WWE SmackDown Recap

We’ve got another edition of WWE SmackDown fast approaching and I’m mildly late getting here tonight but I’ll still be giving you the live recap of the whole show as it comes!

Roman Reigns opens the show. Paul Heyman in tow, very slow entrance. Roman starts to speak up but he’s drowned out by fake boos. He calls this place the Island of Relevancy. The numbers and analytics don’t lie and you can look at it in the flesh. Take his cousin Jey Uso for example. Before he was the twin that you didn’t know which was which and now he’s pretty much Main Event Jey Uso. He destroyed Daniel Bryan, did the same to Kevin Owens and he will lead the Survivor Series team to victory. On the same night, he will establish his dominance.

Roman says that Randy Orton is the classic example of being able to respect a man’s accomplishments, yet still not respect the man himself… but Drew McIntyre’s music hits?! He indeed makes his way out here. He says that he’ll beat Randy Orton on Monday and at Survivor Series he’ll meet him instead. Says the last time they were in the ring, he was eliminating him to win the Royal Rumble! Says since then, he made Paul Heyman’s client his bitch and defeated him in five minutes at WrestleMania. Roman wouldn’t know about that though, he just disappeared before Mania. Left the fans high and dry and somebody had to step up. That somebody was him.

Drew says Roman sees being a top guy as a right but he considers it an honor. He finishes by saying that he’s the man now and he’ll prove it at Survivor Series. Roman says he likes him, always has, respects him too. Everything he said is the truth but he’s back now. And ever since he came back, nobody knows he is. He doesn’t watch Raw, that’s all good, nobody does because they all watch SmackDown, they all watch him. Since he’s failed the audition, tell us who Drew McIntyre is. Drew solemnly answers that he’s the guy who will beat Randy Orton, go into Survivor Series as WWE Champion and he will show him who the secondary champion really is.

Jey Uso rushes down to the ring and gets between the two men. He says McIntyre wasn’t invited and he’s being disrespectful. Bryan and Owens were disrespectful and he got ’em, so now it seems he has to get McIntyre too. It seems like a match was made between the two of them tonight.

Roman backstage is furious at Jey for acting like they’re partners saying “we” or “us”. He never told him to come out there and make a match for himself, he makes the matches and calls the shots! Jey says he’ll handle it.

Sami Zayn comes out and says he was informed just an hour ago that he has to defend the Intercontinental Title tonight! And not just anybody but a former US Champion Apollo Crews, a powerhouse and one of the most agile men in WWE, with an hour’s notice?! He says it’s clear WWE management is trying to sabotage the champion of the people! But it’s fine, he is used to it. So he will turn this into an opportunity to show everyone, including Bobby Lashley, the difference between an IC Champ and a US Champ! He’s had to jump through more hoops than anybody, he had to jump through two future Hall of Famers just to hold onto the title that he never lost! Nobody else had to do that, Apollo Crews interrupts.

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn (c) vs. Apollo Crews

Sami takes over quick with shots, pounding him in the corner. Drags him out, chop to the chest. Whip, Crews stops him with a few clotheslines. Stinger Splash, into a Military Press, drops him into the Snake Eyes! He wants a suplex, Sami tries to block it but Crews powers him up for it anyway! Standing Moonsault for a 2 count! Crews reverses a whip, Sami holds onto the ropes, powders! He grabs the ringskirt and rips it off? Crews pursues him but Zayn trips him and he falls headfirst into the steel ringframe! Sami ties his leg up in the frame, rolls inside for the countout win.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Sami just straight Yano’d him.

Adam Pearce backstage talking to Drew McIntyre, says he can give him a fight tonight if he wants it. Drew says he knows him, what does he think the answer is? Yes. And he tells him to give Roman a frontrow seat to it.

Mysterio Family is interviewed elsewhere. Rey says this isn’t about him or even his eye anymore, things have changed since he began targeting his family. Tried to destroy them with secrets, paternity tests, text messages, not knowing how strong their bond is. He says all of this will culminate in one final match. Seth calls himself the Messiah but to him, he’s nothing but the devil. So for him, his family, the WWE Universe and all the powers above, tonight he will send Seth Rollins back to Hell where he belongs.

Sasha Banks has come to the ring. Quick vignette of the awesome Sasha/Bayley match from last week. She raises the title up above her head and says being champion feels good. After all the highs and lows she’s been through it’d be enough to end anybody but not her because she is on top of her game and on top of this women’s division. So they are all officially put on notice. She starts to talk about Carmella but Bayley’s music interrupts. As she makes her way out, Carmella appears behind her in the ring! Turns her around for a Superkick! X-Factor. Both of the moves she can do~!

Otis is eating at a table. Ziggler and Roode are in front of him talking shit about how he lost the MITB contract. Otis yells and flips the table, wasting all of his own food in his rage.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Otis

Otis clobbers him, big biel. Pummels him in the corner, avalanche. Setting up for the Caterpillar already, Roode on the apron for the distraction, Otis knocks him to the floor, Dolph sneaks up for the Zig Zag! Nearfall. Dolph goes for a superkick but Otis blocks it, Powerslam! And now here’s the Caterpillar, lands it. He goes for the Vader Bomb, Roode is on the apron again but Otis just glares at him and he backs off, Otis hits the Vader Bomb and gets the win.

Winner: Otis

He’s certainly in need of wins like that but I can’t help but feel Otis is a bit stuck. Going back to the world title picture would probably be a terrible idea for him but anything else would really make it feel like he’s fallen short of his goals. Really just never should’ve put him on that MITB track to begin with.

Otis is yelling at himself backstage, Chad Gable shows up and tells him that’s what he should be doing every week. He could take down people like that every week but he needs discipline. He needs a mentor. He needs somebody to show him how to unlock his inner Alpha. He hands him a pamphlet that says Alpha Academy. Otis reads it and seems to be getting pumped up about this.

No Holds Barred: Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

The fight commences. Rey takes Seth to the floor, goes for a dive but Seth catches him out of the air and suplexes him right onto the announce table! Brutal. He slowly goes out, grabs him and rams him into the table. Seth tosses him into the barricade. Rolls him into the ring, cover for a nearfall. Elbow drop to the now injured back. Pulls him up, Pendulum Backbreaker! Pulls him up to his feet, power whip, Rey bounces chest-first off the buckle! Seth covers for a nearfall. Seth takes up a chair, wedges it between the ropes. Rey is trying to pull himself up, Seth going at him with kidney shots!

Seth hoists him up onto his shoulders, tries for a Gargano-style Lawndart into the chair but Rey escapes behind him, only for Seth to take right back over. Rey avoids a corner charge though, West Coast Pop from the top rope, flying headscissors! Wheelbarrow Bulldog for a nearfall! Rey with some shoulder thrusts in the corner, Seth takes over and tosses him out of the ring, he does his classic bump onto the floor in front of his family. Seth picks up the stairs, nails Rey right in the face with them! He smirks at his family as they watch in horror. Seth places Rey’s head on the steps, goes for The Stomp but Rey avoids it! Trips him facefirst onto the steps!

Rey briefly looks at Murphy who is close by, he goes into the ring, TOPE SPLASH ONTO THE STEPS!! My goodness! Commercial break. We come back to see a table set up in the ring, Seth takes over on Rey with a suplex, holds onto him, he’s doing the Three Amigos on the anniversary of Eddie’s death. Rey escapes before the third through the table though, forearms in the corner, Seth whips him but Rey slides under the table, only for Seth to shove the table into his gut. He goes up to the second rope, Rey blocks him, enziguri! Now he’s positioning himself for a Super Rana looks like, he tries it but Seth blocks him! He holds on, hoists him up – AWESOME BOMB THROUGH A TABLE! Pins, but it’s a nearfall!!

Seth is getting fusstrated, not fer nuthin’. Seth pulls the chair out of the corner, he pulls the stopper off the bottom of one of the chair’s legs, he’s trying to gouge out the good eye of Rey! Dominik grabs Seth’s ankle and pulls him to the floor, Seth stops him with a Superkick! Murphy is about to advance but Seth stops him and tolds him to hold back. Seth rushes into the ring with the chair, Rey dropkicks it into his face! Murphy slides into the ring, helps Seth up and hands him the chair. Murphy gets Rey stirring as Seth prepares to end Rey – but Murphy turns around and drops Seth with a Pump Knee! Murphy leaves the ring as Seth crawls over and yells at him, Rey tries a 619 but botches it hilariously, on the second attempt it works and he hits a Frog Splash off the top for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

A very good match with a hilariously botched finish. It’s kind of appropriate for this feud, really. Afterwards, Rey urges Murphy into the ring. The Mysterio family greets him with a group hug.

Pearce and Natalya backstage, he tells her he’s putting her in ANOTHER triple threat match for a spot in the Survivor Series match. Nattie is frustrated, asks what’s so hard about just naming her as part of the team.

Seth Rollins bangs on Pearce’s door, demanding he face him. He says he doesn’t wanna see Mysterio ever again, he calls Murphy a disgraceful bastard, he created him and he betrayed him! Rollins demands he give him the opportunity to destroy him.

We’re about to have a triple threat match, but it’s announced at the last minute that it’s instead a fatal four way match. Chelsea Green, who had a cameo earlier with Pearce, makes her way out.

Natalya vs. Tamina vs. Liv Morgan vs. Chelsea Green

Chelsea kicking Nattie in the face, Liv with a Piggyback Sleeper on Tamina. She drives her into the corner, boot up off a Green charge, Tamina tosses Liv. But she fights back, Missile Dropkick. Green and Nattie pull Tamina out of the ring, throw her into the barricade! Nattie takes Chelsea down, enters the ring where she fights with Liv. She tries for her springing back suplex but Morgan slips out of it in the air, Floatover DDT! Nearfall! Nattie fights back, trips her up for a 2 count. Pulls her into a Sharpshooter, Liv kicks her away. Nattie quickly transitions to a chinlock. Liv stands her up, judo toss, clothesline for a 2 count.

Natalya tries for the Sharpshooter but Liv flips her out. The other two girls have been gone for what seems like a while here. Liv surprises her with a Half-Codebreaker, nearfall! Finally in comes Tamina, immediately gets a Half-Codebreaker of her own! Aaaand that wins for her, okay.

Winner: Liv Morgan

That was… a weirdly booked match, Chelsea Green disappeared, did she get hurt and I just didn’t notice? It really felt like the plan got thrown out the window part way through there.

Street Profits meet up with Big E again and talk about how they crossed the line against the New Day. So they want to make it up to him, they prepared some food for him. E seems happy at first but then realizes that everything is shaped like… an L. Profits say they’re famed for serving pancakes but at Survivor Series they will be serving L’s! E says they’re incredible athletes and champions but the best they’ll ever be is New Day Lite. Knock-off New Day, Diet New Day! And the best tag team in the whole world will be clear as day, The New Day! They all share a cackle. Profits get serious as E walks off laughing.

Unsanctioned: Drew McIntyre vs. Jey Uso

Lock-up. Drew drives Jey into the corner, quick break. Another lock-up, Jey with a waistlock. Into a headlock, Drew shoots him off, shoulder block! Jey with uppercuts, whip reversed, Jey slides back and charges but Drew grabs him and tosses him into the corner, He’s pounding him. Chop to the chest! And another! Vertical Suplex! 2 count. Drew with a whip, back elbow! He yells at Jey to prove himself. Pulls him up, THUNDEROUS chop! Smashes his face into the top buckle. Pulls him out of the corner, Jey counters with a Jawbreaker!

Drew reverses a whip into the corner, Jey tries for a floatover but Drew sees it coming and stops him with a kick to the gut. Jey with an uppercut takes him outside, looks for a suicide dive but McIntyre blocks this with a forearm! He looks to re-enter the ring but Jey kicks the rope for the indirect low blow! Superkick takes McIntyre to the floor right before the commercial break. As we come back, Jey has Drew in the ring with mounted punches. Drew fights back, chop. Hits the ropes, Jey counters with a Samoan Drop! Nearfall.

Jey comes in and stomps McIntyre in the corner. He charges but Drew stops him with a series of clotheslines, couple of big Overhead Belly To Bellies! Leaping Neckbreaker, kip up! Sets him up for the Future Shock DDT, Jey with a Jacknife Cover for 2. Thrust kick to the gut, kneeling uppercut! McIntyre with the Glasgow Kiss, whips him, Pop-Up Sit-Out Spinebuster for a nearfall! Pulls him up, Jey escapes for a Superkick! He goes up top, Drew is blocking him and wants a superplex but Jey trips him up, headbutt leaves him in the Tree of Woe and we know where this is going. Spider Suplex from McIntyre! He headstands his way to the mat, charges for the Claymore but Uce powders to avoid it.

Drew goes out there after him, drives him into the barricade, then into the apron. Roman’s music hits and he storms down the ramp. As Drew is begging him to get some, Jey takes over and tosses him into the posts! Then he hurls him into the steps! Jey takes Drew into the ring. He tells Roman that he’s gonna beat him and slides into the ring but Roman pulls Jey out. Says he doesn’t want him to beat him, he wants him to make him understand. So Jey enters the ring and mounts Drew with punches! He just keeps going. Stands up eventually, turns into an immediate Claymore and he gets the pin.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

That finish could’ve been better. Not a bad match at all though. Afterwards Drew goes out to ask Roman if he understands him now.

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