AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Another Wednesday brings us the next chapter of the Wednesday Night Wars. I’m Jordan Huie aka The One Zeel One and as always I will be giving you the live recap of the All Elite Wrestling side! Watch this space for the play-by-play of AEW Dynamite!

We begin with Page and Silver, and a recap of the Dark Order’s continued attempts to recruit the Hangman.

Hangman Page vs. John Silver

Silver trying to buddy up with Page with a fist bump. Page denies it. Chain wrestling, Page wins out, Silver tries to fight back and leaps at Page but gets slammed out of the air. Silver takes over and bows up to him. He flexes and has Page do the same, trying to butter him up but Hangman responds with a Discus Elbow! Page battering him in the corner, Silver reverses for chops. Page chops right back though and drops him! Hangman pulls him up, whip, back body drop! Good airtime.

Takes him in the corner, Silver slips out for a standing switch, Silver just smacks him across the ass. Page is a little bewildered. Silver wants a double high five, Page takes him to the apron instead but Silver blocks him, goes up top, Crossbody! Chopping him, thrust kick to the gut drops him to a knee, wicked roundhouse kicks to the chest! Page fights back but Silver ducks a line, German Suplex for a nearfall! Corner charge, Hangman takes him to the apron, Springboard Clothesline takes him to the floor! Page wants a tope but Silver avoids it, he tries the same but Page avoids THAT, Tope nailed from Page! Takes him into the ring, Sliding Lariat for a nearfall!

Silver fights back, comes off the second rope for a Crossbody but Page catches him with a Fallaway Slam! Kip-up, Standing Shooting Star Press for a nearfall! Page looking for the Buckshot Lariat – Silver counters with a SLICK Rana! Nearfall! Roundhouse kick to the back, German Suplex, Thrust Kick to the face, BRAINBUSTER! NEARFALL! Now the roundhouse kicks to the chest resume. Page starts nodding and asking for more as he stands up, absorbs it but they exchange forearms, Silver with a BIG elbow, Page with a backslide, Silver rolls through, BRUTAL kick combo but Page responds with a HUGE lariato, Liger Bomb for a nearfall! Page to the apron, Buckshot Lariat nailed for the win!

Winner: Hangman Page

Awesome opener. John Silver is very well suited for TV matches like this and of course Hangman Page is great.

Dark Order enters the ring. Uno tries to calm Page down, says they will not attack him and they know they’ve done it before, they regret it. But Uno knows Page has many regrets as well. He says the Elite, no matter how many times Page has tried to leave, they would not let him. If that’s not a cult, he doesn’t know what is. He tells Page that he has friends in them, if he needs them.

Kenny Omega interviewed backstage. Alex Marvez asks him about the contract signing that went awry backstage. Kenny says he’s had a lot of time to reflect. Though it may sound cliché, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Says a year ago, he was nursing injuries that were inflicted from Mox. But now instead of him, he sees Moxley’s face plastered all over magazines. But then Kenny wins the AEW Title Eliminator, suddenly he’s right back in that spot.

What binds them is what Moxley has, the AEW World Championship. Until he gets that, people won’t truly consider him the best. Wants Moxley to, for one night, please, leave the garbage wrestling at home. Tells him to pin him, submit him, choke him out even. But do it based on his ability. Asks him to sign the contract. Says Mox also IS a good guy and congrats. His childhood story tugged at his heartstrings. But he also doesn’t think his dad is that tough at all. In fact he thinks his dad would kick the shit out of Moxley’s.

Darby Allin vignette sees him breaking a car window before setting fire to the care and letting it explode. He quotes Taz’s old catchphrase, survive if he lets you.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Lee Johnson

Lee with a flip over Hobbs out of the corner, but Hobbs turns around and just body blocks him to the mat. “You Sold Out” chant as Hobbs throws Lee to the floor. Goes out there, explosive clothesline! Takes him back in the ring. Lee is pulling himself up using Hobbs’ legs, Hobbs gets him with the World’s Strongest Slam for the win.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Afterwards Taz enters the ring. He says Cage and Starks have been celebrating their victory from last week and now Hobbs should celebrate his own victory, he’s got business. Taz says his problem is this right here, the FTW Championship and this company is not acknowledging it. He’s sick and tired of Team Taz being disrespected, he’s sick of the FTW lifestyle not being recognized so he’s not leaving this ring until somebody from management gets out here to take this title and make it something. There’s a legacy behind it, there’s a reason why tough bastards hold it. His mic gets cut. So he demands Justin Roberts give him his.

He says if they cut his mic off again, he’ll just go to the announce desk because they won’t cut THOSE mics off, he knows how things work around here. It does get cut off again and out comes Cody Rhodes to the stage. He asks what he’s doing here, tells people to give Taz a round of applause because he’s done. He goes to the ring, says he’s coming out here out of respect because he’s wasting time.

Next week they can settle things in the ring because it’s Starks & Hobbs against Cody & Darby. Taz says what he needs is for management people to put some respect on Cage’s title because he’s tired of this shit. Cody says he hears it, he’s digesting it all, he’ll run it up the flagpole. Taz makes a jab about creative have nothing for him. Cody gets mad and says FTW is SOOO wonderful. Asks Taz why his son isn’t training with him, but with Cody? Taz says he’s shocked, Cody is pathetic and he went too far. Cody is asking everyone to cut the audio again but Taz chokes him out from behind! The Gunn Club comes in to run him off. Taz’s son is evidently walking behind Taz as he makes his leave.

Eddie Kingston backstage. He says he’s not mad about Penta, he won’t put the energy there. He’s just really disappointed. Fenix is a showboat, he likes to flip around, he expects it from him. PAC has been gone for ages. Says PAC won the battle but not the war and they’ll keep going until he’s satisfied. Mox appears and faces off with Eddie, silently. After a staredown, Kingston says he knows it wasn’t him. Mox knows who it was, and he has his own stuff to handle. He walks off, seemingly satisfied.

TH2 vs. Top Flight

Angelico and Darius starting. Angelico winning out in chain wrestling. Angelico with an arm drag, Darius cartwheels to his feet. So Angel with a facewash, Darius drives him in the corner. They wrestle back to the center, Darius gets the better of an exchange and a couple of arm drags. Tag to Dante, leaps onto Angelico’s back, arm clip, cover for 1. Dante with some big leap frogs, Angelico kicks a leg out from under him. Tag to Evans, Angelico whips Dante, Evans with a big leg lariat as we go to commercial.

We come back to see Dante flip out of a leg hold, enziguri! Dante makes the tag, Darius with a series of clotheslines. Uppercut to Angelico, charging uppercut to Evans! Goes up top, beautiful Missile Dropkick! Nearfall! Evans fights back, Handspring Elbow but Dante tags in and slips behind him, Assisted Powerbomb, Angelico has to break up the pin! Evans takes the fight to the apron, Darius with a wild enziguri over his brother’s head takes Evans onto Angelico! Top Suicida/Tope Con Hilo right after the other!!

Dante with a Slingshot Suplex, big Top Rope Frog Splash for a nearfall! Evans fights back with a Springboard Back Flip Elbow of sorts, Angelico flips him into a Standing Moonsault and covers for a 2 count! Angelico looks for Splash Mountain, Dante counters into a Sunset Flip, Evans breaks it up! Darius takes Evans to the floor, Evans avoids a baseball slide, counters a Monkey Flip by yanking him back-first to the floor! Dante gets caught with a Hot Shot from Evans, Angelico with a grapevine, BRUTAL spin like two Dragonscrew Legwhips at once, and he sinks the hold in tight on the Indian Deathlock for the submission!

Winners: TH2

Angelico keeps the hold on and Evans comes in to stomp at Dante’s legs, the Young Bucks come out to make the save!

Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose backstage. Vickie says Red Velvet is a key example of nepotism. Says the likes of Big Swole and Serena Deeb shouldn’t be in favor of this. They promise to bring an end to what Brandi’s built.

FTR speak and say they don’t care how many people praise their last tag match because it was the worst night of their life. For three seconds, just three seconds, they were the best. Dax says he NEEDS those titles, it’s his lifeblood. Tully says it is their destiny to be the tag team champions, and the Bucks should Fear The Revelation.

Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

Daniels and Jericho start! Lock-up, Daniels with an arm drag! Daniels is happy to get one over on him. Jericho shoots him off of a side headlock, shoulder block but neither go down. Daniels with a drop down but Jericho levels him with the next shoulder tackle. Slap, hits the ropes, Daniels with a Single Leg Dropkick! Combination of punches, Jericho is staggering, Kazarian with a big blow, Jericho is knocked back and forth! Jericho taken to his knees, round kicks from both sides after Kaz tags in, double stomp to the back for a 2 count!

Hager tags in and now he’s brutalizing Kaz in the corner. Jericho and Hager with quick tags and isolation. Hager with a knee drive to the ribs, drives him into the corner, shoulder thrusts. Kaz trying to fight back, gets a big haymaker, elbow to Jericho. Wants the tag, Hager pulls him away but Kazarian flips over his back for the tag! Daniels in, sunset flip sets him up for a Low Enziguri, clothesline to the back of the head for a 2 count! Daniels with some elbows, when he hits the ropes, Santana clips his leg, Hager with a Powerslam. Hager takes him to the floor, Santana, Ortiz and Sammy with a gang stomp behind the ref’s back before the commercial break.

Jericho trying to keep Daniels from a tag as we come back. Hager tags in and continues the isolation. Quick tags, Jericho pounds the back, Daniels fights back. Jericho blocks an O’Connor Roll, but a Reverse STO from Daniels lands! He’s going for the tag, dives for it and there it is! Kaz ducks a line, dropkick to Hager, flying clothesline to Jericho! Guillotine Legdrop to Hager, body slam to Jericho, Springboard Legdrop! Nearfall! Kazarian knocks Ortiz to the floor off the apron, Tope Headscissors!

Kaz avoids damage from the rest of the invaders, slides in to get caught by Jericho. But Kaz with a whip to the corner, Daniels with an enziguri, tags in, footstomp to the chest of Jericho and runs out for the tope suicida to Jericho! Crossbody off the top back in the ring, nearfall! Hager tags in, drops him with a big shot. Wants a Back Suplex, Daniels escapes, boot up off out of the corner, Diving Flatliner off the second rope! Now he’s etting up for the BME – and he hits it!! Jericho has to break it up! Kaz nails Jericho, ref is dealing with him, MJF with the Dynamite Diamond Ring shot to Daniels! Judas Effect, Hager covers for the win.

Winners: The Inner Circle

They’re doing the Dynamite battle royal again next week, so makes sense to use the ring again for this week to remind everyone of the stip. Inner Circle are swarming in the ring until Scorpio Sky runs out with a chair to drive them off!

Kip and Miro are about to debut their new segment of video game reviews but Orange Cassidy interrupts. They chase him out of their trailer, Best Friends take the fight to them, Kip gets double powerbombed against the door of an outhouse! Miro screams at the cameraman to get out of the way and the camera gets tipped over.

We’re now trying again with the contract signing. Tony Schiavone is there with the title on the table again. Justin Roberts repeats incessantly that Kenny is a Wrestling Observer Hall of Famer as voted in by historians. But as Kenny is standing there in the silhouette form, Moxley’s visage appears as well! He jumps Kenny and drags him out across the stage, across the ramp and throws him into the ring! Moz drops the title in front of Kenny, he grabs for it and Mox stomps on his hand. Moxley pulls Kenny up and hits a Paradigm Shift right onto the title! Mox brings up the gentlemen’s agreement Kenny mentioned earlier and scoffs at it.

He says he doesn’t know who Kenny hired to take him out last week but he did a pretty pisspoor job. Says he can give him some recommendations next week. They had a beef that was squashed a year ago and then he had to go and piss him off. Mox says there’s only one way to become AEW World Champion and he made sure of that. He says he will have to dig deep in his guts and be the Kenny Omega that everyone THINKS he is… he will have to climb a mountain no one has climbed in 18 months and beat him.

Says it’s the biggest match in Dynamite history for the AEW World Championship, he loves this shit. He says this is not a game, this is not jokes on BTE, not dancing girls with brooms. When you come at the king, you best not miss because he doesn’t take prisoners. Steady your hand and take your shot because you’re only gonna get one. Mox thanks Tony for the pen and signs the contract.

We see the Inner Circle backstage. MJF is FURIOUS that Frankie Kazarian suckerpunched him after the match. Jericho says that he put his hands on him after a fair and square victory. He can barely move his jaw, some dental issues he can tell. Says the fun and games with the Inner Circle are done, Jericho promises to make Kazarian famous because it will be them one-on-one for the first time ever next week. Says Frankie has had a great career but next week it’s all over.

Anna Jay has Tay Conti backing her up as they talk up the new Anna Jay. Jay says the last piece of her is the AEW title and she must take it from Shida. Shida says what she lacks isn’t the belt but heart. Demands she bring it.

AEW World Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Anna Jay

John Silver, Preston Vance and Alan Angels are on the stage for this one. Anna and Shida lock-up. They shove each other back and forth. Lock up again, Shida with a side headlock. Anna shoots her off but eats a shoulder block. Anna ducks a shot, wants the Queenslayer but Shida takes her to the corner. Shot to the face. Whips reversed, Shida leapfrogs her. Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! High knee! And she goes for her running knee on the outside but Anna blocks it, drives her into the barricade!

Anna sends her into the apron. Throws up the Dark Order sign. Takes Shida into the ring before the commercial break. Shida going for a superplex as we come back but Anna deflects it, kick to the head from the apron! Into the ring with a Running Neck Snap! Anna makes Tay Conti pull out a steel chair though she doesn’t want to hand it to her. The ref pulls the chair away but Silver gives Jay the kendo stick of Shida’s, she nails her in the leg and covers for a nearfall! Anna wants a Kimura, Shida rolls through to reverse. Brainbuster for a nearfall! German Suplex drops her hard! Big wind-up elbow to the face, nearfall! And then the Shining Wizard finishes her off!

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Shida very good as always, Anna is improving steadily. Shida celebrates on the stage but out crawls the spooky (and blood-dripping) Abadon! Shida is startled, Abadon takes the title and licks the plate of her title. There’s red all over it now.

Big Money Matt Hardy is backstage and he calls himself an icon. He says 2020 has been a terrible year for everyone but if he’s survived it, everyone can. If he can overcome the insurmountable odds he’s faced, then you can overcome the trivial challenges you face. If you think about giving up, just know what Matt Hardy would do. Survive, thrive, win!

Promo backstage, Ricky Starks says Taz went home mad because of what Cody said. He says Tony takes good care of them, they love it in AEW, but the only problem they have is Cody Rhodes. Cody’s paper-thin ego keeps getting in the way. He says he begged Tony Khan to cut the mic and after bringing up his training Taz’s kid, he made it personal. Cage says next week Cody and Darby are done.

Rey Fenix & PAC vs. The Butcher & The Blade

Fight breaks out on the ramp before the bell! Butcher tosses Fenix into the ring, PAC and Blade fight on the outside. PAC takes Blade into the barrier, Butcher takes Fenix up top. PAC with a Pump Kick from behind, Missile Dropkick takes the big man down! Triangle Moonsault/Tope Suicida combo to Butcher and Blade!! PAC tags in, goes up top, Butcher evades him, crossbody from the big boi! Hoists him in a Gutwrench, Blade tags in with a dropkick, Butcher with the suplex! Blade battering PAC around the ring, grinding the knee into his head.

PAC escapes a slam, tag to Fenix who comes in with a charging dropkick! Takes him over in a Crucifix, Blade is avoiding the pin, Fenix with elbows! Fenix pulls Blade up to his feet, PAC tags in, power whip takes Blade into the corner. PAC is trying to shush everyone, facewashing Blade around. Exchange of forearms, PAC wins out momentarily, hits the ropes, Blade returns fire. Hits the ropes but PAC gets him with one, kick off a back body drop attempt – Blade with a huge lariat! Butcher into the ring, Fenix flies at him, Butcher tries to throw him outside but he tiger feint kicks back into the ring for a Hook Kick!

Springboard Corkscrew Body Press but Butcher is BEEG and he just bounces off him to the mat. Match continues as we go to commercial break. We come back to see Butcher battering Fenix around, drives him into the buckle. Big chop to the chest. Drives him face-first into the buckle, Blade tags in and stomps his head. Fenix escapes a suplex, Handspring Stunner! Tag to PAC and he’s going wild with spin kicks, Single Leg Dropkick! Charges, Blade takes him to the apron, PAC flips back to the mat, enziguri, Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall!

PAC up top, Blade rolls out of the way of the Black Arrow, PAC charges but Blade counters with a lovely Snap Powerslam! Butcher tags in, wants a lariat! FLIPS him with it! Nearfall! Butcher powers him to the corner, tag to Blade, they trade charging shots, Blade sends Pac onto Butcher’s shoulders, he throws him into a Gutbuster, Blade with the Doctor Bomb, Fenix barely breaks it up with a dropkick! Butcher tosses Fenix HARD onto the ramp! Blade wants a suplex, PAC slips behind him, tag to Fenix, shots from both sides, Legsweep! Eddie Kingston goes down the ramp as the Bunny distracts the ref, Eddie crotches Fenix up top! Butcher and Blade with the Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combo, Blade pins Fenix!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade

Quite the unique stylistic match-up, putting the two crazy athlete high fliers against the rugged brawlers. Chair gets taken into the ring, Penta gets laid out in the ring as well, Kingston DDTs PAC right onto the chair! And then he pulls him up to do it a second time! But now Lance Archer rushes out, CRAZY Crossbody over the top rope takes out Blade! And another takes out both Kingston and Blade! Archer goozles Kingston, his boys make the save and he scurries away.

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