AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Heya everybody! It’s that time again, for AEW Dynamite! I’m Jordan Huie of 1Z1 Pro Wrestling, and as always I’ll be giving you a live recap of the show as it comes! It’s the special first anniversary episode of Dynamite tonight and to commemorate it, I wrote a small piece on what the show means to me. Watch this space~!

We are starting off with one of our four title matches!

AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR (c) vs. Best Friends

Chuck and Cash start, “Best Friends” chant. Chuck shoots him off, Wheeler with a big shoulder block. Lock-up, Cash with a wristlock, takes him to the FTR corner. Dax tags in and also takes control with a wristlock. “Weenies/Best Friends” dueling chant. Dax shoots him off but eats a few shoulder tackles, Taylor with an arm drag. Tag to Trent, double shoulder tackle! Kick to the back. Cover for a 2 count. Dax fights to his feet and pulls Trent by the hair into the corner. Big chop to the chest! Trent fights out with forearms and chops. Exchange of chops now! Dax with a kick. Whip to the FTR corner, Trent with a forearm, Dax with a sunset flip of sorts and Cash tags himself in, numbers catch up and Dax with a unique Hot Shot, Wheeler with a Back Suplex for a 2 count.

Big chop. Cash chokes Trent against the bottom rope. Dax tags in, big elbow drop. Snap legdrop. Charging back elbow. Tag to Dax. Catapult sends Trent into the second rope! Leaping stomps. Goes out and pulls him to the apron for clubbering shots, Trent fights back but Cash gets into the ring and shoulder thrusts him to the floor! Tag to Dax who goes out and chops Trent. Trent with some forearms, slides into the ring and tries for a tag but Dax has his ankle. Pulls him in for a grapevine as Cash tags in, stomp to the chest. Cash with an Abdominal Stretch variant, Trent with a hip toss counter. Gets some shots in, Cash with an uppercut. Whips him, Trent ducks a line and nails one of his own!

Dax tags in, nails Chuck on the apron and then goes after Trent. Power whip into the corner sends him all the way to the top ala HBK but Dax keeps him up there! Back Superplex!! Tag to Caash, who comes in for the cover, nearfall! And another! Cash comes off the middle rope but Trent with the knees up! Dax tags in, tries to prevent the tag but Trent finally makes it! Chuck with a series of clotheslines, takes Dax to the outside, clotheslines Cash to the floor! Hits the ropes, Tope Con Hilo! Throws Dax into the ring, Falcon Arrow for a nearfall! Dax slips to the apron, Chuck tries for a suplex inside but Tully sweeps a leg on the way up and Dax lands on top for a 2 count! Chuck grabs Tully for a moment but Dax attacks from behind.

Champs wants a double suplex but Trent comes in to help Chuck to the mat, Chuck with a roll-up for 2. Trent tags in, Sole Food/Half-N-Half! Trent with a Shining Wizard for a nearfall! Dax clips Chuck on the apron as Trent slowly pulls Cash up. Trent with a hard forearm! And another drops him. Pulls him up but Cash with a Short-Arm Clothesline! Tag to Dax, Cash throws him at Dax for a Powerbomb, nearfall! Dax takes him up to the top rope. Looks for a Back Superplex but Trent knocks him to the mat, takes Cash to the apron, Dax crotches him again. Wants a Back Superplex again but Trent manages to roll on top for the nearfall, Cash breaks it up!

Chuck into the ring but eats a Tornado DDT! Trent hits his own kick-off Tornado DDT on Cash, Dax with a Spike DDT for a nearfall! They want the Mind Breaker but Chuck knocks Cash off the top, Trent counters Dax into position – Strong Zero! Cash barely breaks up the pin! Cash pulls Chuck out, Brainbuster on the floor! Trent with a baseball slide sends Cash over the barrier! They go over towards Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford’s arcade cabinet, Cash sends Trent right through the back of the cabinet! Kip yells at Ford to go get “him”. Meanwhile Cash pulls Trent onto his shoulders and takes him into the ring. Trent is selling hard, can’t seem to get back to his feet.

They try Goodnight Express but Trent counters, DDT to Dax, tag to Chuck! Chuck knocks Dax around, chop in the corner. Cash comes in with a title but Chuck deposits him! Evades a corner charge from Dax, wants a back suplex, Dax rushes forward into the ropes, ref has to duck for cover, Cash catches Chuck in the face with the title and Dax gets the pin!

Winners: FTR

Very good stuff. And I’m guessing after that Best Friends are gonna be feuding with Kip Sabian and Miro, that sounds like a lot of fun!

Best Friends share a hug and zoom out in consolation. Then in comes Kip and Miro indeed, they run through the Best Friends and send them to the floor! These boys are in action next.

Miro & Kip Sabian vs. Sean Maluta & Lee Johnson

Miro clobbers Maluta, takes him to the floor, whips him repeatedly into the barrier. Takes him into the ring, big shot to Lee Johnson. Throws him right into the barrier too! Miro looks furious. Tag to Kip, big frog splash off the top and now Miro’s right back in. Rolls him over, stomp to the back and there’s the Game Over, he’s got it!

Winner: Miro

Kip gets on the mic afterwards and says they went too far, they destroyed his most prized possession! How dare you?! Miro gets on the mic and yells in Bulgarian. He says Good Friends, they broke his shit. Game over!

Backstage, Lance Archer is attacking Jon Moxley! Slamming his head repeatedly into a table as coaches try to call him off.

MJF and Wardlow come out to the ring for a big announcement. MJF says everyone wants to boo him out of envy. He’s done more in a single year than any of us meaningless schmucks will do in our entire lives. Much like the great man he’s calling out to hear his monumental announcement, Chris Jericho. Everyone sings Judas and MJF tells them they’re all off-key for future reference. He points out that Sammy has the jacket! He doesn’t seem happy though. Jericho tells him to put it on, it’s a gift! Sammy puts the jacket on. It’s enormous on him, the sleeves are much too long.

MJF says it fits like a glove! Speaking of fit, he puts over what a great body Jericho has, and how great his hair is. Asks if he can touch it. They trade back and forth about this and ultimately Chris agrees to let him. MJF says it’s smooth as a baby’s bottom. Chris asks him to cut the shit. Says he promised a huge groundbreaking announcement and dragged them out here so what’s this proclamation? MJF says he can sense some hostilities and that’s the last thing he wants. Says right now the two biggest minute-for-minute draws are looking each other right in the eye. Nose to nose and toes to toes. That’s why Chris is the Demo God. And that makes MJF the Ratings Ruler, baybay! Boos.

MJF says they’ve both been on top of their game from the beginning, yet somehow, the two of them have never gotten physical in the squared circle. There’s a reason why, when you watch some Animal Planet… Jericho cuts him off, says he hates Animal Planet. MJF says that’s random and very specific but when you watch this, you’ll never see two piranhas eating each other because they have mutual respect. They’re freaking predators, bro, swimming in the deep blue sea. But unfortunately their prey is adapting and they must too if they want to stay on top. Says they’ve been great separate but what if they work together?

Chris asks where he’s going. MJF starts to try and join the Inner Circle but he can’t swallow his pride. Says he would sorta kinda hypothetically plausibly might want to join the Inner Circle! Jericho says he almost kinda might sorta possibly perhaps want to join the Inner Circle? MJF says let’s not start rumors. Ortiz says he’s living out his fantasy jerking Jericho’s chain but they don’t want him in the Inner Circle, end of story. Chris says they’re a family and they need some time but he’ll let him know. Says next week, how about the two of them meet up one-on-one… for a steak dinner. Sammy is stunned! MJF says “Lemme get this straight… you want to eat steak?” “I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life.” MJF says you’re on! They shake on it, tensely.

Britt Baker and Tony Schiavone are getting facials. Britt talks about how her comeback is being written about as we speak. She starts to give some rules about being the baddest bitch on the block but then notices Tony is naked and freaks out. She demands he get his chest waxed because his chest is gross. It’s quite painful. In a lounge later, Britt says when you’re a bad bitch, you make sure you have the most epic comeback in sports history. Now that she’s back, she must reward herself for her groundbreaking victory which Tony wasn’t even here for. Tony yells that he was superkicked by the Young Bucks! Britt will be in action again next week.

Orange Cassidy comes out, TNT title match is up next! And Cody wasted no time getting the blonde back! Darby Allin is watching from up in the rafters- I mean the cheap seats…

TNT Championship: Cody (c) vs. Orange Cassidy

Cody literally circles Orange as the bell rings. Cody wants Orange to lock-up, looking to startle him but he does not react. He goes for the lock up but Cassidy ducks under it, does not want to allow it. Cody’s upper back is covered with tape from that Dog Collar match. They start to try a grapple but Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets. Cody shoves him, his sunglasses fall off. Orange decides to kick them out of the ring. LOCK-UP!!! And they break, chant of “He locked up!”

Lock-up again, break in the corner, Orange wants to get into the pockets again but Cody with a waistlock takedown. Gets him up into a waistlock, Orange slides his hands into his pockets for the break! Cody looks incensed! Chain wrestling, Orange with a crucifix for 2. Cody with a knee to the gut, Delayed Vertical Suplex! No, he tosses him forward instead! Facewashes him right before we go to break. When we come back, Cody gets a big bodyslam in. Goes up top, looks for a double axe handle but Cassidy backsteps. And here are the brutal leg kicks!! Sweet Shin Music. Cody with a big shot to the face but Cassidy responds in kind sending him to the outside! Tope Suicida!

Cody nearly ends up draped on the barrier, and the Dark Order happens to be right there in front of him. As the ref is dealing with them, John Silver comes in and grabs the TNT title! He’s about to attack Cody but Cassidy takes the belt away from him! Orange hands Arn the title, throws Cody into the ring. Goes up top, Crossbody but Cody rolls through! Cody tries for Crossrhodes, Cassidy with a roll-through for a 2 count! Cody wants a suplex but Orange with the Stundog Millionaire! Cassidy whips Cody in the corner but he bounces off for the Cody Cutter!

Exchange of forearms as both men are haggard now. Cassidy with repeated palm strikes! Hits the ropes but Cody with a basement dropkick clips his legs! Cody pulls Cassidy to the post, slams his leg against it. Working over the leg, gets him into a Single Leg Boston Crab. Can’t turn him over all the way though, Cody has to let go. Cody’s back seems to be killing him. Cassidy rolls him up for 2 a count, Cody with a big clothesline! Nearfall. Cody with double underhooks, Cassidy drops down and casually crawls between his legs. Cody pulls him to his feet, takes him up top! He wraps his bum leg around the top rope to wrench on it!

Cody goes up, punch to the back of the neck – Reverse Superplex!! And Cassidy’s knee hits the canvas on the way down, Cody with a cover for a nearfall! Cody takes him to the post again but this time Cassidy pulls him facefirst to the steel post! Takes him inside, goes up top, Flying DDT! 2 count. Pulls Cody up, Michinoku Driver – his leg gives out the first time but he nails it on the second try for a nearfall! Amber Alert cuts off my TV feed.

When it finally comes back, I see that Cody had Orange in a Figure Four Leglock and Cassidy had slipped all the way to the apron to break it. Cassidy pulls Cody to his feet – BEACH BREAK ON THE APRON! Orange can’t get him into the ring very quickly but eventually he does, cover – at 2, Cody turns him into a crucifix for a nearfall! One minute remaining here, Cody counters the Superman Punch, tries for a Cross-Rhodes but Orange plants him with a DDT! Hoists him up, Beach Break!!!! NEARFALL!? Cody kicked out! There’s barely any time left! On the 10 second time limit, he tries the Orange Punch but his leg gives out. Cody wants the Cross-Rhodes but Orange counters into his crazy cradle – time gives way just before the three!

Winner: N/A (Time Limit Draw)

Cody looks absolutely stunned at how close he came to losing the title.

Backstage, Jake Roberts tries to explain why Lance Archer attacked Moxley but Mox jumps Archer from behind and the brawl kicks up again!

Tony Schiavone is in the crowd with Matt Hardy, fans are asking how he’s doing. Matt says he feels practically perfect, he’s here with this family. He’s enjoying the hell out of this anniversary show. As of tonight, he is 100% healthy and cleared to return to the ring! But on the tron, someone in a hoodie is seen burning pictures of Matt Hardy. It’s Sammy… he has a promo and says who attacked Matt Hardy? It was him. He’s the one who took out his knee and busted his face, any time they clear him he will send him right back to the hospital. It’s not over until he sends him home for good. Matt says he’s back and he obviously knows what his first choice of business is, it’s Sammy Guevara.

Tony is now in the ring, busy guy. He’s with FTR and Tully and we have a tumbler, there will be four teams facing off next week, they’re going to draw their names. Private Party are first. Silver & Reynolds get the draw, eyyy! They’re very excited. The Butcher and the Blade are the third team. And the fourth team is… the Young Bucks! Bucks come into the ring and ask FTR for handshakes. They take their hands, pull them in close. Nick takes the mic away from Tony, tells him to relax. They’re not here to superkick him. They’re here to superkick these guys. Superkicks to Silver and the Blade! Bucks take the table out of the ring, all the participants are brawling in the ring now. Ring gets cleared down to the Buck and Private Party. Quen and Kassidy think they’re cool but the Bucks surprise them with Superkicks and stand tall!

Time for another title match!

AEW Women’s World Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Big Swole

Lock-up. Swole with a side headlock. Shida reverses. Swole with a top wristlock. Wants to take her down but Shida singles out a leg to take her down. Swole reverses into an Inverted Hammerlock. Shida elbows her way free but Swole with a single leg. Duck unders, Shida with a shoulder block! Swole with a leap frog, into a Sleeper almost but Shida escapes. Hits the ropes, but Swole gets it again. Shida pulls her onto her shoulders but Swole escapes into a sunset flip for 2, Shida counters for 2. Roll-ups, inside cradle, 2 counts. Shida with an arm drag, one from Swole, shoulder block meets in the middle! Double kip-up! And they collide a second time.

Shida takes her up and takes her to the apron. Shoulder thrust, goes outside, takes her to the apron, charging knee to the face! Shida howls but Swole slides to the floor and knocks her forward, I think she just hit the camera! Commercial break! We come back to see Swole knock Shida into the corner in the ring. Hikaru sidesteps a charge, takes her up top. Swole leaps over her though, knocks her to the apron. Roundhouse kick to the head! Springs through for a cutter onto the ramp! Takes her into the ring, another Springing Cutter for a nearfall! Shida with a pump knee, ducks Dirty Dancing, Straitjacket Suplex, bridge for a nearfall! Shining Wizard to the back of the head, Falcon Arrow! Nearfall!

Swole turns her around, Dirty Dancing! Shida gets a hand on the rope at the last second to escape! Swole tries it again but Shida takes her to her knees, big elbow strike! Running knee from the back of the head, Shining Wizard nailed for the win!

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Spirited stuff. Meanwhile Nyla legit seems to be pouting in the front row.

Eddie Kingston and company come out the announce table as Shawn Spears has a little video about Scorpio Sky. Says he’s not stalking Scorpio. Everybody likes him, he’s a nice guy. He came out to save Sydal, he showed that. Hero role has been around forever. But he says Sky stole a moment from him, something he takes very personally. So now, he owes him a moment. Main event time, Archer smashes a poor dude right through glass, and he’s got a new theme tonight.

No DQ Match for the AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Lance Archer

Bell rings, immediate Paradigm Shift!! Nearfall! Archer tackles Mox through the ropes and to the floor! Throws Mox into the barrier! Takes him into the ring. Mox kicks him off the apron, tope suicida! Moxley slams him into the barrier, Archer reverses and pulls him to the ring, slams his face into the apron! Big forearm to the face! Throws him into the ring. Slides in. Mox pulls himself up slow in the corner, meets a charging Archer with a clothesline but he doesn’t budge! Archer no sells elbow strikes. They both hit the ropes, Archer with a POUNCE takes him to the floor! Archer with a flying cannonball right off the apron lays Mox out! Commercial break.

As we come back, two tables are setup on the floor and Archer is trying to uranage Mox off the apron through them! Mox fights back, clotheslines him into the ring! Goes up top. Flies at him but Archer stops him with a goozle. Mox slips behind him for a waistlock, Archer back elbows him. Strike exchange, Archer wins out immediately. Mox with a series of forearms, ducks a line, bounces him off the ropes for a big German Suplex! Big corner clothesline, leads to a clothesline in the middle! Goes out to get a weapon, grabs a chair and throws it into the ring. Now he goes around ringside, tossing more chairs in.

Archer stands as Moxley re-enters the ring… tosses a chair right into his face! Mox sits up two chairs, hoists Archer onto his shoulders. Archer escapes, chokeslams him right through the chairs and they go flying! Nearfall! Archer hooks a chair around Moxley’s neck! And he has another one! He swings but Mox stops him with a drop toe hold into a Kneebar! Archer crawls over the to the ropes, Roberts grabs his wrist to assist him, he grabs the rope and pulls himself free to the floor!

Archer pulls a trash can from under the ring. Mox hits the ropes, Archer raises the can and smashes him in the face! Throws the can into the ring and batters him across the chest. Takes him out the apron! He wants to hoist him up but Mox stops him with a low blow – FLYING PARADIGM SHIFT RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLES!! “AEW” chant! Mox slides back into the ring and demands Archer come as well. He does indeed, Moxley’s nose is bleeding. Paradigm Shift again! NEARFALL! Mox pulls him into a Bulldog Choke! Archer fights up and throws him into the corner, but Mox ducks a shot and rolls him up for a nearfall! Archer with a DDT! And now a Uranage that slams him right into the buckles! Hoists him up for the Blackout! NAILS IT! Mox rolls him over in a crucifix at the last second, and gets the pin!

Winner: Jon Moxley

Archer swiftly attacks Moxley! Kingston sends the Lucha Bros to the ring to help… they take a chair to the back of Archer! He stands straight up and looks pissed. Jake gets him to leave though. Kingston tells them not to go after Mox, he just went through a brutal match.

He asks if Moxley remembers their old life together, the good times. He asks Fenix to give the world champion his belt as he helps him up to his feet. Kingston says it’s been one year and this man has carried this company, look at him! He’s proud of him. He always knew that he could do it, no one else is better than him. He puts an arm around him and talks about how proud he is. They raise his arms, Mox rips his hand away – Kingston with a Spinning Backfist! Rear Naked Choke, Lucha Bros keep officials from coming in to save him! Kingston puts Mox to sleep! Eddie pulls the title away and talks about how beautiful it is, how it’s everything they fight for. But Mox took it from him! He never tapped! He keeps going as we fade to black.

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