heels alike, talking about how much they appreciate Chris Jericho. It’s the 30th anniversary of his wrestling career.

Into the arena, it’s a crowded commentary booth as Taz and Ricky Starks are there along with JR, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone.

Our opening match is for the FTW title!

FTW World Championship: Brian Cage (c) vs. Will Hobbs

Exchange of shoulder blocks and blows, nobody budging. Cage leapfrogs and clobbers him with a big clothesline but Hobbs is up fast and takes him down. Both go for a suplex, neither can do it. Hobbs ducks a line, crossbody for a 2 count! Knocks him into the corner. Cage pulls him in for an Ospreay Superkick, into an Electric Chair Facebuster for a 1 count! Cage shoulder thrusts him into the corner. Knife edge chop and Cage poses. Hobbs dares him to keep going though.

Forearms from Hobbs, Cage with a kick to the gut. Hobbs reverses him in the corner, Cage floatsover, roll-up into a Basement Dropkick! Cage with a Fallaway Slam into a Standing Moonsault for a nearfall! Hobbs fight up, elbows to the gut, back suplex drops him high! Hobbs with a series of clotheslines, Ultimate Warrior style Shoulder Tackle! Cage with a kick on a Spinebuster attempt, hits the ropes, Hobbs with a WICKED Spinning Powerslam for a nearfall! Cage hoists him up, Hobbs escapes, Sit-Out Spinebuster for a nearfall.

Cage slips between Hobbs legs for a Pumphandle Facebuster! Pulls him up onto his shoulders, F-5! But he kicks out?! Cage pulls him up for another one, Hobbs elbows his way free, German Suplex! Hobbs Strong Styles up behind him though, German Suplex of his own! Clothesline Collision and they’re both out! Forearm exchange on their way up. Cage with a spin kick, Hobbs ducks a Discus Lariat, Spinebuster for a nearfall! Hobbs is stunned… goes up top, wants a Frog Splash but Cage evades it, he crashes and burns! Cage powers him up for a Screwdriver and that’s that!

Winner: Brian Cage

Man that blew my expectations out of the water.

After the match, Ricky Starks rushes to the ring but Taz tells him to stop short. He says Hobbs is impressive. He lost but he fought his ass. He offers him a spot in Team Taz. Says if he doesn’t take it, Starks and Cage beat the living Hell out of him right now. Before he can answer, Darby Allin makes his way out! Cage and Starks slowly leave as he wards them off with his skateboard. Taz says one day real soon Darby will learn not to stick his nose in Team Taz business.

Famous people send in videos for Chris Jericho. Slash, Dennis Miller, Hiroshi Tanahashi (!!!) and daddy Ted Irvine all have nice things to say. Bully Ray also spits out some bubbly for him.

Video/promo from Lance Archer. Says Mox has been wasting his time with guys like Eddie Kingston and the Butcher – badasses in their own right but nothing like him. Says it’s not gonna be pretty when he squares off with him, he’s gonna take his time.

And now tag title match time, I’m very pumped for this one…

Brush With Greatness for the AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR (c) vs. TH2

Evans and Dax start, Jack with a rana for a 2 count! Victory Roll for another! Kicks his way to the apron, Springboard Corkscrew Kick! Dropkick takes Cash to the floor! Angelico tags in, Crossbody off the top for a 2 count! Angelico gets Dax down for a leg grapevine, but Cash pulls him to the floor, they decide to take their titles and run. Angelico leaps off the ramp for a crossbody, FTR catches him. Evans off the top with a Senton Atomico onto everybody! Throws Dax into the ring, covers for a 2 count.

Evans body slams Dax to the mat, goes up top, Tully distracts the ref and Cash crotches him! Dax takes him by the leg, leg laces him to the mat and Evans rolls to the floor. Dax pursues him, Kneebreaker right onto the railing! Yanks Evans over to the floor. Back into the ring, tags to Cash who wraps Evans’ legs around the ringpost for a Post Figure Four. Commercial break. When we come back, Cash hits a Kneebreaker on Evans. Evans kicks him away, Dax tags in and tries to prevent the tag, Evans lands an enziguri but he’s staggering his way to the corner, Dax manages to catch him. Single Leg Boston Crab. Evans manages to counter for a sunset flip for 2.

Cash tags in, but Evans ducks a lien and gets a tag, Angelico with dropkicks a plenty, trips Cash into the Koji Clutch! Dax runs in but Angelico kicks him into it too! Simultaneously! Tag to Evans, Side Slam/Double Stomp off the top, cover for a 2 count! Tag to Angelico, flips Evans into a Standing 450, Angelico covers for a nearfall! Quick tags, but Angelico gets dumped, Dax with a German Suplex, Cash with a Dragon Suplex, Angelico has to break up the pin! Cash again forces Angelico to the floor.

Evans fights back on both, elbows to both, Capoeira Kick to Cash but Dax catches him with a big forearm. Takes Evans up top, smack to the back. Angelico distracts, gets knocked away but Evans elbows him to the mat. He goes for a Flipping Legdrop but his leg gives way. He comes back up for a Second Rope Moonsault for a 2 count. Evans gets him in a complex cradle but he can only bridge with one leg. Evans lands on his feet off a German Suplex but gets floored with a big lariato, Tiger Bomb for a nearfall! Dax takes him to the FTR corner, Cash tags in. Cash up top, Dax with a Superplex, Cash with a Frog Splash and that is that!

Winner: FTR

Evans was a bit messy but that’s part of the fun with him, innit? Still real fun though.

Afterwards the Young Bucks decide to just up and Superkick the camera. And then we see FTR on the screen dressed as hotdogs. Or, weenies, I should say. Then out come the Best Friends. Trent says they get it right? Hot dogs! Weiners! Get it?! Chant of “Weenies”.

Trent says as comedy backyard wrestlers, what they’re trying to say, is FTR are weenies. Chuck says what’s definitely not a joke is that they’re the No. 1 Contenders. And oddly enough, they just walked past Tony Khan backstage and he told them their tag title match is live on the Dynamite Anniversary Show next week! FTR try to swing their titles at them but the Best Friends duck, whip them but FTR hold onto the ropes and powder! But they left the belts behind and Trent and Chuck hold them aloft.

Another video, this one from MJF. He says he remembers the first time he saw Chris Jericho who told him he’s got something. Says he advised him to pick and take from those who inspire him. MJF says he pointed straight at him and Jericho smiled.

More videos from Shaq, Gene Simmons, Don Callis hey, Lars freakin’ Ulrich! DDP as well. Man Jericho has a lot of friends in high places…

And now, amazingly, we have the Dog Collar match! In the announcements, they point out the ringside doctor which is certainly a sign of a brutal match. Also Greg Valentine is here, he was involved in the most famous of these ever, opposite Roddy Piper.

Dog Collar Match For The TNT Championship: Brodie Lee (c) vs. Cody

After a commercial break, the match begins. They tied them up off-screen which is probably a good idea. John Silver is on the apron, Brodie quickly pulls Cody into Silver to knock him to the floor! Brodie with a big boot. Elbow drop onto the chest. Kick to the back. Pulls him up, body slam! When we see Silver get up, he’s bleeding from the forehead! Cody with a boot up off a charge, clothesline but Brodie doesn’t leave his feet. Another one, then a Cody Uppercut! Goes up top but Brodie quickly yanks him from the top to the mat!

Brodie slips to the floor, pulls Cody slowly out there. Big uppercut right ot the face, hoists him up and slams him facefirst onto the apron! Brodie demands a chair, sits it up, demands Silver sits down… Cody with an immediate dropkick to Silver! Poor guy. Finally Anna Jay has to take Silver to the back, meanwhile Brodie DDTs Cody right onto the chain! And now he’s bleeding like a siv! Brodie pulls him to the apron, elbow to the face! Takes him to the corner, wicked chop! Cody manages to avoid a body block, slips between his legs, trips him up with the chain!

He’s got the whole crimson mask as he fires up! Brodie slips to the outside, but Cody manages to ram him into the apron with the chain! Brodie is pulling back but Cody uses this for a Tope Suicida! Brodie pulls him to the floor, yanks him repeatedly into the railing! Then he yanks him furiously to the floor. Brodie grabs a table and pulls it over. Then he tosses a steel chair into the ring, and another. Now he puts Cody on the apron. They’re both standing up there. Cody blocks a chokeslam with a right hand. Brodie shoves him, he falls to the floor… yanks him off the apron for a Cutter out of the air! Commercial break! During the break, Cody nails a Package Piledriver right through a table!!!

And now Brodie is busted open too! Pulls Brodie into the ring, knocks him around with the chain! Hooks him, Front Suplex onto the chain! Brodie’s got the crimson mask too! Swings the chain right across his back. Nailing at the cut. Cody manages to wrap the chain around the ringpost and starts strangling Brodie with it!! He takes him over to another corner. Bundles up a bunch of steel, takes it onto the turnbuckle pad and slams Brodie’s face on it. But Brodie deposits him over the rope, he’s choking him now but Cody is able to deflect the brunt of it. Still he yanks him into the ring for a Bossman Slam for a nearfall!

Brodie pulls up a steel chair, just HURLS it quite dangerously at Arn Anderson! Arn avoids it, comes into the ring, Alex Reynolds rushes the ring but Anderson gets him with a Spinebuster! Brodie with a bodyshot with the chain to Arn! Cody rolls him up for a nearfall, kick from the mat, now he’s battering him with the chain in the corner! Wraps it around the right hand for a big punch! Chain-assisted biel, and now he straight chokes him with the steel! Goes up top, Moonsault Press for a nearfall!

He swings again but Brodie stops him with a kick, thrust kick to the jaw, Cody blocks a second one, Cross-Rhodes!! But Brodie kicks out at 1!!!! Cody looks for the Vetrebreaker, but Brodie escapes behind him, charging dropkick, Superkick, and now a Powerbomb! Nearfall! The fight escapes to the outside, Cody pulls Brodie facefirst into the ringpost! Throws him into the ring, wraps the chain again as he goes up top, but Brodie stops him! Superplex nailed! They both fight up, Cody hits the ropes but Brodie ducks a line, Release Dragon Suplex! But Cody ducks a Discus Lariat, hoists him up for the Final Cut! And now he wraps it around his face, this was mandatory, it goes around his mouth, his nose, his eyes! He pulls him again… Cross-Rhodes!! And that is that!

Winner: Cody

Holy Hell that was some violence. Awesome stuff.

Afterwards Cody cuts a passionate promo about how much he loves wrestling in front a crowd, big reaction. He’s saying people suggested his change in hair might mean a darker persona, he might be going to the other side… well screw that! He’s sticking with the fans until the very end! And what he wants more than anything, on the One Year Anniversary of AEW Dynamite, he will defend the TNT Championship! But against who? Orange Cassidy comes out to the stage and the two share a thumbs up!

We now learn more participants in the tournament which will conclude at Full Gear. Wardlow, Colt Cabana and Hangman Page will join Kenny Omega, Rey Fenix and Jungleboy! Just two more names left.

Kenny Omega has a promo backstage. He says it feels good to be back full-time as a singles competitor. He’s been waiting a full year to get his hands on the AEW World title. Says if you’ve had a tournament around the world, he’s won it. He throws some shade on Hangman, says even a tag wrestler has a little bit of interest in that belt. Omega says he will win the tournament and be the first in line for whoever comes out of that Pay-Per-View as champion. Kenny says he will be the man and the champion that he was destined to be from the beginning.

Big Swole vs. Serena Deeb

Chain wrestling to start with, Deeb with a side headlock takeover. Swole with a headscissor, they escape to their fight. “Swole” chant! Swole looks for a Test of Strength, takes her right to the canvas. Clubbing blow to the back, Straitjacket into a Backbreaker! Throws her into the corner, she rebounds, Swole charges but Deeb nails her with a powerful lariat! Takes her to the apron, Dragonscrew Legwhip across the ropes! Pulls her up, Neckbreaker drapes her backfirst onto the second rope! Commercial break.

As we come back, Deeb with a corner charge, they collide heads! Swole fights back, clotheslines, forearms. Roundhouse kick but Deeb ducks it, Swole ducks a line, headbutt right to the chest of Deeb for a nearfall! Glasgow Kiss-style, that one. Swole takes her to the corner, Deeb counters a charge and sends her to the apron. Swole swings back inside but Deeb catches her out of the air with a Gutbuster for a nearfall! Backslide for a 2 count. Deeb puts Swole’s arms at her back, tries for a wicked Package Piledriver but Swole escapes it. They exchange uppercuts, Swole with a big boot, another headbutt to the chest and there’s Dirty Dancing for the duke!

Winner: Big Swole

Swiftly after we see a vignette of Jon Moxley. He says he won’t be celebrating the anniversary, he hasn’t had much time to celebrate. There’s always another monster around the corner, that’s been his whole year. Says there’s always a day where your trigger gets pulled and Lance Archer could damn well be his. When he last faced him in Tokyo he was lucky to leave with his teeth in his head and his head on his shoulders and now he’s chased him halfway across the world to finish the job. He says they will leave everything in that ring and he’ll have to unstrap that title off his dead body. Says it’s like he always says, everybody dies.

And now, main event time. As Luther and Serpentico come out, last line of guests. Lance Storm, Kevin Smith, Eli Roth, Gabriel Iglesias (with Chavo Guerrero Jr. on his laptop), Steel Panther, Ultimo Dragon (!) and Paul Stanley all give their regards.

Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs. Chaos Project

Serpentico and Jericho lock-up. Serpentico rolls through but eats a forearm. Ducks a line, Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissor! Takes him to the corner, charging forearm. Reverses a whip into the corner, Serpentico with both boots up, comes off the second rope but Jericho nails him with a clothesline out of the air! Luther tags in now and him and Jericho square off. Luther with some chops, gets shoves away but he gets a big boot in! And a charging clothesline! Butterfly Suplex!

Tag to Serpentico who comes in with a Pullover Double Stomp. Quick tags and isolation, Luther with a snap suplex, Reverse Suplex sends Serpentico right onto Jericho! Commercial break. We come back to see Jericho and Hager taken to the outside, Luther back body drops Serpentico into a tope con hilo onto them both! Luther goes up top, Flying Senton onto the crowd! Throws Jericho into the ring, up top, King Kong Knee Drop to the chest! Nearfall! Jericho tries to stop him with a Springboard Dropkick but Luther clips him out of the air. Goes back up top, Luther flies off the top with a crazy Bulldog!

Luther ducks a Judas Effect, German Suplex! Pulls him back up, Serpentico with a Meteora off the top! Luther covers, Hager breaks it up! Hager powers Serpentico to the floor! Jericho calls for Flord, Sammy throws him inside, Aubrey is ditracted by the illegal men, Luther with a body shot with the bat! Nearfall!! Sammy distracts Luther, Judas Effect gets the victory!

Winners: Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

He could’ve done anything with this match, I think it’s pretty cool that Jericho clearly chose to give some shine to a very obscure old friend of his. Jericho gets on the mic afterwards, crowd chants his name. He thanks them and starts to talk about his thirty years, but MJF interrupts. Says he’s not out here to step on his toes or steal his spotlight. He’s out here because he respects him. He brought out somebody under a curtain. MJF says he wants to be part of the celebration with Corozon de Leon! It’s Gift O’Clock. MJF has Jacksonville count down, pulls the cover down and it’s Clownico the Clown?

People boo but MJF says people don’t get it. He’s also holding another gift! Clownico hands it over. MJF says before he opens it, just indulge him for a second. First of all he will get Sammy his jacket, he swears. Second of all, he says because of his inspiration, he will make a major announcement next week. Jericho opens the present and it’s a framed picture of MJF. Jericho gives a sarcastic thanks, SMASHES the portrait over the clown’s head and nails him with a Judas Effect! Jericho gets into MJF’s face and says he hates clowns and he should never interrupt him again. Tense stardown… but then they point at each other and laugh at each other’s joke. They wish everyone goodnight. All the heels come down to celebrate, credits roll and every credit is to Chris Jericho. Amazing.

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