AEW Full Gear 2020

We’ve got another big All Elite Wrestling Pay-Per-View on tap here tonight everybody! My name is Jordan Huie aka The One Zeel One, you are here at 1Z1 Pro Wrestling where as always, I’ll be giving you the live recap of the show as it comes! Watch this space for the results from AEW Full Gear 2020!

Buy-In has started. MJF has a promo where he reminds us that nobody is tougher than him, he’s not soft. They get confused when they see the Burberry scarf and beautiful jewelry. He says this is the biggest match of his career. Some would say that’s ridiculous because he wrestled Moxley for the AEW world title, but he says they’re idiots. Because if Moxley cheated while he was in the Inner Circle, that would never have flown. Wardlow is asked how he will fit into the Inner Circle, MJF answers for him that he’ll fit in great as long as Hager stops giving him the weird looks. He says not a lot of people love MJF but you know why that doesn’t matter? Because he’s better than them and they know it.

NWA Women’s World Championship: Serena Deeb (c) vs. Allysin Kay

Lock-up! Pushing hard on each other. Deeb with a side headlock but Kay reverses with a trip, cover for 1. Kay with a wristlock. Deeb rolls through, spins her way into a reversal, and drives her to the canvas. Kay fights to her feet, escapes, shoulder block, tries another but gets stopped with an arm drag! Rolls her over for a 1 count. Catches a kick, Dragonscrew Legwhip! She hooks her slowly into an Inverted Romero Special for a moment. Still has the legs hooked, double legbreaker. Wraps an arm around her leg, tries for the Serenity Lock but Kay makes it to the ropes.

Kay shoves her, Deeb shoves back. Kay with a slap! Deeb with one of her own. Kay with a double leg, mounted punches! Kay pummeling her in the corner with chops and kicks now. Deeb sidesteps a charge, hooks her through the ropes for a chancery, turns her around into a WICKED Neckbreaker! Deeb with a unique cradle for 2, mounted punches of her own, rolling around and brawling here until Kay sends Deeb to the floor. Deeb rushes back in, charges but Kay hoists her up for a Hot Shot!

Running Big Boot, nearfall! Kay has her down in an arm hold, Deeb fights to her feet, Backstabber! They struggle up simultaneously, Kay hoists her up, Deeb turns it into an Octopus Stretch but Kay rips her out for a Sit-Out Powerbomb for a nearfall! Hooks the legs for another one. Kay has her in a Rear Naked Choke, Deeb fights up and drives her repeatedly into the corner. Snapmare, charges but Kay with a Spinebuster for a nearfall! Double Clothesline spot!

Fighting their way up, Short-Arm Clotheslines from Deeb. European Uppercuts, Snapmare, boot grind into the face. Sliding elbow! Pulls her up, Swinging Neckbreaker and she holds on, pulls her up, Rude Awakening follow-up for a nearfall! Deeb with a Double Arm Piledriver attempted, Kay reverses with an Alabama Slam like maneuver for a nearfall! Pulls her up, Dominator! Deeb rolls out of the ring to avoid the cover. Kay throws her back in, on the way inside though Deeb catches her with a Dragonscrew! Pulls her in, Styles Clash – Kay gets a boot on the ropes for the break! Deeb pulls her away from the ropes, hooks her into the Serenity Lock and she must tap!

Winner: Serena Deeb

Very solid match as expected. But as Deeb is celebrating, Thunder Rosa’s music hits! She strides to the ring for a big staredown.

Eddie Kingston & His Fam (the name of this stable apparently) backstage looking like a buncha misfits. Obviously they’re very supportive of Eddie and his chances. Eddie is asked what’s more important to him: the AEW championship or making Mox say “I quit”. Kingston says nothing is more important than that title, it’s all about the world’s championship. It’s the only thing that makes this sport in the only company that matters. He doesn’t care about Lance Archer waiting in the wings, Moxley has it, he doesn’t care about Archer or PAC, he does not care.

The main show begins. Don Callis is on the commentary team! And we are starting off HUGE here with the AEW World Title Eliminator Finals!

Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page

Handshake offered. Not accepted. Lock-up, they’re bullying each other around the ring. Kenny with a headlock briefly, Hangman rips away. Page with a couple shoulder blocks, Kenny tries a dropkick counter but Page holds onto the ropes, Kenny avoids a sliding lariat, but a chop to the throat lands! Chopfest ensues! Page with one to the back, Blade Chop as well! Hits the ropes, Omega with a Snap Rana and Page powders! Kenny setting up for the Terminator Dive! But Page rushes into the ring, Big Boot cuts him off! Hoists him up, Fallaway Slam, kip-up!

Kenny rolls to the ramp, Page grabs him but Kenny with a knee. Drives him headfirst into the turnbuckle! Kenny rushes over to the second rope but Page rushes over – leaps up for a quick Superplex! NARROW nearfall, very close for so soon! Page takes him out of the ring, chops continues as they fight back and forth, Page tosses him into the barrier! As the count gets to 7, Page slides back in and out of the ring to reset. Page tosses Kenny into the railing again. Tries a third time – Kenny leaps right to the top of the railing for an immediate Moonsault Press, beautiful! Takes Page into the ring, Kitaro Crusher – just a 1 count!

Chopfest continues, they are lacing each other hard! These are loud ones. Kenny hoists him up, You Can’t Escape combo – he has to pause before the moonsault, his leg is bothering him – but he finishes it for a nearfall! Front Facelock cinched in. Page fights up, whip, Kenny with a kick off a back body drop attempt. Chop, whip, Page holds onto the ropes. Takes him to an apron, Springboard Clothesline and Kenny flips to the floor! Page tries for a tope, Kenny sidesteps into the ring, Baseball Slide! Kenny with the Terminator Dive and this time lands flush! Takes him into the ring. Goes up top, Missile Dropkick aimed towards the shoulder for a nearfall!

Pulls him up by the hair, looking for a Snap Dragon. Page elbows and rips at him, finally escapes to hit the ropes, Kenny with a back elbow though! Pulls him up for a One Winged Angel, Hangman slips behind him to try and steal it! Kenny rips him off and to the ramp, Kenny rushes but Hangman with a Big Boot! He goes for the Buckshot but Kenny stops him with a V-Trigger out of the air taking him onto the ramp! Kenny springs out but Hangman catches him in position for the Deadeye!! Kenny escapes though, Page slips out of a Powerbomb, Kenny with a chop! Page reverses a whip into the ropes, Pop-Up Powerbomb onto the ramp!!!

Page rolls him into the ring, another Pop-Up Sit-Out Powerbomb for a nearfall! Kenny grabs for Page’s ankle, he stomps himself free. Kenny is on his knees still struggling his way up as Page advances, Kenny with a body shot. Exchanging shots as Kenny slowly rises. Forearms slowly getting harder as the crowd is eating it up! Hits the ropes, Page stops him with a Discus Elbow! Kenny blocks a second with a Knee Lift to the point of the chin – TIGER DRIVER ’98 for a CLOSE nearfall!

Kenny hits the ropes for a V-Trigger, Hangman slips behind him, German Suplex attempted but Hangman lands on his feet, does it a second time but Kenny with a Discus Elbow, Snap Dragon lands but then Page lands a Discus Forearm, hoists him up for the Deadeye! NEARFALL! Page looks for the Buckshot, Kenny counters with a Sunset Flip but Page stacks him up on it for a very narrow nearfall! Omega rushes in,Page tries for a boot but Kenny catches it, Dragonscrew into the middle rope! V-Trigger to the face! Looks for another, Page tries to surprise him with a Buckshot but Kenny barely ducks it, V-Trigger and another one! Hoists him up for the One Winged Angel, reaching for the head… he lands it! And that is that.

Winner: Kenny Omega

That match had high expectations and did not disappoint. Little shorter than I might expect but action-packed and they will have their marathons in main events on day. Classic stuff though. Fully expect Kenny to be the next AEW Champ.

Bit of a breather match here but it should be fun as well!

John Silver vs. Orange Cassidy

Silver flexing as we start. Orange going for the pockets, Silver is yelling at him not to just like on BTE but eventually he gets them in! Silver looks for a punch, Cassidy ducks it, Snapmare, thumb up! Silver is furious. Crucifix for a 2 count. Cassidy with the hands back in the pockets. And there’s the BRUTAL leg kicks. Silver is aghast, Cassidy ducks a line, dropkick and a kip-up! Silver pulls him around for a Scoop Slam though. He rips the hands from Cassidy’s pockets for cheap heat… and then he rips the pockets from his pants!! He holds them up and is booed massively.

Roundhouse kicks to the chest now. Pulls him up, elbow in the corner, HUGE Biel Throw sends him all the way across the ring! And a second one, just launched. Silver grinding his boot in his face. Loud “Let’s Go Silver/Freshly Squeezed” duel. Cassidy fights back, looks for an Around The World DDT but Silver powers up into a Brainbuster counter for a nearfall! Pulls him to his feet, roundhouse kick to the chest drops him. He’s egging on the fans. Power whip to the corner! Cover for a 1 count. And a second one, milking things here.

Tries for a third but Cassidy escapes to the apron, slams his head into the buckle then runs him across the apron for a second one, then a third! Goes up top, Crossbody! Ducks a line, Around The World DDT for a nearfall! Cassidy up top again, Silver stops him though, Looking for a Superplex, Orange blocking it, knocks him to the mat. Silver stops him with an enziguri! Pulls him off with an incredible Military Press, drops him onto the top rope! Cassidy fights back though, reverses a Spin Doctor into a wild rana, Michinoku Driver for a nearfall!

Orange looks for the Beach Break, Silver escapes it, roundhouse kick to the back! Flexes, Orange kips up, looks for the Orange Punch but Silver ducks and rolls him up for 2! Orange with a backslide but Silver is ready, catches him with a quick and brutal series of kicks! Wants a suplex but eats a Stundog Millionaire from Cassidy! Nearfall, Silver fights back and this time gets the Spin Doctor for another nearfall! Silver with a nod to Brodie Lee, looks for the Discus Clothesline but Orange ducks it, Orange Punch, Beach Break for the win!

Winner: Orange Cassidy

As expected, fun stuff. I think Orange Cassidy just found his nemesis, him and John Silver go together beautifully.

Darby Allin enters the arena standing atop a very ruined car, the same one from his last vignette. He smashes his skateboard into the windshield before making his way to the ring.

TNT Championship: Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Darby Allin

They come face to face. “Darby Allin” chant definitely beating the Cody side of the duel. Lock-up, Cody with a hammerlock. Pushes him away. Flexes just to rub it in. Another lock-up, Darby with a hammerlock, Cody with a leg trip. Offers to help him up, Darby back rolls to his feet instead. Cody with a cartwheel even just to get under his skin. Waistlock takedown, looks for another but Darby manages to get standing, standing switches, Darby with a slap across the back of his head! Whips around him, showing off his speed and there’s a forward flip! Cody powders and is talking with Arn.

Darby with a waistlock as he turns to the ring, Cody trips his leg yet again. Once more, he reaches down. Darby grabs the wrist, trips him, La Magistral for a 2 count! Cody powders, Darby looks for a dive, Cody ducks, he springs off the second rope, Second Attempt Tope! Pulls him back in, Cody wrestles into a Hammerlock, he actually lifts him up in a Hammerlock position and just hurls him out onto the ramp, he lands hard on his arm! Darby is writhing in pain from that, Cody pulls him back into the ring and focuses on the arm, slamming it onto the mat.

Cody with a brutal stomp the elbow! Darby trying to fight back, can’t get the Irish Whip, Cody with a clothesline for a 2 count! Darby wants to use his speed again for a backslide but his arm gives out, arm drag into a Short-Arm Scissor from Cody. He’s working him over, rope-assisted stomp. Pulls him to his feet, hooks the arm again, Back Suplex but Darby flips onto his feet. Looks for a Lucha Arm Drag but Cody keeps control of the wrist and pulls him down, Fujiwara Armbar! Darby fights, gets his toe on the bottom rope for the break! Cody starts with the push ups, Arn is not happy about it.

Rhodes takes Darby up top. He is hoisting him up, Super Shoulderbreaker! Cody grabs the arm again, Allin with a foot on the rope for the break. Cody up top, Moonsault but Darby rolls out of the way! Side-steps a charge, Springboard Coffin Drop attempted but Cody catches him, only for Darby to escape, few shots and backhands, combat roll to set up for a Code Red for the nearfall! Cody ducks a line, there’s a huge kick to the face! Looks for Cross-Rhodes but Darby fights to the corner, pulls off the middle turnbuckle pad as he escapes, drives him right into the exposed steel! Roll up for a nearfall!

Darby up top, Cody blocking him. Bites at the arm! Cody goes up top with him… SUPER CROSS-RHODES!!!! It sends Darby all across the ring, Darby’s arm is BARELY under the rope and the ref catches it at the last second! Cody pulls him over, trying for a Moonsault, Darby stops him, looking for a Piggyback Sleeper. Cody carries him up to the top rope with him on his back! He is standing like this, drops him hard onto his back! Allin rolls to the floor. Arn yells at Darby to use his head and stay down. A count is underway. At 9, he rolls in! Rhodes with a scoop slam. He seems to be getting agitated by not being able to keep him down. Another slam.

And a third one as Cody is seething! Darby keeps getting back up! Cody pulls him, whip, pushes him up for the Military Press! Nearfall. Cody is pissed off, grabs for the weight belt. Mike Chioda talks him out of it, he drops the belt, Darby uses it to trip him up for a Jacknife! Nearfall! Last Supper hooked in, close nearfall! OTT Stunner!!! Darby going up top!! COFFIN DROP LANDS! Hooks the leg – 2.999 KICKOUT!! Darby is a bit shaken but takes him up, Cody with a Pump Kick, exchange of cradles as they keep reversing – BUT DARBY WITH THE LAST ROLL AND GETS THE 3 COUNT!

Winner: Darby Allin

AWESOME! Cody is stunned, as is Arn and much of the crowd!

Cody is keeping hold of the title, looks like he might not be willing to hand it over. As the music fades we have a strong chant of “Darby” as they make it their feet. Chant of “You Deserve It” nicely timed as Cody bends the knee and presents him with the championship. Darby is emotional as he takes it and hoists it above his head in the corner!

Taz comes out to the stage, saying he needs a plastic bag because he’s about to vomit. Tells Darby to act like he’s been there, except he hasn’t! As he derides Darby and Cody, Cage and Starks come into the ring to attack from behind! As they stand above them, Cage and Ricky seem to disagree over who should be holding the TNT title. Taz takes it instead to diffuse the situation. Cage grabs Darby and carries him into the crowd area.

He’s about to put him through a decoration but Cody comes in to try and stop him. Cage takes him out though, then throws Darby through the setpiece! And they’re still not done. They take him over and put him on the hood of his car! They lay the TNT title across his waist, they’re about to destroy his arm between the car door until Will Hobbs rushes out to make the save!

Natural Nightmares with a promo. QT says the real problem here is Allie. He says she infiltrated the Nightmare Family because they get the most TV time. Says Blade needs to keep his home in check. Dustin says there have been many successful women to come through this sport, Allie is not one of them. He says he has asked Tony Khan to give them a Bunkhouse Match!

Women’s title match time!

AEW Women’s World Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Nyla Rose

Shida takes it to her with immediate flurry of shots. Boot up off a charge attempt from Nyla, Shida with a series of charging dropkicks, and a running knee in the ropes! Shida pulls her up, wants a whip but Nyla is blocking it! Still she manages to get her to the apron, kicks her leg for the trip. Battering her on the apron. Sets her up, charging knee lift right to the face! And Rose actually drops to the floor. Shida tosses her into the guardrail! She pulls a chair out and sits it up. Wants the launching knee but Rose stops her with a clothesline out of the air! Kicks the chair away.

Nyla wants to pull a table out from under the ring so the ref stops her. Can’t use the chair either though she bickers with her. Shida with a charging knee lift takes her through the guardrail! But as the ref is dealing with this, Vickie catches Shida with a Kendo Stick shot to the leg! Rose takes over now, battering her around, knee lift to the face. She hooks her leg in the steel frame of the ring and wrenches at her knee! Rose takes her into the ring, slams the knee against the ringpost! Into the ring, Shida tries with upkicks but Rose with a KneeDT for a 2 count!

Big splash across the legs before a nearfall! Looks for a Single Leg Boston Crab as a dueling chant begins. Rose goes up top, Shida tries to stop her but Rose muscles her to the mat, looks for a Senton Bomb but Shida avoids it and she crashes and burns! Sliding elbow for a 2 count. Shida pulls her up – DEADLIFT SUPLEX! Wow! Nearfall, very nice bit of strength! Hits the ropes for a Shining Wizard but Rose blocks it and attacks the bad knee in the process! Looks for a Back Suplex but Shida escapes behind her, Crossbody for a 2 count!

Nyla grinding her thumb into her knee to get the advantage, Military Press Slam for a nearfall! Nyla hangs Shida up on the top rope. Up top, Diving Knee Drop right across the back of the knee! Tight nearfall! She goes up again, Shida blocks her, hopping on one foot to get up to the second rope. Nyla shoves her away though, Shida is slamming her face repeatedly into the top turnbuckle, Running Big Boot knocks her to the ramp! Shida goes up top, waits for Rose to stand, Missile Dropkick! Rolls her into the ring, up top again, another Missile Dropkick for a nearfall!

She wants the Kamashi, but her leg gives way. Powerbomb! Off the cover, she pulls her up to a seated position instead. Hits the Kamashi herself, kickout at 1!! Shida fights back, running knee strike in the corner, taking her up to the second rope! Super Falcon Arrow!! But this time Shida pulls her up before the 3?! She’s grinning devilishly! Hits the ropes for a Kamashi but Vickie trips her up! She goes to the apron, Rose knocks her to the floor.

Nyla goes out there, hoists her up on her shoulders as Vickie goes for another kendo stick shot but the ref takes it away, Shida escapes and whips Nyla into Vickie! She takes her back into the ring, hoists her up for another Falcon Arrow and Nyla kicks out! Hits the ropes, Kamashi – another narrow nearfall! So she looks for another, to the back of the head this time, and then follows up with several more knee strikes to the face, finally just falls out on her for the win!

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Some fun character development there for Shida. Still holding on to that title.

Afterwards, Vickie is screeching at Nyla about this loss. She is not happy with this. Vickie with a slap! She leaves first, surprisingly she didn’t end up getting her head torn off.

And now… for the dream match.

AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR (c) vs. The Young Bucks

Matt and Cash start the match, lock-up. Breaking it again, lock up again. Cash with a single leg trip, gets kicked away, he’s going for the ankle but Matt is keeping him away. Cash escapes to the outside. Chant of “Young Bucks”. Back into the ring, lock-up again, both teams end up rushing the ring for a standoff! Dax and Nick both tag in. Dax with a side headlock takedown. Nick pulls him up, tries to shoot him off but Dax holds on. Nick shoots him off the second time but eats a shoulder block. Dax with an arm drag, Nick with a bodyslam, Dax shoves him away, headscissors and an arm drag for an arm wringer!

Matt tags in, double team, leading to a double fist drop for a 2 count. But he makes the tag to Cash and he takes over, now come the quick tags and isolation. Dax with some chops, takes him to a neutral corner for another wicked chop. Big forearm to the face. Whip to the opposite corner, Nick with a back elbow off the charge. Couple of dropkicks, the last one is avoided but the Bucks and FTR both into the ring, FTR get caught with stereo ranas into mounted punches! Stereo Dropkicks send them to the outside! Fight slips to the outside, Matt ducks a forearm and Dax nails the ringpost! Matt takes him into the ring. Pounding him in a neural corner, raining down stomps!

Dax seemed to bust his hand open a bit there, Matt is grinding on it! They take him over to their corner, Nick holds it in places for repeated kicks! Wants the wristlock, Dax with an elbow to escape. Matt avoids several elbow drops, makes it to the apron and attacks Cash when he runs over but Dax gets him with a knee to midsection! Matt knocks him away, goes up top and looks for a Moonsault Press but Dax avoids it, Matt lands on his feet but it hurts him, Dax slams him facefirst into the buckle! Cash tags in as Dax gets his bleeding hand looked at. He slams the leg into the rail.

Cash has a leg hooked, Dax shoves him down for a legbreaker! Dax with a quick succession of elbow drops! And now a Spinning Toe Hold! Tag to Cash, he pulls him over to the post and slams his bum leg into it! Nick is getting angry in the ring. Matt manages to struggle back into the ring, Cash attacks him and is just wrenching on the leg. Cash with quick punches to the face, Matt is trying to kick him away. Dax tags in, looks for a Figure Four but Matt kicks him into the post! Matt wants the tag but Cash grabs Nick and pulls him over to the other side of the apron, Dax knocks him to the floor! Takes Matt up top, Superplex!

Cash comes off the top for a Splash to finish the combo with Matt with the knees up! But they’re killing him! Matt gets taken to the outside, Cash comes off the apron for an axe handle but Matt evades and he lands chinfirst on the railing! Dax takes Cash back into the ring for the tag, just BARELY stops Matt from tagging in! Matt slips around them, back body drop takes Cash ALL the way to the floor! Matt fakes a punch, Dax ducks and Matt gets him with a DDT! Crowd rises! Cash tags in, Matt finally makes the tag to Nick!

He is getting them both with forearms! Ducks a shot from Cash, forearm, huge enziguri to Dax takes him to the floor, looks for the Asai Moonsault but Dax sidesteps only for him to stand on his feet, Cash looks to cut him off but he avoids him, Bulldog/Clothesline combo on FTR on the outside! Nick throws Cash into the ring, Diving Crossbody off the top but Wheeler rolls through! Hoists him up, Dax tags in, Hart Attack for a nearfall!

Dax takes Nick up top, big chop to the chest. Dax wants the superplex as Cash tags himself in, Nick swings around him though, Ospreay Superkick to Dax, takes Cash off the top rope as they were trying for the Superplex/Splash combo again! Matt tags in for the big Spear to Cash! Wants a Buckle Bomb, his knee gives out. Matt with a shot, goes to the second rope, Steiner Brothers-esque Assisted Bulldog, and Cash with an immediate Big E Spear takes Nick to the floor! Pinning Matt, NEARFALL! “This Is Awesome” chant! Bucks start with the Superkicks now, hit a 3-D on Dax! Twist of Fate, Swanton Bomb for a nearfall!

Nick tags in, looking for a Stereo Superkick but Cash clips Matt’s ankle! Nick with a Running Punt off the apron, wants a springboard rana but Dax catches him, springs him off the top rope for a Powerbomb! But Matt is legal and he gets a cruxifix for the closest nearfall of the night so far!!! Now Matt and Dax are fighting – they actually clang injuries as Matt’s kick meets Dax’s bloody handed punch! They both struggle up, Dax with a big lariat! Cash tags in, they make the pose, DIY-style running knees from both side for a nearfall!!! This is a beautiful tribute to tag team wrestling. They look for the Mindbreaker but Nick takes Cash to the ramp, Catapult/Enziguri to Dax! Nick with a Senton Press off the top rope sending Cash onto the ramp!

Matt gets the Sharpshooter in on Dax! Chant of “Tap” but he makes it to the bottom rope! Nick with a superkick takes the hand off the ropes! Matt pulls him off, Cash is reaching for his hand, Nick with a Sharpshooter of his own on the ramp! They manage to clasp hands but Matt pulls him away to the center and keeps clamping it on until his ankle gives way! “Tag Team Wrestling” chant! Setting up More Bang For Your Buck, Dax fights it to the corner but Nick gets him with a Rising Knee in the corner! Matt stomps on his injured hand! Matt grabs the hand, and there’s the finger break! BTE Trigger lands!! Nick covers, Cash BARELY breaks it up!

Nick clotheslines Cash to the floor! Nick with a Corkscrew Plancha onto the floor! Matt pulls a chair into the ring, Dax is trying to bait him into hitting him! Nick is begging him not to. Matt starts to swing it but as Dax is cowering he throws it away, pulls him up for a Meltzer Driver! Cash pulls Nick down though and Powerbombs him through a ringside table!!! FTR set up Matt for the Mindbreaker – and nail it!! Cash with the cover – Matt JUST gets the foot on the ropes!!!

Cash pulls off Matt’s boot! Tag to Dax, Cash holds it as Dax comes in for the stomp to the exposed foot! And now the Inverted Figure Four Leglock! Matt is in big trouble, Cash tries for the Big E Spear on Nick again but this time he sidesteps him! Nick off the top with a 450 Splash to break up the submission! Matt crawls over for the cover, JUST kicks out! Nick tries to pull Matt to his corner, Cash stops him with a huge Superkick! Cash tags himself in. Matt is on his knees. Cash wmocks the Bullet Club, flips him off, thrust kick right to the face! Matt seems out. Cash wants a Springboard 450!!! But Matt rolls out of the way, Superkick with the bad foot!! AND IT GETS THE WIN!

Winner: The Young Bucks

The one time that a Superkick just wins for the Young Bucks. How uniquely beautiful. And what an incredible, classic match! What else is there to say? I hope we see Young Bucks/FTR have the tag team equivalent of Okada/Tanahashi over the next few years.

And we go from that to…


Sammy is riding up to the compound in a golf cart as Matt talks on the phone about needing somebody as he has a premonition. Sammy runs over a toy truck. Sammy stops and sees the drone. “You were dumb AF to come here” is it’s scan. We see a hologram of Matt greeting Sammy and welcoming him to his demise. The drone depowers Sammy’s cart. Matt then appears in a Monster Truck! Sammy is squirming and screaming as the truck rushes over, and it crushes the cart! Matt laughs, looks for him but Sammy made his escape and hits Matt acfross the back with a trash can! Climbs atop the wheel for a Moonsault Press! Nearfall!

They fight out into the woods. Sammy with a uplex onto the ground! Nearfall. Matt fights back, grinds his face gaainst a tree. They fight over to the front lawn, Sammy with an enziguri drops him! He declares this his house and now and says daddy’s home! Brainbuster onto the grass for a nearfall! Mounted punches as they near the fountain. Sammy takes him and tries briefly to drawn him. Matt grabs the Scepter of Mephistopheles from the fountain and nails him with it! Sammy blocks a shot and knocks it away as they keep fighting towards the conveniently placed wrestling ring!

Matt sends him right into the apron. He brings him into the ring, Sammy takes him to the corner though, enziguri from the apron, looks for a Springboard but Matt catches him out of the air for the Side Effect for a nearfall! Matt brings a table into the ring. Sammy is selling his ribs and breathing haggardly. Matt sets up the table and pulls Sammy to his knees. Yells “It’s Ovaaah” and powerbombs him HARD through the table! But as he covers him, Ortiz rushes into the ring to attack Matt and break up the pin! He sends him to the outside where Santana batters him!

But luckily Matt was hiding a walkie talkie under the ring and asking for backup, Private Party is on the other side! Matt is trying to fight them both on the inside but they manage a Double Reverse Suplex! As they batter him, Private Party on their way way, but Sammy hits Matt with a Twist of Fate! Private Party find him. Guevara is up top but they arrive in time to knock him to the ground! Quen and Kassidy are taking it to Santana and Ortiz. Matt pulls out some Roman Candles but Sammy clips him and steals one of them! Ortiz with a Deadlift German Suplex in the ring, but Matt lights a roman candle! He’s shooting fireballs into the ring to ward off Santana and Ortiz’s attack, they have to duck and cover!

Sammy takes a roman candle to the torch and now they are firing back and forth from yards off! Meanwhile Private Party make their comeback, enziguri, Assisted Headscissor, Ortiz sent to the outside. Quen leaps off the back of Kassidy for a dive! Meanwhile Matt is raining down fireballs at Sammy! He is rolling around in the mud, it’s all over him. Matt pulls him up, Twist of Fate! He says his corrupt vessel needs to be cleansed. But suddenly someone in a hoodie appears and he has Hurricane Helms hostage! He unmasks and it’s Gangrel!! He tells him he mentored Hardy but he learned nothing from him!

Private Party comes in, as Matt is helping Helms, Private Party hold Gangrel for an enziguri! Matt breaks Helms’ binding. He gets mad as apparently he’s been trapped for two years. Matt apologizes but it’s long-term storytelling. Sammy attacks them both, Helms takes over momentarily but Sammy counters with a whip that sends him into the Lake of Reincarnation! He asks “What is a hero to a God? A Spanish God?!” Matt wants to get Sammy with a DDT but he handstands to block it, thrust kick! Shane Helms appears for an interview, asking if Matt and Sammy’s feud is cursed or if he’s just a clutz. Sammy throws him in the lake again!

The fight returns to the conveniently placed ring. It’s a full scale pier six brawl here by now, everyone going at it! Chant of “Let’s Go Matt” as he retreats and Sammy follows him through the dark woods. Santana, Ortiz and Gangrel take over on Private Party and Hurricane Helms in the ring. They start to follow as Sammy is stalking Matt with a hammer as they enter the Dome of Deletion. Skarsgard tries to crush Sammy, off the distraction Vanguard closes the shutter behind him, keeping the other heels out! Matt slams Sammy into the garage door! Matt wants a chair shot but Sammy counters, shot to the back! Sammy unhooks the bottom turnbuckle and pulls him into the ring where a table and ladder are already set up!

Sammy with a turnbuckle shot to the gut! Another one! And now he’s unhooking a second buckle. He wraps the loose rope around Hardy’s neck and is strangling him with it! Matt’s eyes are glazed. Sammy releases it eventually. He lays him on a table. Sammy climbs up the ladder! Yells “Delete!” Swanton Bomb right through the table!!! NEARFALL?! Another “Hardy” chant. Sammy wants the GTH but Hardy reverses into the Twist of Fate! Sammy pulls himself up with the top rope… Hardy with a spear right off the apron through two tables! (Off-screen so it was a stunt.) But when we cut off to him, there’s blood everywhere as the back of Sammy’s head is supposedly busted. Matt takes a chair and just slams the top of it right into his face!

Matt yells at Sammy that he made him into what he is! He pulls him into place on the concrete, hoists up a chair and SLAMS it into the back of his head! Covers for the win!

Winner: Matt Hardy

My goodness what a fight.

That was much more of a real match than anticipated, but still had that Hardy Compound goodness. Sammy’s bleeding from the mouth. Matt opens the door and Private Party come in with a trash can, they stuff him inside it and roll him out. Private Party load the locked trash can onto a truck bed. Senor Benjamin is in the front seat and he drives him away as Reby Sky plays Fade Away And Classify Myself As Obsolete on the piano. Matt and friends then celebrate with a fireworks display!

Jake Roberts and Lance Archer with a promo on the sidewalk. Roberts says they’ve got nothing to do. Jake said that Lance is tired of training. They have four guys they train with but now they have 0 since Archer’s killed them. Jake says that he has to feed this son of a bitch and he doesn’t want food he wants people. Archer says it doesn’t matter who you are, you can be Elite, you can be a Family, he’s coming for you because Everybody Dies.

We’re about to see MJF and Jericho but suddenly… it’s lights out. We see the return of the light-up jacket, but this time MJF is wearing it! Quite the nice troll. Meanwhile Jericho has the loudest Judas singalong in a looong time! And a deafening “Thank You Jericho” chant as well. MJF goes to the second rope with a pose and enormous boos.

Chris Jericho vs. MJF (If MJF wins, he joins the Inner Circle)

MJF is telling the fans to quiet down as the bell rings, which of course earns him a lot of heat. Max wants a handshake. “You Suck” chant is getting to him. Jericho denies the handshake with a slap! He batters him in the corner! Whip, double axe handle! Back Suplex lands! Pins him with the foot on his chest for a 1 count. Chop exchange but Jericho wins it decisively! Whip to the corner, Max rebounds off for a big lariat! “Soft” chant as he’s ripping at Jericho’s face. Max with a whip, Jericho holds onto the ropes but a clothesline takes him to the floor!

Max hits the ropes, teases a dive but instead just makes a rude gesture to the crowd. Big boos, Jericho trips him and pulls him to the outside and throws him into the railing! Jericho takes up a camera, as is his trademark and films MJF, flipping him off as well. He gives the cameraman his camera back and slides in and out of the ring to reset the count! Jericho shoves MJF into the post, tries a Judas Effect but Max evades it and he nails the post with his elbow! Max takes him into the ring, slams him shoulder first into the post! Hits the ropes, Jericho with a Back Body Drop! Clothesline takes him to the apron, looks for a Springboard Clothesline but MJF counters by ripping his arm across the top rope!

Max stands on his hand for a moment. Jericho fights back, looks for a Bulldog but MJF throws him into the buckles! Grinding his foot into his face. Max takes Jericho to the corner, choking him for a moment. Battering him, referee gets between them, Jericho with an eye poke! Shoulder blocks, MJF takes him to the apron off the third, he rushes to the top for a Double Axe Handle! Lionsault follow up and it is beautiful! Jericho with the Corner Ten Punches, takes him up, Frankensteiner! Nearfall! “Jericho” chant! Gets him in a wristlock, MJF reverses into a Wrist-focused Suplex for a 2 count!

MJF going up top. Jericho crotches him though. Goes up there, hooks him for a superplex. MJF manages to take him back to the mat though. Off the second rope, Double Footstomp to the bum arm! Grabs him for a wrist lock, brutal Arm Drag into the corner! Nearfall! Crowd is hounding MJF with “Stupid Idiot”. Max is angry. Kicking his face, facewashing him and asking “What do you got, bitch?!” Jericho fights back with forearms, there’s an exchange. Jericho wins out with jabs until MJF pokes his eye! Hits the ropes, Jericho with a knife edge chop drops him! Jericho now chopping him with the good arm, MJF slips to his other side to force him to try with the bad one though and he blocks it, takes him into the Salt-Of-The-Earthbar!

But Jericho manages to reverse it into the Walls of Jericho!! And he sits back deep! Max is looking to crawl to the ropes, push himself off the mat. But he grabs the rope and Jericho is celebrating his victory as always. Max is retreating, pulls Aubrey Edwards between the two of them! Jericho pulls her out of the way, Max attacks, takes him to the apron, hooks him between the ropes. Tries for Heatseeker, Jericho shoves him away so he hits the Codebreaker instead! Now he nails the Heatseeker -NEARFALL?!

MJF wants the Lionsault now but Jericho rolls out of the way, Max lands on his feet – Jericho with a wicked Codebreaker! Nearfall!! Chris is pulling him off, Max with an Inside Cradle for a 2 count! Jericho looks for the Judas Effect but Max blocks it and grabs his arm, puts him down into the Salt-Of-The-Earthbar!! Jericho is struggling over, he grabs the rope! MJF calls Wardlow out there, he hands him the Dynamite Diamond Ring as Aubrey is still checking on Jericho. Now Wardlow distracts the ref, Max swings – Jericho ducks it, hits him but Hager tosses Jericho Floyd! Max decides to fall and the ref catches Jericho red handed! As he tries to explain himself, MJF rolls Jericho up for the win!!

Winner: MJF

What a fun finish. I knew this would come down to a cheatfest eventually. MJF defeats Chris Jericho and is now in the Inner Circle!

Max offers Jericho a handshake. Jericho accepts it and pulls him in for a hug! He welcomes MJF – and Wardlow! – into the Inner Circle!

Orange Cassidy backstage is asked his thoughts about his victory. He says he has no thoughts. Miro, Kip and Penelope come up to confront Orange and the Best Friends. Kip says his bollocks with the Dark Order nearly cost his fiancee. Orange says he’s sorry. Kip slaps him, says that’s not good enough.

Now it’s main event time. This one is starting real late, I think to let parents put their kids to bed.

I Quit Match for the AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Eddie Kingston

My internet decided to bug out right before this match started so apologies if it takes a bit to get the initial updates in. Forearms as the bell rings, hard shots! Mox wins out and Kingston drops eventually! Kingston back up with a chop though, and Mox fires back! Landing heavy! Fight takes to the mat, Eddie is biting at Mox’s ear. Moxley takes him up, chop is no sold this time. Eddie fires back, chops exchanged again here! Eddie takes control, Overhead Belly To Belly! Moxley rolls to the outside. Eddie goes out and grabs a chair, Mox slips back into the ring, Tope Suicida!

Moxley throws the chair right into Eddie’s face! Mox rips at Kingston’s hand. Sends him into the crowd area, exchange of forearms, Kingston rips at his face to stop him. Eddie hooks him for a suplex onto the concrete but Mox reverses! Asked if he wants to quit but Eddie says no. Mox gets him into a Bully Choke! Eddie bites his hand to escape! Eddie takes him to ringside, HURLS him into the guardrail! Eddie with a big knife edge chop, pulls him over and rams him into the ringpost! Eddie takes some chairs and tosses them into the ring. He’s sitting them up together.

Mox is bleeding, he’s got a barbed wire bat! Brings it into the ring and smashes it across Kingston’s gut and then his back! And another swing to the chest! Mox is bleeding badly here, he’s ripping the barbed wire at the face of Kingston! Edide ducks a swing of the bat, Saito Suplex! And then a second one! Eddie takes up the chair and just tosses it right at Mox. He chokes him! Eddie with a charging forearm. Kingston has a mouthful of blood. CRACKS the chair across Moxley’s back and tosses it into his face again!

Kingston rips at the barbed wire, screaming in pain as he pulls it off and wraps it across his right hand! Barbed wire punch to Mox! And he’s mounted him with spiky shots, digging it into his face! And now he pulls him up for the Spinning Backfist! Jumps on him for a Kimura! Kingston with a headbutt as he’s got him cinched! Mox bites his leg and forces the separation! Kingston takes him into the buckle and grinds his boot against it! Sets up his two chairs again, looks for a suplex but Moxley turns him around and suplexes him right through the steel!

Eddie gets him with a clothesline. He pulls a bag out from under the ring. Empties the bag in the ring and it’s a bunch of thumbtacks! He pulls Moxley up, but he surprises him with a brutal German Suplex! Kingston fires right back with a Saito Suplex but Mox springs up with a lariat to finally drop him! Moxley pulls him up, he wants a Paradigm Shift onto the tacks but Kingston counters – SAMBO SUPLEX ONTO THE TACKS! He is punctured big time but refuses to quit!

Eddie goes over to the doctor’s area, he grabs rubbing alcohol! He sits it down on the mat, stomp right to the groin! And another! Just grinding his boot into his nethers now. Kingston opens up the bottle of alcohol… he empties it over the punctures back of Moxley! He takes up a handful of tacks and slaps him with them!! Now the Bulldog Choke is cinched in! Crossface blows. Knees to the nose! Mox dodges a shot, gets him into a Sleeper! Pulls him in for the Piledriver! And there’s the Bulldog Choke again! As Kingston is starting to fade, he pulls him up for the Paradigm Shift!! He still won’t quit so Moxley takes a strip of barbed wire! He wraps it around his neck to assist with the Bulldog Choke and the ref calls for the bell!

Winner: Jon Moxley

I didn’t hear him say “I Quit” but he evidently muttered it to him. My God what a violent and bloody fight.

Moxley tries to help Eddie to his feet but he scrambles away from him, refuses to let him. He leaves on his own. Mox goes to the corner, hoists the title up above his head. As he celebrates, Kenny Omega out to the ramp. Mox invites him into the ring. He gestures at the ring, makes it clear he doesn’t want a match like the one Mox just had or the one they had last year, their next will be straight-up. He leaves us with this and lets Moxley continue his celebration as it fades off. Incredible show!

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