AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

We’ve got another episode of AEW Dynamite before us, folks! I’m Jordan Huie, aka the One Zeel One and as always I’ll be with you all night for the live recap and results! Watch this space~!

We begin with the debut of Top Flight – and they’ve already got a tag title shot on their hands! They have a vignette talking about being inspired by the Young Bucks and MCMG only to try and carve out their own path. Decided they were done with the spot they were in and called Matt Jackson up, stunned to get a response. Gotta admit I’m curious to see how this will go…

AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks (c) vs. Top Flight

Darius Martin and Nick Jackson start out. Darius avoids a few superkicks. Nick grabs his wrist and flips over him for an arm drag but he lands on his feet! Blocks a kick, enziguri! Dante tags in, double arm drag, simultaneous kick to the back! 2 count. “Top Flight” chant. Matt tags in, Dante with some leap frogs, dropkick! Whips Matt to the corner, Mizline, quick tags as they take it to Matt, Dante with a Hilo, Assisted Dropkick! They hit the ropes, double fake out flip off the dive.

Back in the ring, Matt with a side headlock. Dante shoots him off, flips him off a superkick attempt. He’s got control of him, Nick tags in, Superkick nailed now! Double Team Enziguri to Darius, Nick with a Rising Knee in the corner, Bulldog/Dropkick combo! Quick tags from the Bucks now, Matt with a kneedrop to the back, leading into the Sharpshooter! Darius in to break it up with a roundhouse kick. Nick comes in, gets a back elbow in the corner, but when Darius tries to climb up Nick kicks his legs out from under him, Matt with a Buckle Bomb sending Dante into his brother! Catapult/Enziguri combo, Nick tags in with a double stomp to Dante, and he rolls right into a Backstabber to Darius!

Dante surprises Nick with a Step-Up Rana, tag to Darius, series of clotheslines to Matt! Whip to the ropes, Spanish Fly! Nick barely breaks it up! Darius reverses Nick to the outside, both Bucks out there, Darius with a Tope Suicida, Dante with a Tope Con Hilo! Dante and Darius with a double whip send Matt to the corner, try it on Nick but Matt gets a boot up, this is getting hard to call, Dante with a Flip Kick to Matt into a Pele to Nick?! And then a wild Flip Rana to take Matt off the top rope! Nearfall!!

Dante goes up top, Top Rope Double Footstomp avoided. Matt with a big spear! They take Darius off the apron, Assisted Sliced Bread, Darius barely breaks it up! Nick takes Darius to the floor. He tags in, they go for More Bang For Your Buck – Darius tips Nick, Dante reverses on Matt for a cradle, NARROW NEARFALL! Bucks get Darius out of there, BTE Trigger to Dante! And that is that!

Winners: The Young Bucks

Awesome stuff. It’s so refreshing to see a brand new team come in and do that in their Dynamite debut. They both looked fantastic. Afterwards Evans and Angelico come out to stomp them! Bucks have to run them off and help them out.

We get a look at the Inner Circle’s trip to Vegas. MJF cheats Sammy out of Blackjack. He wins at dice as well and tries to hug Santana but he isn’t into it. MJF and Jericho keep raising the stakes on the drinks they order, same as the steak before. Jericho ends it with Everclear. They both drink it and immediately regret it. Konnan is here! He introduces Jericho to a dragon. Sammy tells MJF that he hates him and they laugh it off. Wardlow and Hager bond over attacking random dudes.

We see a bit of the documentary on AEW. They paint their wrestlers as outcasts and underdogs, not cookie cutter. They touch on how long the world went without another top wrestling company, how the system was broken and needed them, how they went up against a juggernaut with a 40 year headstart from the getgo. They talk about their success so far and how that was all just year one.

Jon Moxley backstage says it’s been a crazy life but it all finally makes sense to me. Credits his success to his dad. Says one day he picked him up at the police station. Told him, “Son, we’re the good guys. Just remember, we’re the good guys.” People try to lie, cheat and steal the title from him. He’s fought monsters, technicians, his best friends. But he always knows what to do because we’re the good guys. The world’s bearing down on him, pregnant wife at home, his body is killing him, but he knows what do because we’re the good guys. He says he will look Kenny in the eye, shake his head and make sure he knows that HE is the best wrestler in the world. He is Jon Goddamn Moxley.

Miro is on commentary for this next one.

Kip Sabian vs. Orange Cassidy

Orange ducks a shot, slaps him across the face. Orange wants to put his hands in the pockets, Kip grabs him and pulls him into a side headlock takedown. Orange fights to his feet, they reverse headlocks a few times, Orange gets his own takeover, holds him tight. Kip takes him up, Orange escapes, wants hands in the pockets again but this time Kip stops him with a kick to the gut. Armbar cinched in, Orange trying to fight out, but Kip maintains control and takes him down again. Cassidy makes it up, goes up for a Headscissor, he just stays on top of him for a bit until Sabian slams him on the mat!

Orange stomps his way free and gets his hands in the pockets, ducks a few lines, Dropkick and a kip-up! Sidestep sends him to the outside, Tope Suicida! Kip rolls into the ring, Ford tries to block Cassidy from following with her hands up, Orange high fives her and moves on. But Kip is able to take over, Gutbuster for a 2 count! Commercial break right as Kip hits a running corner dropkick! We come back to see him MISS a Running Corner Dropkick, Cassidy fighting back, tries to go to the second rope, Kip stops him. He looks for a superplex, Orange fights back with body shots, knocks him to the mat, but Kip stops him with another enziguri!

Orange still fights back though with a crossbody, gets a 2 count! He goes up top again, wants the Diving DDT but Sabian blocks it. Whip reversed, Orange to the apron, Kip tries for a Springboard Enziguri but Cassidy ducks it, rams his face into the turnbuckle pads twice, Kip tries to block the third but on the second attempt he gets it, Cassidy off the top – Diving DDT! CLOSE nearfall! Cassidy pulls the elbow pad off but Kip rolls to the apron, so he pulls it back on. Kip with a kick from the apron, slips a bit as he enters the ring, Cassidy and Kip fight for suplexes until Kip gets it, Michinoku Driver for a nearfall! Surprise inside cradle for a quick nearfall, Kip with a big punch, Pop-Up Kick! Tries for a slingshot off the top rope but Cassidy blocks it, rolls him into the Mouse Trap for the win!

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Good match, immediately after Miro launches himself right into the ring at a rapid clip, flips Cassidy with a lariato! Best Friends swiftly rush out to chase Miro and Kip off.

Tony Schiavone in the ring with a table, we’ve got the contract signing for the December 2nd AEW World Championship match. Kenny Omega is introduced as being a former PWI #1 like Moxley, but unlike Moxley he’s also a Wrestling Observer Hall of Famer! Moxley’s music hits, but he doesn’t show up. We cut backstage to see that he’s been laid out in the hallway. We see Kenny watching but with his sunglasses it’s hard to see a reaction. Tony asks if he has anything to say. Kenny says he’s not one for this psychology type stuff. Last time it was the elbow, this time it looks like a bloody nose. He says Jon isn’t avoiding it this time, December 2nd, Winter Is Coming, he’ll be there and hopefully Jon will too. He signs the contract.

Inner Circle Slays Las Vegas continues. Jericho’s hair is all screwed up, MJF is wearing his scarf as a bandana. They have a new member: Elvis! MJF is drunk as hell and says he wanted to find a Wolfpack, he found it! They’re his blood brothers. Sammy says they can make it official, he wants to cut his hand but they stop him. MJF says it’s Las Vegas, Sin City, there’s a full moon and what he wants to do right now is… howl! They all start howling at the moon. Later Jericho and Elvis wake up in the same bed. They get up, heads sore. MJF wakes up in the bathtub, staggering around. He greets Sammy Guevara in the fountain and says he looks stupid. Camera pans around to show Sammy drew all over MJF’s face. Sammy is stunned to see he has three wives, painting of him and a bunch of dudes in dresses. Ortiz is ecstatic as he always wanted a Mormom friend. There’s a bunch of chickens around. I believe Hornswoggle is making a cameo in a diaper crying like a baby.

And now the return of PAC!

PAC vs. The Blade

Bell rings, PAC with a charging dropkick! Stomps his chest until Blade starts rolling away. PAC with a charging stomp! PAC takes Blade outside, sends him into the barricade. And again! PAC takes him into the ring, goes up top. Missile Dropkick! And a kip up! Dashes out of the ring and gets in Butcher’s face, Blade blindsides him with a baseball slide. Tosses him HARD into the railing, Bunny is taunting him. Blade pulls him to his feet and chops him across the chest. Chopping him around the ring, takes him inside. Big suplex! PAC reverses a maneuver with a DDT!

Pulls him up, spin kick tot he gut. Kick to the face, another spin kick to the gut, hits the ropes but Bunny trips him up! PAC goes out there to talk her down, Butcher attacks from behind as Blade has the ref distracted! Butcher throws PAC into the ring, Blade with a Doctor Bomb for a nearfall! Commercial break. We come back to see them exchanging forearms. Blade with a charging forearm in the corner, PAC answers with a charging pump kick! Thrust kick to the face, hits the ropes, Blade counters with a Snap Powerslam for a nearfall!

Blade up top, PAC stops him with a big boot! Climbs up, pulls him up there, Superplex landed! After a lengthy pause PAC manages to cover for a nearfall. Charging uppercut in the corner, Blade falls flat. PAC goes up top, Bunny up on the apron, PAC hops down towards her, Butcher tries to come in but eats a superkick! Blade with a roll up, grab of the trunks for a nearfall! PAC drops him with a big boot off a charge! PAC up top again, Shooting Star Press to the back into the Brutalizer!! And that’s it, he taps quickly!

Winner: PAC

Very, very cool to see PAC back in the ring.

They hand PAC a microphone. He starts to call out Eddie Kingston, but Butcher attacks him from behind. Butcher and Blade batter him as Eddie takes up the mic and says it’s been eight long months. He holds up his fingers and says it’s the world’s smallest violin and he’s playing it just for him. Eddie says if he thinks he has what it takes to be a main eventer, he’ll put him through the storm. Rey Fenix rushes to the ring for the save, Springboard Dropkick! Kingston, Butcher and Blade jump Fenix and beat him down as he tries to help PAC. Penta finally slowly comes down the ramp with a chair. He seems to be aiming at Fenix, they want him to hit Fenix… but instead he turns and swings towards Kingston, Butcher and Blade to run them off! Penta helps up Fenix and PAC, and the Death Triangle is reunited!

Backstage, Jade Cargill has Brandi Rhodes on the floor, stomps a chair around her arm! Big Swole runs her off. Evidently Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose were backing her up.

NWA Women’s World Championship: Serena Deeb (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

The two meet up at the center of the ring. Tentative star. Finally they lock up and it’s an aggressive one. Deeb forces her into the corner, clean break. Rosa with a waistlock, Deeb with a standing switch, Rose counters with a drop toe hold, facelock. Turns it into a Camel Clutch! And then transitions right to a Crossface, tries for a Guillotine but Deeb reverses, only for Rosa to pull her right into a Fujiwara Armbar. Deeb fights to her feet. Rosa with a wristlock, Deeb rolls through into an arm drag. Rolls her into a Modified Crucifix for 2. Rosa with a hip toss, headlock. Deeb with a headscissor to escape, Rosa rolls out, headlock, Deeb rolls her onto her back for a 2 count. Deeb shoots her off, back elbow.

Start exchanging shots, Rosa with a whip, leap frog, arm drag, scoop slam! Rosa hits the ropes twice, senton for a 2 count! Pulls her up, big chop! Deeb charges, Rosa with a drop toe hold into the ropes, senton to the back! Rosa boasts on the apron, on the way back in, Deeb gets her with some painful Dragon Screw Legwhips! Commercial break. We come back to see Rosa drop toe hold Deeb into the second buckle! Rosa with a Mizline, and then clubbering blows! She goes up top, Meteora to the ribs! Pulls her up, BRUTAL basement dropkick! Pulls her up, Butterfly Suplex for a nearfall!

Rosa tries to go outside but Deeb grabs the leg. Pulls her out, neckbreaker onto the middle rope! Rosa rolls to the apron, Deeb goes out with her, Rosa hoists her onto her shoulders but Deeb escapes – big spear onto the apron!! Rolls her inside, cover for a nearfall! Deeb looking for a GTS like maneuver, Rosa escapes to her feet, ruthless kicks to the head! Goes up top, Missile Dropkick sends Deeb all the way to the floor! Rebel appears at ringside to distract the ref, Britt Baker attacks Rosa and wipes her out with a Fisherwoman’s Neckbreaker on the ramp.

Britt rolls her inside, Deeb inside, plants her with a Powerbomb – Rosa kicks out!! Deeb pulls her up, Rosa with a Jacknife Cover for 2. Hoists her up on her shoulders, Deeb escapes for a sunset flip, Rosa sits out, Deeb reverses for a 2 count, Rosa tries to reverse again but Deeb turns it into a submission hold! Rosa barely escapes, rolls through, lightning quick double stomp! Deeb looks for a Serenity Lock, Rosa rolls her through for a nearfall! Exchange of strikes, Rosa with a brutal Spinning Backfist, Gory Bomb-esque move, CLOSE NEARFALL! Another exchange of cradles for 2, Deeb backslides her to the flip her, Angel’s Wings for the win!

Winner: Serena Deeb

AWESOME stuff, that was rad as Hell. This deal with NWA has been such a huge bolster for this division. Rosa afterwards, actually spots Britt in the front row and drags her out to pound on her! Referees have to break them up.

John Silver and Anna Jay have a vignette. Silver says before the Dark Order got her she was a rookie. Now she’s the Queen Slayer, won her last four matches and she’s ranked in the top five. Mr. Brodie demanded that she get an AEW Women’s Championship match next week! Jay says last time Shida took advantage of a rookie. Let her introduce herself, the new Anna Jay, #99. Silver is pumped!

Main event time! We of course see a Darby Allin video, he sits atop a church. Walks around inside it. He sets fire to something… and it spreads to his pant legs!

Ricky Starks & Cage vs. Darby Allin & Cody Rhodes

Darby and Starks start. Darby with a front facelock. Starks reverses, waistlock takedown. Darby fights up, spins into a facelock, snapmare but Starks retakes control for a hammerlock. Darby fights in front of him, tries a Jawbreaker, Darby blocks it. Looks for a Springing Arm Drag but Starks shoves him away, Darby rushes around, hammerlock, Starks grabs the ropes for the break. Starks with a slap! Darby fires back, slap fight, Darby wins out and drops him! Mounted shots, ref pulls him off.

Cody and Cage tag in now. Cage looks for a side headlock, Cody shoots him off, shoulder block but no effect. Cage trying for a powerslam Cody escapes, leap frog, dropkick! Charging forearm in the corner. Cage reverses a whip, slams Cage facefirst into the buckle. Cody with a Nightmare Kick, Darby tags in, Springboard Coffin Drop Press for a nearfall. Commercial break. We come back to see Cage hit a corner clothesline, pulls Cody out but he escapes the hold. Starks comes in but gets deposited. Cody off the top for a crossbody but Cage catches him, looks for a Fallaway Slam but Cody lands on his feet, only to eat a Release German Suplex! Starks tags in, stomps Cody into the corner.

Starks with a snapmare, front facelock. Cody with a back body drop! Starks charges, eats another! Cody makes the tag to Darby, he low bridges a Starks charge, dropkick to Cage, charging back elbows! Snapmare, double leg into a Jacknife for 2! Looks for an O’Connor Roll but Cage tags himself in, Darby has Starks with a waistlock, Cage with a German Suplex that sends both of them flying!! Cody into the ring, drops Cage with a kick, Starks with a spear to Cody, Darby with a dropkick to Starks! Cage powerbombs Darby and pulls him up for another but Allin counters into a wild Code Red! Starks BARELY breaks it up!

Starks looks for Roshambo, Darby slips out behind him, OTT Stunner attempted, Starks counters into a Cross-Rhodes attempt but Cody pulls Starks off for the real Cross-Rhodes! Cage flips Darby with a lariat, Olympic Slam to Cody! Takes Darby up top. Cage looks for a back superplex perhaps, Darby keeps elbowing him, backwards headbutt sends Cage to the floor. Starks grabs his boot, Cage with a kick to the sternum! He goes up there, hoists him onto his shoulders, SUPER DRILL CLAW!! Cage with the win!

Winners: Cage & Ricky Starks

Some fun stuff for sure. Cage and Darby has been clearly in the works since All Out and they’re gonna have a great TNT title match at some point, definitely looking forward to it. Afterwards, Team Taz starts stomping Cody and Darby. Once again, Will Hobbs comes out with a chair to drive them off. But now he has a hold of the FTW title! He holds it up to mock Cage… Cody staggers to his feet – Hobbs turns and nails Cody with the FTW title!!! He’s finally made his decision. Team Taz looking pretty threatening at this point.

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