AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

The next chapter in the Wednesday Night Wars unfolds tonight. After a storied episode last week, we have another of AEW Dynamite to recap blow-by-blow in written form, and that’s exactly what you’ll see on this here page. So watch this space~!

We begin with the Young Bucks in non-title action. They have an inset promo vowing vengeance on TH2, but also say that they have no idea what’s going on with Kenny Omega.

AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs. TH2

Heels attack the Bucks before the bell. But the Bucks start shining early, double teams. Double arm drag into the double Basement Dropkick. Nick with a crazy lucha springing arm drag to Angelico! And a springboard arm drag follow-up, drop toe hold, Matt tags in for slingshot elbow drop, double team takes Evans to the floor! Angelico fights back, holds Matt up on his shoulders, Evans with an incredible leap off of Matt’s back for a moonsault to the floor to Nick!

Assisted 450 in the ring, Evans covers Matt for a nearfall. Superkicks start flying and all four men eat one and go down! Nick makes a comeback with charging shots in opposite corners, high knee into a clothesline/bulldog combo! Evans reverses a whip but gets taken up top anyway. Nick chops the chest of Angelico, springs up with a hand on Angelico’s wrist for a wild Super Rana to Evans! Slingshot X-Factor for a nearfall! Evans grabs Nick’s hair, Nick breaks free, Matt with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb sending Evans flying over the barricade and into the Acclaimed!!

Meanwhile Nick takes Angelico down and hits a charging knee drive to his face, Risky Business double team gets a nearfall! TH2 fight back, neckbreakers, flatliner, Evans with a 450 for a nearfall! Angelic powers Nick up onto his shoulders for a BT Bomb in the corner but Matt with a rana sending Angelico into a Nick enziguri! Evans has to break up the following pin. Evans takes Matt to the outside, double boots to Nick as he backflips to the ramp.

But Matt powers Evans up on his shoulders, Nick off the top – Doomsday Device on the ramp! Back in the ring, double Superkick! And a cloooooose nearfall on Angelico, dang! More Bang For Your Buck follows but Angelico gets the knees up on Nick, evades Matt and he lands painfully on his leg! Angelico with a Backstabber, Evans with a 450 on the floor to Nick, Angelico with a Dragonscrew Legwhip! Twists Matt’s leg into the Deathroll!

Matt is entirely trapped, Nick fighting his way back in, has to take Evans out of the ring, Senton Bomb off the top on Angelico to break up the submission! Now they want the Meltzer Driver but Evans breaks that up and takes them outside, looks for the handspring tope – but he gets caught out of the air in Tombstone position!! MELTZER DRIVER ON THE FLOOR TO EVANS! Back in the ring, Angelico gets an O’Connor Roll for a nearfall, Stereo Superkick drops him limp. Nick tags in, BTE Trigger finally finishes the job.

Winners: The Young Bucks

Very good stuff, and given that the Bucks won, an interesting idea to make this a match for a title shot rather than just put the titles on the line. That made it seem significantly more likely that Evans and Angelico could get the upset. The Acclaimed try for a run-in afterwards but SCU run them off.

MJF backstage says he hates Orange Cassidy and is going to hurt him.

Darby Allin takes a Rorshach test. He sees a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a snake in the grass and a puppet. But he also sees the number one contender, the same man who has tried to end his career since he’s stepped in. You could say it’s six months in the making but it’s more like 27 years because he’s put up with people like Cage his whole life. He will defend the TNT Championship against Brian Cage and he will win. He’s then shown an ink blot that’s just Sting’s face and he laughs…

Cody Rhodes makes his way out for the next segment as we go to commercial break.

We come back to see Tony Schiavone in the ring with Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson. He asks him for his reaction to what went down last week but the lights go out before he can answer. The snow falls and out comes Sting. He comes right out and comes face to face with Arn Anderson. Pause for a “Sting” chant. Anderson says he’s sorry, just had to get a little closer to make sure this was real. He sees he’s got an agenda and he knows Cody does so for now, he’s just gonna see his way out of here. Arn hands the mic to Tony and walks away.

Tony asks who is he to stand here and hands Sting the mic but he says “Tony are you kidding me?” and tells him to bring it in for a hug! How cute. He gives him kudos for helping him out in his career, he loves hearing him say “It’s Stiiiiiing”. He asks him to give it to us again and Tony obliges with enthusiasm. They hug once more.

“This Is Awesome” starts and Cody welcomes Sting back. He thanks him for the assist last week but he thinks it’d be apropos if he just go to the point. He’s been waiting to share a ring with him for a very, very long time. Sting tells Cody he’s not here for him. Crowd with the “aww”! Sting adds, atleast not for now. There’s something very familiar about this place and we see Darby Allin up there in the dark stands.

Sting says the animals at ringside are the same but different in a lot of ways. Bottomline is he’s in the jungle, the Stinger is in the jungle and on TNT once again. Another “welcome back” chant. Cody again welcomes him back and gives him a bit of a deathstare. Sting says Cody knows everything that goes on around this place but the only thing that’s sure about Sting is that nothing is for sure. Except for this, he is signed officially with AEW and he plans on being close to the AEW wrestling fans and in this promotion for a long time.

He plans on spending a lot of time right here. Chant changes to “Welcome home”, that’s nice. Sting says the way he chooses to play is his business. Sting puts an arm around Cody’s shoulder and smiles as he says “See you around, kid.” Thus he leaves, with more questions than answers.

Team Taz backstage with a promo. He says what a special moment. How about the moment last week when they were pounding on Cody and Darby until Sting came out to save ’em. Says his men are always ready to beat somebodies’ ass.

FTR vs. Varsity Blondes

Brian Pillman Jr and Griff Garrison making their debut as a team here on Dynamite, been on Dark for a while. Cash with a waistlock takedown sequence. Pulls him up for an uppercut. Tag to Dax, shot to the face, takes him to the corner for chops. Whip for a back elbow. Snap suplex! Uppercut, tag to Cash, double whip, Pillman counters with a springboard crossbody! Dropkicks to both men. Wristlock. Tag to Griff, shot to the arm. Wristlock of his own, quick tags.

Whip, Pillman with a neckbreaker, Garrison with a legdrop, 1 count off the cover. Cash reverses a whip, Pillman tries another crossbody but this one gets evaded. Double Stungun! Dax is pounding on Pillman on the mat as we go to commercial break. We come back to see Dax hit a powerbomb on Pillman. Kicks him to the floor. Cash tags in and goes out there to hold his arms for a cheap shot from Tully Blanchard behind the ref’s back. Brian fights back, shot to the face of Dax. He goes up to the apron, Springboard Clothesline to Cash! Makes the tag to Griff Garrison and he’s got clotheslines and big boots aplenty, nice Discus Elbow to Wheeler!

Charging clothesline to Dax, takes Dax into Cash, big corner line to both men, double spear! Nearfall! Griff looked damn good in that hot tag, that’s a great skill to have. Dax knocks Griff away, Pillman tags in, misses a Springboard Clothesline, Dax with a Brainbuster. Takes him to the heel corner, tag to Cash, Goodnight Express seals the deal.

Winners: FTR

Very solid stuff, Blondes are a great opponent for FTR, this works very well. Afterwards FTR sees Jurassic Express at ringside and seem to want nothing to do with them.

Hangman Page at the bar is scheduled to have a six man tag match next week against Matt Hardy and Private Party but he has no partners as of yet. Silver and Reynolds in dinky cowboy hats show up behind the bar and act like they’re already his partners. Page denies this but when they ask who else will team with him, Page concedes but says this doesn’t mean he’s in the Dark Order. They celebrate nonetheless.

This parlays nicely into the Dark Order making their way out, Preston Vance aka Ten has a rare singles match on Dynamite up next against Dustin Rhodes.

Ten vs. Dustin Rhodes

Dustin brings Lee Johnson with him to the ring. Lock-up, Ten shoves him away. Dustin wins out with brawling, takes him outside and slams him into the guardrail. But Ten reverses by yanking him into the apron. Takes him into the ring, kick to the ribs. Whip, Spinebuster! Dustin rolls to the apron, Pump Kick sends him flying into the barricade. Ten takes Dustin into the ring, Aaron Solow in the front row reaches for him and eats a Pump Kick of his own! Ten goes back in, Dustin with a series of clotheslines. Rhodes pounds him in the corner, bites at his face. Running Bulldog gets the win!

Winner: Dustin Rhodes

Dark Order converges on the ring. Uno says he’s not here to fight, can’t change their past but he can improve their future. Says Dustin’s lineage goes back five generations. Tells him that comes with a huge bit of pressure. In AEW he’s the third most important Rhodes. Dustin takes offense to this. Uno tells him to take his rightful place as Seven of the Dark Order! That’s incredible. Dustin acts like he’s thinking of it, curling his fingers like he’s about to make the Dark Order sign but instead slaps him across the face!

And now a sit-down interview with Shaq, Tony Schiavone and Brandi Rhodes. The way they positioned this did well to make him look even more enormous. Shaq says him and Jade Cargill go way back, he loves her and hopes for the best for her. But he didn’t really appreciate what she did to her arm. Brandi’s in a cast. Tony asks if they will settle it in the ring. Shaq says he’d love to see that. He messes around on Twitter but he loves and respects the wrestlers, best athletes in the world. Loves Brandi, loves Cody.

Brandi stands and shakes his hand and it seems like it’ll be very cordial. But then Shaq says maybe she should take some pointers from Jade, might learn a thing or two. Brandi takes issue with this pattern of misbehavior and splashes water in his face. We’re left with the hilarious sight of Shaq looking at the camera all cartooney.

The Inner Circle make their way out for the Ultimatum. Jericho says this is a very serious night, it could be the last time anyone sees them together in an AEW ring. And the reason is because last week he said they had seven days to decide if they would rebuild the Inner Circle as the most powerful faction in wrestling history or disband forever. The shit going on is not what he envisioned for this group. Last week was embarrassing and sickening and it will never happen again.

Jericho says Guevara, Hager and Ortiz are all sick of them and Santana’s so pissed off he didn’t even show up to work this week! Says they need to decide tonight. MJF says he’ll take the room real quick, just one second. Before he continues speaking, he wants them to understand that he loves them all like brothers. Calls his Ortiz “my esse”. But he can see the issue. He sees what people are writing on social media, people think he wants to break up this group, or perhaps take over this group!

MJF says maybe the guys are starting to believe the hype. But he chose to join this group because he wanted to be part of the greatest group in pro wrestling and moreover he wanted to create a bond that could never be broken. So that’s why it hurt him that Sammy was going to betray- Sammy cuts him off and shouts him down. MJF blames Sammy for the white towel, Jericho tells him they explained this months ago, they all watch Dynamite! He saw what he did!

Max says swear to God, he had sweat on his brow. Ortiz said Santana made him realize they’re assets to the group. As human beings, debatable. Says Wardlow should never change. Max is growing on him like a fungus, but he’s growing on him. He wants Sammy to shake his hands. Sammy doesn’t want to. Ortiz says Chris chose him and not them, but in life you don’t always get to choose your hand. Tells Sammy to be the better man ’cause he’s better than Max and he knows it. This stings Max but he still has his hand out. Sammy says he will. Tells Chris he trusts him with everything, he brought him to AEW and he’ll shake his hand.

But he gets in MJF’s face and even Jericho’s face to say if one more thing happens here, he will quit the Inner Circle. Chris says okay. Sammy shakes Max’s hand. Chris says he appreciates Sammy speaking up for himself, it seems like everything is cool right? Hager says he has a question, why does Wardlow keep staring at him? Wardlow says HE has been staring at him from the beginning and it’s creeping him out! Hager says he’s been creeping HIM out! Jericho says they should agree to stop staring. Hager says he could stop right now if he wanted to and Wardlow says the same.

Jericho says they can all agree that they need to dominate and they’re on the same page. And they need to think of the future. MJF says speaking of which we have a huge main event here tonight and he will destroy Orange Cassidy for beating Chris Jericho twice something that would NEVER happen to him! Jericho tells him he ruined it but to put it in anyway. They do the Shield mockery pose with the middlefingers in the center of the ring. Lovely segment.

FTR is backstage talking about their title loss. Tully explains he wasn’t there, one member of the team was not there. When they’re all together, they’re invincible. Dax says their goal is to take back the titles, and Fear The Revelation.

Eddie Kingston, Butcher & Blade vs. Lance Archer & The Lucha Bros

Archer leaps over the top rope to wipe the heels out on a double clothesline! Faces are going wild on everybody, Fenix taking it to Blade, Pentagon fighting with Butcher. Archer with wicked forearms to Kingston. Butcher suplexes Penta right through a table! Only now does the bell ring with Archer and Kingston starting us out. Medics are checking on Penta now, Fenix has tagged in, so has Eddie and he evades a Fenix charge, Butcher with a huge crossbody! He’s pounding on Fenix now who is being isolated. Eddie with a body slam, mocking Archer.

He pulls Fenix up and pounds on his back, wrenching at his face. Blade tags in, grinding a knee into Fenix’s face. Distracts the ref as the Bunny attacks Fenix. Kingston tags in, Fenix blocks a Saito Suplex, nails the Lethal Injection! Tags to Blade and Archer! Archer with a high knee, Full Nelson Slam! Butcher and Archer going at it now, Archer throws Butcher in the corner. Charging back elbows on opposite sides! Butcher sidesteps Archer, he gets a boot up on both of them for a double crossbody just as we go to commercial break!

We come back to see Blade charge after Jake Roberts on a distraction, allows Archer to hit a German Suplex, tag to Fenix! Springboard clothesline, Butcher and Kingston rush in, he tries taking them both on. Roundhouse kick to Butcher, Lucha Arm Drag/Body Press combo takes them both out! Takes Kingston to the outside, Tope Con Hilo! Fenix is holding his head off the landing but he goes back in. Blade with a shot to the gut, Neckbreaker/Powerbomb combo for the win.

Winners: Eddie Kingston, The Butcher & The Blade

With it being 2-on-3 I think the heels winning is fairly necessary if this feud is gonna keep going. Afterwards though Archer is clearing out everybody, big Overhead Belly To Belly! Charging elbow in the corner, pulls him up for the Blackout but Butcher pulls Blade to freedom and they bail.

Backstage, Jade Gargill and Nyla Rose are attacking Red Velvet. Several other women get involved and there’s a brief pull-apart.

Abadon vs. Tesha Price

Abadon with a clothesline, pummels her in the corner. Biel toss. Crawls towards her. Forearm, Abadon absorbs it and man is she creepy looking. Forearms, STO drops her! Pulls her up, hooks her in a Gory Bomb position and savors it. Drives her down and that’s that!

Winner: Abadon

Neat finisher. Abadon pounds on her afterwards until Hikaru Shida’s music hits, she comes out with a kendo stick. She looks nervous but she wants to make the save anyway and rushes into the ring. Nails her with the Kendo Stick and lays her out! She goes over to pull Tesha up to her feet but Abadon sits up! Shida quickly helps Price out of the ring.

Inner Circle backstage. Jericho says they’re all on the same page now. That’s why they will join MJF at ringside tonight to make sure he beats that son of a bitch Orange Cassidy to retain the Dynamite Diamond Ring!

There’s a helicopter coming in, it’s Kenny Omega and Don Callis coming in from Nashville. Alex Marvez is there with them in the parking lot. Kenny says yeah it’s really cool they came in a chopper. Don says he can watch them with the world in the ring.

Kenny now has several more accolades to list in his ring introduction. Now Kenny’s coming out of the heel tunnel, that’s hilarious. I guess he would be but given his entrance it’s super noticeable.

Kenny makes his way to the ring where Tony Schiavone awaits. Tony asks about the gentlemen’s agreement he talked about. He says he’s been in the wrestling business for decades and he’s never been more sickened than last week. Gotta say that’s a bit of a hard sell coming from Schiavone but aight. Callis says Tony invited him here and treated him like an honored guest and feels like he got screwed. Well that’s his first lesson, welcome to the wrestling business, kid.

Says Hell froze over as Kenny appeared on AXS with the AEW world title. It didn’t take weeks of planning or even months but years. Says he’s been with him for years like an invisible hand. Three years ago, Jericho and Omega, the match that Tony Khan has said if it didn’t happen, there may not be an AEW – Callis was important in making that match happen – Callis says they called them thieves but you can’t steal what you create.

Kenny says you didn’t see him at AEW’s birth crawling with his hands out begging him to get his friends and family in AEW. He waited and bided his time. Says nepotism is a great thing and they’ve pulled it off better than anyone. Plaques, trophies, banners and buttons all pale in comparison to what he holds right now. The most prestigious prize in all of pro wrestling. He says last week was not only a seven star classic but a performance, it was a fine art, it was inspirational and everyone watching at home fell for it. Whether you did or not he could care less.

Kenny says Jon left it all in the ring. He takes off his sunglasses to reveal a black eye. Kenny says he doesn’t have it up here though, giving the “smarter than you” gesture. Says yeah he used the microphone but nobody kicks out of the One Winged Angel. He hints that there are even bigger surprises in store but Callis says they’re not ready for it yet. But he asks him to do what people have been waiting years for him to do. Kenny says he’s a little nervous but gives his sign off, good bye and good night – BANG!

MJF and the rest of the Inner Circle emerge for the main event.

Dynamite Diamond Ring: MJF (c) vs. Orange Cassidy

Max charges him as the bell rings and pummels him in the mat. He grabs Cassidy’s sunglasses and immediately snaps them. Pulls him up, snap suplex for a cover, 2 count. Vertical suplex for a 2 count. Cover for another 2. MJF tries a suplex but Cassidy with the Stundog Millionare! MJF rolls to the apron, Cassidy and Max grabbing each other by the hair, Cassidy pulled to the apron. He tries for the Orange Punch but MJF escapes into the ring and Cassidy punches the post!

He’s reeling, Max pulls Cassidy out and stuffs his hands in his pocket for a Powerbomb onto the apron, landing on his hands! Yikes! Now he drags him over and places his fingers through the steel of the turnbuckle to wrench it back. Throws him into the ring, cover for 2. Cassidy trying to fight back but MJF with a rake of the eyes. Cassidy sidesteps a charge and hits the ropes but MJF drops him with a Flapjack!

Drives right through him with a back elbow, cover for 2. MJF throws him from the ring and distracts the ref, the whole Inner Circle is stomping on him! Best Friends are at ringside but they’re well outnumbered, Guevara even posts Cassidy and throws him into the ring before the commercial break! We come back to see Max kicking him around and mocking him, putting his hands in his trunks instead of pockets. We do see that Chuck and Trent managed to get some reinforcements to even up the odds, it’s basically a Lumberjack Match now.

Cassidy fights back, takes him outside, tope suicida! Takes him into the ring, Round-The-World DDT! His hand is still bothering him, but he lands the Flying DDT off the top rope for a nearfall! MJF side-steps the Ornage Punch, off the top with a double footstomp to the arm! But Cassidy with a roll up cradle, can’t hold with both hands though and MJF kicks out! Buckle Bomb, hoists him up and nails a Shoulderbreaker! And then a Tiger Bomb for a nearfall! Tries for the Heatseeker but Cassidy with a back body drop sends him into the arms of the Inner Circle!

And an awesome Springboard Senton wipes out the group! Ortiz has a madball and Jericho with the bat though, Cassidy manages to slip past them, back into the ring – MJF with the Heatseeker! And he has the feet on the ropes but Chuck and Trent alert the ref! Max shoves them, ref has to deal with them. Jericho tosses MJF the bat.

He swings the bat at the mat and then tosses it to Orange and drops down but Cassidy just doesn’t catch it! Max yells at him and picks it up to demand he grab it but the ref catches him! He gets the bat out of the ring, Cassidy nails Beach Break! NEARFALL!! Orange Punch lands! Another nearfall!

Second Orange Punch nailed but Wardlow gets his boot on the rope! Fight kicks up again at ringside and as the ref is dealing with it, Miro rushes the ring and waylays Cassidy with a lariato flipping him over! MJF slumps over Cassidy and gets the pin despite being dead.

Winner: MJF

Afterwards Miro just demolishes the ring crew, even tossing one off the stage. He’s on a rampage as the show comes to a close.

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