WWE Raw Recap

Another edition of WWE Monday Night Raw is coming at us tonight. It’s the follow-up show to a surprisingly eventful Hell In A Cell show. It’s the coronation for the new WWE Champion Randy Orton. As always, you can expect the live play-by-play of the show as it comes right here on 1Z1 Pro Wrestling. Watch this space for the recap of WWE Raw~!

Drew McIntyre comes out and quickly says he has no excuses. But he does promise that he will be WWE Champion once again. Says there’s a quote in the movie Rocky that he lives life by. It’s not how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. If you follow his career you know every time he gets knocked down, he gets back up twice as strong. He says you might be wondering why he’s in a good mood, why he’s not angry. Says if you could read his mind right now, if you knew what was going on up here right now, you’d be scared. This monologue gets cutoff by the Miz’s entrance music.

Miz and Morrison enter, Miz says bravo and asks Drew to take a bow. He asks the fans to give them an encore. Drew suggests they choose their next words very wisely. He also warns them not to come into the ring, he’ll drop them where they stand. Morrison congratulates him on his run this year. Miz says it’s almost as impressive as Mr. Money In The Bank! But all things have to end, like Otis’ run with the briefcase or McIntyre’s title reign. Drew isn’t happy about this.

Miz says he doesn’t have to worry about Randy Orton being WWE Champion for long because he has the briefcase, he’s cashed it in to win the title before and who did he do it to? Drew answers Randy Orton. And Morrison explains it happened right here in Orlando too! Miz talks about how the Angry Miz Girl was upset, and he celebrated with his future wife. So they explain to Drew that it could be much worse. They make a crack about how they hope it doesn’t take another 19 years for him to get his next shot. Drew drops Miz with a Glasgow Kiss!

Morrison tries to bond with him by emulating his accent, McIntyre has one for him too. Overhead Belly To Belly, tossing Morrison across the ring! He goes for the Future Shock DDT but Miz clips his leg for the save and the heels scamper away. Drew has the sunglasses of Morrison, he stomps them! Says he has a good idea to run by management and it won’t bode well for the two of them.

AJ Styles makes his way out as it’s casually announced that he and Jeff Hardy will be facing off to see who qualifies for the Raw Survivor Series team. AJ and his huge bodyguard are in the ring. AJ says he’s been here two weeks and he’s 2-0. It’s the return of the Phenomenal Era! He says he wants to answer the question on everybody’s mind… why is AJ Styles in a qualifying match? Who does he have to prove himself to?

C’mon! Not only should he be on Team Raw, he should be the captain of Team Raw! Says he will lead them to the promised land. Why? Because of his face. It’s The Face That Runs The Place. Says his associate doesn’t like to be noticed, looked at or talked to. That is a warning. Accuses Jeff of using an illegal knee brace to win the IC title from him. Jokes on him, because if he tries what he did to Elias on him tonight, well his associate will make him wish he never put down the bottle.

AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy

AJ takes over quickly, knocking him around the ring. Whip, Jeff ducks a line and powders. Baits AJ out there, slips back in, Baseball Slide! He goes to the second rope, Crossbody but The Associate catches him out of the air! And… we go to commercial break while he’s carrying him, seriously? We come back in time to see AJ nail Jeff with an enziguri, follows up with a wicked Brainbuster for a nearfall! Jeff fights back, double leg, Legal Low Blow, Basement Dropkick for a 2 count.

Dragon Whip sends him into the corner, Pullover Kick for a nearfall! AJ fights back, Ushigoroshi. But they get up at the same time, Hardy with a Russian Legsweep, rolled through into a Legdrop Cover for a nearfall! Jeff goes up top but AJ clips him! Takes him onto his shoulders, Rack Bomb for a nearfall! Jeff catches him with a deep cradle for a nearfall, Gordbuster! Stands up but turns around to see the Associate and gets scurred for a second. He goes up top but AJ is able to knock him off yet again. AJ clotheslines him from the apron into the ring, Phenomenal Forearm gets the win!

Winner: AJ Styles

Good stuff, not gonna see a bad match from these two. Afterwards Elias materializes and breaks a guitar over Jeff’s back. Sounds like his first song from last week is his new theme too.

Akira Tozawa & Drew Gulak vs. Lucha House Party

Tozawa with a blade chop of sorts, Gulak tags in and takes down Lince. He gets him into a Backbreaker Lock. Lince counters a back body drop into a Facebuster… R-Truth’s music hits and he wanders out to scout the competition. Commentary is talking about what a stupid idea this is and indeed Tozawa tries to roll him up, 2 count. Truth tosses him into a barricade, somehow the bell is not ringing on this match. Truth thwarts Metallik and enters the ring, Dorado takes him down for a 2 count. Gulak rolls up Truth for a 2 count, Dorado with a Crossbody that ends up hitting GUlak and he gets the pin.

Winners: Lucha House Party

Everybody tries to roll up or sunset flip Truth on the outside but he manages to kick out every time and rush backstage. That was… extraordinarily stupid.

It looks like Halloween time for the Firefly Funhouse. Bray is dressed up like the Mad Hatter. Alexa I’m not sure what she’s supposed to be but she’s got a neat outfit too. She says her tea has a secret ingredient. Ramblin’ Rabbit wants to share the recipe with his wife. Alexa giggles and says it’s arsenic! Predictably he dies, quite morbidly choking to death.

Bray says this is a place where she doesn’t have to hide from anything anymore. He heals you, comforts you, protects you and there’s only one thing you have to do. Alexa closes her eyes. Bray puts the Heal hand on her and she has crazy eyes as she tells us to Let Him In. But she snaps out of this to talk about the fun chat she’s going to have with Randy Orton. Bray has a deranged look at the sound of this, he glances at the burning house drawing and we hear a woman screaming. Ramblin’ Rabbit is actually alive, but Bray kills him anyway. Says he’s looking forward to seeing Orton on A Moment Of Bliss, it’ll be fire!

Keith Lee backstage says he’ll show Braun a real monster. But not tonight, tonight is about destroying Elias and joining the Raw team at Survivor Series. Prepare yourself because he’s about to Walk With Elias.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are talking to Adam Pearce about Survivor Series qualifiers. Nia had given him a list of her candidates earlier. Shayna has her own list, Nia is not on it which makes her upset. Pearce says he’ll consider both of them.

Elias is in the ring and strums his guitar. Says he won’t let Jeff Hardy keep him down, he’ll put him far behind him. He’s tasting sweet victory after last night. He is celebrating the latest album called Universal Truth. WWE stands for Walk With Elias. Elias promises to beat Keith Lee and move onto Survivor Series, but first he has a song.

Keith Lee vs. Elias

Lock-up. Elias gets a side headlock in. Lee shoots him off for a shoulder block. Lee with a tight wristlock, shoulder block. Lee whips him, leapfrog, Crossbody! Elias powders. Lee goes out and throws Elias into the ring. Elias with a Hot Shot on Lee’s way back in, hits a Baseball Slide that sends him into the barricade. He goes out to follow up but Lee surprises him with the Pounce, sending him WAY over the announce table! Commercial break.

Back in the ring as we come back, Lee is holding Elias down. Elias tries to fight up but gets a knee to the chest. Lee hoists him up for the Spirit Bomb but Elias punches and Ranas his way out! Jumping High Knee sends him to the apron! Elias goes out and sends him repeatedly into the post, then into the ring. Goes up top, Double Axe Handle for a 2 count. Elias with a side headlock. Keith Lee fights to his feet and pries his hands off. Elias with a knee to the back, Lee whips him, Tour Of The Islands style slam! Corner clothesline, whip to the opposite corner, Elias with a floatover kick, grabs the wrists for a weird Neckbreaker and a nearfall. Elias goes up top, Jeff Hardy’s music plays. Elias is distracted, Lee grabs him and yanks him to the mat, pops him up for a Spirit Bomb and that is that!

Winner: Keith Lee

About what you’d expect. And as Elias is pulling himself up, Jeff Hardy materializes behind him and breaks a guitar over his back. Where the hell are all these guitars coming from?

Backstage, Hurt Business bullies a dude for trying to get into “their” bathroom.

Randy Orton is asked if he’s concerned about the Fiend possibly appearing during A Moment Of Bliss. Orton says he’s not concerned about anything. He says the only people that need to be concerned are those that cross Randy Orton.

Vignette for Hurt Business vs. Retribution. We’ve got an eight man tag team elimination match, so basically a Survivor Series match. I’m guessing if Retribution were actually over this would in fact have been a match at Survivor Series instead but nope.

Hurt Business make their entrance. Lashley vs. Zayn is announced for Survivor Series, this is not the first time IC title vs. US title ended up being Heel/Heel, always booked as an afterthought like that. Then again, Hurt Business seem to fight other heels a lot at this rate. MVP says being a businessman means if you’re good at something never do it for free. Tonight they fill their obligation and they want their payment. Shelton says they’ll be paid in gold!

Elimination Match: Hurt Business vs. Retribution

Bobby Lashley and T-Bar start out, lock-up. Lashley drives T-Bar into the corner. Lashley clubbers him in the corner, T-Bar with a boot up on a charge. Lashley ducks a line, big shoulder block. Pulls T-Bar up but he gets driven into the corner himself. Lashley with a Flatliner. MVP tags in, batters him around the ring. Pulls him to the center, Bar with a knee to the gut and shot across the back. Tag to Mace. He just kinda controls him for a bit and tags in Slapjack. Snpamare, big dropkick to the back.

MVP with a drop toe hold off a charge into the corner. Playa’s Boot, into an Overhead Saito Suplex, pin gets broken up. Reckoning is up on the apron. Suddenly she starts freaking out, screaming and scratching her arms like she’s covered in bugs, enters the ring flailing and shrieking. MVP is distracted, Slapjack with a roll-up for a three count. MVP is eliminated. I figured she was just doing that for an elaborate distraction but afterwards she’s still convulsing in the ring and ripping at her chest, what is going on? Uh, commercial break.

Apparently she revealed she was faking it during the break but the official ejects her, that was kinda weird. Anyway Lashley with a waistlock on Slapjack. He hoists him up, Slapjack escapes but eats a Spear for the pin. Slapjack has been eliminated. T-Bar attacks Lashley once again, pulls him to the floor. Knocks him around ringside, count gets to 5 I think it’s gonna be relevant here. They fight into the crowd area. The count gets to 10 as they’re still going. T-Bar and Bobby Lashley have been eliminated.

Mace takes it to Cedric, Spinning Heel Kick! Takes him to the corner and yells at him about “Every ounce of your sins”. I don’t know that sins are measured by the ounce. Cedric with a right hand but Mace responds in kind and drops him. Mace has him by the wrist to prevent a tag, pulls him onto his shoulders but Cedric slips off, low dropkick to the legs, but Mace with a goozle! Cedric with a boot up off a charge, Shelton tags in, Cedric with the Neuralizer, Benjamin with Paydirt and Mace has been eliminated. Ali barely didn’t break it up in time and now he’s all by himself.

Shelton ducks a few lines, Fallaway Slam off a Crossbody attempt. Cedric tags in, knocks him into the corner. Rams him into a buckle. Biiiiiig Back Body Drop, dropkick takes Ali off the apron and to the floor. Cedric follows him, Ali attacks him with a chair for the DQ, lame as Hell.

Winners: Hurt Business

What a joke, honestly.

Angel Garza is hitting on Mandy. She tells him her and Otis are still close so he hits on Dana instead. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler emerge and tell him to go, but Nia does take his rose first and smiles. He actually doesn’t seem that upset about it. Nia and Shayna ask about them going onto their Survivor Series team but Rose and Brooke take exception and say it’d be THEIR team.

Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz

Miz shoots in, Drew blocks him and knocks him into the corner. Big shot drops him to the mat, stomps him. Miz fights up with a kick to the bum leg, Drew still in control and takes him out of the ring though he is favoring that leg. He hoists him up out there but Miz escapes behind him and throws him ribsfirst into the steps! Takes him into the ring, kicks to the midsection. Drew with a gut kick of his own, chop to the chest. Short-Arm Clothesline ducked, Miz with a kick to the knee into the Snap DDT for a 1 count!

Miz with a kick to the head. He’s hitting him but Drew starts no selling, grabs his throat. Miz takes him to the corner, catches a kick, Kneebreaker! Miz with some It Kicks. Dashes to the opposite corner, Drew stops him with a clothesline! And another, whips him, Overhead Belly To Belly! Aaaaand another one! Neckbreaker, kip up! Looking for the Future Shock, Miz blocks and takes him to the floor! Distracts the ref as Morrison swings the briefcase at Drew but he kicks it out of his hands, Overhead Belly To Belly for him too and then he just tosses the case across the arena! He goes into the ring, Miz with an Inside Cradle for 2 – Claymore for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Yannow it’s actually a little weird seeing Drew not be the champion coming out. I didn’t think it’d been so long that I’d feel that way but I do.

Matthew McConaughey is on a ThunderDome screen.

New Day are backstage, dressed like the Street Profits. Xavier warns Kofi about going full Dawkins as they talk about champions taking on champions. Xavier wants to finally challenge King Corbin for the right to be King of the Ring. But Kofi corrects him, they’re going up against the Street Profits. Asuka appears and says we want the smoke! Hurt Business also appears, MVP says they have their eyes set on the tag titles. Asuka says they’ll try but they’ll fail BECAUSE New Day Rocks!

Backstage, Drew says it can be the first step back to the WWE title, he’ll take a million, however many it takes to get the title. Says he’ll give the Drew McIntyre Guarantee that Orton will have a moment tonight but it won’t be one of Bliss.

Adam Pearce and Pat Buck are in the ring. Pearce says it’s time to find out who will be representing the Raw Women’s Division at Survivor Series on the team and Shayna and Nia are first. Buck announces Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke will be on there as well. Nia says they’re just rushing through the announcements, they should leave the last one to the team captain – her! This starts an argument but Pearce says the last participant will be decided in a Fatal Four Way starting right now and that match is…

Lana vs. Lacey Evans vs. Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross

Lacey and Peyton fight to the floor immediately, Lana kicks Nikki off the apron onto them before the immediate commercial break. We come back to see Peyton do a Tarantula-style move on Nikki. Peyton fights with Lana for a bit, sends her through the ropes and she goes to the floor very jankily. Peyton keeps Lacey out of the ring, crossbody to Cross for a 2 count. Rear Chinlock to Nikki. Nikki with a snapmare out of it, Nikki to the apron, grabs Peyton and runs her into the turnbuckle. Takes out Lana on the outside, Seated Senton, then a Tornado DDT to Evans! She goes up top, Top Rope Crossbody to Peyton for a nearfall!

Lana tries a springboard, it’s a mistake and nothing happens. Anyway Royce takes Evans down, Wheelbarrow Facebuster sends Cross onto her, she pins Evans for a nearfall. Nikki goes up top, Evans tries to stop her but she sends her to the floor. Peyton stops her with a kick though. Goes up there but Cross knocks her to the mat, now Evans leaps up there again. Hooks her, Peyton comes in with a German Suplex to complete the Tower Spot! Lana pulls Peyton out though, goes into the ring for the cover and gets the win.

Winner: Lana

Afterwards Nia Jax has her mouth agape at this. But she applauds, asks for a hug. Lana actually takes her up on it for some reason. Nia holds her tight and won’t let go, she has Shayna rip off the announce table cover. For the sixth time, Nia drives Lana through the announce table with a Samoan Drop and this may have been the most brutal looking one yet, oof. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke just stood there and watched like everyone else does by the way.

Backstage, Ali tells his mates that Retribution is not a family or a team but a mission. The good men and women beside him are willing to sacrifice everything for that mission. They win when you suffer. They will win because they decide when you get shut down.

Last qualifier of the night.

Sheamus vs. Matt Riddle

Matt immediately gets a double leg, Sheamus powders. He comes back in, gets a side headlock takedown in. Riddle with a Kimura, into a triangle but Sheamus manages to escape. Sheamus hoists him up for a Spinebuster, and now he has him in a Kimura of his own. Riddle breaks it with a Gutwrench Suplex! Takes him to his feet, wants a Kimura again but Sheamus stops him with a knee to the gut, into the Irish Curse! Takes him to the apron for Ten Beats of the Bowery. Riddle takes advantage, back body drop leaves Sheamus on the outside, PK on the apron, Asai Moonsault right before the commercial break!

We come back to see Sheamus in control of Riddle suddenly. Riddle fights to his bare feet, forearms to the face. Hits the ropes but Sheamus stops him with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! 2 count. Back into a hold, Riddle fights up, Pele Kick, roundhouse kick, PK and a Broton for a nearfall! Sheamus with an elbow off a charge, Pump Knee for a close nearfall! Sheamus goes up top, Riddle leaps up there to stop him. Hooks for a superplex. Sheamus takes him back to the mat, but Riddle pops up again, T-BONE SUPERPLEX!! Nearfall!

Riddle goes up top for the Floating Bro but Sheamus with the knees up! Riddle sells this big, Sheamus pulls him up and elbows him in the small of the back. And another! Pulls him to his feet, puts him up for the White Noise but Riddle reverses into a Piggyback Sleeper! Sheamus drives him into the turnbuckle to break it once but Riddle leaps right back onto him. Sheamus with a snapmare, Brogue Kick ducked, Riddle with a German Suplex for a nearfall! Riddle hoists him up but the back gives out, Sheamus with a Brogue Kick and there’s the match!

Winner: Sheamus

That kinda ruled.

Alexa Bliss is in the ring for A Moment Of Bliss, she has a remixed dark theme. Like eight minutes before the show has to go off the air, she welcomes out Randy Orton. Two minutes later, he’s in the ring. Alexa offers him a seat but he’s gonna stay standing. Alexa asks if it surprised him that he was able to deliver such a super duper performance. Orton says he was not surprised. But does she have a surprise for him by any chance?

Alexa says no surprises. What good talk show host wouldn’t want to have the WWE Champion on her show especially after last night when him and Drew McIntyre… burned the house down. Randy says he knows Bray Wyatt better than anybody. He wants to ask this one time and one time only, where is the Fiend? McIntyre’s theme hits instead though and he rushes out to the ring. Alexa cackles as they fight, Drew wins out and kicks him into the buckles. Drew takes the chairs out of the ring and nails Orton with a punch.

He stalks for the Claymore but the lights start to go out… when they come back, Drew is alone in the ring with the red lights shimmering, Randy Orton has already bailed and is up on the stage! Sadly this did not pay off, he turns around and the Fiend is behind him! Randy doesn’t look back but he knows he’s there. So instead he slowly walks towards the ring. Drew leaves the ring and they come face to face with a fight! Drew throws him into the barricades, Fiend is still just standing there staring as McIntyre knocks him around.

Fight spills closer to the ring and McIntyre sends Orton into the steps. Getting pretty late here. Orton surprises McIntyre with a Back Suplex onto the announce table. He mounts him with punches as the show goes off the air. Another lame Raw ending.

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