AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

Another Wednesday brings us another edition of AEW Dynamite, one of the last episodes of the year. Hangman Page joins the Dark Order… in a six-man tag match against the Hardy Party! Kenny Omega takes on Joey Janela in a No DQ match where Janela can earn a title shot if he wins, Cody vs. Angelico and more! And I’ll be with you throughout the night to give the live written recap for every bit of it so watch this space!

We open with a big six-man tag match. Silver and Reynolds again try to buddy with Page with cowboy hats even putting one on him, much to his chagrin.

Hangman Page, John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. Matt Hardy & Private Party

Quen starts with Page. Hangman shoots him off, Quen with a shoulder block, duck unders, big boot from Page avoided, Page sidesteps an enziguri. Tag to Matt Hardy. Lock-up, Matt has to break. Page with a few shots, Matt with a kick, tag to Kassidy. Double Back Suplex, Page escapes though, Silver and Reynolds in for a stereo big boot to all three! They deposit their opponents and Silver and Reynolds celebrate big with Hangman. Silver piggybacks Hangman, who drives him onto Kassidy hard! Nearfall.

Reynolds blind tags in after Page gets whipped, Double Hip Toss into a Double Reverse Suplex, Page with a Running Shooting Star Press as Silver covers for a nearfall! Silver with Yes Kicks style shots. Big pose, Page seems to be enjoying this match now. Quen tags in, series of clotheslines to Silver, back body drop to Reynolds, Pump Kick to Silver. Tag to Kassidy, double whip, Double Atomic Drop, trip into a Wishbone, Double Basement Dropkick for a nearfall!

Matt Hardy throws Silver onto the knees of Kassidy, Quen leaps off the back of Silver for a wild Star Press, nearfall! Tag to Hardy. Pulls Silver up and takes him to his corner, battering him until he drops. Whip, Side Effect seems to somehow go awry so he turns it into a headlock. Silver with a Back Suplex to escape! Now he tries the Side Effect, Silver battles out of it briefly but Hardy bounces him off the buckles into a Neckbreaker! Hardy up on the second rope, Hardy pose into a flying axe handle but Silver with a body shot out of the air, Brainbuster!

Tag to Page and Kassidy, Page with a Springboard Clothesline to Quen, Fallaway Slam to Kassidy, tope to Hardy! Huge lariat flips Kassidy for a nearfall! Hardy tags in, Side Effect for a nearfall! Eats a big clothesline, tags to Reynolds and Quen, Reynolds with a very fast charging back elbow, Cravate Suplex for a nearfall, Kassidy has to break it up! Reynolds deposits Kassidy, whips Quen to the corner where Silver gets an enziguri, Reynolds with one of his own, stunner, roundhouse kick, German Suplex and a Jacknife – Hardy has to pull them off the cover!

Hardy with a BRUTAL Twist of Fate from the apron to the floor! Hangman gets sent over the barricade, Reynolds with some boots and enziguris to fight back but the numbers catch up with him, Gin and Juice nailed, Hardy tags himself in to cover Reynolds for the win.

Winners: Matt Hardy & Private Party

Good match and definitely something developing with Matt here, seems to be Page’s next big opponent.

Inner Circle backstage, MJF gets a New York Times Best Performance Award for the Dinner Debonair. Max says the Times got it wrong, because he couldn’t have done it without Jericho. Chastises people for claiming that MJF is a far better performer than Jericho. Says when he looks at Chris, he sees a mentor, the GOAT and most importantly, his friend. Jericho through grit teeth congratulates Max.

At the Rhodes home Cody and Brandi get a gift. They open it to reveal a pair of baby booties with a medal that says “We’re expecting a baby, 2021”! Pharoah has a scarf that says Baby Security (In Training). And that leads us directly to…

Cody vs. Angelico

Angelico with a big snapmare to start. Lock-up. Cody with a wristlock. Big arm drag. Angelico with a wristlock again. Cody tries to roll through but he can’t. Cody reverses, takedown. Angelico kicks him away, both on their feet. Cody with an arm breaker, Angelico spins out of a wristlock, keeps spinning Cody until he gets him with an arm drag. Angelico goes to his back to mock Cody. They wrestle on their feet, Cody with a waistlock, Angelico breaks in the ropes. Facewashes traded.

Leapfrogs and duck unders, Cody with a dropkick for a 1 count! Commercial break. We come back, Angelico had been working over Cody’s back during the break. Cody fighting back with clotheslines, Angelico reverses a whip but charges into a Powerslam for a 2 count. Cody rips off his weight belt and tosses it into the crowd. Pulls Angleico up, blocks a kick and spins him around, tries for the low uppercut but Angelico blocks it! Spins him into the Novaro Dos Mil, Cody has to bite the bottom rope for the break!

Cody with a boot off a charge, backslide for 2. Cody tries for a Disaster Kick but Angelico with a dragonscrew out of the air! Novaro Death Roll sinked in! Cody’s in peril now in the middle of the ring. Cody fights to the ropes and makes it for the break. Cody reverses a whip and there’s the uppercut from the mat! Angelico counters a Cross-Rhodes but still gets snapmared, Cody Cutter spikes him for the win!

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Always cool to establish alternate finishers, though he sure has hit the Cody Cutter without getting a win a lot.

Team Taz comes out to the stage as Cody celebrates. Taz says on behalf of his boys, congratulations for his win and because he’s gonna be a daddy! Starks says where was their congrats when they made Cody and the turtle kid Darby their sons? Taz says in regards to Darby, he’s gonna be made mincemeat real soon by Brian Cage. Says to Cody that Team Taz is on the way to the ring and they’ll put him on paternity leave. But just as they start walking up, the lights go out and here comes Sting! He’s got his bat, Powerhouse Hobbs wants a piece but the others keep him back.

Miro is told that he’s been fined $5000 for everyone he laid out. Miro says numbers are everything but Orange Cassidy just doesn’t care. Now it’s the Holidays, he’ll break the internet once again facing Sonny Kiss on Dark. Next week they’ll have the big wedding date announcement between Kip and Penelope. Alex Marvez asks what about all the people in the hospital on Christmas? Miro says bah humbug! It’s his birthday!

Now Eddie Kingston on the way to the ring. He says people can boo or chant his name whatever, he doesn’t care about any of them. He’s here to address his enemies. His first is the big man upstairs, ’cause he’s still alive. The next is the Bastard Pac, who he sent back home nursing his neck. Says there’s no way he’s coming back, his career is done. Says another bastard is the big goofy bastard Lance Archer! Archer suddenly comes out to interrupt but the Butcher and the Blade swarm on him quickly.

Fenix and Penta appear however to face off with them… and Pac emerges as well, he’s already back! They all come to blows in the middle and the faces win out! Lucha Bros deal with Butcher and Blade, big Tope Cornilo as Archer throws Kingston into the ring! Goozles him in place for a big Pac Pump Kick! But Archer didn’t like that, pulls him away to yell at him and this allows Butcher and Blade to pull Kingston to safety. Faces stand tall nonetheless.

Dustin Rhodes backstage with Dasha Gonzalez. Dustin says Seven was a bad idea years ago and it’s a bad idea last week. Says Uno called him the third least important member of the Rhodes family, he’s dead wrong. Says one by one, they’ll all fall to him. Challenges Uno one-on-one next week on the Holiday Bash!

Big six-on-six now. Orange Cassidy is on commentary saying nothing of course.

Inner Circle vs. The Best Friends, Varsity Blondes & Top Flight

Trent and Jericho but Pillman wants in and Trent obliges. Jericho smirks. Pillman with an arm drag off the lock-up! Jericho is stunned, slaps him across the face. Big chops to the chest! Stands on his face. Pillman ducks a line and returns the knife edge chops! Whip, Jericho reverses, Pillman goes up top with a big crossbody! Dropkick! Springboard Dropkick takes Jericho to the floor! Tope Con Hilo! MJF, Hager and Ortiz are staring Pillman down. He still drags Jericho into the ring .Chris with a kick, whip to the corner, Pillman with a boot up.

Brian bodyslams, tag to Griff Garrison who gets a Pullover Legdrop for a 2 count! Forearms, whip to Jericho. Jericho with a boot up on a back body drop on a kick. Guevara tags in, chop to Griff. Lotta chops in this match, big knife edges to Griff. Garrison with a reversed whip into the corner, big arm drag and now a tag to Dante Martin. Guevara flips him off. Dante with a kick to the hand! Sidestepped, Sammy with a leapfrog and a lovely dropkick! Forearm, big chop to the chest. Whip, stomps his head into the mat. Dante with a reversal, flies at him with a wild legdrop, like a Fameasser from the front!

Darius blind tags in, rolls him through for a huge roundhouse kick, Ortiz breaks it up. Darius with a big uppercut. Elbow to the face, tag to Dante. Sammy reverses a wristlock, they roll through, Sammy with a huge punch to the face drops him! Santana tags in, as does Trent. Chuck and Ortiz are in too, Best Friends and P-N-P with a staredown! They brawl and the whole match breaks down with a Pier Six Brawl! All of the Inner Circle get deposited and an incredible six-way hug! Cassidy hugs Excalibur.

Santana now on the apron slowly entering, Ortiz with a chop block to Trent from behind, Santana pummeling him now. Snap Suplex, rolls the hips, second suplex. Ortiz tags in, double snap suplex. Trent taken to the outside, Hager and MJF joins in with Ortiz in stomping him. Commercial break. We come back to see Sammy get a basement dropkick, spins around and we have the Jericho and Sammy pose. Guevara up top, Shooting Star Press but Trent rolls out of the way, Buisaku Knee!

Ortiz tags in and knocks Chuck Taylor off the apron, Trent with a Back Suplex to Ortiz, Darius tags in and sends Ortiz into the ropes for the Standing Spanish Fly! Goes for a dive but Ortiz with a kick out of the air, only for Dante to nail them all with a tope of his own! Sends Ortiz into the face corner, diving elbow. Tags to Trent who tags to Chuck, Sole Food/Half-N-Half combo, Brian Pillman tags in for the Springboard Shoulder Tackle!

Tag to Griff, low bridges Hager to the floor, flying clothesline for Ortiz, Discus Elbow! Griff hits the ropes, Jericho nails him in the back with the bat behind the ref’s back! Hager tags in, puts him on his shoulders, F-10 in tribute to Wardlow, tag to MJF who gets the pin.

Winners: The Inner Circle

Inner Circle win was as foregone a conclusion as you’ll ever see but a ton of fun there in that one regardless. Top Flight afterwards run Jericho and MJF off and send them reeling with dropkicks! Faces stand in the ring as the Inner Circle poses on the stage.

Thunder Rosa backstage, calls out Britt Baker. Says she’s been wrestling all over the world. Britt dared get involved in her match when she was going for the NWA Women’s title. Says she’s kicking her ass because maybe she does belong to her. For her to have the balls to say she doesn’t belong here. Reba comes up to her telling her not to talk crap about her doctor. It’s just a setup for an ambush though with Britt attacking from behind. They pour water over here and Baker asks if Rosa’s ugly face broke the camera.

Now out comes SCU and the Acclaimed, there’s a big freestyle in the entrance. Say Daniels is called CD because he’s an outdated format. Heard Kazarian had hairplugs, so do’ya?! Kaz has rhymes of his own. Hopes they wrestle better than they rap ’cause that sounded like crap. Makes a Men On A Mission crack, tells them that was the shits and they’ll beat their ass.

SCU vs. The Acclaimed

Bowens and Kazarian start, Kaz catches him out of the air with a Fisherman’s Buster for a nearfall! Daniels tags in, wants a piledriver, Caster with a distraction, Bowens with a back body drop. Caster tags in and they exchange forearms. Knee to the gut, whip to the opposite corner, Daniels with a boot up off a charge, dropkick off the second rope! Daniels drives him into a double boot from Kaz. Daniels with a Pullover Elbow Drop, Kaz with a Pullover Leg Drop for a nearfall.

Tag to Bowens, but Kazarian with an arm drag. Big chops. Whip to the opposite corner, charges, Bowens takes him to the apron. Kaz with a right hand to the charging Caster, Bowens nails him and sends him to the floor. Both men pounding on him on the outside as we go to commercial. We come back to see Acclaimed double teaming Kaz. He gets the boots up on charges, takes Bowens to the floor, Pullover DDT to Caster! Bowens tags in but Kaz kicks him off, tag to CD! Shoulder thrust, clotheslines. Back body drop to Caster, shots to Bowens, Bowens with a whip but Daniels with an STO to Caster! Blue Thunder Bomb to Bowens for a nearfall!

Looking for Angel’s Wings, big Uranage. Going up top but Caster stops him, Kazarian with a Cactus Clothesline to Caster. Bowens taking Daniels up top, hooks him, Daniels shoves him to the mat. Caster grabs Daniel’s ankle, Kazarian pulls him to the floor, Daniels with a crossbody to Bowens for a nearfall. Caster reverses on Kazarian and sends him into the barricade. Bowens tries for a Torture Rack position move, Daniels escapes, he shoves him forward, Caster nails him in the face with a Boombox behind the ref’s back! Bowens with a move like a Pumphandle Belly-To-Belly!

Winners: The Acclaimed

Neat to see a young team get the big win. There’s another freestyle on the Bucks making it clear that they want their titles, say they’ll be kissing the titles and make them feel like cucks. Incredible. They challenge them for next week, Bucks accept to defend the titles next week.

Top Flight backstage. Darius says Chris Jericho is a first ballot Hall of Famer. MJF is AEW’s hottest new star – until they got signed of course. People didn’t know a lot about them beforehand but they knew today. They hit them so hard they may have forgotten. Introduce themselves as Dante and Darius Martin, coldest team in the game today. Challenge Jericho and MJF to face them. Sounds cool to me.

Ivelisse & Diamante vs. Big Swole & Serena Deeb

Deeb and Ivelisse start. Lock-up, Ivelisse with a trip. Lock-up again, Deeb takes Ivelisse into the corner, ref pulls them apart. Ivelisse with a back elbow. Few shots ducked, Deeb with a clothesline. Takes her into the corner, Swole tags in. Ivelisse ducks a shot, tag to Diamante. Swole blocks a kick, snap backbreaker! Diamante shoots her off on a headlock, Overhead Belly To Belly to Diamante! Pulls her over to the corner, Diamante with a shot to Deeb, Diamante hangs Swole in the ropes, Ivelisse with a Hot Shot, Diamante with a German Suplex for a nearfall!

Swole takes her to the corner, Ivelisse tags in, double suplex! Commercial break. We come back to see Deeb with a big bodyslam to Diamante, drop toe hold to Ivelisse. Hooks the legs, kick to Diamante and a snap suplex takes her down and also wrenches on the legs of Ivelisse! Big uppercut to Diamante, blocks a kick, Dragonscrew Legwhip! Ivelisse with a shot, Deeb side steps a charge, takes her between the ropes, neckbreaker into the middle rope! Takes her into the ring, Gutbuster. Gets her into the Figure Four Leglock! Ivelisse into the ropes for the break.

Diamante tags in, stereo knees, double team slam for a nearfall. Diamante pulls her up for a suplex but Deeb counters with a snap neckbreaker! Tag to Swole. Wins out on strikes, forearms and chops. Ducks a line, Dirty Dancing attempted but Diamante ducks it. Swole with a shot to the face of Ivelisse who had grabbed at her hair. Diamante tries for Standing Sliced Bread but Swole escapes it, forearm and there’s the Clearwater Cloverleaf! Deeb intercepts Diamante and there’s the tap!

Winners: Big Swole & Serena Deeb

The Vicious Vixens hit the ring afterwards the attack the faces but Red Velvet with a chair, which looks enormous in her hands, drives them off.

Best Friends backstage. Chuck says things will never be over between them and P-N-P. Trent says last week Miro ruined Cassidy’s life and sabotaged his attempt at the ring. Next week is the wedding date announcement, and they make it clear that they will be there for it.

Video on the Jurassic Express, a highlight reel showing all the highspots from the three of them. They face Colt Cabana, 5 & 10 next week. FTR coming out asking why they’re highlighting a joke team like them when FTR aren’t on TV. Dax says that doesn’t sit well with him, this is how he feeds his family. Threaten his family, they eliminate that threat. Fear the revelation.

Joey Janela is out here for the main and he’s bringing a trash can with him, Sonny Kiss accompanying him.

No DQ Match: AEW World Champion Kenny Omega vs. Joey Janela (Non-title)

As Kenny is making his big entrance, Janela tosses his trash can into Kenny’s face! Meanwhile Callis tries to kick Shiavone off the commentary table to take his place. Janela with a tope! Stands up a chair, whips Kenny into the guardrail. As Joey sets up another chair, Kenny with a wild Kitaro Crusher right onto the top of the chair! Into the ring, pounding the mat. Baseball slide sits Joey on the chair, Callis starts calling the action on the mic, Kenny with the Terminator Dive as Janela is still on the chair, my God.

Kenny picks up a cookie sheet and bashes it across Joey’s back time and time again. Don hands Kenny the mic. He asks if they want some play by play. Yells at Joey to get up. Bashes the sheet across his back HARD, throws him into the ring. Don asks how that felt for him, Kenny says it felt great! Kenny takes the garbage can up on the pole. He goes to the second rope, Moonsault sends the trash can onto Janela, nearfall! Kenny freaks out about him kicking out for a moment but then pulls him up to his feet and drops him with a knife edge chop.

Now another cookie sheet shot. Lays the trash can onto Janela, Springboard Double Stomp sends the can into him! Kenny pulls Janela up slowly. Wants the One Winged Angel – Janela with a Poison Rana counter! Sonny Kiss pulls out a table and sets it up outside. Joey knocks Kenny onto the table. Don has gone silent since the Poison Rana. Janela up top! FLYING LEGDROP THROUGH THE TABLE! Joey takes him into the ring, Janela up top, moonsault but Kenny avoids it! Pair of V-Triggers, and there’s the One Winged Angel for the win!

Winner: Kenny Omega

Quite the bout and the commentary bit was a simple way of ensuring the show doesn’t feel normal when Kenny and Don are on-screen which does seem important right now. Don on the mic says all the haters they’ve had to listen to since that godforsaken tournament have been silenced, no more questions for the world champion!

Death Triangle on the stage nowwww… Pac says him and Kenny have unfinished business but he’s not here to be selfish. Death Triangle are here to address injustice. Rey Fenix competed in the AEW World Title Eliminator and he never lost. So how is Kenny the rightful champion? Don says PAC is a great talent but did he get an executive promotion? Because wrestlers don’t tell the world champ what to do. PAC says he’s wrong. He just spoke to Tony Khan and this match has already been sanctioned! December 30th, Kenny Omega will defend that title against Rey Fenix! That match will RULE! Kenny is furious about this yelling “You can’t do this!” as we go off the air.

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