AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

We’ve got another episode of AEW Dynamite tonight! Full Gear is two weeks away and the title eliminator semi-finals are tonight! I’m Jordan Huie aka the One Zeel One and you’re here at 1Z1 Pro Wrestling where as always you can find a live play-by-play of the show as it airs! Watch this space~!

Wardlow and MJF are having an interview. MJF says he’s proud of him but he claims that if Wardlow wins the tournament and beats the champion, then MJF gets the title instead. Wardlow begrudgingly agrees to this. Sammy Guevara comes up, he throws the jacket aside and tells him he’s not his friend and he will make sure he does not join the Inner Circle. MJF tells him the attack on Matt was great but he has a note on promos: don’t. Sammy is mad and MJF says he looks like he sells Adderall to teens. Asks if he’s deaf and Sammy says no, he’s thinking about all the things he’s gonna do about it. Now Wardlow storms out to the arena, his match with Page is up first!

Wardlow vs. Hangman Page

Page swiftly takes the fight to Wardlow. But a single good shot takes him down! Whips him, Page with a boot up but Wardlow takes him onto his shoulders. Page escapes but eats a corner clothesline! Wardlow whips him to the opposite corner, Page sidesteps the charge. Low bridge but Wardlow stays on the apron. Page with a Springboard Clothesline taking him to the floor! Looks for a tope but Wardlow catches him out of the air, Page escapes and takes him to the post but it just pisses Wardlow off and he spears him right through the safety rail! Goodness.

Wardlow into the ring, Page barely beats the ten count! Oklahoma Slam for a nearfall! Wardlow looks for a vertical superplex, Page blocks it for a bit but eventually gets tossed! Shoulder thrust, Gutwrench Powerbomb for a nearfall! Wardlow takes him up top for his Samoan Spike maneuver but Page counters into a Cross-Armbreaker across the rope, has to break on 4. He might want Buckshot but he’s too exhausted, Wardlow suplexes him back into the ring! Goes up top, Swanton Bomb but Page rolls out of the way! Big man cleared a lot of distance.

Page hits the ropes for a clothesline, tries another but Wardlow just drops him. Big boot, tries a German Suplex but Page lands on his feet! Hits the opposite ropes, a wild Cactus Clothesline! “Cowboy Stuff” chant kicks up. Page up top, Triangle Moonsault! “AEW” chant as the match spills back into the ring. Running Shooting Star – 1 count! Page sets up the Buckshot Lariat but Wardlow ducks it, lariat of his own for a nearfall! Hoists him onto his shoulders and there’s the F-10!

Page rolls out of the ring before he can pin him! Wardlow takes him up to the top rope, has him on his shoulders briefly. Page fights it, they both tentatively stand up top. Super Fallaway Slam!! Buckshot Lariat, but Wardlow doesn’t fall! So he hits a second one and gets the victory!

Winner: Hangman Page

That was awesome. They clearly have big plans for Wardlow at this stage and well deserved, he’s looking more and more like a wicked prospect every match.

Jon Moxley says this one isn’t about #1, 2, 3 or 4… this one is just for him. He’s going to weaponize his title against a whiny complainer. Says there is no room in AEW for THIS Eddie Kingston. After he takes him down there will be no one else to blame.

Eddie comes out and asks how dare the world champion not be here? He says believe it or not he’s tired of talking. He forces the cameraman to leave the ring. Says your world champion isn’t here because he’s a coward so he wants to take on the man who tried to steal his thunder in the Casino Royale, the Joker, Matt Sydal. Reminds us once again he was never eliminated from that.

Eddie Kingston vs. Matt Sydal

Eddie pretends he wants a Test of Strength but then turns around and yells at the fans instead. They lock-up. Kingston with a Hammerlock. Chain wrestling exchange, Kingston takes him down, Sydal leaps right up. Lock up once more. Kingston takes him to the corner. Matt ducks a chop, hits one of his own! Eddie gets him into a side headlock. Matt shoots him off, couple of arm drags and there’s an armbar! Eddie trying to block it. Matt ducks a shot, roll-up for 2.

Spin Kick takes him to the corner in position for a Cannonball-style Dropkick! Pulls him out for a nearfall. Sydal wants a Cobra Clutch, Kingston fights to his feet and elbows free but Sydal with a few leg kicks. Looks for a Wheel Kick but Kingston catches him out of the air and throws him down! Elbow drop! Commercial break. When we come back, Kngston has him up and is chopping him, Sydal responds with a Leaping Knee Strike, Roundhouse Kick for a nearfall!

Kingston gets a boot up, goes to the second rope but Sydal catches him, Kingston knocks him down but Sydal leaps right up for a crazy Rana! Diving Meteora from the second rope for a nearfall! Sydal with a roll-up for 2. Into a Crucifix for 2! Ducks a line, Kingston with the Kitchen Sink Knee! Spinning Backfist nailed! And now he locks him into the Bully Choke and Sydal has to tap out!

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Eddie keeps the hold in after the match as Butcher, Blade and the Bunny enter the ring. Eddie yells “Say ‘I Quit’ Moxley!” and Matt has to say it.

Excalibur has an interview with FTR and the Young Bucks. Immediately asks about Matt Jackson’s ankle. He says his ankle is fine, a little baby injury won’t keep him out of a match like this. Nick can carry him to the ring if he wants. Excalibur asks FTR why they would jeopardize a match between them after the years of anticipation. Dax says it is a dream match but they’re not in it for the dream match. Above anything else is keeping the tag titles and they will solidify themselves as the best team in the world.

Excalibur says he’s known the Bucks for years, they rudely respond that’s why he has a job. He asks about how they’ve changed. Matt says they’re not exactly proud of what they’ve done but it was a change they needed. Says these pricks FTR brought this out of them, the old Young Bucks are back. He doesn’t even like it himself but this is the way he feels. Excalibur starts to ask another question, FTR get mad that he’s focusing on them too much and they leave. Excalibur asks Nick for his thoughts too, he mentions a crazy stip that Matt has in mind. He says they came from nothing and bet on themselves, and they’re putting it on the line. If they don’t win the AEW Tag Team Championships at Full Gear, they will never challenge for them again.

Man. The big callback. Last year Cody did the same thing and they’ve stuck true to their word on it, so people have no choice but to take this one dead seriously. Wonder if we’re seeing a Full Gear tradition emerge too.

The time has come for the AEW Town Hall Meeting between Chris Jericho and MJF, hosted by Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez. Jericho and the Inner Circle come out first. Take time to let everyone sing the chorus. And now it’s MJF’s turn. And it looks like he’s without Wardlow here, given he just wrestled 20 minutes earlier.

First question is from Luchasaurus. He says as a representative of dinosaurs and a medieval historian he has an understanding of the world’s changes and economics. Asks him what he can do for the Inner Circle financially. MJF mocks him and shows a graph to depict this, showing a green line going straight up after he joins. Says people can’t boo that, it’s math! Britt Baker and Rebel are up next, Rebel just fangirls shamelessly over Jericho.

Baker says MJF has a terrible track record when it comes to friendships in AEW. Chris says he understands that but he’s not a dipshit like Cody and if he tries to turn on them, he’s knocking his teeth down his throat. MJF says he would never turn on any of them! He promises that together they’ll get a whole lot of green and a whole lot of gold. Peter Avalon is next up. He wants to shoot his shot, can he join the Inner Circle? They huddle up for the briefest of moments and cackles, says there’s no chance of that. Next question comes from “A Mr. Eric B” and Bischoff steps up! “Eric B” chant.

Bischoff says good evening Mr. Jericho. He has a three-prong question. January 20th, 1961, JFK said ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country. Asks MJF what can he do for the Inner Circle! MJF says that was a powerful question and he can only give a one word and powerful answer: friendship. Big boos. Bischoff says since most would consider him nearly a complete package as a wrestler, what does he think the Inner Circle can do for him? MJF says he IS a Total Package.

But while that’s true he’s able to accept there’s one dent in his armor and it’s that he might not be the best team player. But he thinks in the Inner Circle he can learn how to be. Bischoff’s last question. He’s worked with Jericho for many years and most would agree with him that he’s a primadonna. Jericho takes exception, Tony quiets him down, Jericho says he’s calling him names! Tony yells at him to shut up. Bischoff says since MJF shares many of his characteristics, MJF takes offense to this too. He asks can they guarantee that the two of them won’t just end up killing each other?

MJF says this is preposterous. He has been booed and had arrows shot at him like a monster. Chris tells him to answer the question. MJF is appalled, says he’s given him everything, great TV, friendship and last week the best segment of his career. Asks what hasn’t he done?! Jericho says he hasn’t beaten him. But he’ll give him the chance to do it. At Full Gear, it will be MJF vs. Chris Jericho one-on-one. And if MJF wins, IF he wins, he will allow him to join the Inner Circle! MJF tells him man-to-man, he will do anything to win. Chris says he expects nothing less but Max tells him he doesn’t understand: ANYTHING!

Ortiz tells him to shut up, all he does is run his mouth! Sammy and himself don’t want him in the Inner Circle, Santana might be in the middle and Jake is too busy training for his fight. Asks for a match next week: Santana and Ortiz vs. MJF and Wardlow! That should be damn good. Ortiz promises he won’t make it to the PPV.

Vignette from Team Taz saying people ask why they keep trying to recruit Hobbs when he doesn’t give them an answer. He says they’re about winning but they’re also about making money and Will Hobbs is money. But we see a clip of Dark last night where Hobbs saved Darby Allin from a Team Taz attack.

Lumberjack Match for the TNT Championship: Cody (c) vs. Orange Cassidy

Cassidy ducks a lock-up, goes for a Superman Punch but Cody blocks it, looks for Cross-Rhodes and Orange counters into a Mouse Trap attempt, no dice, stand off. Cassidy is about to do his pockets deal but surprises him with a Headlock Takeover! Cassidy pulls him to his feet, for another one. Takes him up, Cody hoists him up but Cassidy gets another takedown. Cody escapes for a wristlock. takes him to the corner, then whips him right into the opposite buckles! Cody sees the Dark Order section of the Lumberjacks, they’re hounding him.

Cody gets him up for a big delayed Gordbuster, and now there’s the push-ups. Cover for a 2 count. Cody controls an arm, few elbows to the back of the neck, Cassidy surprises him with a Vertical Suplex! Cody rolls briefly to the outside, but thinks better of it and rushes back in, Cassidy goes out instead and there’s the group hug with the Best Friends. Onto the apron, Cody gets Orange with a Dragonscrew Legwhip in the ropes! Punch nearly knocks him to the floor but Chuck and Trent catch him and send him back. Orange sends Cody out, they catch Cody too – but then drop him. Orange is going up top, Trent with a cheap shot to Cody!

Cassidy comes off the top with a crossbody, Cody rolls through, exchange of counters, Orange kicks him away from the Figure Four, Dark Order messing with Cody, Around The World DDT to Cody for a nearfall! Cassidy is up for a 450 but Cody gets the knees up. Commercial break. This is a chaotic one, I feel like I’m probably mistakes here. We come back to see the heels are battering both men, first Cody and then Orange and now the face and heel Lumberjacks are battling it out! Meanwhile in the ring, Cassidy up top but Cody stops him, goes up with him… BIG SUPERPLEX ONTO THE PILE! Cody with a late cover for a nearfall!

15 minute time call, Cody with a Cody Cutter for a 2 count! Orange with a very weak pound, but it’s a trick as he ducks a counter strike and hits a Superkick! Cody bounces back though for the lariato! Cody tries a suplex but Cassidy stops him with Stundog Millionaire! Goes up top, Flying DDT! And there’s the Beach Breaker for a cloooose nearfall! Cassidy throws his elbow pads away. Angels suddenly enters the ring distracting the ref, Silver gets Cassidy with a Pump Kick! Cody deposits Silver from the ring, hits the Cross-Rhodes on Orange and gets the win!

Winner: Cody

Immediately everybody spills into the ring and it’s a Pier Six Brawl. Darby is still watching from the cheap seats as eventually the Gunn Club stands tall in the ring.

Best Friends confronted backstage by Miro and Kip Sabian. Heels say they actually forgive them and are sorry for blaming them, they have a present for them. Penelope hands them something wrapped in orange, Best Friends try to leave quickly but they keep them there long enough to say it’s a trick rather than a treat and they attack them. Batter them in the locker room and reveal that the present was just the broken piece of the arcade cabinet.

Serena Deeb talks in a blurb about what winning the NWA World’s Women’s Championship means to her. Talks about the legacy that lays in her hands and how she will make the world respect her.

NWA World’s Women’s Championship: Serena Deeb (c) vs. Leyla Hirsch

Lock-up. It’s a long and stiff one, struggling for advantage. Eventually they have to break. Hirsch is a legit amateur wrestler and it shows. Deeb with a waistlock but Hirsch reverses it. Front Facelock applied, Deeb keeps trying to escape but Hirsch continually rolls to keep it on. Deeb with an Armdrag counter, rolls her into a complex crucifix cradle for a nearfall! Deeb with a side headlock takeover, Leyla rolls her for a 2 count, headlock stays on. Leyla shoots her off, Deeb with a shoulder block.

Deebs hits the ropes, eats a clothesline. Corner Charging Elbow, into a Meteroa and she holds right on for a Jeff Hardy-style Skateboard Dropkick! Nearfall, Deeb escapes to the apron. Hirsch battles with her, Deeb with a Neckbreaker on the ropes, gets her into another unique cradle for a nearfall. She tries to hook an arm again but Hirsch with upkicks, stinging ones, and she pulls her down into a Cross-Armbreaker, Deeb has the hands clasped. Rolls over for a 2 count. Leyla with an Armbreaker! Singles out an arm and drives her shoulder into the buckle! And then again! Commercial break.

We come back to see Leyla nail palm strikes to the gut, charging knee lift to the face into a German Suplex! She steps on Deeb as she goes to the corner and goes up top! Moonsault but Deeb rolls out of the way! Hooks her, Spinning Neckbreaker and she holds for a Rude Awakening Neckbreaker follow-up! Captures the arm and hooks the leg for a tight hold and Leyla taps out!

Winner: Serena Deeb

That was really good! Deeb has been looking real good in this run and man was Leyla impressive!

Hikaru Shida is backstage. After being asked about Nyla she just says it simple, challenging her to a title match at Full Gear!

And now out comes Shawn Spears to the ring.

Shawn Spears vs. VSK

Spears pretends to be tentative, then just hoists him right up on his shoulders for the C-4. He slithers Orton-like into a cover for the win.

Winner: Shawn Spears

Simple and to the point.

Shawn is being heckled by a guy with a bull head. He pulls him over the guardrail and into the ring. Spears asks Tully for the loaded glove. But then the bull head comes off and it’s Scorpio Sky! He surprises him with a TKO!

Penta and Fenix come out, it’s main event time!

Penta El Zero M vs. Kenny Omega

Kenny doesn’t even take his shirt off to start the match. Lock-up, Kenny with a grinding side headlock. Penta shoots him off, Kenny steps on his back when he tries a duck under. A couple of shoves, Kenny mockingly begs off. He slowly raises his shirt… and the AAA Mega Championship is around his waist, the title he beat Fenix for! Kenny shows it to Fenix mockingly and he is not happy. Omega lays the title on the mat. He’s asking for Penta to nail him, Penta demands a chop-off. Kenny starts with a big knife edge! Kenny takes his shirt off for the rebuttal. Penta with a HUGE open hand chop! Kenny with a knife edge of his own.

Penta takes off the glove now. Kenny intercepts the toss of it, slaps him with the glove! This pisses Penta off enough to forget the chops and try for a strike but Kenny blocks him, knocks him down and stomps him into the mat, smacking him with the glove repeatedly. Penta fights up and takes him to the corner, Kenny with the boots up off a charge. Rolls off his back – Penta stops him with a chop! Whip reversed, but Penta with a Floatover into the Backstabber! Kenny powders but gets met with an immediate Tope Con Hilo! But now he’s clutching his left knee before the commercial break.

During the break the fight spills past the guardrail and Kenny DDTs him onto a cooler! We come back as the match re-enters the ring. Penta with a Cero Meido taunt, hits the ropes but Kenny stops him with a Rana! Penta goes to the outside and sells his leg. Kenny hits the ropes twice for the Terminator Dive! He shakes the guardrail, but as he comes back in, Penta with a roundhouse kick takes him to the floor! Goes up top, Crossbody to the floor! Back into the ring, few big misses, Springboard Slingblade from Penta leads to a nearfall!

Penta up to the second rope but Kenny stops him! He starts to go up with him but Penta slips under him, kick to the leg leaves him in a Tree of Woe position! Penta up top, Double Footstomp for a nearfall! Penta hoists him onto his shoulders, Kenny slips behind him, Snap Dragon! He pulls him up for a second one and nails it! Kenny pulls him again for a third but Penta blocks this with an elbow, and a chop to the chest, a second one – Kenny stops the third with a knee strike! Huge Powerbomb, rolls him back for a huge V-Trigger! Nearfall!

Kenny with a finger gun, hits the ropes, V-Trigger hits HARD and now he pulls him up for the One Winged Angel but Penta escapes it. Big back elbow but Kenny fights back with a Leg Lariat to the back of the head! This takes him to the corner, another V-Trigger to the back of the head on this one! He pulls him to the top rope, he’s hooking him for a Dragon Superplex but Penta elbows him away. Kenny still fresher though, now he’s hooking him facing the ramp! Penta headbutts him to the ramp though. Penta leaps – CANADIAN DESTROYER ON THE RAMP! Takes him into the ring… Package Piledriver! NARROW NEARFALL!

Penta wants a Penta Driver, Kenny is fighting it but he has the hooks in, hoists him up but Kenny with an arm drag only for Penta to respond with an enziguri! Penta taunts him with the Cero Miedo, hits the ropes but Kenny surprises him with a huge V-Trigger! He hoists him up for the One Winged Angel but again Penta blocks it, he lands right in position – and there’s the Arm Snap! Penta pulls him up… one last Cero Miedo, hoists him for the Penta Driver but Kenny fights out with an elbow. Knife edge chops with his one good arm. Hits the ropes, Penta with a Superkick! He looks for the Springboard Slingblade again but Kenny with a knee out of the air, and finally he has him for the One Winged Angel! That’s all she wrote.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Man what a main event. Full Gear is looking like one helluva card. And that’s the show.

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