AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

It’s that time of the week again! We’ve got the Full Gear fallout going on tonight! As always you can expect the live recap and results from this site! Watch this space for the AEW Dynamite play-by-play!

Team Taz opens the show. Taz on the mic brings attention to Darby Allin, the new TNT Champ, up in the bleachers. He tells him to keep his narrow ass out of this ring or they’ll put him on his head again. Tells him to let Cody know the same damn thing because if Cody crosses path with Team Taz tonight he’s getting his ass kicked again. Says Brian Cage is about to wrestle a man who is respected by his peers and respects those who came before him. He’s talking about Matt Sydal, he’ll wrestle him right now. Sydal and Darby have a lot in common, they’re tenacious, pugnacious and fearless. They even have victories over mega athletes. Says Darby just beat Cody and Sydal once beat Chris Jericho. But Cage will take him down.

Cage vs. Matt Sydal

Sydal gets in Cage’s face. He tries for a Military Press but Sydal escapes, enziguri sends him to the corner, Sliding Dropkick! Cage bounces back up and takes him to the corner, series of clotheslines! Whip to the opposite corner, bouncing him hard off the buckle. Cage with a big chop, Overhead Belly To Belly! Cage with a whip, Sydal stops him with a series of kicks but Cage counters a charge with a Hip Toss into a Backbreaker! Big power whip to the corner! Pulls him out of the corner for a Pendulum Backbreaker! Pulls him up and slams Sydal facefirst into the buckle, forearm nailed.

Corner whip, Sydal floats over, dropkick into the corner – but Cage explodes out with a huge lariat! Cage pulls him up and curls him like a dumbbell before tossing him over his heat to the mat. Cover for a 2 count. Double arm stretch. Sydal escapes with an upkick, leg kick, chops to the chest! Another leg kick. Cage with a whip but Sydal escapes a Tilt-A-Whirl, only to get muscled to the corner. Forearm, enziguri! German Suplex but Sydal lands on his feet, Cage pops him up, Sydal tries for a rana but Cage blocks it!

Sydal manages to escape this though, Cage runs at him for a rana but Sydal powerbombs him out of the air! Cage rolls out to the ramp off of this, Sydal up top, Meteora takes him right onto the ramp! Cage rolls inside, Sydal tries to come off the top but Cage catches him, looks for a Powerbomb, Sydal slips out though, leg kicks, Question Mark Kick! Paige Turner follows, nearfall! Standing Corkscrew Senton! Nearfall! Sydal with some roundhouse kicks to the chest and back now! Wristlock, Cage ducks a roundhouse kicks, looks for the Pumphandle Driver but Sydal blocks it, ducks a Discus Lariat, roundhouse kick! And another!

Sydal tries for a Vertebreaker looking move but Cage blocks it, HUGE lariat! Hooks him for a suplex but Sydal with a CRAZY rana out of the air!! CLOSE nearfall! Sydal with a leaping knee strike, drops Cage! Sydal goes up top! He flips onto him but Cage catches him out of the air! DRILL CLAW! And that is that!

Winner: Cage

Awesome opening match, these guys can do that anytime.

Ricky Starks on the mic afterwards, says that was incredible. Now they’re officially ranked so they get things done. Next step is the TNT Championship. Says if you step in their way they will put you in the grave. Their presence will be felt because the Revolution will be televised!

Cody Rhodes is out now. He says it seems like they’re having a bit of weather, asks if they’re okay. Crowd cheers. Cody says he’s done it on social media but it’s important he does it in person, congratulates the new TNT Champion Darby Allin. Says in the spirit of full transparency, he can reveal that he will not be seeking a rematch at this time. There’s actually another loss on his record that he’d rather have expunged, rather be vindicated with, MJF… as he speaks, some woman comes out, very chiseled lady.

He turns around and asks if he can help her. She says “Can you?” She asks how dare he can lie to this audience? Says her name is Jade Cargill and she’s the total package. Flexes. Cody is clearly confused but applauds her anyway. She says she’s been studying week after week on her competition and Cody Rhodes, the American Nightmare, the Prince of Pro Wrestling… she says she thinks one week she heard him call himself the Giant Killer. Asks him what he knows about giants? There is nothing giant about him. Crowd reacts big to this, it’s clearly a dick joke.

She says she knows a real giant and slick statements like his, that’s an echo loud enough to wake him. She tells him to keep his shit to himself. Tells him to watch his back, because she’s nothing to be played with. She goes back up to the stage, turns and says by the way, congrats on his name. But apparently he didn’t have the balls to go by one name. The giant he was talking about, he’s the real star. And his name is… Shaq?!

Brandi Rhodes comes out to the stage to confront her, furious at her for slapping gums at her man. Tells her to never talk to him again or even look at him. Tells her to take her rachet trifling ass out of here. Brandi turns her back on her, Jade is scratching at her back. Jerry Lynn comes out to break up the fight. Chant of “Jerry”, Cage attacks Cody from behind! Starks in to assist in the beatdown. Darby Allin rushes down from the stands to make the save with his thumbtack jacket! Starks and Cage head for the hills.

Jon Moxley backstage says it’s not like he didn’t want to say the words “I Quit” at Full Gear, it’s that he couldn’t. Says he came here wanting to hear the roar of the crowd and be in the best sport in the world. But during these times he knows his title is more than that, it represents every disenfranchised man or woman who lost their job, every kid who gets made fun of for being a pro wrestling fan. He says Kenny Omega is one of the greatest wrestlers to have ever lived. Beating him once is one thing, beating him twice takes someone very special. Good thing he is. Says one day someone will just take his lights out and Kenny may be the man to do it, but good fuckin’ luck.

Butcher and Blade and the Bunny are out, it’s Bunkhouse time!

Bunkhouse Match: The Natural Nightmares vs. The Butcher & The Blade

QT leaps over the ropes onto his opponents as the bell rings! Butcher takes Dustin out of the ring, Blade and QT inside the ring. Butcher sits up a table, tries for a suplex but Dustin reverses into a Face First Suplex onto the chair! Blade goes out there but eats an uppercut! Dustin and QT set up a table. Blade surprises QT with a guitar! Dustin takes over on Blade though, knocks him into the ring… picks up a Bullrope with a bell attached, just like Dusty! Takes it into the ring and wraps it around his neck! But Butcher attacks him from behind, QT is bleeding from the guitar shot!

Blade takes a ladder into the ring. Butcher pummeling him, commercial break. In the inset, they wedge the ladder between the top and middle ropes. QT gets pancaked onto the ladder! Butcher has I think a broom, cracks it over Dustin’s head! And then over QT’s back! Blade is choking QT in the ropes, even Bunny is getting into ripping into his cut. We come back and Bunny is still wringing at the forehead of QT! They toss a bail of hay onto him. Chant of “QT”. Dustin into the ring, he surprises Butcher and Blade with double punches! He gets a combo going and takes them both down! Grabs the ladder, takes Butcher down with it, then Blade! Butcher nails the ladder with a chair and makes him scatter to the floor.

Butcher taking a belt to Dustin’s back down! But Dustin grabs the cane and cracks it across his abdomen. He pulls him over to the stairs, Butcher is taking control and leading him up there. Butcher kicks off the railing! QT surprises Butcher with a spray from a Fire Extinguisher! Dustin with a bulldog right off the steps through a huge plywood box or something! Now Blade and QT re-enter the ring and Blade is also bleeding BAD. They fight, QT wins out, smashes a trash can lid over his head!

“QT” chant as he stands up a ladder! He scales it now and poses, he is covered in blood… Elbow Drop off the top of the ladder! NEARFALL! Wow that surprised me. Butcher in the ring, ducks a QT clothesline, Back Suplex! Dustin is in to cut him off, Dustin Uppercut. Snap Powerslam to Blade! Kick to Butcher, Code Red, a bit of a tired one though. Blade with a chain-assisted clothesline! Bunny sends some chairs into the ring. Blade sits up some chairs. FULL DEATH ONTO THE CHAIRS! QT in with a trash can lid to barely break up the pin! Butcher FLIPS him with a lariat though!

He coils up the chain around his arm. Goes for a punch but QT ducks it, grabs the chain and pulls him in for a Diamond Cutter! Tries for one on Blade but he counters, Low Blow! Bunny hooks QT in the ropes, Blade goes for a chair shot, QT escapes it, Blade has to stop short of hitting Bunny! Discus Punch from QT knocks Blade into her though and she goes flying through a table! QT with another Diamond Cutter, and there’s the pin!

Winners: Natural Nightmares

Very physical and hard fought battle there. Definitely the best the Natural Nightmares have ever looked as a team. And now I know where the Blade got his name from.

And now, the 2020 Inner Circle Induction Ceremony. Chris Jericho is out first, there’s a podium in the ring. He thanks everyone for singing “Judas” and says tonight is a monumental night in Jacksonville. Says for the first time ever since the formation of the Inner Circle, they are adding not just one but two new members to their ranks right here tonight! But first, he introduces the original members, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara, Santana & Ortiz. Actually Guevara isn’t among them! He asks where he is, they say they don’t know. Jericho says he got out of the hospital but… well the show must go on.

Thus he introduces Wardlow and MJF. Max goes up to the podium, he’s tearful. Apologizes for being so emotional but it’s taken a long and hard road to get here, real men cry! He has been in this industry for five long years. Says when he started his father gave him a small loan of one million dollars and pushed him out cold and alone and he made it work! Says there was a lot of pressure on him that you could not handle but it made him into the man that you see today. He has a poem, that he feels his homiesi n Proud-N-Powerful will dig.

“I’ve got everything, I can’t complain. Don’t know how much I made, I forgot, it’s a lot. It’s all me for real, thank you.” Ortiz says REALLY? Drake? For real? Says he does not belong in the Inner Circle! Jericho says if there’s an issue, it’s on him. He made the challenge and the stipulation, he beat Chris Jericho to get into the Inner Circle. But he’s been doing this for 30 years, knows the business better than anything. With MJF’s mind and Wardlow’s muscle, they will be stronger than anything. This is the new team, the new squad, the new unstoppable force in AEW and he WILL make it work! MJF claims he doesn’t even know who Drake is but anyway he started from the bottom and now he is here in the Inner Circle baby!

MJF says we’re not just here to celebrate him joining the Inner Circle, he’s also here to celebrate… JERICHO’S BIRTHDAY! A huge confetti and balloon drop, but the strong wings pull them away immediately, it’s amazing. MJF says he has an announcement, next week they’re going to Vegas on him!! He hands them all tickets, leads a song of “Happy Birthday” to Jericho. They all lock arms.

Alex Marvez knocks on the Young Bucks’ door, very nervous. They answer him cordially. He says he’s here to do his job, reality is they’re the best tag team in the world, just finally won the AEW tag titles, what’s next? Nick says they just went through Hell, it’s hard to see what’s next but he thinks the world wants to see the rematch. Matt apologizes for superkicking Marvez, says they’re looking for fresh opponents right now though. He says they got a message from a hot up-and-coming indy team called Top Flight, they remind him a lot of themselves. Says next week they’ll go up against the NEW Top Guys. Young Bucks out.

Scorpio Sky vs. Shawn Spears

Lock-up, Scorpio with a big elbow strike. Spears with a whip, shoulder block. Scorpio with a cross-chop. Spears takes him to the corner for a knife edge chop! And another! Sky responds with one of his own, a second! Spears with a power whip to the corner, Sky bounces back for a big boot! He grabs at his legs, Spears powders. Sky pursues him, punch to the face, chop to the chest! Biting at the forehead now! Clothesline drops him! Sky goes up top, Spears leaps up there – Super Overhead Belly To Belly! Commercial break.

We come back to see Spears land a clothesline. He looks for C4, Scorpio blocks it, clotheslines him over the top rope! Tope takes him out! Slams his face into the apron! Scorpio with a TKO for a nearfall! He starts going up top, Spears races towards him, Scorpio slips to the floor. There is a set of stairs set up, Spears tries to whip him into it but Sky leaps over the steps! Now he launches himself off of them but Spears catches him with a Superkick out of the air! He takes them atop the steel steps, Side Slam lands Scorpio backfirst on the steps, yeow!

Spears takes him inside. He poses, wants a Piledriver but Scorpio counters into a TKO attempt, Spears slips out but gets tripped into the Scorpion Deathlock! As Spears is reaching for the ropes, Tully seemed to be messing with the corner. Spears grabs the ropes for the break. Tully distracts the ref, Spears grabs the bag he just left at the corner, there’s a steel slug in it! Meanwhile Tully tosses Scorpio a slug too! Sky tosses it out of the ring, turns around into a loaded right hand! Spears pins him for the win!

Winner: Shawn Spears

Something of a minor surprise there, good stuff and clearly not the last match.

Cut backstage for an interview with Kenny Omega but he’s not there. Alex Marvez has to track him down in the parking lot, he’s having a phone call. Kenny does hang up to talk, says the match announcement is not news to him, he’s had days to live with it. Says everybody asked where was the Cleaner, where was the six stars, where was the killer from New Japan. Says the Eliminator proved he was never gone. Says Mox claims to have beaten him but it’s funny, he checked the records and can find no record of them ever having a match. They’re 0-0! Says he has a flight to catch. Definitely seem to be hinting at something here.

Red Velvet vs. Tay Conti

Quick grappling. Velvet with a double leg trip. Tay does the same, they exchange deep arm drags! Lock-up, Tay with a side headlock. Velvet shoots her off, Tay with a shoulder block! Hits the ropes, Velvet surprises with a Rolling Wheel Kick! Cover for a 2 count. Drives her into the corner, grinding her boot into her neck! Ref forces the break. They shove at each other, Tay blocks a shot, QUICK Judo Throws here, again and again!

Roundhouse kick ducked, Hook Kick to the back of the head! Cover for a nearfall! Commercial break. We come back, Tay with a charge, Velvet sidesteps, clothesline sequence! Spinning Back Elbow! Wheelbarrow Bulldog! Drop toe hold into the second rope, hits the ropes, driving double knees to the back! Whip to the corner, charging knee lift! Pulls her out for a Running Stunner! Cover for a nearfall! Pulls her up slowly, they both land a simultaneous roundhouse kick and fall!

Anna Jay slides in a chair to Conti as the ref is checking on Velvet. Tay looks like she’s panicking a bit, she kicks the chair out of the ring! Velvet with a Bicycle Kick, nearfall! Thrust kick to the gut, looks for a Basement Dropkick, Tay barely avoids it, Short-Arm Pump Kick to the face! Takes her up into Gory Special position – Ripcord Knee from that position! Pin for the win!

Winner: Tay Conti

I’m a really big supporter of Tay Conti, I was so glad she got signed. She clearly has something, nice to see her gaining some steam.

Inner Circle is backstage, Sammy Guevara appears, he’s mad. They ask where he was, Sammy says MJF told him to be at the beach. Max tells him he sent him a second E-Mail to be here but Sammy corrects him that he only got ONE E-Mail, he argues but Jericho says hey, he didn’t get it, that’s fine, they’re going to Vegas! As everyone else leaves, MJF tells Sammy he really DID send him a second E-Mail. Hands him his ticket for Vegas. Sammy is clearly still pissed off.

We see a clip of Kip slapping Orange at Full Gear. Kip and Cassidy are squaring off next week.

Eddie Kingston makes his way out. “Eddie” chant, he says he knows his name and doesn’t need anyone cheering it. At Full Gear, your world champion made him say “I Quit”. That’s something he has to deal with and live with. Unlike everyone here who would probably quit and never wrestle again, he’ll never stop and he WILL be world’s champion. To pressing matters, him being the leader of violent men like is, we will have Penta vs. Fenix coming up next and they will see two of the greatest luchadores ever to do it. And all he can say to the people is you’re welcome.

Rey Fenix vs. Penta El Zero M

Fenix ducks out of a clothesline, dropkick whiffed, Fenix with an inside cradle for 2. Penta with a superkick, exchange of high kicks, Penta with an enziguri! They come to blows in the middle, Fenix lifts him up, sets him down, they exchange cradles, Fenix whips him to the corner, Penta leaps off the second rope, captures him out of the air for an O’Connor Roll for 2! Fenix with a snap rana, Penta powders! Fenix hits the ropes, looks for a dive, Penta slips inside though and back body drops him to the outside!

He makes the pose, hits the ropes, Fenix slips inside for a dropkick! Hits the ropes, Penta reverses him and holds him in position for a Standing Reverse Texas Cloverleaf! He lets him go eventually, then tears at his mask! Opens it wide my goodness! And now he’s biting at his forehead! Commentators are aghast asking what Kingston has brought out of these brothers. Penta is choking Fenix in the middle rope. Penta with a whip, superkick drops Fenix! Penta bites at the mask of Fenix, pulls him into a headlock. Commercial break. In the inset, Penta with a leg kick flips him over! Pulls him to the floor, biel toss!

Penta takes him back inside, Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! Fenix tries to fight back, they exchange chops and Penta drops him with one! Fenix is seated, Penta grabs him and pulls him up, Fenix with a chop again! The fight continues as we come back, Penta looks for the Package Piledriver but Fenix escapes, rolls him up for 2. Penta with a Pump Kick, charges but Fenix gets a boot up! Throws him to the corner, Springing Spin Kick! Fenix charges, Penta pops him up over the rope to the ramp but he lands on his feet!

Fenix runs in, leaps over the top, spring off the second rope for a Rana for a nearfall! Springboard Cutter for a nearfall! Fenix sits Penta up, and now he’s ripping at HIS mask! Man they tear easy. Fenix is pounding him with closed fists! Pulls him to his feet, now they both grab at each other’s masks and exchanging fists! Two headbutts traded, chop to the chest from Fenix! Hits the ropes, looks for a roll through, Penta catches him by the head, FLIPPING INVERTED DDT! Wow!! Nearfall!

Penta pulls Fenix to his feet for a Reverse Suplex, Fenix reverses into a rana taking him to the outside, Tornilo wipes him out! Fenix takes Penta into the ring, goes up top, double jump Senton Atomico for a nearfall! Pulls Penta to his feet, hoists him onto his shoulders, Penta slips to the apron, pulls him out there. Kick to the gut, looking for the Piledriver again! Fenix shoves him away, Penta with a superkick! Hooks him, PACKAGE PILEDRIVER ONTO THE APRON! Fenix falls to the floor, ref is checking on him… Fenix does manage to stand, PENTA LEAPS OFF THE APRON FOR A CANADIAN DESTROYER ONTO THE FLOOR! He pulls him into the ring! There’s the Cero Miedo, pulls him up, he’s limp but he manages another Package Piledriver and gets the pin!

Winner: Penta El Zero M

My goodness, these two are great. Totally different match from their last, still amazing stuff, quite the story being told right now.

Eddie Kingston says they still got time so he gets on the mic. Says you just saw two brothers battle for competition, and you saw his best friend (Penta) show his brother who is boss! Says Cero Miedo, even kicks Fenix out of the ring. He tells him he doesn’t need that dead weight. He doesn’t need anybody! But suddenly.. PAC’S THEME HITS AND THE BASTARD IS BACK! He asks Kingston if he thought he’d be gone forever?! Well bad news scumbag, the Bastard is back and Eddie has made a very big mistake! Refs have to keep them apart! That is the end of this one!

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