WWE Raw Recap

Another Monday brings us another edition of WWE Raw. And as always, I’ll be here giving you the live recap of the show as it comes, so watch this space.

Miz and Morrison make their way out to open the show letting you know we’re in for a marquee one. Miz welcomes us to MizTV. Says tonight they team with Randy Orton against Drew McIntyre and the New Day in a six man tag team match where… anything can happen, clearly implying a cash-in could occur. Miz says equally important to that match is the season premiere of Miz & Mrs. this week. Morrison points out a bonus episode airs after Raw tonight.

Finally Randy Orton interrupts his own partners and goes down to the ring at a startling pace for his standards. He says he’s got balls to say his reality show is more important than any match he’s in. He accuses Miz of putting him in this match as a setup because the only way he can get that title from him is with that case. Says he remembers them throwing Miz out of the locker room and he wished they never let him back in. Says Morrison took his ball and went home to work in the minor leagues. He turns his back and dares Miz to take his chance. Miz says he would not risk screwing over their team. They try to talk him down, talking about how if they win tonight as a team they may be in line for the tag team titles.

The New Day emerge. They make fun of Miz and Morrison, calling them idiots for thinking they could beat them. Kofi says they bring a verbal strong style. They’re going to take the seats in the ring and just watch them entertain but suddenly Orton drops Kofi with an RKO, Miz and Morrison deposit Xavier! Randy clears the ring as McIntyre rushes out there! He’s battering him until Miz strikes from behind with the briefcase! Miz and Morrison hold him up and throw him into an RKO!

After a commercial break, Elias is in the ring strumming away. He says he had a premonition where he beat Riddle and Jeff Hardy and went on to represent Raw at Survivor Series. Says people tell him he’s a WWE Superstar and chart-topping musician, what else is there? He says he needs this. He hasn’t had the best time these past few weeks, it’s like Jeff’s latest addiction is breaking guitars over his head.

Says the people who bought his album and took it to #1, they understand his greatness and for them, he will sing a song right now. He pauses to look at the stage. He repeats that he will sing right NOW – no interruption. He starts to strum, then looks for the interruption again. Finally he starts to play and Jeff Hardy’s music hits.

Elias vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Riddle (Last chance to get onto Raw Men’s Survivor Series Team)

Exchange of quick roll-ups as we start this out. Elias takes Riddle to the apron, Riddle with a forearm. He goes down to the floor as Jeff advances, pulls him to the floor. They exchange blows, Elias with a Baseball Slide takes out Riddle, and then he posts Jeff Hardy twice! Sends Riddle into the barricade, big clothesline to Hardy, commercial break. As we come back, Elias hits an elbow drop on Jeff in the ring. Riddle enters the ring but gets a chop from Elias.

Riddle fights back, hits the ropes but eats a back elbow for a 2 count. Jeff with some shots, Elias reverses a whip, Jeff with a charging forearm. He gets Inverted Atomic Drops on both, double trip to Elias, back body drop to Riddle, Legal Low Blow and Basement Dropkick to Elias, leading to his quick splash for a 2 count, Riddle breaks it up. Jeff knocks Riddle down, pulls Elias up, looks for a Twist of Fate but Elias reverses into Drift Away, Riddle breaks up the pin!

Fisherman’s Buster to Elias, Jeff barely breaks it up! He takes Elias to the corner, takes Riddle down to his knees, Poetry In Motion spot to Elias. Riddle tries a backslide but Jeff escapes it, exchange of forearms, Riddle with body shots, Roundhouse Kick missed, tries for the Pele Kick but Hardy blocks it, Twist of Fate attempted but Elias catches him with a High Knee! Looks for the Headscissor Drive in the corner but Riddle pulls him out of the corner and nails him with the Bro Derek for the win.

Winner: Riddle

Not spectacular but not bad. Elias and Jeff may end up having a singles at Survivor Series instead so a sensible result. Riddle’s also obviously the one who should be pushed right now but I’m sure Jeff and Elias going one-on-one is more WWE’s priority.

AJ is talking with Adam Pearce backstage. As an interviewer approaches him, he tries to talk up his team but Sheamus appears complaining about having to team with Riddle. AJ calls for a team meeting. Sheamus is asked how AJ is doing as a captain, answers that AJ is not his captain. Braun walks up and says the exact same thing.

Mustafa Ali backstage says Ricochet is a good man. When he made the decision not to join the Hurt Business, he chose to stand alone. He applauds his bravery, but also calls him a fool. One man can’t change anything, that’s a lie. When he accepts this, he will accept him. Reckoning says it’s easy to feel alone while you’re being misguided, flailing for breath while some pink and green haired trash is laughing at your suffering.

We then see Hurt Business backstage when Drew Gulak comes up to them. He proposes the Hurt Business expansion Phase 2. Says you have the US Champion Bobby Lashley, future tag team champions Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin – and then add the 24/7 Champion Drew Gulak! MVP asks if he’s serious and he says he is. MVP tells him they’re not accepting applications. Bobby pulls off his tie, it’s a clip-on. MVP questions this. Drew says it’s tactical, as 24/7 Champion he might have to get away at any time, it saves him time. Hurt Business ruminates about this, before dropping him and stomping him. R-Truth then appears and pins him to take the title.

We see a recap of all the times Nia Jax sent Lana through the announce table in identical fashion as Lana makes her way out.

Vignette dedicated to the troops celebrating Veteran’s Day.

Lana vs. Shayna Baszler

Lana attacks Shayna from behind before the bell but gets thrown off. Driving knee in the corner. Lana fights back, but gets driven into another corner. Bodyshots ensue. Lana tries to fight back but gets clobbered to the mat. Shayna with a foot on her face as she tweaks the arm. She sets her up, stomp to the elbow! Shayna with a roundhouse kick to the chest, Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex, knee strike, cover and she just pulls her up before the 3. Now she pulls her into the Kirifuda Clutch, and Lana taps.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Afterwards Nia Jax strips the table down, making Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose stand up. Nia hoists Lana up but Dana stops her with a boot to the gut and makes her drop her! My God someone finally saved Lana from the table bump.

Afterwards Lana meets up with Dana and Mandy to thank them for the help. Mandy says they did it to spite Nia and Shayna, not to help Lana. She cost them the tag titles last week. Lana apologizes and says she was trying to help them. Mandy tells her to just leave them alone if she wants to help them.

AJ Styles and the Associate make their way out for the team meeting. Introduces Keith Lee, Riddle, Sheamus and Braun Strowman. Sheamus and Braun end up arguing. Riddle tries to calm them down, comes up with nicknames for them. Says Sheamus’ Survivor Series team name is Fireface. Sheamus thinks it’s a Ginger Joke. Riddle says it’s not, it’s cause his face turns red when he gets really angry. AJ tells everyone if they don’t get along they will lose and bow down to King Corbin. Says they need to work together and they agree. AJ tries to claim to be team captain again, they take issue. He says he knew this would happen, so it’s time for Plan B. He wants Sheamus and Strowman against Riddle and Keith Lee with AJ Styles as the special guest referee! They ask what this will solve, he claims it will get them all respect.

Riddle & Keith Lee vs. Sheamus & Braun Strowman

Riddle and Sheamus start, Riddle takes him down but Sheamus powers him into the heel corner. Strowman tags in, avalanche. Sheamus tags in, is pounding on him but Riddle fights back. He grabs Sheamus’ ankle as he holds onto the ropes, Styles makes sure there’s a break. Sheamus with a hard shot takes him down, knee drop. Riddle fights back, gets a Senton in, misses a knee and hits AJ by mistake. Sheamus takes him down for a cover but Styles is selling, Sheamus gets in AJ’s face. Sheamus ducks a roundhouse kick and Riddle hits AJ again!

Now the big bois are in as Riddle and Sheamus fight to the floor, Lee and Strowman end up accidentally sandwiching AJ! The Associate doesn’t like this and slowly enters the ring as we go to commercial break. We come back to see Riddle fighting back against Sheamus until he gets caught into an Irish Curse. Strowman tags in, Crossbody for a nearfall! Strowman gets sidestepped and sent into the post. Lee is taking it to Sheamus and Strowman with corner clotheslines, Biel Throw tosses Sheamus into Strowman! He then takes Riddle up for a Spirit Bomb onto Sheamus! Hits the ropes twice for a big clothesline to Strowman for a nearfall!

Sheamus tags in, Lee hoists him up but Sheamus escapes, knee strike, Brogue Kick! Riddle tags himself in, German Suplex for a nearfall! Sheamus with a clothesline as he fights back, looking for another Brogue but Strowman tags himself in much to his dismay. He throws Riddle around, hits an Avalanche, now Sheamus tags himself back in. Sheamus and Strowman get in each other’s faces. Sheamus with a Brogue takes Strowman off the apron! Riddle rolls Sheamus up and gets the win.

Winner: Riddle & Keith Lee

Riddle with two wins in one night, not bad for him. Meanwhile Sheamus and Strowman just hate each other even more coming out of this match so AJ’s plan sure failed.

Alexa Bliss backstage is picking at flowers when Nikki Cross comes up. She asks about, him. Alexa says she wants to invite her over to the Funhouse soon and have a playdate! Nikki says she’s not coming. Alexa says that’s too bad. Nikki says this isn’t a game. She says this is her fault, if she had been a better friend the Fiend wouldn’t have been able to sink his claws in her. Alexa laughs at claws. Nikki says she’s sorry she wasn’t there but the Fiend is pure evil and it’s time to make a choice. It’s time to walk away, she needs to choose, her or him. Alexa nods and says okay, she chooses… him! Blows the flower petals into her face and walks off with a smile.

MVP and Bobby Lashley make their way out to the ring. MVP says we’re about to have a Survivor Series preview and it will be a short and painful one. It won’t be the New Day against the Street Profits, it will be the Hurt Business because next week they’re taking the tag titles. And then, the Almighy Bobby Lashley will turn Sami Zayn into a human ragdoll and show the WWE Universe that the US and IC champions are nowhere near the same level. Bobby says he didn’t hear Sami run his mouth at all this week which is good, he won’t let him walk out of Survivor Series with the victory. He may not let him walk out at all.

Stop the presses. Titus O’Neil is interrupting. He says he proposed to join the group because he is a businessman. Their response was not business, it was blatant disrespect. MVP disagrees, says for them it was business as usual. Because he has some respect for him, primarily for his charity work, he wants to let him walk away while he still can. Titus says he will NOT walk away. Says Lashley is the US Champion walking around with so much pride as he should. But what’s the sense in having it if you don’t defend it. Bobby says he should’ve listened to MVP but for what it’s worth he’s glad he didn’t. Because unlike him he has no respect for him and he will have a little bit of joy in every second of this. If he wants a title shot he’s got it, it’ll be his first and his last.

WWE United States Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Titus O’Neil

As the bell rings, MVP says this match will take place above the ring, not beneath it. Titus swings at him, Lashley tries to get him into the Hurt Lock off the distraction but he avoids it and is pummeling him! Short-Arm Clothesline ducked, Lashley with a Spear! And now he’s going for the Hurt Lock again, Titus is fighting it best he can but he locks the hands and he has to tap out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Zero surprises there. Can’t help but feel that qualifies as total filler.

Sheamus backstage talking to McIntyre. Drew says he saw what happened, but he shouldn’t have kicked his partner off the apron. Sheamus argues that he deserved it. He despises them as much as the New Day, asks how he can team up with them. Drew starts doing a New Day clap. Sheamus is upset, Drew says he’s just trying to bring the mood down. Sheamus says he wishes they could team like the old days, he’d love to do that. Drew says those were the best days of his life. Kicking heads and drinking kegs. Sheamus says he’s right, he just needs to relax. Maybe they’ll get a chance later on, have some pints. Drew says when he gets the WWE Championship back they’ll have all the pints in the world courtesy of the new champ.

Backstage Nia is asked why she requested a match with Asuka just two weeks before Survivor Series. She responds there’s a little confusion about who runs things in this division. It’s not Asuka, Dana or Mandy, definitely not Lana. Shayna interrupts to say it’s her! Nia says that’s the problem, everyone including her tag partner thinks they can run their mouths. After she defeats Asuka tonight, dominates Survivor Series and eliminates everyone on Team SmackDown, she might just come back and beat Asuka again to become Raw Women’s Champion.

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Nia Jax (Non-Title)

Nia with a shove as we start. Asuka tries for a headscissor but gets taken away, Nia charges but ends up in an Octopus Stretch! As Nia fights it, Asuka transitions into a Cross-Armbreaker. Tries to turn it into a Triangle but Nia makes it to the ropes for the break, however she pulls Asuka out of the ring and swings her right into the barricade! Commercial break. We come back to see Nia in a Piggyback Sleeper but she falls on top of Asuka for the nearfall. Nia with a biel, avalanche. Cover for a 2 count.

Nia pulling Asuka up, she eats a Spinning Backfist and then a Hip Attack for a nearfall. Nia pulls her up, Powerbomb drops her on her head. Nia with a pin, Asuka transitions into a Cross Arm-Breaker! Shayna is up on the apron to distract, Lana is trying to deal with her, Shayna gets Lana into the Kirifuda Clutch, Asuka with a Hip Attack knocks them onto Mandy and Dana! Asuka gets Nia in the Asukalock until Baszler rushes in to break it up for the DQ.

Winner: Asuka (By DQ)

This night is starting to feel reeeaaall long… the whole team fighting in the ring until Nia and Shayna deposit Mandy, Dana and Asuka. Lana’s in the ring with them alone now. Nia clears the table as Shayna throws Lana outside. She pitifully tries to fight back and gets facewashed. Nia takes her up onto her shoulders, goes over to the table and Samoan Drops her through it for the eighth time.

Nia gets on the mic, tells Lana she doesn’t belong here and will just drag them down. Just quit.

R-Truth is told backstage that he defends his title in a seven way match. He disputes this, says he’s going to the ring for a camera shoot. She argues, he says if this is a match then what is he to do with this clip-on tie?

Angel Garza is backstage. Says he always wears his heart on his sleeve, in that ring, he does everything in the ring because he’s vying for every woman out there. Because the man they have does not deserve them, they deserve someone who can give them everything they want, someone like him. But before he can give them the world… this rose goes to all of them.

24/7 Championship: R-Truth (c) vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak vs. Erik vs. Gran Metalik vs. Lince Dorado vs. Tucker

Everyone swarms in on Truth. Tozawa gets him with an enziguri, pins him and gets the win as everyone else is fighting.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

As Tozawa tries to escape, Erik rolls him up for the title win. But just as he makes it out the floor, Drew rolls him up as well to take the title. As he escapes into the ring, Tucker gets an inside cradle on him for the win. He keeps it on for some reason and Gulak reverses it for the win. Tucker reverses back for the win. He celebrates with it as the fight kicks up again in the ring. Tucker with a Thesz Press to Tozawa, Lince with a Crossbody, Metalik with an Elbow Drop to Tucker and pins him for the win. Lince celebrates with him but then gets him with a Sunset Flip for the win. They argue until Truth shoves Lince into Metalik, then hits him with an Attitude Adjustment for the win. He runs off with his title and everybody follows him.

Yeah a lot of filler on this show.

Mustafa Ali vs. Ricochet

Ricochet with a punch at the bell! Chops him around the ring. Pummeling him in the corner. Ric is asking what’s going on with him, says this ain’t him. Back elbow, body slam, Snap Elbow Drop. Cover, quick kickout. Ali fights back with a snapping kick to the face. Knocks him around, whip, clothesline for a 1 count. Pulls him up to his feet, exchange of shots. Snap suplex lands! 2 count. Ricochet tries for a whip but Ali blocks his back body drop with a kick, wicked knife edge chop! Hits the ropes, Back Body Drop works this time for Ricochet.

He charges but Ali takes him to the apron, Ricochet fighting, hooks him for a suplex, Ali slips to the apron. Hooks him, Ricochet blocks the suplex, rana takes Ali right to the floor! Retribution swarms in for the distraction, as Ricochet is getting back into the ring Ali hits him with a neckbreaker though we go to commercial break before the impact. We come back to see Ali in control in the ring, power whip to the corner and off the rebound he hits another neckbreaker for a nearfall! Ali with a snapmare, dropkick to the back for a 2 count.

Gets him into a chinlock. Ricochet fights his way up, slips behind him for a Dragon Suplex! He gets a big combo in ending with a lariato. Stalking for him to rise, charges for a kick, Ali sidesteps and gets him with a kick to the ribs. Hoists him for a suplex, Ricochet thwarts it, Ali tries for a flying Tornado DDT off the second rope but Ricochet catches him out of the air! Suplex, holds on and rolls through, pulls him up for the Brainbuster! Nearfall! Ricochet takes him up top. Hooks him for a superplex, Ali rakes at his eyes! Keeps scaling, SPINS BEHIND HIM IN MIDAIR FOR A SUPER BACKSTABBER!!! Nearfall! That move was amazing!

Ali yells at him, tells him one man can’t change the world. Nothing will change until he’s willing to change. He’s trying to help him! He pulls him up, Ricochet responds with a forearm! POISON RANA! He goes over to the apron, runs across the top rope for a crazy Corkscrew Tope onto Retribution! Now back up top, Phoenix Splash attempted but Ali rolls out of the way and rips him into the Koji Clutch! Ric fights it but eventually passes out and that’s that.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

As one would expect, a great match, and boy did this show need that right about now.

Adam Pearce goes up to Orton backstage and tells him he’ll defend his WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre next week. Orton is pissed off, Pearce says he’s just a messenger. He grabs him by the collar and shoves him up against a not-really-a-wall and tells them he can give a message to the staff, tell them to go to Hell!

Main event time.

Drew McIntyre & The New Day vs. Randy Orton, The Miz & John Morrison

Morrison and McIntyre start. Morrison dances around until Drew drops him with one big forearm. He tosses him easily to the face corner, chopping the hell out of his chest. Tag to Xavier who comes in with a chop of his own. Morrison fights back with a kick to the gut, shoulder block. Hits the ropes, Xavier with a leap frog, they’re avoiding each other until Woods hits a Discus Forearm. Morrison wants to tag Orton but he doesn’t budge so Miz comes in instead. He looks for an O’Connor Roll but Kofi tags himself in for a crossbody! Dropkick, Miz wants to tag Orton but he doesn’t want it from him either.

Morrison tags back in. Kofi with a Sunset Flip for 2. Morrison with a body shot, forearm to the face. Whip to the corner, Kofi leaps to the top rope, Flying Rana! Single Footstomp to the chest, Miz rushes in, Kofi ducks a line ,Woods with a body shot, back body drop takes him to the floor! Kofi and Xavier with a chant of “We Miss E” as they hit a Stereo Tope! McIntyre is staring at Orton with a wicked smile as we go to commercial break.

Woods with a dropkick to Miz as we come back. Honor Roll lands! Nearfall. Miz and Morrison double team to retake control, Miz holds Woods in place for a flying double footstomp onto the apron! Morrison rolls Xavier back into the ring for a nearfall. Morrison with mounted elbows! Side headlock. Xavier fights up, snapmares, tries for the tag but he’s caught. Morrison hoists him onto his shoulders, Flipping Samoan Drop, tag to Miz, Morrison with a running knee drive, Miz with a running kick, he looks for the tag from Orton but he still doesn’t want it. Miz with a Catapult into Morrison’s forearm, he tags in, Pullover Elbow Drop for a nearfall!

Double Gutbuster, Miz is legal once again. It Kicks in the corner. He rushes to the opposite corner, charges in, Woods cuts him off with a clothesline! Simultags to Morrison and McIntyre but Drew is all over him, Overhead Belly To Bellies to Miz and Morrison, and a double to both! Stalks Morrison, Neckbreaker, kip up! He pulls him and nails the Future Shock DDT! Stalks him and keeps glancing to Orton. He decides against the Claymore and forces him over to the corner, demands Orton tag and not be a bloody bitch. Orton stands atop the bottom rope and reaches like he’s about to tag in but he takes his hand away at the last second and just powders. As Drew stares at him, Morrison rolls him up with feet on the ropes but Xavier knocks his feet off! Miz attacks New Day on the outside, Morrison with a tope onto them! But then on the inside, McIntyre with a Spinebuster to Miz! Claymore to Morrison and that’s that.

Winner: Drew McIntyre & The New Day

Sound stuff. Orton was roughly as active in the ring in there as he was in 2017~! Anyway that’s the show.

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