AEW Dynamite Recap Winter Is Coming

Winter Has Come! We’ve got a major show here with this edition of AEW Dynamite and as always I’ll be here to give you the live recap and results of the show as they come!

Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal

Battle begins big. Matt Hardy tosses out his own protégé Kassidy! Isiah Kassidy has been eliminated. Silver and Reynolds with some big double teams on Serpentico which leads to Hangman Page clotheslining him to the floor! Serpentico has been eliminated. Luther gets dumped shortly after, Luther has been eliminated. Scorpio Sky and Shawn Spears spent some time on the floor at first but have now come in to start fighting. Shawn Spears hits an AA-like maneuver to take Matt Sydal to the ramp. Matt Sydal has been eliminated.

Scorpio and Spears eye-to-eye, they exchange blows, Scorpio Sky wins out and sends Spears over the top to the floor! Shawn Spears has been eliminated. Discontent, Tully hands Spears the steel slug. He’s up on the apron and gets Scorpio with a cheap shot, loaded hand to the back! Then Wardlow tosses Scorpio with ease. Scorpio Sky has been eliminated. Matt Hardy and Marq Quen fighting against Reynolds and Silver, Reynolds gets tossed, then Hardy hoists up John Silver and press slams him over the top rope! John Silver has been eliminated, that gets some boos.

Hangman gets thrown over the top but the Dark Order are there to catch him and send him back in! Hangman takes the fight to Matt but he reverses a whip and sends him to the floor anyway. Hangman Page has been eliminated, more boos for Matt who is definitely playing like a heel here. Orange Cassidy with a back body drop to the floor to Kip Sabian, Kip Sabian has been eliminated. Sabian pulls Cassidy to the floor and slams him into the barricade. Miro in the ring, he’s tossing everyone around, dumps Lee Johnson. Lee Johnson has been eliminated.

Hardy wants a Twist of Fate on Miro but he counters and takes him to the apron. Marq Quen gets tossed too, tries for the Silly String with Matt, but Miro shoves him to the floor, then does the same to his mentor! Matt Hardy & Marq Quen have been eliminated. It’s down to Miro, Jungleboy, MJF, Wardlow & Sammy Guevara. The Inner Circle have been hiding off in the corner for a while but now they’re all triple teaming Miro! Until he throws them away, but he comes face-to-face with Wardlow!

The big men trade strikes, Miro wins out until Sammy and MJF jump him from behind! Miro throws each of them aside but Wardlow drops him with a lariat! Triple team sends Miro to the floor, Miro has been eliminated. Now the heels all focus on Jungleboy. Back body drop sends Guevara to the apron, he nails MJF and Wardlow, fights with Sammy on the apron, they have some agile dodges, Sammy flips to the other side of the post.

Jungle and Sammy end up fighting on the second rope – until MJF shoves them both to the floor! Sammy Guevara and Jungleboy have been eliminated. MJF is celebrating with Wardlow, thinking they’ve made it to the last two but Wardlow knows Orange Cassidy was never eliminated. He takes him into the ring, goes for a Powerslam but Cassidy slips behind and knocks Wardlow into MJF which almost gets him eliminated! Wardlow helps Max back into the ring, he bickers with the big man until Cassidy gets them both with Superman Punches – and he manages to get Wardlow to the floor! Wardlow has been eliminated, that’s that!

Winners: Orange Cassidy & MJF

Those two will thusly face off in a one-on-one match next week to determine who takes the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Afterwards the officials have to keep Miro back from a post-match attack.

Chris Jericho vs. Frankie Kazarian

Jericho with a hip toss and a headlock, Kazarian kips up right out of it. Jericho takes off his belt but Kazarian manages to keep him from using it knocking it away, takes him to the second rope, Christian style slid and uppercut, then he slides in for an Oklahoma Roll for a 2 count! Jericho with an eye poke, chops to the chest. Whip, dropkick takes Kazarian to the outside! Jericho poses and soaks in the cheers, that’s definitely showing off in this frigid cold. Kazarian escapes a shot and trades places with Jericho, him in the ring, Jericho on the apron.

Kaz trips him, legdrop on the apron! Hager attempts some clotheslines, Kaz ducks it twice and tries to get into the ring but Hager holds onto his ankle, Kazarian kicks him away but as he re-enters, Jericho with a Codebreaker! Stungun! Charging body block sends Kazarian to the floor! Commercial break. We come back to see Jericho drop an elbow on Kazarian in the ring. Pulls him up, chop to the chest. Batters him in the corner, whip to the opposite corner for a bulldog but Kazarian ducks him for a backslide for 2!

Kazarian with a chop, axe handles, Jericho reverses a whip, Kazarian with a flying forearm! Kazarian with a whip, Jericho holds onto the ropes to avoid a dropkick, Kaz dodges a senton, beautiful Springboard Legdrop with some crazy height, nearfall! Kaz takes Jericho to the corner, they both climb up – SPANISH FLY OFF THE TOP! Flux Capacitor is apparently what he calls his version, nearfall at any event! Jericho with a Codebreaker attempt but Kazarian counters and puts him down into the Walls of Jericho!

Ortiz is up on the apron with his loaded sock, Hager is begging Ortiz not to get Jericho DQ’d. Jericho is struggling towards the rope, Kazarian pulls him away. MJF comes up with a white towel! Sammy Guevara stops him from throwing it in, Jericho grabs the ropes! He sees Sammy with the towel. Kaz with a sunset flip for a nearfall, Jericho with a Judas Effect for the win!

Winner: Chris Jericho

Jericho celebrates but Guevara is hot at MJF and a shoving fight starts, as with Hager and Wardlow! Jericho grabs a mic and yells for this to stop! He says this is not what they planned. They got seven days to really think about this and next week they’ll have an ultimatum. Either they work together as a team – every single one of them – or the Inner Circle breaks up forever. Seven days!

The Young Bucks backstage, it’s announced they’ll face off with TH2 next week. Nick asks Alex Marvez if he remembers when they superkicked him right in the face. Matt says he remembers them winning the tag titles and they will be fighting champions, says if TH2 win next week, they’ll get the shot. The Acclaimed, Bowens and Caster show up to diss them. Max Caster spits some rhymes about how incestuous their book cover looks. But this is just a diversion to allow The Hybrid-2 to jump them from behind! Daniels and Kazarian run them all off.

Britt Baker with an inset promo on her way out promising to give Leyla Hirsch a one-way ticket back to Russia.

Britt Baker vs. Leyla Hirsch

Britt is making fun of how short Leyla is and I must admit, she looks super tiny next to her. Leyla with a double leg, smacks to the back of her head. Britt crawls away to the ropes for a break. Lock-up, Leyla with a side headlock takedown. Baker tries to fight up to her feet, Leyla with an arm wringer. Chain wrestling but Leyla wins out, gets her in a Cross Armbreaker situation! Baker attacks the jaw to break it, Avada Kedavra! Pulls her up, sharp DDT! Commercial break.

We come back to see them both struggling to their feet. Britt with a forearm, Leyla with several in response. Hits the ropes, charging forearm from one side, charging pump kick from another! Release German Suplex sends Britt across the ring! Britt rolls to the floor. Leyla hits the ropes, Tope Suicida – Britt pulls Rebel in the way and she nails her! Baker with a Slingblade to Leyla on the floor!

Britt goes to the apron, Leyla grabs her by the boot but Britt stomps the arm. Pulls her up by the hair, dumps her into the ring. Wants a suplex, Leyla reverses for a big rising knee, slickly into a Cross-Armbreaker! Britt reverses into an attempt at Lockjaw but Leyla counters that back into the Cross-Armbreaker again! Baker escapes, looks for a thrust kick but Leyla blocks it, Pump Knee! Leyla crawls past her, goes to the second rope. Rebel is on the apron for the distraction, Baker pulls Leyla off, Reverse STO into the buckle! Fisherwoman’s Neckbreaker, Lockjaw for the win!

Winner: Britt Baker

Really glad Leyla Hirsch got signed, she is a fresh and fun presence here for me. Afterwards, Thunder Rosa comes in to attack Baker! Officials have to separate them, Rebel with some cheap shots on Rosa until Leyla pulls her off and drops her with a back suplex!

And now, this soon and they’ve certainly gone from match to match quickly tonight, we have the last match other then the main event left, atleast from what was advertised. I think they do indeed wanna give it pretty much the whole final hour or close enough to it.

Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin vs. Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs

Heels jump before the bell and we’re off to the races. Hobbs is quickly deposited, Darby with a flying back elbow. They’re working over Starks as we go to commercial. We come back to see Darby with a drop toe hold to Starks, Cody picks him off the mat with a Stalling Front Suplex! Cody nailing Starks in the corner, Ricky reverses for a moment for a chop, they keep throwing back and forth with heavy chops but Cody drops Ricky with one of them! Tag to Darby, Ricky smacks his hand away.

Ricky lures Darby outside, Hobbs blindsides him with a lariat! Tosses him hard into the barricade! Shoves Darby into the ring, Hobbs tags in, body shot drops him. Pulls him to his feet, big Delayed Vertical Suplex and some push-ups for the hell of it just to mess with Cody. Starks tags in, snap suplex for a nearfall. Starks with a body slam, grinds a boot into his neck, Hobbs tags in and steps on his abdomen as he walks over him.

Hobbs with a waistlock. Darby with elbows as he comes up but Hobbs drops him with a Pendulum Backbreaker. Ricky tags in, Darby starts to fight back, explodes from the corner with a charge and their heads collide! Hobbs tags in before Darby can make it to his corner, stomp to the spine. Pulls Darby up with a powerful waistlock, Darby rips at the fingers to try and break free but he ends up in a bear hug and he ragdolls him, just tossing him to the heel corner! Darby with the boots up off the charge, he tries for a sunset flip but Hobbs stands his ground, pulls him up by the ears for a WILD Overhead Throw! Hobbs flips Cody off as he drags Darby to the heel corner.

Tag to Ricky. Hobbs whips Ricky into Darby, double boots, flips out of a few back suplex attempts and tag to Cody! Springboard Dropkick to Hobbs, clothesline and Pump Kick to Starks! Ricky reverses a whip but Cody with a powerslam! Taz with a distraction, Starks with a rake of the eyes but Cody ducks a shot, dropkick to Hobbs. Ricky counters a Cross-Rhodes but Cody with a Dustin uppercut! Cody with a Springboard Cody Cutter, Darby tagged himself in during, Cody with a tope to Hobbs, Coffin Drop gets the win!

Winner: Darby Allin

Solid stuff under what was likely strict time constraints. Afterwards Hobbs and Starks with the post-match attack, Arn Anderson tries to defend his client but they attack him too! Now out comes Dustin Rhodes to help out, lands a Bulldog to Hobbs, Powerslam to Starks! But now Brian Cage attacks from behind! F-5 to Dustin! Cody gets an F-5 as well, Hobbs is holding the FTW title. Cody is being held in place for a belt shot.

The lights go dark… dramatic music plays and we see shots of a winterscape and a few crows and… the name Sting appears on the tron?! Sting walks out with a ton of snow falling from the sky! He’s got his coat and his bat, and he steps into the ring! He comes eye to eye with Arn Anderson… the heels have already hightailed it. Sting comes face-to-face with Cody and then Darby. It’s hard to know what this is leading to, but it sure is cool having Sting on TNT, what a cool surprise. I heard nothing about this.

We get a card rundown for next week since it’s just the main left, and we see Hikaru Shida backstage, asked about Abadon. Hikaru says she’s not afraid of her challenge. She’s just a girl doing zombie cosplay, she does cosplay sometime. She hears a pipe fall and gets nervous. Shida asks if they can start over and Alex explains they’re on live TV. So she decides to just end the interview instead.

Last words from Jon Moxley. He says he could feel the tension in the air. Feels like a holiday, people showing up in freshly pressed suits. There’s something extra in the air, look how far they’ve come. Two years ago this was all just an idea. The world looked at him as a washed up burnout, he slapped the world across the face. Says tonight it’s the two best wrestlers in the world, two warriors battling with swords, lightning crashing. It’s a long way down, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Contracts have been signed, promos been cut, nothing left to do but go out there and make them go absolutely banana. Just the one.

Impact Wrestling exec Don Callis is here on commentary for this one, says Kenny asked him to be here for the biggest match of his life.

And now, here we go.

AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Kenny Omega

They come eye to eye. Kenny offers a handshake but Mox just turns away. They lock-up, Mox with a sleeper attempt. Dueling chants from a hot crowd. Kenny with a waistlock takedown, floatover for a front facelock. Mox fights his way up. Kenny with a wristlock. Snapmare, headlock. Moxley fights up, trips him to the mat. Clasping hands. Kenny with a headlock, “Kenny” chant wins out for the moment. Mox shoots him off, shoulder block! Side headlock takeover. Unsurprisingly pacing for a long one. Kenny rolls him over for a quick 2. Mox keeps the hold on.

Kenny fights up and drives him into the corner, body shot. Chops! Mox is bowing up. Kenny with another wicked chop! Mox just keeps going forehead to forehead with him, forearms. Sends him into the corner, big clothesline! Hits the ropes, Kenny with a snap rana taking him to the outside! Terminator clap begins and Kenny tries the Terminator Dive, but Mox rushes into the ring, Black Hole Slam! Kenny rolls to the outside, clothesline flips Kenny and it looked like he landed on his head!

Mox goes out there, chopping Kenny. Omega reverses a whip to send him into the barricade! Kenny tries it again, Mox reverses but Omega with a boot up for the breaks. He wants a Barrier Moonsault but Moxley pulls him to his feet on the floor, Kenny slips out of a slam and tries for the Snap Dragon but Mox reverses, suplex onto the floor! Throws him into the barrier. And now he tosses him over it! Mox goes out there with him and is battering him with shots as we go to commercial break.

In the inset, Mox throws Kenny onto a row of chairs! Pulls him by the neck over to another seat and slams him headfirst onto it. Referee is trying to get them back into the ring, Mox argues with him, Kenny starts fighting back. Mox with a trip though, Catapult sends him into the post! Mox rolls him into the ring. Mox starts to follow him but Kenny gets him with a low dropkick, Dragonscrew between the ropes! Now he goes out there, hoists him up for a Kneebreaker and just drops him kneefirst onto the barricade, that looked painful as hell!

Kenny rolls him into the ring. Kenny with a Springboard Dropkick to the shin! Kitaro Crusher for a nearfall! Kenny stomping at the leg and chest of Mox. Pulls him up, big chop to the chest! Kenny is wrenching at his leg but Mox with a headlock, they both have to break in the ropes. Kenny batters him, goes for a charging shot but Mox explodes out of the corner with a lariat! Mox’s leg is bothering him though, he staggers over and Omega trips him into a Kneebar from the mat! Mox grabs the bottom rope for the break.

Omega with the chops again now and Moxley’s chest is getting red. Hoists him onto his shoulders. You Can’t Escape combo starts but Mox slips out and slams him into the buckles, Kenny bounces back and Mox with a German Suplex! Pulls him for another one, dayam! Wants a waistlock, Kenny with elbows to break but Mox still looking for an Exploder. Kenny fights it, he hits a Pumphandle Exploder instead! Nearfall! X-Plex for another nearfall! Commercial break. In the inset, they are both worn out by now and fighting their way up on their knees.

Mox wins out and goes for an STF but Kenny is fighting it, goes into the Crossface instead! Kenny is breaking it but Mox surprises him with a Crucifix for a nearfall! Mox knocks Kenny into the ropes, charging chop. And another chop, hits the ropes, Kenny sidesteps to send him outside! Baseball slide! And we come back just in time for the Terminator Dive! And I do mean just in time, that was perfectly done. Takes him into the ring, goes for a Springboard but Mox with a boot out of the air – Paradigm Shift! But Moxley doesn’t cover?!

Moxley goes outside instead and starts throwing chairs into the ring, boos from the crowd here. Mox sits the chairs in the middle of the ring. Omega pulls himself up with one and they sit across from each other, Mox is demanding he hit him. Kenny with an open hand shot, hard as he can! And now they’re smacking the everloving crap out of each other! Closed fists! Yikes, just a-pounding! Mox with a big right hand and Kenny stands and staggers – charges for a big V-Trigger that sends the chair flying! Snap Dragon! And now another! Hits the ropes, Moxley sidesteps a V-Trigger and hits a huge German Suplex! Kenny hits another V-Trigger and hits the ropes but Mox flips him with a lariat once again!

“This Is Awesome” chant as he pulls him up for the second Paradigm Shift! And he slowly covers… 2.9999 KICKOUT! Kenny rolls to the floor, Mox wants a Suicide Dive – V-TRIGGER TO THE HEAD OUT OF MIDAIR!! Kenny throws him into the ring, up top, Missile Dropkick to the back! Mox is slumped against the buckles, V-Trigger to the back of the head, pulls him out, Tiger Driver ’98! Rolls him over for a nearfall! Another V-Trigger lands HARD! And second my God.

Tries a third in a row but Mox blocks it, elbow, hits the ropes but a V-Trigger lands again, and Kenny finally goes for the One Winged Angel but Mox slips out for a Paradigm Shift attempt! Kenny reverses for one of his own, Mox counters into the Bully Choke almost but Kenny rips him away, dropkick! Nod to Okada, Raintrigger nailed! Hoists him for the One Winged Angel again but Mox with elbows, Kenny tosses him into a brutal Wheelbarrow German for a clooose nearfall! Kenny scales the top rope. Mox rushes over and tips him to the floor, goes out with him – PARADIGM SHIFT INTO THE HEATERS?! The referee is there and asking for a doctor.

Mox is impatient but the ref is stopping him. Medics checking on him, as is Don Callis. Mox goes out there and rips the officials away! He shoves Kenny int othe ring and rolls him over, mounted punches! Callis is on the apron arguing with the ref. He has a mic and says he’s hurt. He grabs at Mox, Moxley turns around and knocks Callis to the ramp! Kenny has the mic through… as the ref is dealing with Callis, Kenny nails him with the mic right to the head! And Moxley is busted! Kenny struggles his way up, pulls down the kneepad, V-Trigger right to the face! And a second one in a row! And a third to the back of the head! Fourth against the buckle, geeze! “Kenny” chant, he pulls the ragged Moxley up onto his shoulders! One Winged Angel!! And that is that!

Winner: Kenny Omega

Given the conditions, absolutely ridiculous that they managed a match like that. Kenny celebrates with the title and him and Don Callis are hightailing it, everyone yelling at them as they leave. Alex Marvez catches them in the parking lot. He asks them what the Hell just happened and Callis says he’ll them next Tuesday night on Impact! And that is the show folks.

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