WWE SmackDown Recap

It’s that time again. WWE SmackDown begins imminently. Jordan Huie aka the One Zeel One of 1Z1 Pro Wrestling here to give you the live play-by-play on the show as it airs as always. Watch this space~!

We begin with a graphic of Pat Patterson on the tron as the roster and a number of legends stand on the stage. Cole and Corey are quite somber as they lead us into the tribute and ten bell salute. “Thank You Pat” chant is piped in.

Kayla Braxton is in the ring to welcome us to SmackDown after the intro plays. She introduces Roman Reigns, after giving a lengthy read of his resume. As always, Roman takes a long while to get into the ring. Roman tells Kayla that she needs to announce him right, asks if she knows what she missed. Paul fills in for her and calls him the reignsing, defending, Universal Heavyweight Champion and the Tribal Chief, Head of the Table, Roman Reigns.

Kayla says Roman has become a commanding figure, but what happened last week? We see a video of Roman tearing down Jey Uso for Team SmackDown’s loss at Survivor Series, which led to him having a bit of a rampage throughout the show. This then led to Owens calling him out at the end of the show. Kayla then stupidly asks Roman if he should be afraid of Kevin. Roman tells her this is the biggest thing she’s ever done, the most viewed thing she’ll ever be a part of. They could’ve given this spot to Michael Cole but they gave her a chance and she blows it with a question like that. Next question.

Kayla then asks if he’s manipulating Jey Uso. Roman says manipulate is a stupid word for stupid people. Does he look like the kind of person who manipulates? Jey is one of the greatest tag team champions ever but what has he done in the past few months? Roman again chides Kayla for blowing her opportunity after Heyman went to bat for her. Paul steps in and points out that Jey Uso has headlined the last several SmackDown shows in a row and the ratings have been on the high end for the year.

Before he can finish Kevin Owens comes down to the ring and says they can just go ahead and settle things right here, right now. Jey takes the mic and says they can get down, Uce. They run the show, easy. Kev says he wasn’t talking to the busboy, he was talking to the Head of the Table. He knows the time and the place, how about TLC? Says Roman is the head of the table, let’s get a table in there! And also ladders and chairs and put the title on the line to settle it like men. Or just do it right now ’cause that’s fine too. Owens drops the mic.

Reigns says he bets he’d want to fight right now, being on the island of relevancy would be the best thing that’s happened to him. But they don’t back down right now, Jey said we accept and the Head of the Table accepts. Roman says he’s lucky, the man he used to be would whoop his ass right now. But there’s a time and a place for everything. What does he look like, a savage? He’s a gentleman, there’s a lady in the ring. Tells him to grow up.

So Roman and co. make their leave. Owens demands the music be cut and says he wants Roman to know, he might call himself a gentleman but it’s clear to everyone that he’s just a bitch. Main event feud confirmed~! Roman stops but doesn’t turn around, eventually just keeps walking.

After that, out comes Bayley for our next segment. That was a full 20 minutes without a commercial break, by the way.

Jey backstage is explaining to Roman why he had to accept the challenge, says Owens keeps stepping out of line. Roman assures him that he understands, but there are consequences for what he does. Jey is stressing big as Roman leaves.

Bayley vs. Natalya

Honestly thought this was gonna be a tag match when I saw Natalya come out to join Bayley but nope, singles. Nattie is known to silently turn without a moment’s notice, wonder if it just happened again? Bayley takes over immediately at any event, knocks her to the floor. Bianca is at ringside for commentary and Bayley stares her down. She slides under the bottom rope for her unique dropkick. Bayley for whatever reason gets really pissed at Bianca and yells at her, thereby allowing Natalya to drive her into the steps. Commercial break. We come back to see Bayley nail a back suplex for a nearfall.

Wants a leglock but Nattie kicks her away, looking for the Sharpshooter but Bayley kicks off, running knee to the face! Discus Clothesline from Bayley! Nattie with an O’Connor Roll, Bayley kicks out and shoves her into the buckle. But when Bayley tries to follow up, Natalya double legs Bayley for the Sharpshooter and… she taps. Okay.

Winner: Natalya

Afterwards Bianca gives Bayley sass and Bayley tries to swipe at her. I don’t think we see Natalya celebrate at all, it just focuses on them, that’s hilarious.

Aw. They’re displaying the original IC title next to the announce table, it’s beautiful. This leads to a tribute video set to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”, with clips of Pat singing along it seems. It’s genuinely touching. They clearly didn’t have a lot of footage of his career so it uses way more stills than most but still beautifully done.

And now an official Pat Patterson tribute match even. Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio and Big E teaming up in a six-man tag match and E has new music and comes out with a powder clapping entrance.

Pat Patterson Tribute Match: Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio & Big E vs. Dolph Ziggler, Shinsuke Nakamura & Sami Zayn

This is a cute idea, it’s comprised entirely of former (and the current) Intercontinental Champions. Nak and Rey start out. Nak with a shoulder tackle, Rey with a headscissor takes him down. Pulls Shinsuke over and tags in E. Nakamura wants no part of him, Ziggler tags in instead. Wants a waistlock takedown but E blocks him, hoists him up and just drops him to the mat. Pulls him up, arm wringer, tag to Bryan who goes up top, double axe handle to the left arm.

Bryan with european uppercuts, Ziggler with a whip but Bryan with a shoulder block. Hits the ropes twice but Sami trips him up, Ziggler with a charging forearm from behind! Bryan fights back against Dolph, suicide dive onto the boasting Sami! Bryan then goes up top for a Missile Dropkick but Dolph knocks him to the floor right before the commercial break! Dolph with a kick to the gut of Bryan as we come back. Whip, both men duck lines, clothesline collision in the middle!

Tags to E and Nakamura, E with a series of overhead belly to bellies! And then the normal one! Hits the ropes twice, huge splash! Nakamura with a second attempt Dragon Whip nails him though. He charges in the corner – E with his Uranage counter! Ziggler breaks up the pin. E throws Dolph to the apron and wants his Big E spear but Dolph with a knee to the face to counter! E tries the Big Ending on Nakamura anyway but Nak escapes, tag to Sami, who quickly posts E!

But Rey is close enough to tag in, sunset flip for a nearfall! And then a headscissor! Wants the Wheelbarrow Bulldog but Sami counters with a lovely Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall! Bryan and Dolph tag in now and Bryan is taking it to him, Yes Kicks in the corner, takes him up top, goes for a Super Rana but Dolph rolls through for a nearfall! Ziggler with a Jacknife for a nearfall, Daniel bridges up and we have a Backslide battle, Bryan wins out for a nearfall! Now the Yes Kicks ensue across the chest, back and abdomen! Dolph ducks a punch, Fameasser! E breaks it up.

Nakamura with a karate kick to E takes him outside, Rey with a West Coast Pop to Shinsuke! Sami pulls Rey out of the ring and into the barricade! He blind tags in, Dolph is looking for the Superkick. Bryan ducks it, Buisaku Knee! Sami rolls Bryan up for a 2 count but Bryan reverses right into the Yes Lock! Aaaaand… he drags himself slowly towards the ropes, kicks his foot onto the bottom rope for the break. Bryan pulls him up, whip, Sami with a kick off a back body drop attempt, Brainbuster!! Covers – Bryan rolls through for a nearfall, my gosh! Sami charges, Bryan with an Inside Cradle and there’s the win!

Winners: Daniel Bryan, Big E & Rey Mysterio

Faces certainly had to win that one for sure. Good stuff though. Faces huddle up afterwards, then charge the ring and they have a standoff with the heels. Dolph turns around as he psyches himself up, Sami and Nak charge but get back body dropped the outside. Dolph turns around and now he’s all by himself. He begs off, tries to buddy up with everybody. Bryan gets Dolph with an Atomic Drop and he slowwwwwly falls to the middle rope for the 619! And that sends him into the arms of Big E for the Big Ending.

Backstage, Kevin Owens is asked about the bold choice he made to stand up to Roman and challenge him for TLC, Kayla asks what about Roman draws Owens’ ire. He says what really bothers him is how much he used to respect him. Roman for years was just one of the boys but not anymore. He doesn’t know if it’s Heyman’s fault or not but it’s despicable. Says he tries to be nice to the people around here because you need them. Kalisto walks in randomly and Owens accepts his apology and is polite about it. Funny. He then tries to start an asshole chant without saying asshole, and they don’t pipe it in anyway. Otis comes up and starts to say it himself but Owens cuts him off. Anyway the two of them team up in the main event.

Replay of Sasha surprising and attacking Carmella last week.

Now we have them both with interviews from different parts of the arena. Michael wants to start with Carmella but Sasha cuts him off and says she got to run her mouth last week. Carmella tries to predict her catchphrases and nicknames, Sasha says she’s also the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Says Carmella is the one too afraid to fight her face-to-face. Sasha says they’re nothing alike and never have been. She does give her props for being a former champion and the first woman to win MITB.

Sasha says there’s a reason though that they have never faced off one-on-one and it’s because she’s out of her league. Carmella questions this, says she got more than her attention, hilariously accuses her of being jealous. Says Sasha always dreamed of being here and worked her butt off to be the best. But she walked in on a whim and everything came easy to her. Her one title reign was longer than Sasha’s combined.

Carmella says Sasha looks at her and sees the hot chick and not a competitor like her. But she’ll show her and embarrass her. Sasha says what’s embarrassing is that she thinks she even belongs in the same ring as her. She’ll face her at TLC but she’s never been in the ring with as bad a bitch as her.

Murphy is here for his match with Corbin and as Corbin comes out, he has backup… some rather short guys in hoodies. One of them resembled Tyson Kidd in the face a little but they don’t get a clear shot of their faces.

King Corbin vs. Murphy

Corbin drives Murphy and starts with the shoulder thrusts. Biel toss, and then another hurl. Murphy fights back with a Jawbreaker, gets sent to the apron but stays on his feet, shoulder thrust to the stomach. He goes up top, Corbin with a goozle. Murphy kicks him away. Flying sunset flip, Corbin blocks and pulls him to his feet, Murphy ducks a line, headscissor takes him to the outside. Baseball slide, running kick from the apron! Corbin is down.

Murphy goes out there, glances at the hoodie boys. Corbin takes over and TOSSES him right into a camera, my goodness! Commercial break. When we come back, Corbin is battering Murphy in the ring. They finally identified the guys as the former Forgotten Sons, Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake! That’s actually pretty neat that Blake returns for a Murphy match. Meanwhile Corbin gets Murphy with a Deep Six! Nearfall. Mounted shots.

Charging elbow. Hits the ropes, forearm to the head. Murphy ducks a line, chinlock. Corbin drives him into the buckle, but Murphy holds on and goes to the second rope, he seems to be choking him for the 4 count. Shot to the head, Missile Dropkick! V-Trigger drops Corbin to the outside! Takes him inside, enziguri from the apron! Cutler and Blake finally jump Rey and Dominik! Murphy was setting up for the killshot but he has to go out there to deal with them, he chases them into the ring where Corbin surprises Murphy with the End of Days for the victory!

Winner: King Corbin

So yeah, Forgotten Sons minus Ryker are Corbin’s new backup. Was starting to wonder if we’d ever see them again.

Street Profits backstage say that Owens and Otis have a chance to get even with Roman and Jey. They go back and forth on whether Otis can trust Owens given his track record with partners, and whether Jey can stay on Roman’s good side. Roode and Cesaro appear and jab at them in favor of their own tag teams. Profits have the easy comeback that they’re the ones with the tag titles.

Main event time. Jey comes out and keeps looking back… Roman doesn’t seem to be coming out.

Kevin Owens & Otis vs. Roman Reigns & Jey Uso (Perhaps a Handicap match for Jey)

Otis and Jey lock-up. Otis clobbers him in the corner, big biel toss. Otis with a big discus lariat drops him! Pulls him up, whip to the corner, Jey sidesteps a charge and Otis posts himself. Owens tags in and pummels him. Jey reverses a whip into the corner, Owens bounces back and Jey with a Samoan Drop! Only now does Roman Reigns’ music hit and Jey is so relieved to see him come out. He makes his way to the apron.

Jey pulls Owens up but eats an enziguri! Jey is favoring his jaw a lot. Roman has his hand out. Jey crawls over for a tag but instead Roman enters the ring and Superman Punches Otis to the floor! He goes out there and drives Otis’ face into the apron, then the announce table and even posts him! Sends him into the steps next. Picks up the steps and dives them repeatedly into Otis’ chest! That is definitely not legal but somehow because neither are the legal man that’s not a DQ. Owens attacks Roman from behind but Jey stops that with a suicide dive just before the commercial break!

Reigns with a flying clothesline to Owens as we come back. Now it’s Owens in a Handicap situation with Otis taken out, tag to Jey, Roman whips Owens into a sharp uppercut. Jey stomps him into the corner, tries the Umaga Hip Attack but Owens evades it! And there’s the Cannonball! Exchange of strikes in the middle of the ring, Owens with a lariat wins out, Half Senton! Whip, wants the Pop-Up Powerbomb but Jey hangs onto the ropes. Owens ducks a shot, kick to the gut, DDT for a nearfall! Owens mocks Roman with a Samoan Drop and they staredown.

Owens is begging Roman to get in the ring. Roman starts to come in, Jey pulls him around for a shot, Roman with an uppercut, Jey with a Superkick! He goes up top, but now Reigns is demanding the tag. Says it’s his show, he finishes the show. Demands Jey tag him in. Jey looks to pull Owens over there but Owens fights back, knocks Roman off the apron, Stunner! Roman breaks up the pin and then locks Owens into a Guillotine and the ref calls for the bell.

Winners: Kevin Owens & Otis (by DQ)

Afterwards Roman has Jey go outside and grab two chairs. Takes them into the ring, both heels are armed with one. They unload with shots to the back and shoulders. Jey lays his chair on Owens’ torso, goes up top, Uso Splash onto the chair! Jey is writhing from his own move; Roman suddenly attacks Jey with the chair, nailing him in the back! He drives it into his chest repeatedly and yells asking how many times he has to tell him.

Roman grabs Owens by the chin and growls at him, says him and his family will feel this. Raises the title above his head as the show goes off the air.

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