WWE Survivor Series 2020

We’ve got another PPV tonight, this time it’s the long-standing ‘Thanksgiving tradition’ that is Survivor Series! It’s the SmackDown vs. Raw theme yet again, and we have seven cross-brand matches awaiting us tonight. As always I’ll be with you throughout the night for the live play-by-play of the show as it airs, so watch this space! And in the meantime, here’s my predictions for WWE Survivor Series 2020!

Kickoff show is currently underway. Will be recapping the Battle Royal when it begins. Also R-Truth came out to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Gobbledy Gooker, who inevitably rolls him up to win the 24/7 Championship.

Dual-Brand Battle Royal

Some surprisingly big names in this battle royal here. Fight commences, Dominik Mysterio quickly eliminates John Morrrison! That was depressingly quick. Kalisto and Rey come up in the center, exchange of lucha moves, they come face to face but the Hurt Business attacks them. Kalisto taken to the apron, tries to spring back but Cedric knocks him to the floor, Kalisto has been eliminated. Angel Garza is actually in this match, he hasn’t wrestled in what feels like a while. Rey takes Roode to the middle rope for the 619, already had Ziggler there for it but Dolph counters with a Superkick and tosses Rey to the floor! Rey Mysterio has been eliminated.

Humberto Carrillo leaps to the top rope for a Lucha Arm Drag but Garza shoves him to the barricade! Humberto Carrillo has been eliminated. Cedric and Shelton then double team Garza to the floor, Angel Garza has been eliminated. Ricochet and Apollo Crews get to reignite their fight against the Hurt Business momentarily. Ric taken to the apron, fights them off, enziguri to Murphy. Cedric and Ricochet start fighting on the apron, discus elbow answered with a superkick, Half-N-Half Suplex to Cedric on the apron sends him to the floor! Benjamin with a high knee sends Ricochet to the floor as well, then Crews takes Shelton out! Ricochet, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin have been eliminated.

Murphy and Ziggler fighting out there now. Murphy with some big forearms, ducks a shot from Roode, enziguri to him, trips Dolph on the apron who barely hangs onto the bottom rope, Roode with a shoulder tackle takes Murphy to the barricade! Buddy Murphy has been eliminated. Dolph is trying to pull Dominik out. They fight out there, Dominik takes Dolph down with a big forearm, gets kicked away, Dolph charges and slams Dominik into the ringpost. Charges but Dominik slips into the ring, dropkick takes Ziggler to the floor! Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated.

Shinsuke takes Crews to the top rope for a charging knee but Apollo blocks it, escapes to the apron, shoulder thrust to Elias, but he holds his ankle and Shinsuke with a charging knee takes Crews to the floor! Apollo Crews has been eliminated. Hardy takes Shinsuke to the apron, avoids a roundhouse kick, Jawbreaker sends Nakamura to the floor. Shinsuke Nakamura has been eliminated. Elias takes Jeff Hardy onto his shoulders, he slips out but to the apron, they start to fight, Elias blocks a kick but a Dragon Whip takes him out! Elias has been eliminated.

The final four are Dominik Mysterio, Chad Gable, Jeff Hardy and The Miz. Gable tries to sneak up on the others but they’re wary. Everyone starts fighting, Gable takes Hardy to the apron, Hot Shot sends him to the floor! Chad Gable has eliminated Jeff Hardy?! Miz with a big boot to Gable, he has both of his opponents down. Starts with the It Kicks on Dominik. He slowly pulls him up, goes to toss him but Dominik reverses, takes him to the apron. He pounds on him, Miz is barely hanging on.

Dominik hits the ropes, baseball slide – Miz rolled in but gets kicked back to the floor, I don’t think that’s an elimination. Gable and Dominik fighting, he hits a sweet Belly to Belly and holds on for a second one, then a SNAP Half-N-Half Suplex takes him down! He takes him to the apron and tries to hit him but Dominik fights back, Springboard Arm Drag, he looks for the 619 but Gable blocks it, tries a German Suplex but Dominik blocks it, gets him with a rana, 619 – and he tosses him out! Chad Gable has been eliminated, but Miz sneaks back in and takes Dominik to the floor.

Winner: The Miz

Welp, Raw won! 1-0 on predictions! I will enjoy that while it lasts.

King Corbin talks to Kevin Owens backstage, Corbin says the team is a mess and it’s up to them. He tells him to follow his lead and they’ll get it done. Kev says he’ll think about it, takes a few seconds to say he thought about it and no. Billie Kay offers her resume to Corbin and he says literally nothing.

Looks like the Men’s Survivor Series match is opening, main card begins now!

Men’s Five-On-Five Survivor Series Match: Team Raw (AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Keith Lee, Sheamus & Riddle) vs. Team SmackDown (Kevin Owens, King Corbin, Seth Rollins, Jey Uso & Otis)

AJ and Jey start, lock-up. Jey takes him to the corner, ref forces the break. Jey with a series of uppercuts, AJ blocks a kick, ducks an enziguri, wants a German, Jey slips to his feet, Jey ducks a Pele Kick, Jey rolls him up for 2, AJ with a rana. Hits the ropes, Jey with a Pop-Up Samoan Drop for a 1 count! Corbin tags in, whip to the corner, AJ escapes to the apron, Springboard – Corbin with a kick out of the air! Otis tags in. Charges, AJ rolls out of the way, tag to Riddle. Riddle with a side headlock. Otis shoots him off, shoulder tackle! Hits the ropes, Riddle leaps at him for a Kimura but Otis blocks, wants a suplex but Riddle slips to the Piggyback Sleeper! Otis yanks him tot he mat!

Riddle with some roundhouse kicks, Otis jiggles up. Blocks a kick, flips him to his back, Kokeshi! Tag to Kevin Owens, stomping at the bare feet! Owens targeting the leg. Grabs his foot and twists. Riddle grabs the rope for the break, makes the tag to Sheamus. Rollins wants the tag now. Kev does it, Seth comes in and stands perfectly still. He turns around to tell the others, “For the greater good” and then turns around and drops to his knees. Sheamus is confused. Seth yells “Do your part!” Sheamus accepts, Brogue Kicks him and pins him! Seth Rollins has been eliminated. Okay, weird. Guessing they’re gonna fire him from SmackDown now.

Strowman is legal, he does his freight train spot on the whole Team SmackDown. Back in the ring, Keith Lee tags in as does Otis and they have a smiley staredown. Lock-up. Lee with a side headlock, Otis shoots him off, shoulder tackles absorbed, Otis not going down! Lee and Otis exchanging now, Lee hoists him onto his shoulders, Otis escapes but gets taken to the Raw corner. Tag to Strowman, Lee whips Otis into an uppercut. Headbutt! Styles tags in, Jawbreaker, Owens tags in. Big back body drop! Styles with a boot up off a charge, rushes in, but eats a BRUTAL Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker!

Owens goes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb, AJ flies behind him, but gets taken to the outside. Lee and Sheamus rush in and eat Stunners! Owens ducks a line, Stunner! As you can imagine this leads to Owens being pinned, AJ with the Phenomenal Forearm and that’s that for him. Kevin Owens has been eliminated. Corbin with End of Days to AJ, it gets broken up! Match breaks down for a bit, Corbin tries another but AJ counters with an STO, tag to Riddle, Floating Bro for the pin. King Corbin has been eliminated. Team SmackDown is in a bad way, 5-2 right now.

Jey and Riddle fight for a bit, Riddle with boots up off the charge, Sheamus tags in, huge Pump Knee for a close nearfall! Takes him to the apron, rips off his shirt. Ten Beats of the Bowery! Actually just five. Jey barely escapes, Otis tags in, big clothesline! AJ comes in and eats a huge Belly to Belly! Clothesline to Riddle! Otis with a Spinebuster to Keith Lee! Sheamus off the top but Otis catches him and slams him out of the air! Now Strowman tags in, this feud never actually had a match before.

They collide and Strowman wins out, shoulder thrusts in the corner, charges but Otis counters with the World’s Strongest Slam! Caterpillar follows! And now he goes to the second rope for the Vader Bomb, Riddle distracts him, Strowman pulls him off for the Powerslam! Pins him! Otis has been eliminated! Jey is all alone now, Superkick Party ensues, Riddle with a Pump Knee but Jey responds with one more Superkick! Uce with a Taker Dive onto everybody! Jey throws Riddle into the steps, Superkick to Sheamus and Lee!

Jey charges Braun, he tries for a Powerslam, Jey escapes behind him and posts him! AJ tags in, rushes, right into a Superkick! Goes up top, Uso Splash but AJ avoids it, Jey with a Superkick to Strowman. AJ springboards but Uce superkicks him to trip him up only for Keith Lee to tag himself in! Uso off the top rope again but Keith catches him on his shoulders, WILD! Transitions into the Spirit Bomb for the win.

Winners: Team Raw

Clean sweep. Wow. They must be really, really insecure about Raw being the B Show these days.

I’m 2-0 so far but if they’re gonna keep booking Raw and SmackDown like this that won’t last past this next one… New Day come out in their Gears of War outfits, commercial shows their inclusion in the game. Backstage, Street Profits talk up the Undertaker. Move on to saying the New Day have been the best tag team in WWE for years. But tonight the Profits aren’t here to play Gears of War or get them to sign a box of Booty-Os. They don’t want them to hand over the torch, they will take it from them! And they want the Smoke.

Champion vs. Champion: WWE Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions Street Profits

Dawkins and Woods start, lock-up! They rip each other away, Kofi tags in. Ford of course tags in too. Lock-up, Kofi with a waistlock. Ford with a side headlock cinched in. Kofi shoots him off, Ford with a shoulder block. Hits the ropes, Kofi with some leapfrogs, Ford catches him out of the air, back suplex but Kofi flips out. Ford with some leapfrogs of his own, Kofi blocks a dropkick but gets kicked to the outside. Kofi with his leaping flip through the ropes for the big clothesline but Ford with an enziguri blocks him!

Dawkins tags in, Double Flapjack, Dawkins with a Running Splash for a 2 count! Dawkins with an armbar. Pulls him up, Ford tags in, Dawkins with a shoulder block, Dawkins tries to send Ford onto Kofi but he gets the boots up! Kofi clotheslines Dawkins to the outside, takes Ford out as well. Trust Fall hits Ford HARD! Woods with a Tope to Dawkins! Back in the ring, Kofi pounding Ford in the New Day corner, Xavier tags in and holds him for more body shots! Then comes in for his OWN body shots! Kofi tags and does the same, holding him for yet more. Kofi with a shoulder thrust, tag to Xavier, Kofi whips him into some thrust kicks from Xavier! Knee to the gut, Gutbuster! And there’s a 2 count!

Xavier with a facelock. Kofi is mocking him with his solo cup, Ford is furious as Kofi punts the cup! Xavier with yet more shots to the ribs, Soccer Kick! Ford is definitely favoring the gut. Kofi stands on Ford’s back. Kofi with a waistlock. Ford fights his way up, looking for a tag. Kofi with a kick to the ribs! He drops. Ford ducks a punch, but Kofi is holding onto his wrist! Ford counters with a Leaping DDT! Dawkins makes the tag as does Woods, Dawkins with several back elbows, Leaping one too! Pancake to Kofi, T-Bone Suplex to Xavier! And one to Kofi! Spinning Avalanche to both men, Butterfly Neckbreaker for a nearfall!

Woods with a boot up off a charge but Ford tags in, Flapjack for a nearfall! Dawkins tags in, Spinning Avalanche, Ford with the same, Running Sliced Bread off of Dawkins’ chest, Dawkins covers for a nearfall! Ford tags in, New Day fight back, Kofi tags in – Midnight Hour!! But Ford kicks out?! Kofi with a Boom Drop! And another! Kick to the chest, THIRD Boom Drop! Ford with a HUGE dropkick though, Dawkins with the Anointment! Ford with From The Heavens – but they’ve been working over the ribs all night and they’re hurting him too much for the immediate pin! Cover, NEARFALL!

Ford pulls Kofi up – SOS! Dawkins has to break up the pin, Woods gets Dawkins with a Missile Dropkick! Woods tags in, Ford ducks a the Trouble In Paradise, Trouble In Paradise in return!! Woods with a Military Press into a Gutbuster!! NEARFALL! Ford trying to fend Xavier off but Woods with a cracking chop! Takes him up top, going for a superplex. Ford knocks him off, Dawkins with a sneaky tag, Woods wants a superplex again but Dawkins pulls him off, Blockbuster/Electric Chair combo and that gets the pin!!

Winners: Street Profits

As expected, great match, lovely storytelling and I think it’s cool that New Day let them be the faces, especially considering they got the win too!

SmackDown’s Women’s Survivor Series team is bonding. Meanwhile Team Raw is isolating the hell out of Lana.

Now it’s secondary title time.

Champion vs. Champion: WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn

Bobby takes Sami to the corner, Sami gets into the ropes for the break. He tries to mess with Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander at ringside but they ain’t budging. Eventually Sami goes outside, he’s trying to bait them into hitting him for the DQ but they don’t budge, Lashley attacks him from behind and takes him into the ring. Sami takes over, gets a few shots in, whip, Bobby runs THROUGH Sami’s clothesline, lariat flips Sami over! Rams him hard into the buckle. Big biel toss.

Sami slips to the apron, Bobby ripping at his hair. Takes him into the ring, Sami with a big kick, cover for 1. He pulls him up, goes to the second rope and leaps at him but Bobby catches him out of the air for a HUGE Overhead Belly To Belly! Big charging shoulder thrust in the corner, pulls him out for a Neckbreaker! Sami with a boot up off a charge, hooks him for a suplex. Bobby reverses though, Delayed Vertical Suplex lands! Sami is staggering, he starts talking about vertigo. Ref tries to stop Bobby, Sami drops the act with a roll-up for 1! Lashley slams him and Sami bails.

He ends up surrounded by the Hurt Business, Sami is BEGGING them to hit him, shoving Cedric. Instead Lashley attacks him. Sami is trying to leave now, wanting to escape over the barricade, Lashley grabs and hoists him up, but Sami slips behind him and posts him! Sami slips into the ring, tries for a countout, Bobby in at 8! Sami dumps him in. He looks to unhook the turnbuckle pad behind the ref’s back, Shelton and Cedric get in his face to stop him. Shelton even reties the buckle. Sami looks for a Helluva Kick as Lashley re-enters the ring, Sami gets Pancake’d!

Sami powders once more. He doesn’t see MVP behind him, trips over his foot. Sami complains to the referee about his interfering, ref is trying to keep Lashley in the ring, MVP throws Sami into the ring. Sami is yelling at MVP, Lashley pulls Sami into the Full Lash for the tap!

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Pretty fun, not the typical story.

Usos backstage, Roman appears. He’s not happy with Jey’s loss. Jimmy tries to talk him down, says it was 5-on-1 but Roman dismisses him. He tells Jey he lost because he can’t control the team. Because they don’t respect him and if they don’t respect him, they don’t respect Roman and they don’t respect the family. Roman says if he can’t make him respect him, he doesn’t have a place at the table. Tells him to get out of here, he doesn’t have time for losers, not tonight.

And now for the women’s champion vs. champion match, this is big time!

Champion vs. Champion: Raw Women’s Champion Asuka vs. SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks

Lock-up. Asuka with a wristlock, Sasha with an arm drag. Asuka with a headscissor. Banks rolls through for a side headlock. Asuka takes her up, shoots her off, Sasha with a shoulder block. Holds her down with an armbar. Asuka fights to her feet, still locked. Asuka shoots to her knees, still can’t break it. Sasha flips her over for a Cross-Armbreaker! Asuka prevents it, Sasha forces her into a Short-Arm Scissors instead. Asuka tries to roll her over, Sasha keeps blocking it though – transition to the Bank Statement! Asuka blocks it, but Sasha with a couple of crucifixes for 2 counts! Asuka looking for the Asukalock!

Sasha fights it, gets to her feet, grabs the fingers, Armbreaker, looks for the Backstabber but Asuka blocks it at first, hits it on the second attempt for a nearfall! Asuka ends up rolling to the outside. Sasha offers to help her into the ring, Asuka slides in instead but Sasha is all over her. Asuka with a shot from the mat. Hip Attack takes Sasha to the floor! Now Asuka is making the same offer. Sasha rips at her but Asuka avoids it and now she’s dancin’. Sasha in the ring, tries for the O’Connor Roll but Asuka avoids it. Ankle Lock from Asuka! She stands her up for a kick to the ribs, Shining Wizard for a nearfall! And then my internet cut out momentarily so I’ve gone dark…

We come back to see Asuka force Sasha into the corner to break a hold. Sasha with a boot up off a charge, headscissor takedown to the apron. Sasha takes her to the apron, Asuka blocks a kick and gets her in the Ankle Lock again! Transition to the German but Sasha knocks her away, charges but Asuka with a kick takes her onto her back! Hip Attack sends Sasha to the floor! Throws Sasha inside but she rolls on the apron for her 619 variant! Now nails a Baseball Slide! Wants a suplex outside, Asuka takes her up to the barricade, Sasha stands up there and wants the Meteora but Asuka counters with a Codebreaker on the outside! Ref is counting! At 9, they both barely roll into the ring!

They both trade covers for 2 counts, don’t see that too often. Sasha avoids a Hip Attack, enziguri, Backstabber for a nearfall! Facewashing kick, and then a Meteora in the corner! She rolls Asuka to the middle of the ring. Sasha goes up top. Goes for the Frog Splash but Asuka with the knees up only for Sasha to block! She pulls her into the Bank Statement! Asuka pulls her arms off, rips her into the Asukalock! Sasha fights to her feet, wants to take her to the apron but Asuka blocks with a kick, Codebreaker again for a CLOSE nearfall!

Asuka pulls Sasha by the legs out from the corner, looks to turn her over into an Ankle Lock, Sasha counters but Asuka sits out to cover, they exchange cradles, Asuka with a kick to the face, Backslide for a nearfall – roundhouse kick to the head! Asuka hits the ropes but Sasha counters a flip into a Cradle for the win!!

Winner: Sasha Banks

Sad that I missed a portion of this but a very, very good match as expected. And somehow my predictions are still holding up!

Gobbledy Gooker is going around backstage with the 24/7 title. He finds a trail of birdseed and follows it. He starts eating it, Akira Tozawa sneaks up to roll him up and takes the 24/7 title. R-Truth appears behind him and hits him with the bag of birdseed for the cover. The ninja ref betrays Tozawa and counts the three. Truth says “Happy 30th Anniversary!” and runs off.

Women’s Five-On-Five Survivor Series: Team Raw (Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Peyton Royce, Lacey Evans & Lana) vs. Team SmackDown (Bayley, Bianca Belair, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan & Natalya)

Bayley and Lacey start, Bayley clobbers her. Wipes the forehead down and throws the hankerchief at her. Bayley fends her off to the SmackDown corner, tag to Natalya! She gets her down with a side headlock takedown. Nattie with a kip-up, Lacey does the same. Nattie brings her onto her ass, runs over her back to hits the ropes for a Basement Dropkick for 2. Peyton Royce tags in, Nattie takes over immediately and takes her to the blue corner. Tag to Bianca, Double Delayed Vertical Suplex! Liv tags in, takes it to Peyton until we have the collision spot.

Ruby tags in, Peyton with a drop toe hold, tag to Baszler. Shayna works her over, yanks her for the Backbreaker, roundhouse kicks to the chest, Ruby ducks one for a roll-up for 2. Ducks a line, Ruby with some left hands, Nia tags in. Ruby looks TINY in there with her. Ducks a shot, Bayley blind tags in, everyone on SD is pummeling her. Liv tags in too but Nia throws everyone off. Lana tags herself in. Double legs Liv for a Jacknife cover for 2. Morgan reverses for a backslide, but Lana with a roundhouse kick drops her! Natalya tags herself in.

Nattie and Lana exchanging arm drag attempts, Lana with a roll-through for 2, Nattie reverses for 1. Lana knocks her into the corner, snapmare, kick to the back. Hits the ropes, Slide Kick for a 2 count. She gets Nattie in a front facelock and pulls her over to the corner. Nobody wants to tag Lana. Eventually Nia does but only after Natalya gets away. She forces Lana to the corner and everyone mocks her, she is the saddest little thing in the world. Peyton is also legal somehow, Bayley has tagged in. Bayley stomps Peyton in the corner, snap suplex for a 2 count. Bayley pulls her up, Peyton with an enziguri. Pulls her to the apron, ties her up in the ropes.

Royce in the ring, Bayley grabs her and takes her up top as Belair tags in. She pulls her off the top, Military Press, drops her into Snake Eyes! Bayley tags back in, goes up top. Flying Elbow Drop, Lacey Evans breaks it. Nattie with a Discus Clothesline, Shayna with a kick to Nattie, Belair with a huge Tilt-A-Whirl Slam to Shayna, Nia drives her out of the ring. Ruby wants a Riott Kick but gets send to the apron. Morgan taken out too, Bayley with a chop block to Nia, charging knee sends her to the floor! Lana is still just standing there on the bottom step. Bayley is up top but Peyton Royce blocks her – Superplex onto the whole field!

Peyton takes Bayley into the ring, hits her finish and gets the pin! Bayley has been eliminated! Now taking it to Natalya with kicks. Rolling Single Leg Boston Crab, Natalya is crawling across the mat for the ropes. Bianca helps Nattie break it though, Natalya tries a Romero Special that goes absolutely nowhere and instead pulls her into the Sharpshooter for the tap. Peyton Royce has been eliminated. Evans in, takes her down, wants her Moonsault but Nattie avoids it. She wants the Sharpshooter, Shayna comes in, Nattie puts her in it instead, Lacey with a Woman’s Right and pins her. Natalya has been eliminated. Belair in now, rolls her up for 2. Double Chickenwing Slam!

Belair goes up top. Lacey stops her. Does she want a… SHE DOES, A SPANISH FLY! Nearfall, Riott Squad break it up! Evans crawls and tags in Nia. Ruby also in, tries forearms but Nia does not budge. Knocks her away, Liv tags in and gets the same treatment. She’s just making a joke of the Riott Squad here. But eventually the double team works out, chop block, knee to the face, running dropkick, and now they’re pummeling her in the corner. Quick tags as they beat on her, Nia takes Ruby to the apron but gets a leaping elbow from Liv! Liv with a Codebreaker, Riott Kick from Ruby! Jax staggers to a tag from Shayna.

Shayna takes Ruby to the corner, charging kick to the solar plexus. And then a Shining Wizard, pulls her to the center for a nearfall! Singles out an arm, Ruby avoids the stomp though. Boot up off the charge, Ruby off the top, Shayna catches her into the Kirifuda Clutch! The ref gets distracted as Ruby back flips into a cover, ref finally turns around but before the three count Ruby passes out. Shayna covers her for the three. Ruby Riott has been eliminated. Liv Morgan is in and she’s furious, kicking Lacey Evans all around the ring. Crucifix Bomb! It gets the pin. Lacey Evans has been eliminated.

Nia comes in, Morgan takes it to her, knocks Shayna off the apron, Rolling DDT! Kick to the face, Nia makes it to her feet though, Liv flies at her but Nia catches her out of the air with a Samoan Drop! Shayna holds onto Bianca’s legs so she can’t break up the pin. Liv Morgan has been eliminated. Bianca is all by herself now, 3-0. Bianca comes fighting though, back flips over Nia, dropkick staggers her to a knee. Bianca with a buncha forearms, looks for a big Splash but Nia gets her knees up. Hoists her onto her shoulders, Powerslam. Nia hits the ropes, Legdrop for a nearfall!

Nia pulls her to the corner, slowly goes to the second rope. Bianca with a dropkick sends her to the floor! Baszler did tag in though but she comes right in to be taken up in the Double Chickenwing. Shayna rolls through, into the Kirifuda Clutch. Bianca escapes, looks for the Handspring but flies right into the Clutch again! Belair slowly stands up with Shayna on her back! Bianca fights slowly, stumbles into the ropes for the break! Shayna keeps the hold in, ref counts to five – there’s the DQ! Shayna Baszler has been eliminated.

Nia pulls Bianca out of the ring to try and Samoan Drop her through the table, Bianca counters and sends her into the post. She powers her over the barricade, and tries to slip inside – but the ref counts to 10! It’s a double count-out which makes Lana the sole survivor!

Winners: Team Raw

Wow. I did sorta think about Lana being the sole survivor but, my God they gave her the weakest possible win ever. And of course she’s cheering like she achieved something. I don’t know what to say. And now Raw has just won already when they had the perfect opportunity to tie it up heading into the main event.

And now, with less on the line than ever before…

Champion vs. Champion: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Loooooong staredown. Finally they lock-up. Break. Lock-up. Roman with a waistlock. Standing switch. Roman to the ropes for the break. Very slow pace to start. Another lock-up, they’re pushing against each other. Roman pulls him into a side headlock. Gets the takedown, Drew powering off the mat. Drew makes it to his feet. Pulls him into a headlock of his own. And gets the takedown, cranking it on. Roman makes it to his feet, shoots him off, Drew with a big shoulder tackle. Hits the ropes, Roman slips past him, back elbow. Hits the ropes, but McIntyre does as well, Shoulder Tackle! Roman powders. “You Suck” chant is piped in.

Roman slowly re-enters the ring. Roman fires back, big uppercuts. Kicks him into the corner. Drew fights back. Takes him in the corner and pummels him. Corner chop! Reigns with a headbutt, uppercut, clobbers him in the corner now. Ref pulls him away. Roman stares him down, McIntyre grabs him when he turns around and pummels him, whip to the opposite corner. Roman takes Drew to the apron, Hot Shot, uppercut, and drives him into the post, he falls to the floor. Reigns slams his face into the apron, drives him hard into the steps. Roman takes him into the ring, cover for a 2 count. Side headlock.

Drew fights up but Reigns with a bunch of knee lifts to the face, Facelock Suplex for a nearfall. Roman with vicious elbows to the face, cover for 2. Chinlock. This is the slowest match I’ve seen in a whiiiile. Drew fights to his feet but gets ripped to the mat. Drew fires back, whips him but Reigns with a Leaping Lariat for a nearfall! Roman with a facelock. McIntyre fights to his feet, exchange of blows. Reigns with a kick to the gut, power whip to the corner but Drew bounces right back out, clotheslines, big Overhead Belly To Belly! Neckbreaker! This feels lightning quick after those first ten minutes or so. Kip up! McIntyre stalking for the Claymore. Roman counters, drives him into the corner, Samoan Drop for a nearfall!

Roman is yelling at himself as Drew staggers to his feet. Roman cocks his wrist, looks for the Superman Punch but McIntyre counters with a Main Event Spinebuster, Jacknife for a nearfall! Kicks Roman to the outside, drives him into the barricade, slams him into the post, whips him into the steps! Throws him into the ring, Drew re-enters but Roman with a kick. Uppercut drops him. Once again Roman takes over and it slows to a crawl. He yells at Drew as he pulls him up, Glasgow Kiss! Exchange of big boots, Roman ducks a line, looks for the Superman Punch but Drew ducks it, Future Shock DDT for a clooose nearfall.

McIntyre stalking for the Claymore. Charges, Roman with a Superman Punch! Hooks him for the Guillotine but Drew bashes him in the corner, Overhead Belly To Belly! Charges, Reigns with a boot up! Posts him! Roman waits for McIntyre to stand, looks for the Spear but Drew counters and rolls him into an Inverted Kimura! Roman reaches out and grabs the rope for the break. Roman powders, McIntyre rushes after him but Reigns counters with a HARD Samoan Drop onto the table! And it doesn’t break, painful landing! Roman pulls him off, a second Samoan Drop takes him right through the table! Reigns breaks the 10 count.

Roman sits on the apron just glaring at Drew and waiting for him to stand… he charges and Spears him right through the barricade! He tosses him back into the ring, cover for a nearfall! “This Is Awesome” chant piped in. Roman wants a Spear but Drew with a kick, hits the ropes – SPEAR! NEARFALL!! Roman yells, he tells Samoa Joe he hasn’t seen this shit before. Charges for a Spear but Drew hits a Claymore on him and sends him into the official! Ref falls to the floor. Now out comes Jey Uso. He goes to the apron, Drew knocks him down. Drew pulls Roman up but eats a Low Blow! Jey in the ring with a Superkick! Now Roman with a Superman Punch, follows up with the Guillotine! New ref slips into the ring. McIntyre gets to his feet… but then he falls once again and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Cool match. You don’t really get to do matches of that pace very often as they’d honestly die with most live crowds but in the ThunderDome, it works perfectly well.

Roman goes up to Jey on the stage. He accepts him and hugs him.

All that’s left at this point is the Undertaker’s Final Farewell. Mike Rome is in the ring to introduce those here to pay homage to the Phenom. And who else would you have come out first but Shane McMahon? And the Big Show. JBL out. Jeff Hardy here. Mick Foley, that was very necessary! And, the Godfather… the Bone Street Krew. Speaking of which, dear God the hog farmers are here, the Godwinns! And Savio Vega! Rikishi… and now here’s Kevin Nash. Booker T comes out. Finally we have Shawn Michaels! And Ric Flair as well! Triple H too, got as many WrestleMania opponents as we can, wonder if Orton will show up for it. And we of course have Kane, I figured he’d be out last. Not sure how many times he’ll be out in the mask and gear honestly but he’s here in it tonight.

And that leads us to a big old vignette celebrating the Undertaker’s career. It’s set to “Now That We’re Dead” by Metallica, which also played at WrestleMania this year. “Undertaker” chant as we come back. And the ring fucking cleared out for Vince McMahon to be there alone. He says Undertaker has stricken terror in the hearts of everyone he stepped in the ring with for 30 years. And yet he entertained everyone as well. It’s the end of an era, something that will never be duplicated. And so tonight, they say goodbye. They say nothing lasts forever and Vince says they’re wrong, because the legacy of the Undertaker will live on eternally. So he gives us, the Deadman, the Phenom. Ladies and gentlemen, the Undertaker.

There’s like, a lightning cover of his theme that plays, before the Gong hits. And thus, he makes what may be his final entrance ever, in front of a crowd of no one. He makes his way down the ramp and to ringside… a platform rises and lifts him above the ring. From there he steps inside. He simply stands there for quite a long time. Occasionally “Undertaker” chants are piped in. He raises a microphone. Says for 30 long years, he’s made that slow walk to this ring. And he’s laid people to rest time and time again. And now… his time has come. “Thank You Taker” chant. His time has come to let the Undertaker… rest in peace. He kneels down and throws up his hand, rolls his eyes back in his head, sticks his tongue out… we hear Paul Bearer’s “Oh yes” as a hologram of him appears in the ring. Taker bows his head and the lights dim, only a spotlight on him now. We now hear ten sounds of the gong leading into his regular theme. He walks off into the sunset one last time and the show fades to black.

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