AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Another episode of AEW Dynamite waits in the wings. We’ve got the start of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament tonight, you can check this page to see my thoughts and predictions on that. Otherwise, watch this space for the live recap and results of the show as they come~!

As an aside, with Sonny Kiss replacing Joey Janela in the tournament, this seems like a good time to mention that I’ll be referring to Sonny as ‘she’ from here on out. Formerly Sonny has said that publicly either are fine, and being that Sonny wrestles in the men’s division, ‘he’ felt more appropriate at first. However I’ve come to believe that she really does identify more as a woman and I want to respect that.

Now then, we’ve got the whole first round of the tournament tonight. We begin with a David and Goliath battle!

AEW World Title Eliminator: Jungleboy vs. Wardlow

Lock-up, Wardlow just yanks him aside. Wardlow with a waistlock takedown. Jungle with a slap across the face, he does not look happy. Jungle ducks a shot, forearms, leaps at him, gets onto his shoulders, slips behind him, dropkick but Wardlow doesn’t fall! Jungle ducks an elbow, dodges a big boot, dropkicks to the legs leads to one to the face! He still isn’t down but he is staggered.

Wardlow takes him to the apron, Jungle with an enziguri to the back of the head! Low bridge sends him to the outside, Jungle with a tope but Wardlow catches him! Tries a slam but Jungleboy escapes to the apron, kick to the jaw! Leaps at him for a rana but Wardlow catches him – powerbomb right into the ring post! Damn! Takes him inside, stomp for a 1 count. Powers him up for a suplex toss. And then another! Pulls him to his feet, drives him into the corner for shoulder thrusts. Uppercut to the face, stomps him into the buckles. Jungle tries to kick him away but a Doctor Bomb gets a nearfall!

Pulls him up and clobbers him, Jungle with a kick to the face, tries a sunset flip but Wardlow blocks, pulls him up for another powerbomb but Jungle flips to his feet, only to get nailed by a clothesline! Sold it big, nearfall! Wardlow hoists Jungleboy up to the top rope. Goozles him up, Jungle with a knee strike to counter! Couple of elbow strikes, double boots, hops up top, missile dropkick sends him out of the ring! Jungle with a series of tope suicidas, even now Wardlow doesn’t leave his feet but he does roll back into the ring. Jungle with a shoulder thrust, Springing Tornado DDT for a 2 count, Wardlow shoves him away!

He sits up but Jungle with a thrust kick to the face! Jungleboy goes up top, Wardlow kips up and goes to stop him! He goes to the second rope, hoists him onto his shoulders, wants a Super Military Press but Jungleboy counters with a Super Rana! Charging double knees to the back, leads directly to the Backstabber! Up top again, diving double knee drop! Nearfall! He tries his springing DDT again on the outside but Wardlow catches him on his shoulders! Spins into the F-10 – throwing him back into the ring! Wardlow is taking his time re-entering the ring. Pulls him up for another one, F-10 lands HARD and that is that.

Winner: Wardlow

Welp, didn’t take long for my bracket to be busted… and I don’t really see Cabana/Wardlow happening either. Ah well, great action there.

We see footage of Eddie Kingston’s promo after Dynamite went off the air. He says Moxley sold out and he told him the day he signed that contract to go to the land of sports entertainers, he told Kingston that the inmates would run the asylum and then he left them behind! Kingston told him he’s let pro wrestling, a sport that he loves screw him time and again while he sold out. He yells passionately about how he loves this sport. He tells him to enjoy the title because he will make him quit pro wrestling. He will pay for leaving him behind.

Moxley says he knew Kingston but he doesn’t know this guy. Says he’s bitter, entitled, thinks everyone owes him something. He won’t apologize for his success, won’t apologize for buying his mother a house. He tells him he was proud to face him weeks ago but now, he will tear through him until he either has his friend back or he’s got him off his back.

Kenny Omega not only has a new intro but he gets the world’s most grandiose entrance including an obnoxiously long ring introduction.

AEW World Title Eliminator: Kenny Omega vs. Sonny Kiss

Handshake at the start, slightly surprising. Kenny then takes Sonny off guard with a V-Trigger. Gets her up, One Winged Angel! And that’s all.

Winner: Kenny Omega

The entrance was much, much longer than the match. What a reintroduction for Kenny Omega. Afterwards, he helps Sonny up and raises her hand. Offers a hug, then kinda forces it.

Orange Cassidy says sometimes calls go your way, sometimes they don’t. Claims they’re on to Cincinnati but next week is Jacksonville, just like every other week.

Footage of Cody and Arn Anderson arriving in a limo. Cody says he’s not surprised that AEW wants a rematch, surprised at how quickly they want it. Says he heard there might be a new stip added but the champion has the advantage. He’s asked about the size gain he’s had, he feels it was time for him to go full heavyweight, even though it’s a light heavyweight company he’s been in there with a lot of super heavyweights.

Eddie Kingston laughs and cries about Moxley’s promo. Hypes up his stablemates on their big matches. Says what Mox says is all true, but he had to become bitter and angry and a liar and a snake. He’s not happy with who he is now but he had to do it. Because the ends justified his means because when he wasn’t a snake, he got nothing. But now he’s got a world title shot in an I Quit match. Never quit at nothing in his life and he won’t quit on the seventh. Says Jon will need to go to a really, really dark place and he lives in that world.

AEW World Title Eliminator: Rey Fenix vs. Penta El Zero M

Fenix offers a handshake but there’s a delay… no, Penta takes it. “Lucha Bros” chant. Lock-up. Fenix with a hammerlock. Penta reverses for a waistlock. Fenix trips him down, Penta shoves him away, deep arm drags, rolls him into a deep Achilles Lock! Pulls him up into an Ankle Lock, Fenix gets up to one foot and flips him to the mat. Fenix whips him, Penta counters a back body drop with a Package Piledriver attempt, Penta ducks a Hook Kick, Fenix blocks a German, more kicks avoided until Penta scores with a spin kick to the gut!

Nails some roundhouse kicks to the head, until Fenix ducks one for a roll-up, series of cradles, they both scramble to their feet and stand off! Penta asks for it and Fenix does it, chops him right across the chest! So Penta rips off the glove now. ECHOING CHOP! Fenix with a knife edge! Penta shushes the crowd, another big chop! Fenix shoves him away, misses a swinging kick through the ropes, wants a Springboard but Penta with a Superkick out of the air for a nearfall! He looks to take Fenix into the apron with a Package Piledriver, Fenix escapes to the mat, enziguri takes him to the floor! Up top, Sky Twister Press!

Takes Penta into the ring, goes up top again and tries to do a rope run but Penta sees it coming, trips him to the mat! Commercial break, after we come back we see Penta accidentally chopped the post during the break! Back into the ring, exchange of strikes and kicks! Penta with a Springboard Slingblade for a nearfall! Takes him to the corner, Fenix with an enziguri, they both go up tp,Fenix with a roundhouse kick, Inverted Headscissors send them both crashing to the mat! Ref is checking on Fenix off a hard landing. Penta pulls him to his feet, hooks him, Inverted Flipping Spike DDT for a nearfall!

Fenix seems genuinely rattled. Penta slowly pulls him up for a powerbomb, Fenix escapes to his feet, superkick lands crisp! Nearfall! Fenix grabs him by the wrist, slips to the apron and pulls him into the corner! Springs to the second rope but Penta kicks him in the shin! Goes up there with him. Fenix with a couple hops into a Spanish Fly! Nearfall!! Penta is begging Fenix to attack him. Rey hits the ropes, Penta ducks a line, FLIPS HIM IN THE AIR FOR A HUGE POWERBOMB! Nearfall!! Penta grabs his wrist, there’s his patented Arm Breaker! Fenix is writhing, but Penta is hesitating to capitalize. Fenix drops to his knees. Penta apologizes, makes the Cero Miedo gesture, hits the ropes but Fenix follows him and backflips into a GORGEOUS Canadian Destroyer and that is that!

Winner: Rey Fenix

That was absolutely incredible. How is it that Fenix can have a concussion scare and then bounce right back and do the kind of shit he did?

Best Friends say what Santana and Ortiz did to their van was on purpose but what they did to their arcade machine was an accident. Miro says he wanted to be the cool guy and make friends with everybody but they just broke that.

Backstage the Dark Order being interviewed, repped by Colt Cabana, Alex Reynolds and John Silver. Alex says this is their biggest opportunity ever and Mr. Brodie taught them to seize opportunities. Cabana says his friends will get the tag team championships and he is on a mission for the AEW World Championship. He has a great singles record with his great friends and he feels zero pressure.

Silver asks what he knows about pressure, the whole Dark Order is under pressure! He doesn’t even like him but he WILL be the next world champion! Says next week Cody has a match with that jokester Orange Cassidy and this time the entire Dark Order will be there and no matter who wins, the Dark Order will beat him up and get that belt.

AEW World Title Eliminator: Colt Cabana vs. Hangman Page

Page with a top wristlock. Colt rolls through. Page with a side headlock, Colt kicks him to a knee. Page with a waistlock. Wants to pull him over, Colt breaks it. Leap frog, tells him to STOP and then gets a quick arm drag but Page with a heavy forearm! Trade of chops, Page takes him to the corner, charging clothesline! Cabana stops him with an elbow off a charge but ends up running right into a Big Boot, Page with a Running Shooting Star Press for a nearfall! Pulls him up, meaty chop. Cabana answers with a big elbow!

Page wins the exchange, Cabana gets taken to the apron, Page with a flying clothesline off the second rope taking him to the floor! Pescado! Throws him into the ring, cover for a nearfall! Commercial break. Exchange of forearms as we come back. Colt wins out and looks for a body slam, Page reverses into a Fallaway Slam! He kips up, charges, Cabana with a forearm to the face. Headscissor takedown! Colt with a combination of blows, Flip Flop And Fly into the Bionic Elbow. Cabana tries to slide between his legs but Page stops him, Colt rolls into a 2 count! Takes him to the corner, Flying Apple – but Page catches him out of the air, big German Suplex!

Colt gets taken to the floor, Page kicks him into the barricade. Goes up top but Cabana comes up, shoves Page off the top and he ends up Swanton Bombing onto the apron! And then Cabana leaps from the apron for a huge frog splash! Throws him into the ring. Cabana climbs up top for another Frog Splash but Page rolls out of the way, Pop-Up Powerbomb for a nearfall! Page wants the Buckshot Lariat but Colt rushes into it, ducks, catches a kick and trips him right onto the apron again! He takes him up top for the Chicago Skyline – no, Page escapes to the apron, Colt barely ducks the Buckshot Lariat! Colt trips him, Superman Pin!! NEARFALL! Page with kick, Buckshot Lariat for the victory!

Winner: Hangman Page

Very strong match. Afterwards, the Dark Order fill the ring and help Cabana to the back, more friendly than usual.

Vignette getting into how demented Sammy Guevara is becoming in this feud with Matt Hardy.

Team Taz is on the stage. Taz says they have a couple of problems. He made an offer to Will Hobbs a couple of weeks ago to join the most prestigious group in pro wrestling and they’ve yet to hear from him. Says he’d better get to thinking what they’re gonna tell them because the last thing he wants is him siccing the Machine on him. Says Darby has a TNT title match at Full Gear. Tells him Tony Khan told him if Ricky Starks had beaten Darby a couple of weeks ago it’d be his shot!

Starks, who won nine of his last ten matches and fell to some *made-up New Yorker word* finish?! Ricky says somebody has to pay and it won’t be AEW or Tony Khan it’ll be Darby. Demands a zoom-in. He promises Darby that when the two of them meet again, he will put him in the grave and calls him a face-painted little bitch.

And now, date time. MJF and Chris Jericho are there at the restaurant. You’ll never believe this but Max is very rude to the waitress. MJF asks for his steak well done. Jericho wants it Medium Well. So Max changes it to Medium. Jericho changes it to Medium Rare, so Max changes it to Rare and Jericho goes Extra Rare. Chris tells MJF he’s been rude to everybody. Says he doesn’t even see why he should bother with thinking about letting him in the Inner Circle.

Max says they’re the Demo God and the Ratings Ruler. Jericho says the Ratings Ruler name sucks and has as good a chance of getting over as – they both answer “Orange Cassidy”. They share a laugh, Max says they’re getting along already. They… they break out into a musical number. A big band number at that, and it’s incredible. They talk about how they stick together, Jericho says they’re closer than Cody is to a jackass. That was the whitest thing I’ve ever seen. And it was beautiful.

Britt Baker vs. Kilynn King

Lock-up. Wristlock, they trade reversals. King manages a drop toe hold, hammerlock. Baker fights her way up, arm drag, rolls into a Lockjaw but King rolls through for a 2 count. Blocks a kick, looks for a Ripcord but Baker rolls through, takes her to the mat for a Curbstomp! Baker pulls King to her feet, hooks her, knees to the face. King gets the advantage for a series of forearms but Baker trips her down.

Elbows and knees to the shoulders and back. Pulls her up, King reverses a whip, Britt catches her on a charge with a Flatliner sending her facefirst into the buckle! She takes her to the outside, wants a running kick on the apron, King blocks it but Britt stomps her head onto the apron, kick to the face! Rebel throws King into the ring, Britt wants the finish but King counters into a Reverse Hook Kick. Baker with a Slingblade though, big DDT, Fisherwoman’s Neckbreaker, and there’s a Leaping Curbstomp! Rebel hands her a pink surgical glove, Lockjaw applied and King taps out immediately!

Winner: Britt Baker

Britt looking back in ring shape, nice to see.

Darby Allin has a video with him and Jackass’ Steve-O. Steve says clearly there’s something very wrong with him because before his TNT title match, he’s gonna do this. Darby has his own Jackass Stunt called the Body Bag Roll-In. He is in a body bag and rolls his way down the halfpipe! As he’s let out of the bag, he promises to win the TNT title.

Butcher and Blade have the Bunny back, we’ve got the main event now. We see a replay of Dark last night where Bunny turned on QT and joined back up with her boys, thanks to Eddie Kingston. FTR are at the broadcast table of course.

Winners Get A Shot At The AEW World Tag Team Championships At Full Gear: The Young Bucks vs. The Butcher & The Blade vs. Private Party vs. Silver & Reynolds

Reynolds and Nick start out. Lock-up, Nick rolls right through for a dropkick. Silver tags in, Nick with an arm drag. Tag to Matt, double footstomp to the arm. Flips over him for an arm drag. Blade tags in, drop toe hold, Nick tags in for a pullover elbow. Matt pops Nick up for a dropkick to the Butcher. Kassidy tags in. Grasp of the hands, Kassidy with a lucha arm drag but Matt rolls through. Party and the Bucks face-off. Suddenly the heels rush in though and pummel everybody. Butcher and Blade with double team on Quen, Blade tags in.

Exchange of strikes and chops with Matt. Blade with a knee to the gut, whips him. Matt ducks a line, tag to Quen, enziguri, Inverted Atomic Drop to Reynolds, Atomic Drop to Silver for a dropkick! Butcher hoists him up but gets a dropkick out of the air! Quen with a tope suicida to one, then a Pescado on the ramp to Silver, Flip Tope for Reynolds. Bunny distracts Quen. Blade tries to attack from behind but Quen takes him down, goes up top, Shooting Star Press but Butcher breaks it up. Big Gutwrench Slam. Commercial break.

When we come back, Quen goes the second rope but Silver surprises him with an enziguri! He goes absolutely wild with charging kicks and shots, leaps over the barricade to fly through two men! Back in the ring, Huge combination of moves on Quen, ending with a Stunner into a German Suplex and a Jacknife, Bucks have to break it up but Silver and Reynolds dump ’em! Double suplex attempted But Quen escapes it for an enziguri, tag to Kassidy! Silly String to Reynolds! They both go up top, Frog Splash/Flying Legdrop, Bucks break it up again! Butcher and Blade deposit them this time.

Big Backbreaker on Kassidy, Full Death! Bucks have to break it AGAIN! Butcher and Blade take them to the apron, Bucks low bridges Butcher. Guillotine on Blade, and they blind tag in! Nick with a series of spin and screw kicks to Silver and Reynolds, high knee to Reynolds, Clothesline/Bulldog Combo! Leaps to the apron, soccer kicks to both members of Private Party, Triangle Moonsault to the Butcher and the Blade! Take Butcher into the ring, Stereo Superkick!

Bucks want FTR to watch this one. Crazy Missile Dropkick/Tombstone Piledriver/Senton combo on Butcher and Kassidy, the other teams come in to break up the pin! Quen with an inside cradle to surprise Matt when he pulls him up, Quen sidesteps a corner charge but Matt keeps taking away everyone he tries to tag! Quen kicks him away, Nick pulls Silver away and that was his last shot at a tag! Now they’re setting him up for the Meltzer Driver, but Kassidy pulls Nick down, Quen with a Victory Roll – callback to the tag title tournament!!! But Matt rolls through and just barely manages the three count!

Winners: The Young Bucks

Awesome finish.

This match is finally on. FTR enter the ring and have beers as well as their titles. Bucks knock the beers out of their hands. From behind, the timekeeper slides into the ring nad nails Matt with a chair to the back! FTR are pummeling Nick. FTR set Nick up, third man assists for the Spike Piledriver! Dax wraps a chair around Matt’s leg, Cash comes off the second rope for a stomp to the chair! The man pulls the mask off and it’s Tully Blanchard, I didn’t think it was him with that leap. Maybe there was some kind of trickery there. Anyway that’s the show and I hope Young Bucks vs. FTR headlines Full Gear.

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