AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

We’ve got another episode of AEW Dynamite on our hands folks. It’s likely there’s never been less attention on one of these but all the same, the show is happening and I’ll be here with the live recap of it all as it comes, so watch this space~! Or don’t, hey whatever it’s cool.

The show begins with the Inner Circle on the stage. Chris Jericho starts by giving props to Jake Hager on his Bellator win last week, continuing his unbeaten streak. MJF interrupts though, says he’s glad that he’ll be out there doing commentary tonight. He’ll see for himself that he has what it takes to be in the Inner Circle. Jericho says MJF ticks a lot of boxes but he is missing something from the Total Package. He explains how tough and crazy all the members of the Inner Circle are and says MJF lacks that same killer instinct. He says he’s soft! MJF tells him he’ll prove him wrong.

MJF & Wardlow vs. Sammy Guevara & Ortiz

Wardlow and Ortiz start. Ortiz with a side-step out of the corner, low dropkick to the knee. Series of forearms, Wardlow catches a kick, Spinebuster! Tag to MJF, who quickly misses a kneedrop. Ortiz with a back rake, MJF ducks a line, MJF distracts the ref as Wardlow nails Ortiz from behind. Max stomps him into the buckles. Tag to Wardlow. Kicks, Ortiz with body shots, leaps for a tag but Wardlow catches him and drives him into the opposite corner, tag to MJF.

He baits Sammy, who tries to rush in, as the ref is dealing with him MJF is biting Ortiz! But Ortiz with two boots up on a charge, wants the tag again but MJF grabs the wrist, arm drag sending him into the corner! Cover for a 2 count. Armbar, Wardlow tags in, arm wringer, shoulder blocks. Quick tags and isolation as Ortiz is caught. MJF with a snapmare into a double wristlock. Ortiz fights up, whips him towards Wardlow, Max barely avoids running into him but when he turns around Ortiz gets him with a big shot, tag to Guevara! But Wardlow is in too, absorbs some big kicks and knees, but a roundhouse rocks him!

MJF tags in, Sammy nails them in both corners, Springboard Crossbody onto both men! Corkscrew Topes, one to MJF and one to Wardlow! MJF in the ring, Pumphandle Kick to the back! Nearfall! Ortiz and Guevara takes MJF up top. Wardlow makes the save and knocks Sammy away, Ortiz kicks Wardlow away but MJF with an axe handle to the arm! He whips him into Wardlow accidentally aiding him in a Cactus Clothesline!

Now Sammy and MJF stand face to face. Sammy ducks a few lines, MJF blocks a kick, Sammy flips onto his feet off the shove but Max with a thumb to the eye! Hits the ropes, Sammy with a slick dropkick, GTH nailed – Wardlow has to make the save! But now Wardlow taken out by both men, single leg dropkick from Sammy, Standing Shooting Star, Senton! Now Ortiz and Sammy taking MJF up top with a double team suplex again but this time Wardlow comes in from underneath, powerbombs them for a huge Tower Spot! He pulls MJF over, tags himself in, hoists Ortiz onto his shoulders and there’s the F-10! Cover… Sammy with a High Fly Flow style splash to break it up!

MJF tags in, but gets immediately taken to the outside. Sammy with a 450 Tope! But then Serpentico at ringside throws a chair into his face behind the ref’s back, unmasks to reveal Matt Hardy! MJF gets Ortiz into the Salt-Of-The-Earthbar for the tap!

Winners: MJF & Wardlow

Fun stuff, interesting to see Sammy and Ortiz playing straight faces the whole match. Afterwards, as Jericho continues railing on MJF, he charges him and takes him through a curtain, bringing down a railing! They have to pull him off, Jericho is smiling.

Tony Schiavone sits down with Kenny Omega. It’s not actually Kenny’s house they’re at though, he’s temporarily relocated in Jacksonville to fully focus on the match with Hangman. He says they talk about it all the time, bragging about how wins and losses matter. The tournament has seen him face off with several alternates, he could’ve had two byes right to the finals but it meant something to win. Many have said Page/Omega was the obvious final, he questions this as he was betting on Wardlow for a while in his match with Page. He closes by saying it’s his destiny to win the tournament and become AEW World Champion.

Miro’s first singles match in AEW is next as he goes up against Trent.

Trent vs. Miro

This is actually getting a bit of a big fight intro but Miro cuts it off, says this match will happen until he falls because he’s stupid and ignorant and his mom didn’t teach him any manners- Trent is not happy and comes in for a running dropkick! Batters him in the corner, Miro shoves him away. Trent manages to get to the second rope, Miro pulls him off for a huge Saito Suplex! Elbow drops, 2 count. Sits him up, kick to the back! Miro stomping him into the buckles, Kip Sabian yelling in his ear.

Pulls him up to the feet for a lariato! Vertical suplex, slamming him down hard. Trent with a few forearms, hits the ropes, Miro with a back elbow. Choking Trent in the ropes. Fight breaks out at ringside with Chuck Taylor slamming Kip Sabian into the barricade, takes him up the steps out of the arena. Meanwhile Penelope is yelling at Orange as Miro gets Trent with a huge clothesline in the corner. Power whip into the opposite corner, Trent with an HBK sell. Side-steps a corner charge! Big knife edge chops!

Trent with a kick to the face, going for a Tornado DDT but Miro blocks him, overhead belly to belly! Throws him right into the post and he goes flying out of the ring! Miro with the wild eyes as we go to break. In the inset, the Dark Order attacks Orange Cassidy and they all get ejected, Miro even yells at them to leave. As we come back, Miro gets Trent with a flying leg lariat and then he spins around like Kurt Angle. Miro with a whip, hoists him into a Bear Hug.

Trent with a Bell Clap to escape, Jawbreaker, Miro isn’t really staggered. Trent with some elbows. Miro shoves him away but absorbs a lariat! And another, he’s monstering up now! Trent baits him into a Stinger Splash but he sidesteps it, clothesline finally drops him – only for a 1 count! Trent with chops, Miro with a huge haymaker drops him to a knee. Mocking kicks, Trent fires up with a huge chop! Ducks a roundhouse kick, Half-N-Half Suplex! Stalking, Buisaku Knee attempted but Miro catches him out of the air, adjusts him for a wild Black Hole Slam! Nearfall!

Miro with stomps, looking for the Running Superkick but Trent counters with a sunset flip for a 2 count, low bridge takes him to the floor! Hits the ropes, huge Tope Con Hilo! Kick-off Tornado DDT! Buisaku Knee nailed -narrow nearfall! Trent looks for a springboard but his leg gives out and he slips to the mat, Miro with a Leaping Superkick and there’s the Game Over, Trent has to tap out.

Winner: Miro

Miro keeps the hold locked in until Chuck Taylor comes in to pull him off, but Sabian is back too and attacks from behind. Now the heels have them outside. Miro grabs the mic. He says he told him, he has no manners and it’s all because of his mother. As he says this, Orange Cassidy goes up top, Trust Fall onto both of them!

Jim Ross has a sit-down with Hangman Page. This interview a lot more echoey than the other. Page says he kinda knew when he saw the bracket that it would end up like this, he had a lot of time to think about it. JR says the guys were arguably the best tag champs AEW has had thus far. How does it play into the strategy? Page says he knows all his moves and how to counter them so it’s fine. JR says he’s lying, he thinks he’s nervous and guzzling that bourbon.

Page admits that yeah he is, says he thinks everyone who walks through that tunnel is nervous, just too proud to admit it. He says it’s been over a year since his match with Jericho and Full Gear is the closest since then he’s gotten to the AEW World Championship so he’s a little nervous. JR warns him that he needs moderation as the interview ends.

Taz comes out telling Will Hobbs the clock is still ticking, he’s losing his patience, he’s either with them or he’s not. He says for not one, not two, but for three hours he sat outside Tony Khan’s office to get two minutes of his precious time. But a production assistant told him he’s too busy dealing with people who are competing at Full Gear. Taz says Tony forced him to come out with a live mic. He says he has a ranking system, which he believes in. Cage is 10-1 and he’s really undefeated because Mox didn’t pin him or tap him out, and he’s ranked #1 in his ranking system, who betta than Cage? Cage says absolutely nobody.

Taz says Ricky, all he’s done is win ten of his last eleven matches and he’s not even in the top five! Ricky says he has knocked out every opportunity given to him and he’s proven why he’s Absolute Ricky Starks, so why is he not ranked? He says it’s ridiculous that they don’t have a match at Full Gear, make it make sense! Taz says it doesn’t make sense. Darby and Cody have a lot in common, both entitled. Says Cody always says do the work, Team Taz always does the work but right now they’re getting worked. This Saturday night, Taz says there will be an FTW presence.

Private Party are making their way out with Matt Hardy accompanying them, Sammy Guevara attacks Hardy from behind and is pounding on him until Quen and Kassidy run him off.

Private Party vs. Young Bucks

Matt looks very hobbled coming out. Nick and Quen start, lock-up. Quen shoots him off, Nick with a shoulder block. Quen with one of his own, Nick blocks an arm drag, kicks off the top rope for a Lucha Arm Drag and holding him down with an armbar. Matt tags in, gets an arm wringer into an arm drag. Kassidy tags in, drop toe hold, Nick tags in with a Pullover Elbow Drop. Double team sees them hit a double back elbow, Quen comes in but gets a kick to the gut, Double Suplex onto his partner, Stereo Dropkicks take out Private Party! Young Bucks with a Stereo Tope! But Matt is struggling to stand back up.

Back into the ring, Kassidy fighting back, Matt reverses a whip but Quen tags in right as Kassidy headscissors him into a punch, Springboard Crossbody for a nearfall! Dropkick, Nick tags in, ducks a back elbow. Kassidy back in, double team leading to a Camel Clutch/Double Footstomp! Matt rushes in but gets deposited quickly. Private Party with Tope Suicidas on both sides of the ring! Double Back Suplex on Nick Jackson! They both go up top on opposite ends, Matt dumps Kassidy to the ramp! Nick with a Spinning Kick to the gut, High Knees in the corner, Running Bulldog/Dropkick combo!

Matt takes Kassidy up, hangs him on a second rope, Nick with a Senton! Tag to Matt, Nick with a running kick on the apron! Matt hoists Quen up for the Meltzer Driver but Quen counters, as Nick springs in he gets them with a Reverse DDT/Flatliner combo! Commercial break. As we come back, Matt and Nick with a Double Arm Drag into a Double Knee Lift! But Quen with a double headscissor, tag to Kassidy, clotheslines unleashed. Boots up on a charge, avoids Matt, kicks to Nick, Pullover Stunner! Nick and Matt are both on the floor, Kassidy hits the ropes, Corkscrew Tope! Takes Nick into the ring, cover for a nearfall.

Big double team Lungblower leading into a Step-Up Shooting Star, nearfall! Nick fights back. He wants a tag but Matt can’t even stand on his apron. Kassidy takes him up top, he kicks them away but eats the Gin and Juice! Matt barely breaks it up! He gets deposited and his leg is killing him. “This Is Awesome” chant as Nick is taken to the corner. Quen looks for the big Shooting Star Press but Nick rolls out of the way, Quen lands on his feet but eats a huge Spear from Matt Jackson! Nick covers for a nearfall! Tag to Matt, looking for the Meltzer Driver, Nick gets pulled off the apron, Quen with a Victory Roll, Matt reverses but Quen reverses back for a nearfall! Nick in with a superkick, BTE Trigger and that’s that!

Winners: The Young Bucks

Very exciting stuff as you’d expect.

Afterwards though FTR attack them again! Goodnight Express to Matt Jackson! Cash Wheeler is putting a chair around that leg again! Nick is being held, forced to watch! Just before another Pillmanizing, out comes Hangman Page to run them off! Kenny Omega trails behind. Page has the chair but tosses it away without even glancing at Kenny. There’s a tense staredown. Kenny and Page do share a fistbump though as the Bucks yell at FTR. But then Kenny turns his back on him, Page whips him around.

And now for the face-to-face between Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley. Eddie quickly forces Schiavone to get out of the ring. He getsi n Jon’s face and asks if he thinks this is a game. He’ll destroy him Saturday, ruin it. Hand his mother the AEW title and say it’s the reason she doesn’t have a granddaughter, it’s the only title in this sport that means that much. That’s why he had to sell out and become something he hates, because he made him and he’s taking that title from him.

Mox says they always say be careful about who you call friends. The longer he’s been here, he’s learned that loyalty is a bitch. He’s been burned time and time again but he didn’t think it’d happen with Eddie. He talks about being happy for Eddie signing, Kingston gets mad and says that’s not true. Mox says he made a promise to his mother, Kingston gets all the more furious as Jon recounts promising to look after Eddie no matter what happens. And he guesses that he’s broken that promise. Says the loudest are the weakest but that’s not him, he’s not weak.

Says deep down he knows he’ll be in the ring with the best wrestler on the planet right now and he’s gonna lose. It’s a scary thought, after 18 years maybe it turns out that he doesn’t deserve it after all. And the worst part is, Eddie made a promise to his mother that he can’t keep. Eddie tells him he better get ready to get kill him, this is real. They’re yelling at each other’s faces, Eddie tells him to take him out. Says the title is his as he leaves. Moxley tells him he will find when he is alone with his ego that he is not the man he thought he was and he will say the words “I Quit”.

And now for a video from Pac! We hear Eddie ask “Where’s your little British friend”? We see Pac and how lonely and stir crazy he’s become. He says the thing about isolation, you’ve got nobody to bury. He says he’s once again the casualty of this rotten world. But he’s been here before. Abandoned. Every day passes and he gets better and stronger and faster and more pissed off.

Natural Nightmares backstage. Dustin starts to cut a promo on Butcher and Blade before next week but the Bunny interrupts. She thanks QT for all the gifts but his cards are all maxed out. Butcher and Blade attack with trash can lids, drop a curtain on them.

Nyla Rose vs. Red Velvet

Velvet with a series of kicks, coming in hot until Nyla stops her with a lariat. Grabs her by the throat and hoists her to her feet before clubbering her in the corner. Hoists her up, Velvet slips behind her, a few thrust kicks. Gets shoved to the corner, boot up off a charge, she goes up top for a Flying Rana but Nyla catches her out of the air, she tries to continue the Rana but Nyla pulls her back up, Powerbomb! Cover, pulls her up before the 3. Running knee to the face, just to mock Shida. Cover for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Nyla squashes are always easy.

Vickie Guerrero says this is pathetic, Red Velvet came out with Brandi Rhodes the CBO of AEW and she still can’t win. She gives Brandi a new title, CBSO, Chief Bullshit Officer. She moves on, says Tony Khan is finally listening to what she has to say because he made Shida put her title on the line against Nyla at Full Gear. Says Nyla is going to break her bones, she’s going to cry and then surrender the title. Tells her to enjoy the last three days of being a champion and says “Excuse me” in Japanese, but Shida smacks her. Nyla and Shida swinging now, referee has to get between them.

Vignette about Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. Amazingly we the classic “Don’t Know What You Got” accompanying it.

Video from Darby Allin, he has a car spray painted with his face on it, “Face of TNT” written on the windshield. He drives a car and runs over a dude with Cody’s face taped on.

Main event time and what a curious one this is.

Cody & The Gunn Club vs. The Dark Order

Cody and Silver start the match! Lock-up. Silver with a side headlock, Cody shoots him off, shoulder block from big little man Silver. Slap to the face! Cody with a kick, Cody Uppercut, hoists him onto his shoulders, Argentine Ribbreaker. Austin tags in, Silver with a knife edge chop, whop to the opposite corner, Silver with a floatover, roll-through, dropkick. Blockbuster for a 2 count! Billy tags in, Silver runs off and hides in his corner. THey psyche him up, he stops to flex in Billy’s face before Colt tags in.

He shoots him off a headlock, Billy with a shoulder block. Colt with a forearm, charges with a Flying Apple but Billy catches him out of the air with a Back Suplex for 2! 10 tags in, boot up off a charge. Austin tags in but eats a Pump Kick, commercial break. 10 hoists Austin into the heel corner as we come back. Colt tags in, bunch of shots in the corner. Austin with an enziguri, crawling over, makes the tag to Billy just as 10 tags in! He is knocking down everybody. Silver runs in but gets a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam!

Charging Avalanche to 10, kick to the gut, hits the ropes for a Fameasser, 10 shoves him right into a clothesline that takes Cabana to the floor, hits the Fameasser anyway, Silver has to break it up! Cody in, big powerslam to Silver, dives off the top right into Colt! Silver side steps a charge, enziguri, 10 with a Bulldog for a nearfall! Silver looks for a suicide dive, Cody catches him and throws him into the crowd! 10 with a whip to Billy, he gets a boot up off a charge, Cross-Rhodes to Colt! 10 wants a spinebuster but Austin escapes behind him, hits the Quickdraw and gets the win!

Winners: Cody & Gunn Club

Austin Gunn with a win in the main event in his debut! The rest of Dark Order is distracting the crew as Silver comes up with a chair from behind. But Orange Cassidy is out to pull the chair away, Orange Punch takes him out! Cody grabs a mic.

Says he doesn’t like telling a story that isn’t true. His opponent at Full Gear is telling everybody that TNT doesn’t want him as the face of TNT, he’s too reckless. That’s a fiction, they’d love to have someone with his talent as the face. If the circumstances were different, he’d love it too because after all he solely recruited him. He floated his name to the EVPs and they were so unsure of him that he had to wrestle Darby himself. Tells him he’s had a good look all night so take one last look. Says he’s looking at the one man who took on the Empire and actually won and that pisses a lot of people off because the truth pisses a lot of people off. Tells him the truth is, Darby wants to be the ace but the problem is, he’s not. Show close.

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