WWE SmackDown Recap

Hello everyone. You’ve made it to another Friday! WWE SmackDown is soon at hand and I’ll be here to give you the live play-by-play of the show as always. Watch this space~!

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman open the show. As they come out, Jey Uso is already standing in the ring, looking very defeated. Video recap of what went down between them at Hell In A Cell.

Paul starts to say something but Jey rips the mic away from him. Jey growls that Roman did not beat him. He knows him, he knows he doesn’t say I Quit no matter how hard he beats him. Tells him this is too much, he’s not that kind of person. He didn’t beat him. Roman tells him he can make all the excuses he wants. He says all he needed to do was make him quit and he quit. Take the L, accept the membership and fall in line. Jey says he did a snake move, just like when they were kids always one-upping him. He cannot get down with him, he does not respect him.

Jey is tearing up, saying he used the only person in the world that he’d say “I Quit” for. He knew what he was doing! Roman smiles and says of course he did. He asks “How could you?” and Roman asks how could he not? Says Jey still doesn’t understand, these are the kind of things you have to do to have this. The burden of being WWE Universal Champion. But the consequences are real, he saw it on the stage. The eldest, the highest of the chiefs, all the way down to the youngest, they all back him. Jey is crying.

Roman says he gets it, he’d be angry too, he’d be livid. Roman says “But let’s be honest, what can you do?” He says he’s sure he wants to bash his skull in right now but what can he do? Jey yells that he hates him. Roman says he’s sure he does, right now. But he loves him. Always. But he’ll say it one last time. By the end of the night, he will fall in line. Roman leaves him alone in the ring to be miserable.

Kevin Owens here for the first match of the night and it seems like he’s just switched to jeans permanently. He’s kinda had the same exact look for the last like ten years so why not.

Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler

Kevin with a side headlock, Dolph shoots him off but eats a Shoulder Tackle and powders. Kevin chases him around ringside, Dolph lures him into the ring and stomps him into the mat. Pulls him to his feet for a Neckbreaker, 1 count. Dolph with a right hand, kick to the knee, side-steps a charge to send him to the outside. Dolph distracts the ref with a feigned knee injury, Roode attacks Owens from behind! But the ref ejects Roode right before the commercial break.

They fight their way up as we come back from break, Dolph with another Neckbreaker. Gouging at the eyes of Owens. Kev fights back with a chop but Dolph stops that with a kick. Hits the ropes but Owens with an Inverted Atomic Drop, clothesline, Half Senton! Dolph powders, Kev tries for a dive but Ziggler slips back in, only to be caught up in a Go Home Driver with a nearfall!

Owens goes up top for the Swanton Bomb but Dolph gets the knees up! Dolph stalks for the Superkick but Owens catches him with his own first! Kev tries for the Pop-Up Powerbomb, Dolph counters with a Fameasser out of the air for a nearfall! Dolph tries a Superkick again but it’s ducked, Stunner gets blocked, exchange of cradles, Kev blocks a Superkick, Stunner nailed for the win!

Winner: Kevin Owens

Very good match, no surprise there.

Adam Pearce is being bothered by Billie Kay and Natalya. They want to be in the Survivor Series match, and Bianca Belair is also campaigning. Don’t you love how the dudes on both sides are booked in qualifying matches in advance and the girls on both sides just, whine to Pearce about getting in? Anyway he books them in a three way match for a spot.

Corey Graves interviews THE FREAK. Corey asks if can call him Lars. Sullivan says that’s considerate of him, wouldn’t he rather call him the Freak? He’s clearly annoyed by the name, asks if Corey would like to be called that, asks if he gets called that on the street. Corey tries to explain that he can’t do the freakish athletic things he can do. Lars says he can accept that, can go along with it, Corey wants something out of him.

Talks about the first time he was called that at nine years of age, the Tracy brothers, they sang about him being a freakshow. Lars says he didn’t what to do, he cried. He was hoping they’d show some kindness but they didn’t stop. When they saw him cry they laughed. All of them. He says not twenty minutes later, the laughing stopped but the screaming continued for hours and he wasn’t allowed back to school after that. He says his goal is to make this world his personal playground, and Hell on Earth.

Buddy Murphy is talking to Aalyah. She says her mom is very open-minded and just wants her to be happy. But her dad and brother don’t even want her talking to him. Buddy says he gets that, he really does. But he’s not the same person he used to be. He’s going to go out there and make a public apology later.

Bianca Belair vs. Natalya vs. Billie Kay

Nattie tries for a slap on Billie but she ducks it and she gets Bianca instead. Belair is mad, big forearm, floatover and flip out of the corner for a shoulder block. Billie rolls her up for a 1 ocunt. She tries to flee the ring but Bianca grabs her, only for Nattie to attack from behind. Belair with a whip, Nattie with a kick off a back body drop. Natalya with a Discus Clothesline, Billie deposits her from the ring for a nearfall on Bianca.

Nattie back in, wants an Atomic Drop, Billie is blocking it. So instead she sends her to Bianca for a powerbomb but Kay reverses into a Rana! 2 count. Belair fights back, big dropkicks, Standing Moonsault on Billie for a nearfall, Nattie has to break it up. She hits her Rope Rebound Back Suplex, into the Basement Dropkick and there’s the Sharpshooter. Kay rushes into the ring and locks Bianca into a facelock to go along with the Sharpshooter, Belair is still not submitting!

Nattie sees this and breaks the hold to go after her, Bianca grabs her, Billie with a big boot nails both and repeatedly covers both for 2 counts. Billie pulls Natalya up but she trips her into the Sharpshooter. Belair has to break this up, slams Nattie into the ringpost, she distracts herself as Billie rolls her up, legs on the ropes for a 2 count, Belair hoists her up, KOD for the win!

Winner: Bianca Belair

S’a preeeetty obvious winner there, but not a bad way for her to get in.

Carmella says there’s a difference between who the world wants you to be and who you really are. Says who is she? She’s THAT woman. The one who gives orders and calls the shots, and does whatever it takes to get ahead. Because no matter what she will always win. So next week on Friday Night SmackDown the entire world will know why she’s untouchable.

Murphy and Aalyah come to the ring. Murphy says he understands why Rey and Dominik Mysterio despise him but he’s not the same person he was. But he gets it, he’s done terrible things. But as a man, he needs to apologize to Rey and Dominik face-to-face. He asks them to come out here. There’s a pause. Murphy is begging them, he needs to apologize, please.

But instead out comes Seth Rollins. He says he thinks he already knows what he is about to say. Rey and Dominik are never going to forgive him. They will never accept him as he is and most importantly, they’re never going to accept whatever is going on between him and Aalyah. But even though they will not accept him, he will. Always, he’ll accept him as he is and forgive him for what he’s done.

Not only does he accept this relationship but he embraces it wholeheartedly, if he wanted him to wed them right now, he would! There’s a place for all of them in the greater good. He accepts Murphy and he also accepts Aalyah. It doesn’t matter to him what her last name is, he can see it in her eyes, she’s starting to understand the truth in this situation, he’s not the bad guy! Every step of the way, her father has forced his hands. The way he’s acted, some would call it overprotective but it seems to him like he’s being controlling. Telling her who to talk to and who she can see. And her brother is a coward, he sees all the attention-

Dominik attacks Seth from behind and pummels him in the mat! But Murphy pulls him off, so he can attack Rollins instead! As Seth powders, Murphy and Dominik start to brawl now! Rey comes out to break this up, Dominik gets Murphy into the ropes for a Rey 619 but Aalyah jumps in front of it! She says no more. She refuses to go with them and yells “I love him”! Rey is stunned. Rey and Dominik leave and try to demand Aalyah go with them but instead she turns and shares a kiss with Murphy. Seth is overjoyed as Rey and Dominik are pissed.

Daniel Bryan backstage says Jey has taken Roman Reigns to the limit and Roman hasn’t actually been able to defeat him so he’s preparing for the best Jey Uso later tonight.

Street Profits come to the ring and say they appreciate the New Day’s impression of them. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. They’ve adopted the Power of Positivity themselves but they aren’t showing up to Survivor Series in a box of Booty-Os. They’re not serving pancakes, they’re serving Ls. Profits are up and they want the Smoke.

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura (Non-title)

Faces take over quickly, Shinsuke with a big dropkick but Ford hits a Blockbuster on Cesaro, as the heels powder, Ford with a big Tope on Nakamura! But Cesaro pops him up and he goes flying past the barrier, you don’t see him land so there was probably a crash pad there. Commercial break. We come back to see Nak hang Ford up, Cesaro with a kick into Nak finishing the suplex for a 2 count.

Reverse Exploder attempted but Ford lands on his feet, Shin misses a Dragon Whip and Ford gets him with an enziguri. Tag to Dawkins, clotheslines to Cesaro, ducks a shot, Flying Elbow, Dropkick to Nakamura, Pancake to Cesaro! Spinning Clotheslines to both men, Bulldog to Cesaro for a nearfall. Double whip, Dawkins ducks a double line, Overhead Belly To Belly to Cesaro! Nakamura takes him from behind though, up top for a running knee to the ribs, cover for a 2 count.

Cesaro tags in, they get their Flying Knee/Gutwrench Powerbomb combo, Ford breaks up the pin! Nakamura takes him to the floor. He drives him into the boot of Cesaro, Dawkins with a Small Package for a nearfall, Cesaro with a big lariat for a nearfall! They try for their double team again but Dawkins shoves Cesaro into Nak to crotch him this time, then hits Cesaro with the Anointment! Tag to Ford, Dawkins hits a Superplex on Nakamura leading into From The Heavens for the win!

Winners: Street Profits

Good stuff. Standard, but good.

Sami Zayn backstage says there is no greater man to represent all continents. WWE has never marketed him as a people’s champion but he is the champion of the people. He is loved in every continent, names multiple obscure countries and says he is the champion of the people. Says Bobby Lashley represents only one country, and he laughs, says let’s not get into it. Sami promises to make it clear that the Intercontinental Champion is better than the United States Champion.

Sasha Banks makes her way out, she’s in the ring with a chair sat up. She says don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk and at Hell In A Cell she did just that. She took the one thing that she loved the most, the SmackDown Women’s Championship. She has to thank her for stabbing her in the back because she finally ended an era. She was her best friend, they were supposed to take over the whole damn company together. She thought she was her sister but when she took this chair and tried to end her career… she tosses the chair away.

Banks says she realized it wasn’t their friendship that was unstoppable, it was her. Because she’s the leader, the standard, the blueprint and the boss of Friday nights, your brand new SmackDown Women’s Champion. She now goes one-on-one with Asuka and she has no doubt that she is the best of the best. Bayley interrupts. Says she wants her to think about that last statement. The whole world knows she can win a championship but everyone knows she can’t hold onto one. Unlike her, the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion of all time!

Says Sasha went into her locker room and stole her chair. She also forced her to sign the HIAC contract under duress but she’s not a sore loser, she’s fair. She’ll actually do her a favor, everyone knows that she can’t beat Asuka without her in her corner. So next week she’s challenging Sasha for a title rematch and she hopes she’s prepared for her predictably short 13-day title reign because next week it ends.

Main event time.

Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso

Lock-up. Jey with a shot to the gut, headbutt drops him to his knees, clobbers him around. Whip, back elbow! Body slam. Bryan with a whip, Kitchen Sink knee! Daniel with an arm wringer, Jey counters, whip to the ropes for a back elbow. Jey stomps him into the mat. Closed fist to the head. Takes him to the corner, whip, Bryan with a rope walk and a floatover, hits the ropes twice for a flying elbow! Yes Kicks commence! Just kicking him around the mat, Jey ducks a roundhouse kick and bails to the floor. Now Roman’s music hits and out comes Reigns and Heyman. Commercial break.

We come back to see Bryan getting Jey in the Tree of Woe. Roundhouse kicks, running dropkick to the head! Takes him up top for a Back Superplex but Jey spins around to fall on top of him for a 2 count! Jey blocks a kick, enziguri, charges but Bryan takes him to the floor right in front of Roman. Jey somehow doesn’t turn around to look at him, instead catching Bryan with a Superkick off a Suicide Dive attempt!

He goes up top, looks for an Uso Splash but Bryan catches him out of the air with a LeBell Lock! Bryan with Yes Kicks in the corner, charging dropkick connects, tries another but eats a Superkick! Avada Kedavra follows, Uso goes up top, Uso Splash nailed! And it gets the win!

Winner: Jey Uso

I actually didn’t expect him to win that, but it seems like they’re sticking with the Jey push for now.

Roman enters the ring to stare him down. Jey has come around now, says he’s with him, he’s the head of the table. He turns and gives another kick to the head of Bryan! He goes up top, Uso Splash! He tells Roman he’s with him and he understands now! He loves him too. Roman asks for more, Jey pulls Bryan to the floor and starts battering him with punches. Tosses him right into the steps. Keeps yelling, “I understand”.

He strips the announce table, pulls Bryan onto the table and he goes up top! Roman just watches, stoic as Jey hits a crazy Uso Splash through the table! It seems wildly painful for him but he still mounts him for elbows afterwards, even slamming his head into the wreckage. Roman finally smiles and leaves satisfied. And that’s the show.

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