WWE SmackDown Recap

Another Friday brings us the next episode of WWE SmackDown. And it is my curse honor to forever be here to give you the live recap of the show as it comes! Watch this space for the WWE SmackDown play-by-play!

Jey Uso comes down to the ring to start the show. Says everyone is talking about Undertaker after Survivor Series but they should be talking about his family. Drew is no pushover, he beat Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar but he couldn’t beat Roman Reigns. He introduces Roman as the Universal Champion, head of the table, Best of the Best- he’s still going when Roman’s music cuts off his own introduction.

Roman makes his usual, extremely slow entrance. When he finally enters the ring, he just says “go” and the video package of what went down with Jey and Roman at Survivor Series plays. Eight minutes into the show, Roman finally speaks, says after his Survivor Series match, what did he tell him to do? He told him to leave. But he didn’t. Did he ever tell him he needed help with Drew McIntyre? No he didn’t. He asks Jey why he thinks that him and his team, Team SmackDown, lost. Jey says they didn’t listen.

Roman asks why not? Because they don’t fear him. They don’t fear him because they don’t respect him. And like he’s said before, if they don’t respect Jey, they don’t respect either of them. And if they don’t respect them then who are they? If Roman’s not the head of the table than they must think he’s a wannabe bitch begging for leftovers. And if they look at him that way, how must they look at Jey? He asks if that’s how Jey sees him, is that he feels about him? Because it’s how he makes him feel through his failures and he does not like how he’s making him feel. Roman drops the mic and leaves, Jey is dejected.

As Jey is leaving Otis is making his entrance, they pass by each other awkwardly. Otis has a match with Corbin but Jey attacks him from behind with a chair! He is furiously assaulting him, hitting him with it over and over and choking him with it, mounted punches and yet more chair shots. Refs have to come and pull Jey away. After a commercial break we see that Chad Gable helped Otis to the back. Otis’ match might be called off.

Ziggler and Roode come out making fun of Otis with silly gags. Dolph says the two of them are a couple of aces, true pros and dirty dogs who do what they want, when they want And tonight their laser focus is on the Street Profits because guess what, ‘fam’? Ziggler and Roode are up and they want the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Dawkins and Ford emerge and say that’s not cool stealing their line. Ford says they still have a lot to be thankful for. They took the torch at Survivor Series but the power of positivity is forever. Ford makes some jokes about Ziggler being HBK. Dawkins corrects him that he’s simply a big fan of his. He’s real fortunate to be compared to the less fortunate with Bobby Roode, claims he can only grow facial hair on the upper lip. He… has a full beard, what are you saying?

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Street Profits vs. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler

Ford with a big dropkick to start, Ziggler takes both Profits to the floor and looks for an uncharacteristic dive but Dawkins blocks it. Ford tags in, up top, From The Heavens but Ziggler rolls out of the way and he crashes and burns right before the commercial break. We return to see Roode and Ziggler working over Ford, Roode with a big backbreaker for a 2 count. Roode with an Abdominal Stretch, slapping Ford’s tummy. Ford hip tosses himself free, wants the tag, but Dolph tags in first and stops him with a Fameasser! Nearfall!

Dolph pulls Ford into the heel corner, and starts trash talking and as usual Ford fires right back. Dolph cuts off his comeback and rams him in the corner, but then Ford side-steps a charge and leaves him slamming into the buckles! Roode with the tag – Dawkins gets it too! Series of clotheslines, Spinning Back Elbow! Flapjack to Dolph, T-Bone to Roode! Spinning Avalanches to both men, Bulldog to Roode! Blocks a line from Dolph, Lifting Neckbreaker! Anointment to Roode, tag to Ford, up top for From The Heavens, Dolph barely breaks it up! Dawkins attacks Dolph, but a Superkick takes him out of the ring, Ford deposits Dolph but Roode rolls him up for the win.

Winners: Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler

Man it has been a while since I heard Roode’s theme play during a show.

Daniel Bryan is backstage. Says his strategy for tonight against Sami Zayn is acceptance and zen. He’s had to accept that Jey Uso has a devil on his shoulder and he’s more vicious and dangerous than he’s ever been. He’s also had to accept that Sami Zayn is the best he’s ever been. He thinks he’s a master manipulator and the greatest IC Champion ever! But that’s a delusion. He will rid Sami of his delusions. Sami also thinks everyone’s out to get Sami Zayn. Well Bryan’s not out to get Sami – just his championship.

The Mysterio Family, including Murphy, are being interviewed elsewhere backstage. Rey says the past few months have been difficult. To be part of such an amazing family, they’re all together. But what Seth did, there’s no paying back for that. But they’re thankful for so many things. He’s seen his son’s career kick off, his daughter Aalyah is turning into a mature young woman and Murphy realized that he’s no one’s disciple. King Corbin interrupts. Says it’s a shame Rey couldn’t pass any of his talent down to his son. Says he’s just riding the coattails of the Rey Mysterio name while it’s still worth something.

After another airing of the Undertaker tribute vignette, Sami Zayn makes his way out for his match with Bryan. And of course after the break Sami has a mic. He doesn’t appreciate Thanksgiving, celebrating atrocities committed against the Native American people, nor does he appreciate everyone stuffing their faces. Says he also doesn’t appreciate Daniel Bryan, he’s been scheming for months and finally has the match he wants. He says Bryan already got his title shot at WrestleMania but WWE will gladly give him what he wants because it’s another obstacle for him. Finally Bryan’s music interrupts him.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn vs. Daniel Bryan (Non-Title)

They lock hands, Bryan rolls into a joint manipulating hold. He takes him down and stomps on the elbow. Sami rolls into the ropes to force some separation, claims Daniel stood on his hair. Daniel with a double wristlock, Sami escapes but eats a shoulder tackle. Sami once more is begging off. Bryan with a single leg takedown in the middle of the ring, buries a knee in his back, knee drop lands. Inverted Hammerlock and he’s bending that arm deep! Sami fights up with a handful of hair, back elbow, hits the ropes, Bryan with a snapping dropkick for a 2 count!

Sami with a boot up off a back body drop attempt, deposits him to the floor. Looking for the countout, Daniel rolls into the ring but gets stomped. Sami goes up top but Bryan blocks him, wants a superplex but Sami headbutts him to the mat. Bryan staggers, but charges back for a dropkick that takes Sami to the floor! Bryan goes up top and flies off at Sami but he sidesteps him and sends him flying into the barricade, hard landing! Commercial break! We come back to see Sami holding Bryan down in a headlock.

He pummels Bryan in the corner. Whips him for a line, two covers for 2 counts. Sami with a whip to the opposite corner, Bryan flips off the second rope, flying elbow in the middle of the ring! Charging dropkick in the corner! Round kicks, takes him up top. Super Rana! Cover for a nearfall! Bryan pulls him up, armbreaker, round kicks to the chest and more armbreakers. Sami gets driven to his knees, looks for the headkick but Sami rolls out to the apron. Bryan goes out there with him for another armbreaker, Sami rakes his eyes and shoves him into the post! Pulls him out, BRAINBUSTER ONTO THE APRON! My God!

Sami rolls into the ring, once again, looking for a count-out. Bryan stumbles to the floor at 8! But he manages to roll into the ring at 9! Sami pulls him off the mat for the Blue Thunder Bomb! Close nearfall! Sami kicks at Bryan’s ribs, yelling in his ear and yanking his hair. He wants a Back Suplex but Bryan escapes and counters into the Cross-Armbreaker! Transition to the Yes Lock! Sami is fighting but Bryan with crossface blows! Sami struggling, gets his foot on the bottom rope for the break! Honestly thought he would’ve tapped there.

Sami powders, Bryan with a suicide dive taking him into the announce table! Daniel throws him into the ring, Sami powders again but eats another suicide dive! Zayn is running up the ramp but Bryan is chasing him. Sami punches Bryan down and keeps running, they head backstage. Ref is counting… Sami runs down the ramp and into the ring in time to beat the count.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Very good match with a fairly unique finish. Commentators ask where Bryan disappeared to and we get our answer quickly as we see Jey Uso pummeling Bryan backstage until Kevin Owens runs him off.

Roman and Jey are backstage, Jey is telling him he took care of things. Owens comes up and tells Roman he’s got into Jey’s head. Tells him that for someone who talks about how important family is, he sure treats his like trash. As Kevin walks off, Roman growls at Jey that he may not care what his kids think when they look at him but Roman does. Roman says Owens doesn’t look at him with fear and he should fix that.

Bianca Belair and Natalya are in the ring, Bayley makes her way out for commentary.

Bianca Belair vs. Natalya

Bianca gets sent shoulderfirst into the post off a side-step. Nattie stomps her into the corner. Batters her, Bianca shoves her off. Natalya still pulls her to the center, snap suplex. Kick to the ribs. Bianca with an inside cradle for 2, Nattie with a Discus Clothesline for a nearfall. Looking for a Romero Special. Bianca manages to roll on top of her for a nearfall. Natalya grabs her by the hair but Belair shoves her into the buckles, big shoulder thrusts! Stomping and kicking. Nattie with a back elbow off a charge.

Bianca blocks a Discus Clothesline and hoists her up with a Double Chickenwing, dumps her over the top rope! Now inevitably we have Bianca out there in front of Bayley who stands up and taunts her. Bianca ducks a Nattie clothesline, Nattie ducks a punch that lands in the face of Bayley! Natalya blindsides Belair and throws her into the ring. Bayley is trying to enter the ring, Bianca kicks Nattie into her to knock her to the floor, Belair with a cradle for the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

S’about as pedestrian as I’ve seen Bianca look in the ring, did basically none of her big athletic signatures there.

Paul Heyman and Adam Pearce are discussing something backstage.

Now Murphy emerges, he has an impromptu match-up against Corbin.

King Corbin vs. Buddy Murphy

Murphy with a waistlock, Corbin drives him into the corner, back elbow to the face. Buddy with a side headlock cinched in, Corbin shoots him off, shoulder block. Rey and Dominik are both trying to interfere here, kinda weird, ref has to keep them off the apron. Murphy with a combination of strikes, Corbin with a shoulder block. Again they’re both up on the apron, Corbin is very distracted. Power whip bounces Murphy off the buckles. Corbin charges, Buddy leaps over him and Corbin tries for Ring-Around-The-Ringpost but Aalyah appears before him.

Corbin is furious, yelling “What is going on?!” and Murphy catches him with a kick from the apron. Leaps at him, Corbin catches him and tries to throw him at the steps but Murphy avoids contract, low dropkick sends Corbin into the steps. He sends Corbin into the ring, charges – Corbin with a Deep Six! Rey slides into the damn ring to distract the ref from the count! These are the worst babyfaces of all time. Corbin batters Murphy around, hangs him up in the ropes for body shots.

Biel toss into the corner, charges, Murphy with a side step, Corbin ducks a line, Dominik clips Corbin’s leg. As Corbin is stomping towards him, Murphy catches him with a Pump Knee! Cover, Corbin has a leg on the bottom rope but Dominik yanks his leg off of it before the ref can see it and Murphy pins him.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

That was absolutely stupid. You can certainly make someone look worse in victory as Lana proved at Survivor Series but man that did him no favors, what a shitty group of faces. Corbin afterwards gets on the mic and yells about how ridiculous that was, he wants a rematch next week and this time he’ll be prepared.

Big E and Apollo Crews are playing around backstage, pretending to play basketball with a trash can. Sami Zayn comes into the fold and says for most people it takes three seconds to pin people but he beat Daniel Bryan in ten. Says Apollo knows what that’s like from a few weeks ago. Big E has to stop Crews from going after him. Big E gets him to walk off. E says Sami has built quite a house but it’s shaky, it has no foundation. Count-outs, vertigo?! It’s a house of cards. All it takes is a little blow to bring it down.

Sami tells him this sounds like sour grapes, Big E held the title many many many years ago! Says Big E should be applauding him. E agrees and applauds him, shakes his hand. Then grabs his hand tight and counts to 10 – making special mention of FIVE – while Sami just squirms helplessly. Big E walks off laughing, says that really is a long time.

Billie Kay is handing out her resume at the announce table.

Carmella has a promo talking about how she started doing things for the fans and doing what they wanted her to do and in losing herself she lost it all. Now she doesn’t do anything for anyone. Now she gives the orders and everyone else jumps for her. She snaps her fingers a couple of times, we see a hand from off-screen hold out a glass of water, but the hand turns and the BOSS bling is on it… it’s Sasha and she splashes the water in Carmella’s face, running her off as agents separate them!

Jey Uso vs. Kevin Owens

Lock-up. Jey powers him into the corner but Owens reverses, chops and smashes him around the ring. Big open hand strike. Whip, Jey stops himself with the ropes and powders but Owens pursues, knocks him around, slams him into the barricade. Back into the ring, stomps. Pummels him in the corner. Pulls him up by the hair and deposits him. Jey reverses a whip and sends him into the steps! Rolls him into the ring. Jey mounts him for shots, double axe handle.

Jey raking at the arm of Owens in the bottom rope. Owens with a shot, Jey with an uppercut. Exchange of forearms. Owens with a big clothesline, half senton! Jey drives Owens’ shoulder into the post and forces him to the floor. Jey hits the ropes, Suicide Dive but Owens catches him! Double leg, catapult into the post! Jey is staggering, Owens with a superkick! And a second one sends him over the barricade! Commercial break.

We come back in time to see Owens hit a crazy flying senton bomb off the apron to the floor on Jey! Rolls him into the ring and covers for a nearfall! Jey slips to the apron, Owens wants to suplex him over but Jey stops him with an armbreaker over the top rope. Jey takes him down and slams his arm into the mat! Kneedrop to the shoulder now! Armbar wrenched. Turns into a double wristlock. Owens fights to his feet, Jey trips him onto his back. Jey stalks him. Charges for the Umaga hip attack, Owens avoids him and hits a superkick!

Owens struggles his way to his feet, ducks a swing, chops and pounds him, can only use the one arm. Whip, tries a Pop-Up Powerbomb but the arm gives out, Jey with a Superkick of his own for a nearfall! Jey goes up top, Owens with a chop. Looks for a superplex, Jey knocks him to the mat and goes for the Splash but Jey with the knees up! Spike Ushigoroshi for a nearfall! Looks for a Stunner but Jey drives his injured arm into the buckle, then into the post! Jey slips outside the ring and pulls out a steel chair. He takes a chair to Owens’ back and is disqualified.

Winner: Kevin Owens (by DQ)

Afterwards Jey continues the attack, he goes outside to strip the announce table down. But as he re-enters the ring Owens stops him with a superkick and takes him outside! Owens smashes the chair over Jey’s back repeatedly! He turns towards the camera and yells if Roman is watching. Says this is happening to his family because of Roman! He says he fears no one. Smashes Jey repeatedly and says that includes you. Roman is watching backstage trying to contain his anger.

Owens says if Roman has a problem with him, come say it to his face. He steps up onto the announce table and yells at him to come find him! He says he’s the head of this table! He takes Jey into the ring and pulls him up, waits for Roman to come out there but he’s not budging. Kev says it’s all for his family, huh? Hits him with the Stunner. Kev takes the leather chair and sits in it just to symbolically be at the head of the announce table. Asks where Roman is, says he’ll be waiting. Roman seethes as the show goes off the air.

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