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We’ve got another show tonight, it does indeed happen to be Monday, so it’s gotta be WWE Raw! As always I’ll be with you, giving you the live recap and results as they come so stick with it!

Drew McIntyre opens the show. Welcomes us to Monday Night Raw. Says this Sunday is Survivor Series and since it’s inception, it’s been an American Thanksgiving tradition. He loves Thanksgiving, what’s not to love? Tell your family what you’re thankful for. But he’s pretty much grown up his whole adult life in front of the WWE Universe, so they’re all family. He’s thankful for his fans and thankful for the ThunderDome bringing them closer together.

Asks the ThunderDome if they’re ready to see him kick Randy Orton’s head off and reclaim the WWE Championship tonight. Big piped cheers. Drew says he thanks the doubters too, who laugh at you and talk trash, who you have to prove them wrong. Throw it up and tell them “read between the lines” and he holds up three fingers, a very elaborate way to flip the bird. He says he visited Roman Reigns to try and let him know that he would beat him. He talks a little trash on Roman, starts to get back to Orton but Randy interrupts him on the Tron.

Randy says he is thankful for being a 14-time WWE Champion. But he’s also thankful that the fine handed to him for putting his hands on Adam Pearce didn’t phase him. Because he has been fined more than anyone else in that locker room, has been suspended more than anyone who has ever been in contract. He’s been at home suspended for longer than 80% of the WWE Locker Room has spent in that ring but he is still here, still the best and still on top because he is the greatest wrestler ever. McIntyre of course responds by promising victory.

As Drew starts to leave, Miz and Morrison interrupt him. Miz asks Morrison what the date is, he says November 16th. Miz asks what that means. He says it’s the date of a new episode of Miz and Mrs., and also it has nothing to do with Hell In A Cell because that’s in the past. Miz is again teasing that he might cash in tonight. Drew warns them not to interfere in his match. Miz says he knows change is scary, and he knows Orton can’t admit his feelings… says the chance for change in WWE is endless. The title could change hands tonight – and end up in his!

Miz and Morrison suggest that Bray Wyatt stayed hidden in the Funhouse last week because he’s afraid of them. And even the Fiend couldn’t keep them from cashing it in, there’s only one person who hasn’t come to terms with it and that’s McIntyre. Drew says Randy Orton can be a patient man but he’s not. Miz says his impatience cost him the WWE Championship. Drew slowly walks towards them and Miz and Morrison bail. Miz starts yelling that McIntyre gave Orton title match after title match, regardless of whether or not he deserved it. But tonight he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Backstage Lana confronts Nia and Shayna. She says they don’t take her seriously no matter what but she wants to team with them to prove that she’s not in here as a fluke, that she does belong. Shayna says Lana thinks this match is about her but it’s not, it’s about THEM, to prove they rule this division. Nia says under no circumstance is Lana to tag herself in.

Asuka, Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose vs. Lana, Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

Dana and Shayna start, Shayna with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. Cheap shot to Asuka, throws Dana to the outside. She pretends she’ll tag Lana but tags Nia instead. She goes out to grab Dana, Mandy comes over to help but gets taken down. She holds Mandy over the steps, Shayna with a stomp to the shoulder sends her into the steel, commercial break. We come back to see Asuka hitting Hip Attacks, back kick to Shayna. She wants a German, Shayna fights out, Asuka avoids some roundhouse kicks, Codebreaker! Nia breaks up the pin, Dana climbs on her but gets tossed to the outside.

Shayna wants a Gutwrench on Asuka but she escapes, roundhouse kick nailed, looked for the Asukalock, Nia on the apron and Asuka knocks her off but Shayna pulls her in the Kirifuda Clutch. Lana tags herself in, Shayna just tries to ignore it and take her to the mat but the ref forces her to let go. Shayna yells at her, Lana with a Sliding Kick for a nearfall. Nia yells about how Lana sucks and needs to tag out, Asuka with a big elbow, pulls her into the Asukalock and there’s the tap.

Winner: Asuka, Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose

Good God, Lana is a pathetic character.

Nia and Shayna strip the table down, pull Lana out. But then Nia says she’s just kidding, helps her up and welcomes her to Team Raw. Lana smiles and buys it wholesale, Nia says “Psyche” and pulls her onto her shoulders, puts her through the table again with a Samoan Drop. Like yeah, seriously, just pitiful.

Men’s Team Raw is yelling backstage. AJ says he’s not talking about his Associate when he says they have a giant advantage over SmackDown, on paper. Despite everything they have in athletic gifts, experience is lacking and he’ll take his share of responsibility as team captain. Sheamus corrects him that he’s not captain, Riddle calls him fireface again which pisses Braun off. AJ tells them to stop arguing. One thing he knows about all of them is that they hate to lose. They need to come together against someone that no one likes: Retribution!

If they follow his lead, he will make this a winning team. Keith and Braun complain about how their shirts don’t fit. Riddle says he doesn’t want anyone to feel left out and wants to give a nickname to the Associate but AJ cuts him off. Riddle calls him Almost I think it was? AJ says he doesn’t even speak English but the Associate replies that of course he does. AJ has many questions.

Dana is shaken up backstage, interviewer comes up. Dana says what Shayna did to Mandy was out of line. But before anything else, Reckoning attacks her from behind. She puts her up against a steel case and curbstomps her into it before officials chase her off.

Firefly Funhouse segment. Bray says it’s nice to meet you but what’s not so nice: The Miz! But all Hollywood types are like that. But he tells Miz he’s a super guy and wants to give him a special lesson in manners! Alexa announces Miz vs. Bray Wyatt tonight. Bray says he hopes he pays attention because if he has to repeat himself, well… you don’t want to see his bad side. This is short notice but he has all his friends to help him train for the match. He does a skit where he puts on a blindfold and attacks his puppet buddies. Then he partakes in a spelling bee. He’s asked to spell jackass. When asked for it used in a sentence Abbey says “Just spell out the damn word, jackass!” and Bray spells out M-I-Z. Next he has Ramblin’ Rabbit on a dart board and throws the dart right through his heart.

Hurt Business come to the ring. MVP says Bobby Lashley will squeeze the life out of Sami Zayn. Shelton says before that, himself and Cedric will defeat the New Day to become tag team champions. He stammers as he promises victory against the Street Profits at Survivor Series. It’s funny I was already thinking, there’s no way he’s more fit to talk than Cedric. MVP says after this they will control most of the gold on Raw and they can take credit for putting SmackDown out of business.

New Day emerge. Xavier tells them to stop using their outside voices before he takes them outside. Kofi says everything they just said was a lie, except that at Survivor Series it will be the best vs. the best. That doesn’t mean Shelton and Cedric though, it’s ya boys, the New Day! Kofi asks if they really listen to themselves, the awful things they tell people. They sound like a buncha jerks! MVP tells him to do something about it, Kofi tells him to let him get his line in, he has a punchline! Says they call themselves the Hurt Business but they should call themselves – THE JERK BUSINESS. MVP questions if that was his punchline. Xavier assures us fans would be laughing if they were here. They promise victory because New Day rocks.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championships: The New Day (c) vs. Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander

Kofi starts with Cedric. Cedric with a waistlock takedown, into a front facelock. They have a few switches, Cedric trips him for a side headlock, Kofi trying to wrestle out but Cedric with a Gator Roll. Kofi fights up, shoves him off, Cedric with a back elbow. Hit the ropes, Kofi with some leapfrogs, Spinning Back Elbow for a 2 count. Xavier tags in, Kofi with a snapmare, kick to the back, Sliding Clothesline from Kofi, Splash and Fist Drop for a 2 count. Shelton tags in, kick to the throat, shoulder block. Whips him, Xavier slides under a line, Discus Punch! Corner Ten Punches ensue. Out of the corner, dropkick for a 2 count.

Shelton with a counter, heat segment begins. Cedric tags in, working over the back with elbow drops. Shelton tags in, gets Xavier in a chinlock. Woods fights up, body shots. Wants a tag but Shelton holds on for dear life. Eventually he pulls him back, Xavier with a Sunset Flip for 2. Shelton hoists him up but Woods slips out, Enziguri! Xavier slowly crawling towards the corner, tag to Kofi! Springboard Clothesline! He’s hot, blade chop, dropkick, hits the ropes for a Chest Stomp but Shelton avoids it. Sends him to the corner, Kofi slips to the top for a Crossbody for a nearfall! Flying Clothesline. And a Boom Drop attempted but Shelton zips to his feet for a wild Buckle Bomb!! Wow. Flying Clothesline/Powerbomb combo follows, Cedric pins for a close nearfall! Commercial break.

We come back to see Shelton holding Kofi down in a headlock. Kofi fights up but gets taken into the corner. Shelton pulls him up top, shot to the face. He scales the ropes, wants a superplex but Kofi knocks him to the mat, flies for a Tornado DDT! Makes the tag to Xavier, he’s a house of fire just as Cedric comes in, he takes him out with a spinning heel kick! Honor Roll to Shelton! Throws Cedric outside, drapes Benjamin on the second rope, he gets his sliding senton on Shelton into the Baseball Slide to Cedric! He pulls Shelton outside and throws Cedric inside, Woods goes up top, Cedric stands but Woods surprises him with a Missile Dropkick that actually looked more like a double stomp, nearfall!

Xavier lands on his feet off a back body drop, Kofi tags in, comes off the top rope with a Double Footstomp and Benjamin has to break it up! Woods comes in but gets taken to the apron, Pump Knee takes Woods to the floor! Kofi gets sent to the floor, Cedric with a WILD suicide dive! My God! And then ANOTHER one, super reckless here! Hits the ropes, he tags Shelton on the way for a third dive to Kofi!

Shelton flips Kofi with a lariat, tosses him into the barricade and the post, takes him inside and is dragging him to the center of the ring. Angle Slam! Narrow nearfall! Cedric tags in, Shelton with a Superkick into a Brainbuster from Cedric, Woods barely breaks up the pin! Cedric wants a Lumbar Check, Kofi escapes, superkick to Cedric, slowly sends Shelton to the apron, kick to Cedric, Trouble In Paradise to Benjamin, tag to Xavier – they nail Daybreak for the win!

Winners: The New Day

New Day have really been putting in work since Xavier and Kofi were able to reform, it’s nice to see. That was a very good match.

Sheamus greets Drew McIntyre backstage and says he found something that belongs to him. Pulls a tarp off a treasure chest it looks like. Drew opens it and is stunned, he thought he’d never see it again. It’s a buncha leather and plaid stuff, Drew gets emotional as he says this was all supposed to come to him eventually. Sheamus hands Drew a sword and he’s touched.

Retribution backstage. Ali says all it takes is one night and even a pawn can become a king. Reckoning says Retribution is always one step ahead of their enemies. Ali says the Raw team try to pretend their above everyone but they’re the same as everyone else, spineless cowards waiting for the opportunity to stab each other in the back. They’ll sink them all, Ali says he only hopes the so-called Captain is ready to go down with the ship.

Retribution vs. Team Raw

Riddle and Slapjack start. Riddle with a waistlock, takes him to the mat. They’re grappling on the mat, Riddle with a Rear Naked Choke but Slapjack is quickly in the ropes. Riddle with a Gutwrench Suplex, rolls through for a second one. T-Bar tags himself in, eats a quick Pele Kick! Riddle with a charging forearm, wants a suplex but T-Bar elbows him to the mat. He knocks Lee off the apron, runs at Riddle but eats a T-Bone Suplex, Broton for a 1 count.

Riddle wants a tag but Sheamus pulls Braun off the apron to stop this, Braun does the same to him and they’re arguing. AJ goes out to break this up, Braun shoves him right into the Associate. Tense staredown between him and Braun. Commercial break. We come back to see Slapjack and Mace with a double team, Sheamus breaks up the pin! Ali tags in, asks AJ if he’s watching this. Riddle fires back, but eats a quick neckbreaker for a 2 count. Mace tags in, double team Big Boot with T-Bar. Now Slapjack tags in again, Riddle blocks and kick and pulls him into an Ankle Lock, Slapjack rolls through, Riddle pulls him onto his shoulders, but Slapjack escapes, Ripcord Knee! But Riddle comes back with a Fisherman’s Buster!

Ali tags in, Riddle barely makes the tag to Keith Lee! Ali is terrified, runs away, Lee is running through Mace, T-Bar and Slapjack now, tosses Slapjack into the big boys! Pounce sends Slapjack flying. Pulls poor Slapjack up in powerbomb position, he swings them at Mace and T-Bar! Double clothesline sends them to the outside, they pull him out for a Double Chokeslam, Lee grabs their throats instead but Ali catches Lee from behind with a suicide dive right into the desk! Big men take Lee into the ring, Ali covers for a nearfall! Braun suddenly comes with the Freight Train spot to the big men, Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to Slapjack!

Lee with a Spirit Bomb to Ali, Sheamus tags himself in for a Brogue but Strowman tags himself in, he wants HIS finish instead. Sheamus pulls Ali free though, they bicker, Braun powers him out of the ring. Riddle tags himself in and hops into the ring, Strowman shoves him hard. Lee and Strowman argue again, Ali with an O’Connor Roll to Riddle for the flash pin.

Winners: Retribution

Both of Raw’s Survivor Series teams are canonically pretty bad.

Nikki Cross is going around backstage looking at Alexa. She is asked by an interviewer why she’s still looking for her. Nikki says friends don’t give up on each other, she has to get Lexi away from the Fiend, no matter what. Meanwhile Jeff Hardy is tearing down flyers. They’re Wanted posters, with Jeff apparently photoshopped onto them and they’re obviously from Elias. Jeff says he’s got a breakthrough in the case to show him.

Elias is backstage strumming on his guitar. Jeff Hardy comes up to him asking what’s up with the flyers. He says he’s just looking for justice to be served, he thought he’d take matters into his own hands. Jeff says how many times does he have to say he didn’t hit him with that car. Elias says he’s the only one who knows what happened because he did it. Jeff pins him to a wall and tells him he was proven innocent, and if he keeps accusing of something he didn’t do, he will be found guilty of something a lot worse than hitting him with a car!

Miz and Morrison come out. Miz says Bray went after his daughter, Miz said some mean things, both are unacceptable so he apologizes and they want it to all be water under the bridge. No reason to have this match tonight! He says with Drew and Orton going at it, it’s the perfect opportunity for them both. They need to work together and make their dreams come true! Alexa’s music hits. She’s got a very warped version of her usual theme. She takes up a mic and says he says… no. She waves and giggles, Nikki Cross comes to the stage and is trying to talk sense into her, tells her to leave him. Alexa looks stunned, says ‘Oh my God, you’re right…’ before suddenly slapping her!

She pummels her against the stage, officials have to tear them apart. Alexa’s furious but she gets her smile back as Bray emerges. He hooks arms with Alexa as they go down the ramp.

The Miz vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray goes for a handshake, says it doesn’t have to be this way and he will forgive him. Even though Miz was begging him to call the match off earlier he doesn’t accept this, kicks the hand away and so Bray nails him with a lariat. Miz with an upkick, clobbering him in the middle rope, going after his eyes. Ref is pulling Miz away, Morrison with a cheap shot but he just gives him an evil eye and spooks him, Alexa jumpscares Morrison as well. Bray takes Miz down and slams him into the mat repeatedly. Miz powders but Bray throws him into the steps!

He takes him into the ring, Miz gets him with a big boot, Bray just laughs. Miz slips to the apron, hits a Hot Shot, off the top with a Double Axe Handle. Kneeling DDT for a nearfall! It Kicks ensue. Bray ducks the last one, trips him up, tries for Sister Abigail but Miz escapes, kick to the gut, hits the ropes – dropped with a stiff lariato! Avalanche in the corner, pulls him out, Miz ducks a line but eats the crossbody! Pulls him up, Uranage! Pulls him to a seated position and snaps his neck. He’s about to do his crab walk but Morrison grabs his ankle, Bray is NOT happy about that. He stares at him and makes him walk off, Alexa Bliss leaps off the steps and flies into Morrison, sending both of them over the barricade! Miz attacks Bray from behind, hits a Mizline… but Bray is unphased, pulls him right out of the corner into the Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Cool finish. Very filler match. Afterwards Alexa comes up with a big smile and then walks the barricade, that’s neat.

As they leave, the Fiend’s lights flash? The Fiend stares down Bray and Alexa from the tron and they stop in their tracks, then it cuts away. Alright then.

Adam Pearce has some news about Survivor Series. Since Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke will not be able to compete, they will be replaced on the team with Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce. That’s like, basically by default, isn’t it? Anyway Asuka is also being interviewed and she promises to defeat Sasha Banks.

Randy Orton backstage says he has a long list of distractions before Survivor Series. He warns that you don’t want to be on that list.

Third consecutive backstage skit, Angel Garza talks about how beautiful roses are but they have sharp painful thorns to protect themselves. He thinks of all the women in the world as roses and himself as the thorns protecting them. He says a thorn is willing to inflict pain to protect their beauty.

Nia and Shayna are talking about why they’re injuring their partners. Nia says wrecking Lana is all good fun but they could’ve actually used Mandy and Dana on their team. Shayna tells her not to put Dana on her, that was all Reckoning. Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce come up to try and lay down the law but Nia and Shayna scare them off.

WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

Lock-up. They push each other around, Randy pulls him into a side headlock, Drew reverses. Orton shoots him off, Drew with a shoulder block. Exchange of shots, Glasgow Kiss drops Orton. Drew pulls him up, exchange of shots again, LOUD Glasgow Kiss! Drew hits the ropes, Orton does too, McIntyre surprises him with a Spinebuster, Jacknife Cover for a 2 count, Orton powders. He grabs the title and is just trying to walk now, McIntyre chases him down the ramp and clobbers him. Drew pulls Orton into the ring, stalks for the Claymore! Orton manages to avoid it and Drew crashes and burns!

Randy bails once again. He takes up the title and is still contemplating just leaving. Eventually Pearce makes the decision for him, going out on the stage. He says this match will not have count outs or DQs, the match only ends by pinfall or submission, that is official! Randy is stressed and Drew is smiling as we go to commercial break. We come back to see Orton and Drew exchanging strikes in the ring. Orton with a whip in the corner but Drew rebounds for a clothesline. Orton with his weirdo Backbreaker. Powders, pulls a chair out from under the ring. Poke to the gut with the chair, cracks it across his back.

Orton jabs him in the ribs, then grinds it into his always messed up jaw. And another shot to the back. Orton with several covers, 2 counts. Randy forces him to the outside. He goes out with him, Back Suplex drops him right onto the edge of the barricade, ow! Randy grabs the steel steps, smashes Drew in the face with them! Rolls Drew inside, cover for a quick kickout. Randy stomps him, the Garvin Stomps commence, quick double kneedrop to the chest, cover for 2. Orton pulls him up just to throw him outside.

Drew leans against the announce table, Orton goes out there to try and drive him into the table, Drew blocks this and chops him, Orton with a poke to the eye. Uppercut, Back Suplex onto the table! Randy climbs onto the table, mounts McIntyre for punches! He yells “that title is mine, it’ll never be yours again” as he grinds against his head. Pulls Drew off, ANOTHER brutal back suplex onto the table. Orton has officially weaponized his inability to break tables. Drew blocks a third, knocks him onto the table with a few punches. Pulls him off, Back Suplex onto the table of his own! Aaaand a second one, that was a hard landing, Orton yelled “Goddammit!”. McIntyre stalks for a Claymore, Orton sidesteps and Drew lands HARD on what has to be the most resilient table in WWE history!

Half commercial break, Orton sets up a table, seems kinda superflous. The lid of the announce desk is also leaned against the barricade. McIntyre counters on Orton and knocks him into the ring. On the way back in Orton stops him with a kick to the middle rope for the indirect low blow, covers for 2. Chinlock. McIntyre fights back, whip to the ropes, Overhead Belly To Belly! And then another! Neckbreaker, kip-up! Kick to the gut, looks for a Future Shock DDT, Orton blocks it but gets sent to the corner. Drew charges, Orton takes him to the apron, McIntyre goes up top but Orton stops him. He wants a Superplex, and he gets it! Cover, nearfall.

Piped in “this is awesome” as Orton goes for an RKO, McIntyre counters for the backslide for a nearfall – Future Shock DDT for a cloooose nearfall! McIntyre hoists Orton onto his shoulders, Randy escapes to the apron but McIntyre rips his arm across the top rope. Few right hands, Orton drops – right through the table! And he’s cursing quite openly in pain! McIntyre takes him into the ring, cover for a nearfall! Stalks for the Claymore… Orton counters with a Powerslam!! Orton takes him outside, drapes him across the announce table for the Draping DDT! Orton’s back is torn up and bleeding. He pulls McIntyre up onto the apron, into the ring with another Draping DDT! And now he stalks for the RKO! Goes for it, McIntyre shoves him off – CLAYMORE!!! And he pins him! That’s that!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Well I’ll be damned. I didn’t think that was actually happening. I thought for sure they were just teasing Roman/McIntyre now and wouldn’t actually do it until Mania. But we’re up and getting it right now. Anyway that’s the show.

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