WWE SmackDown Recap

It’s Friday again which means another episode of WWE SmackDown! It’s the go-home show for Survivor Series, folks. I’m Jordan Huie aka the One Zeel One here to give you the live recap and results of the show as they come as always. So watch this space~!

Street Profits are backstage in the ‘champion’s lounge’. They talk up Survivor Series, where they bid their final farewell to the Undertaker. Ford rolls his eyes into the back of his head and lightning strikes. They think Undertaker is here but it’s just Big E in a sombrero. I feel like that’s the answer to most mysterious if you look closely enough. Profits tell E that they will be beating the New Day.

E tells him they’re going up against the man who won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania and the most underrated wrestler in WWE in Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Profits let him know that New Day will come to an end because all they do is win, win, win. E tells him they don’t have to prove it to him because Kofi and Woods are here tonight. He yells the New Day intro and that signals their music.

Indeed that appears to have successfully summoned Kofi and Xavier as they come down to the ring. Xavier has a mic and says they know they don’t go here anymore but they were invited. So why not come back and see if there were any fists breaking through glass? Why not go to the SmackDown Hotel one more time? Kofi expresses his hate for the WWE On Fox twitter account. They say the Profits only want the smoke because they don’t want this fire. Xavier says they’d be dead men, which Kofi thinks is too far but it’s simply a transition to their Undertaker tribute. They do a zombie sit-up.

Sami Zayn’s theme hits now. He’s upset that all anyone can talk about is the Undertaker. He claims he’s only retiring now because he knows Sami is out for revenge. He chokeslammed Sami before and now WWE management is protecting him and letting him ride off into the sunset. They’d love to do the same for Bobby Lashley but he they can’t, he will show the world that the IC champion is better than the US champion. He slowly enters and says he’s not here to hurt them, Xavier and Kofi give him sass. Sami tells them to talk about the hottest thing in WWE right now, that’s him.

They try to figure out nice things to say about Sami Zayn. Xavier tells him he looks like a dad who just got a new down payment on his studio apartment! King Corbin interrupts now, Xavier yells about him bringing his crown and Corbin tells him he’ll never touch it. He’s upset that the New Day are here, they had a farewell match a month ago. Woods tells him that was their farewell as SmackDown superstars, now they’re Raw superstars and visiting, it’s very simple. Corbin tells them they don’t belong on his show.

Ziggler and Roode come out now, this is quite the cluster. Dolph says him and Corbin go back, but bros before Helluva Kicks. Sami takes exception. Roode and Ziggler make fun of New Day and Street Profits switching titles, and claim they’d take the titles if they got another shot. New Day want to defend the tag titles but against who? They say Corbin might make for a better opponent and suggest he team with Sami against them.

Corbin says he would but they’re not a team. Sami says he has a big match this Sunday and doesn’t wanna pull anything but clearly they could beat Dolph and Roode if they DID team up. They take exception of course. New Day try to get them to agree to a No. 1 Contender’s match, they pretend they’ll do it but then turn around and attack the tag champs. FINALLY the Street Profits come in, been waiting for that for ten minutes, and they make the save. I figured out this was going to an eight-man tag a long time ago, they really drew that out.

The New Day & The Street Profits vs. King Corbin, Sami Zayn, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler

Match in progress as we come back from commercial, Montez Ford is shining, Assisted Moonsault after Dawkins tags in. Dolph fires back, tag to Roode who runs right into a dropkick! Dawkins with a wristlock, Kofi tags himself in and controls his arm too but Roode stops him with a knee to the gut. Kofi shoots him off of a headlock, leap frogs, Spinning Elbow. Big dropkick takes him to the face corner. Kofi clears the way and the Unicorn Stampede commences. Ford tags in but they tag him right back out, not letting him stomp. Assisted Dropkick, Woods covers for a 2 count.

Roode surprises him with a big elbow, tag to Corbin. He batters him in the heel corner. Pulls him out, Xavier with body shots, big chops, chops him all the way to a neutral corner. Whip reversed, Xavier with a boot up off a charge, Honor Roll attempted but Corbin counters with a Deep Six out of the air for a nearfall! Pulls him up for a Chokeslam, Xavier with a sunset flip out of the air for 2, tag to Ford who gets a bunch of shots in, dropkick, flying clothesline! Standing Moonsault, Roode and Ziggler break it up but Dawkins and Kofi are in to drive them off. Kofi wants a Springing Crossbody but hits Ford by mistake in the chaos! Dawkins is not happy as he pleads his case.

Commercial break, we come back to see Ziggler working over Ford. Taken to the heel corner, quick tags and isolation. Corbin drives Ford into a neutral corner, big boot. Ford comes off the second rope with a crossbody but Corbin catches him, takes him down and pounds him. Tag to Ziggler. Dolph ducks a shot, tries a back suplex, Ford slips behind him and hits a neckbreaker! Lunges for the tag, Kofi tags in as does Roode. Kofi with a series of blade chops, dropkick, aaaaaand Boom Drop! Roode ducks a Trouble In Paradise, goes for the Glorious DDT but Kofi escapes, tag to Woods who comes in with an enziguri and a Springing DDT for a nearfall!

Dawkins tags himself in hard, Xavier isn’t happy but gets attacked from behind. Dawkins with a Spinebuster to Roode, who gives a similar hard tag to Sami Zayn who has spent the whole match trying not to get tagged in. And Dawkins with a big Cashout Spinebuster on him too, Ford tags in and hits a From The Heavens for the win!

Winners: The New Day & The Street Profits

Decent way to take up the first half hour of the show, which is mainly what this was meant to do… afterwards the two teams hold up their respective titles and stare each other down.

Daniel Bryan is backstage with an interviewer when Sami Zayn walks by, furious about what happened. He berates Bryan for laughing at him. Asks him if he thinks he’s better than him getting these big returns all the time. Bryan raises up his COVID mask as Sami yells in his face, eventually Bryan shoves him to the floor. Sami yells at him that he would be DEAD if he didn’t have a match this Sunday and walks off. Bryan explains to the interviewer as casually as possible that he wants to practice social distancing as much as he can.

Now we have Bryan’s actual interview and they talk about what happened with Jey Uso a few weeks ago. Bryan is asked if he’s concerned about coming back so soon to face him again. Daniel says he can see why you’d think that way but he saw the interview where he said all of that was nothing personal and he actually believes him. Because Jey has a devil on his shoulder and that devil is shouting at him and telling him what to do.

Bryan says everyone has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, including himself. And after watching that footage, which do you think is speaking to him louder? Reminding him of what he went through and of his daughter crying every time she saw him? He says Jey should be the one who’s afraid. But in fairness – it’s not personal.

Elsewhere backstage, Adam Pearce names Otis the last member of SmackDown’s Survivor Series team. Gable makes sure Otis knows that WE did it, somehow taking credit. Meanwhile Natalya is upset with Pearce after seeing for certain that he can, in fact, just name people for the team if he wants. Adam says he could pick only one woman for the Survivor Series team and that’s why he’s picking a born leader in Bayley. Meanwhile Nattie has one last qualifying match next.

ALSO ELSEWHERE BACKSTAGE, Seth Rollins has a promo. He tells Murphy that he gave him a new life and he is responsible for every good thing he has in that life. His burgeoning career, his bright future and even his beautiful girlfriend. ‘Cause remember, if it wasn’t for him, he’d have never even met Alyah. And what does he get in return? He gets stabbed in the back! Set up, betrayed! He wants him to remember that he will no longer suffer for his mistakes. Murphy will pay for them and after his final lesson tonight, he will go back to being what he was before he saved him: nothing and no one.

Natalya vs. Tamina

Bianca Belair is on commentary and Bayley also comes out to watch and commentate, meanwhile Tamina knocks Nattie to the floor. She goes out there and pulls her up, rams her into the steps. She takes her into the ring and covers for 2. Pulls her up and goes for a Samoan Drop but Nattie slips behind her only to be driven into the corner, dropped with some back elbows. Charges for a shoulder drive but Nattie sidesteps her into the post. Spear, into a Sharpshooter and Tamina taps!

Winner: Natalya

It was pretty telegraphed that she’d win but that was a pretty underwhelming payoff after weeks of that. Anyway Bayley enters the ring and Natalya hugs her. Bayley asks Ruby and Liv to come down the ramp, and Bianca to enter the ring as well. This team is certainly better than Raw’s by a good bit. And they even get along! Wow!

Drew McIntyre comes out to the ring for the contract signing for his match with Roman Reigns. Roman’s music hits but he doesn’t seem to be coming out. Drew looks around for him but eventually he does emerge on the ramp with Paul Heyman in tow. He takes his sweet time getting to the ring as usual. Hilariously he doesn’t let Adam Pearce sit in the overseers chair, he takes that instead because he always sits at the head of the table.

Pearce says his job is to get their signatures tonight to make this match official. Roman tells Drew he knew he could do it. Paul not so much but he believed he could do it. He’s been in his shoes. All these lessons, he’s already learned. What he had to tell him, Paul told him years ago. He was the right guy in the right place, at the wrong time. Drew says he knows Roman wants to piss him off and get him to flip the table and punch him but he’s already got the match this Sunday.

Drew says he’s getting straight to the point. He told him to win himself a title and he did, not for Roman but for himself. Told him to show up and make the match official and that’s exactly what he’ll do. He stops to sign it and hands him the contract. Tells him it’s his turn and his show, his move. Tells him to please, underestimate him. He tells him to use these last two days of peace to prepare for war.

Roman signs the contract and chides McIntyre for giving him advice. The special counsel advises Roman Reigns. This is his show, he’s the one who gives McIntyre advice. He says McIntyre will not like what happens this Sunday, he won’t understand the brutal truth but one day he will know that he is a secondary title holder! He’s a prop, he’s a stand-in. He’s the guy who they sub in when Roman is busy, that’s who he is! The whole world knows who Roman Reigns is. And he’ll tell him one more time. He’s THE champion. The face of WWE.

Roman says he is your Tribal Chief, the head of the table and one day, years from now, Drew will finally have the opportunity to be the man and be the face of this company and be the champion. And when he does, he will look back on these nights and thank him. He’ll think about these moments and love him for the message that he’s taught him, and he will love Drew right back. Because – stops to finish signing – Drew will always be his favorite #2. Roman leaves as the piped in jeers are intense, they were actually threatening to drown him out for a lot of that promo.

Vignette recapping Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins’ big match last week.

Seth Rollins vs. Buddy Murphy

Seth attacks Murphy on the apron before the bell. Murphy comes back in, Seth clobbers him in the corner, Buddy with a boot up off a charge, they catfight across the mat. Buddy wins out, Seth rolls out of the ring, takes Murphy to the apron and HURLS him from there to the barricade! He slams him hard into the post, then forces him into the ring. Seth ties Buddy’s arms up in the ropes and slaps him. Seth rolls out of the ring and grabs a kendo stick. He yells at the official that he doesn’t give a damn about being disqualified.

Rey stops him, pulls him off the apron, Seth with a right hand to the eye and slams his head into the announce table. Dominik comes up but he gets nailed and sent into the barricade, Murphy has freed himself and attacks Seth from behind! He takes him into the ring and goes up top but Seth stops him and knocks him off and he lands HARD in the barricade! Aalyah is checking on Murphy, Seth turns around and gives her an evil stare. She falls and has likely hurt her ankle like a horror movie victim and Seth cackles as we go to commercial break.

We come back to see Seth grinding Murphy in the corner. Power whip to the opposite corner! Buddy reverses a whip, Seth catches him with a back elbow but Murphy situates him for the Ospreay Superkick only for Rollins to counter with a back kick, Slingblade for a nearfall! He chokes Murphy in the middle rope. Takes him to a corner and mounts him for ten punches. Murphy slips between his legs and puts him in position again, Cheeky Nandos Superkick I remembered the name! He takes Seth to the outside, tope con hilo! Slides him into the ring, ducks a shot on the apron, enziguri! He goes up top, Seth leaps up to the second rope for a superplex but Murphy knocks him down once, only for him to come right back – Superplex into a Falcon Arrow! Nearfall!

Fight spills to the apron. Murphy with a HUGE forearm! They exchange, Murphy with a high knee! And then a V-Trigger sends Rollins HARD on the apron! They haggardly return to the ring, as Buddy is still between the ropes Rollins surprises him with the Stomp!! He pulls him in for the pin but Murphy manages to get his leg on the bottom rope at the last second! Seth howls at Murphy, tells him he gave him everything. Pulls him up for a Buckle Bomb, and nails it! He wants the Stomp but Murphy stops him with another V-Trigger! And another one!! MURPHY’s LAW! Crawls towards the cover – HE GETS THE WIN!

Winner: Buddy Murphy

That was rad as hell. Been a big fan of Murphy since his 205 days, it’s great to see him get a win like that, and of course it was a great match.

Bizarrely Sasha Banks makes her entrance as they’re still celebrating, maybe that Roman/Drew segment went over time. After a commercial break, Michael Cole is in the ring and Asuka is making her entrance. Cole says this is not only champion vs champion, it’s the end of what has become a very bitter rivalry. And it started this Summer when Sasha took the Raw Women’s Champion. They taunt each other. Cole says Asuka won the title back at SummerSlam and has held it ever since, does Sasha believe Asuka has her number. She makes Cole tell us that it’s Boss Time. Sasha says she respects her, Asuka tells her she’s boring.

Sasha says she will make her tap because she’s the best of the best. Asuka says “You can’t see me” and waves her hand in front of her face like Cena. Sasha says she can see her and for once she can understand her. She doesn’t have to wait until this Sunday, they can handle it right now. When you’re the star you have to know who the best of the best is and that’s her. Asuka says she’s not ready for Asuka.

Sasha says she was born ready but Carmella chop blocks her! Asuka watches as Carmella attacks her. Puts her in the Tree of Woe and stomps on her. She tells her that she should’ve watched her back, hits a superkick from the apron. She leaves with Banks still hanging there and Asuka just kinda standing motionless.

Jey Uso is asked backstage if he’s allowed to talk tonight. Jey says he’s got the greenlight and he heard Daniel Bryan talk about Roman like he’s the devil and Jey has no responsibility for his own actions. He put Bryan through that table and threw him off the stretcher because he wanted to! The only devil talking to him is the one that lives in his head and he’s telling him to go get him.

Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso

Bryan with a charging forearm to start, Jey takes over quickly though. Whip, Bryan leaps over a back body drop. Leg kicks drop him, he wants to take him into an STF, Jey blocks it but gets clubbing shots to the face, knee drop to the leg! Knife edge chops drop him, knee drop right to the crown of the head! Jey fights back, uppercut. Whip, back elbow! He strips off his elbow pad and yells about this not being personal, kicks him out of the ring and slams him into the steps. He rips off the announce table, Bryan stops him and takes him into the ring. Off the top, Missile Dropkick!

Bryan with some body shots, Jey with a right hand but Bryan fights back, european uppercut. Whip, Jey with a kick off a back body drop attempt. Charges, Bryan takes him to the floor, hits the ropes, Suicide Dive!! Bryan with a combination of shots, charges but Jey back body drops him – right through the table!! Wow I’m not sure that was even supposed to break it but it totally exploded. Commercial break. We come back to see Jey stomping Bryan in the ring. He keeps yelling about how it’s nothing personal. I’m waiting for him to teleport behind him. Instead he pancakes him.

Jey with a knee to the face! Chops him LOUDLY in the corner. And another. Headbutt to the gut. Bryan staggers out of the corner, Jey with a Pendulum Backbreaker! Bryan rolls to the apron. Jey goes for a Rock-esque punch when Bryan blocks it, fires back. He goes up top, Jey with a charging forearm to stop him. He goes up there, Superplex! Jey goes for a Samoan Drop, Bryan counters into a Crucifix for a nearfall! Bryan pulls him into the Yes Lock, Jey rolls through and gets onto his back, elbows and knees to the injured kidneys!

Jey goes up top, Bryan stops him. He follows him up there, looking for a Back Superplex… and he hits it! Bryan is firing up, willing himself to his feet. Yes Kicks commence! And even hits the last one to the head for once! Cover for a nearfall! Bryan grabs both of his wrists, stomps right on his face, vicious! Bryan makes with the Yes’es, goes for the Buisaku Knee but Jey stops him with a superkick! And then another from his knees, and a third one! Jey up top, Uso Splash – but Bryan with the knees up! Rolls him into a cradle for the win!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Very good match, and likely not the last we’ve seen of it. And the show ends, was a pretty good one. Definitely some filler but nothing bad.

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