WWE TLC 2020 Drew McIntyre vs AJ Styles

Another PPV is upon us and as always I’ll be here to give you the live recap and results of the show as it comes! This time it’s WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2020! The pre-show is already underway and we have an impromptu eight man tag match with some pretty major names…

Daniel Bryan, Big E, Otis & Chad Gable vs. Sami Zayn, King Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

Big E and Corbin start. Fight slips to the outside, Belly To Belly from E lands. Tags to Cesaro and Gable, that’s a fun pair. Cesaro with an uppercut. Gable tries for a leapfrog, Cesaro catches him out of the air but Gable escapes, deep arm drag. Oldschool Standing Headscissor Takedown. Tag to Bryan! Double Axe Handle off the top, this face team is pretty damn cool. Bryan with uppercuts, Yes Kicks. Bryan with his backflip over Cesaro, flying clothesline. Cesaro wants the Swing, Bryan with a cradle for 2.

Cesaro powers Bryan to the ropes, Nakamura with a roundhouse kick, Cesaro with an uppercut. Puts him on the top rope, Nak with a knee lift to the gut, Cesaro finishes the suplex, Nak covers for 2. Nak with a cravate. Corbin tags in, isolation time as Corbin works him ove. Pulls him into the ropes, stomp to the back. Zayn tags in, badgers E and baits him into trying to attack. This leads to nothing, not sure why it was a thing. Corbin takes Bryan up top for a superplex but Bryan blocks it. He knocks Corbin to the mat, Missile Dropkick drops him.

Sami trips E off the apron, he charges after him and chases him over the barricade. Cesaro with a charging uppercut to E, Gable with a big flip tope onto him. Otis tags in, runs through Nakamura. Avalanche in the corner. Gable tells him this is his test. Caterpillar hits, Gable tags in. They setup a double team but Nakamura escapes, roundhouse kick to Otis, Dragon Whip to Gable. Tag to Cesaro, Gutwrench lift, Nak with a flying knee to the head leading to a WICKED Doctor Bomb!

Otis breaks up the pin. Corbin with a Spinebuster to Otis, Bryan takes out Corbin, Cesaro with an uppercut to Bryan, Gable with the Chaos Theory to Cesaro! Sami stops hiding and tags in, pulls Gable up for a Blue Thunder Bomb but Gable escapes, tag to Big E! Tries for a Big Ending but Sami slips out, big boot. Tries for the Helluva Kick, E counters with his STO Uranage! Big Ending follows and E gets the win.

Winners: Big E, Daniel Bryan, Otis & Chad Gable

Very much a match you’d see on SmackDown, but a good one all the same.

Show proper has begun, opening video package just ended. And as suggested, we’re starting with our first TLC match, presumably the show will be bookended by them.

Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match for the WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. AJ Styles

AJ with a low dropkick right out of the gate. Going for a Dragonwhip perhaps, McIntyre kicks him away. Big suplex toss! Chop to the chest. Biel sends him flying. Chops continue, power whip to the buckle! Whip to the opposite corner, charging clothesline. Battering him about. Kick to the gut, AJ with a throat thrust! Back body drop sends Styles high up there. AJ with the boots up on a charge. Goes to the second rope, meaty chop sends Styles tumbling all the way to the floor!

Drew sets up a table on the outside. Hikes AJ up for a suplex but he blocks it. Drew counters a punch. Hoists him up and drops him on the barricade! Whip sends AJ headfirst into some sat-up chairs! Hoists him up and drops on the barricade once again. McIntyre sets up a ladder in the ring and climbs but AJ slips into the ring with a chair and nails him in the leg with it, Drew falls to the mat. Styles cracks McIntyre across the back with a chair.

AJ wedges the chair between the ropes. Drew fights back with a catapult but AJ lands on the rungs of the ladder and starts to climb until Drew pulls him off in Powerbomb position…tries to Powerbomb him into the ladder but AJ escapes sunset flip style, McIntyre rolls through, catapult into the wedged chair! Drew climbs again, AJ tosses a chair into McIntyre’s back, chop block sends him off the ladder. Styles sends McIntyre into the ladder. AJ tips the ladder onto McIntyre.

Tries to pull him up, McIntyre counters with a Future Shock DDT! Suplexes the ladder onto AJ, he tries to roll out of the way but it still clips him. AJ with a chop block drops McIntyre. AJ pulls McIntyre’s legs through the steel rungs into a painful Calf Crusher! Eventually he lets go. AJ just kinda stalls for a while. Picks up a chair, slams it into McIntyre’s back. Now he takes it to his leg repeatedly! Wraps the chair around his leg and another steel-assisted Calf Crusher! Leg being torqued hard here but Drew drags AJ closer to the ladder, slams AJ’s head into it to force the break!

AJ picking up a ladder, Drew grabs it too and tries to shove it into him but AJ avoids it and leaves the ring, ladder ends up leaning in the corner as AJ slams Drew’s leg into the ringpost. Takes him outside, forearm to the face. Drives the top of the ladder into McIntyre’s face! Sits up a chair in front of a table, nails McIntyre and places him atop the table. Styles uses the corner ladder to climb to the top rope but McIntyre slips off the table, throws a chair into AJ’s face and he crashes to the mat! McIntyre takes the table into the ring. Slaps his injured leg as he pulls himself inside.

Sets the table up, AJ attacks from behind but eats an elbow to the face. Charge, drop toe hold sends McIntyre into the leaning ladder! Drew reverses a whip but AJ slides under the table! Leaps off the second rope for a Phenomenal Forearm but Drew catches him out of the air, Overhead Belly To Belly sends AJ crashing into the ladder! Big bump! AJ struggles to his feet on the apron, forearm leads to a Phenomenal Forearm! Omos slides a ladder into the ring. AJ stands it up. Starts to climb… Drew grabs his ankles, AJ with some stomps to send him away. McIntyre pulls him into a Military Press – TOSSES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND THROUGH THE TABLE!!

This is certainly one of those times where the match would be over if AJ was by himself. McIntyre climbs the ladder… yep here’s some interferance as Miz and Morrison rush down. Miz powerbombs McIntyre off the ladder through a table! Morrison has the briefcase, hands it to the ref and the ring announcer seems to make it official… this is now a Triple Threat TLC Match! Now Miz is climbing with ease… but Omos doesn’t like this and he enters the ring! Pulls Miz off the ladder and he’s helpless in the big man’s arms. He casually drops Miz to the floor through a table! Yikes!

Morrison attacks Omos from behind with a chair but he totally no sells and the chair just shatters to pieces! Omos stares Morrison down and he goes running. Omos slowly approaches him, Morrison is terrified rushing back up the ramp. All three men in the match now are picking themselves up from their table bumps. Miz is still laid out but AJ rolls into the ring as McIntyre fights up, his leg killing him. AJ and Drew slowly scaling the ladder on opposite sides. McIntyre grabs the title but Styles with a shot to the knee stops him.

Grabs his wrist but McIntyre pulls him up, punch nearly drops him. He barely hangs on as Drew grabs the belt. They exchange shots, Miz is back in the ring now! Sets up a ladder beside them as they fight. Miz climbs up quick and grabs it but McIntyre stops him, punches to both opponents, punch sends Styles to the floor, Glasgow Kiss to Miz somehow doesn’t drop him, they trade ladder smashes, McIntyre shoves Miz to the mat! Styles with a Springboard back onto the ladder!! Big forearms from AJ until he falls and gets hot shotted!

Styles reaching again, Miz climbs up to stop him… they’re exchanging blows. McIntyre uses one ladder to push theirs over, Styles ends up landing gutfirst on the top rope! Claymore to Miz! McIntyre sets the ladder up and limps his way to the top, finally retrieves the gold!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Started as a surprisingly psychological TLC match, ended up being pretty damn wild. Had me a few times at the end too. Cool stuff.

Paul Heyman has an interview backstage. Says his favorite sport outside of WWE is Nascar. Says it’s because he loves a car crash, he’s a sick individual like that. But he doesn’t need to watch that tonight because here people get hurt big time, thrown off ladders, through tables, into chairs.

Women’s title time. This is Carmella’s chance to really prove herself. She looked good on SD, the repackaging has so far had some good results. But this is the big one for her. If this push doesn’t work I don’t know if I see her getting another one so it’s high pressure.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks (c) vs. Carmella

Carmella ducks right out of the ring as the bell rings. Stalling on the outside as she checks on her leggings. Going back in, Sasha pulls her into the ring and pummels but Carmella slips behind her, forearm to the back. Pulls her up, taunting her already. Whip reversed, Sasha pulls her outside, Lucha Arm Drag springing off the apron! Neat. Smashing and slashing at ‘Mella’s back. Takes her into the ring, cover for 2.

Carmella blocks a shot, big slap to the face! Sasha tosses Carmella out of the ring but Reginald the Sommelier (He has a name now!) catches her! Sasha goes out to attack but Reginald helps Carmella with an Assisted Rana! Takes Sasha into the ring, cover for 2. Carmella stomps Banks into the corner. Charges for a single Bronco Buster, pulls her out for a 2 count. Rear Facelock. Sasha fights up, picks her up on her back and smashes her into the corner, snapmare to break. There’s the Meteora for a nearfall!

Charges, Carmella sends Sasha to the apron but she gets a shot, pulls Carmella to the apron to try for a Backstabber, she slips between her legs to get behind her, Edge-O-Matic onto the apron!! Throws her inside for a 2 count. Double Arm Stretch. Sasha fights to her feet, Backbreaker! Blocks a kick, kick to the ribs! Meteora in the corner, pulls her out, suplex! And keeps ahold, second amigo… aaaand Three Amigos! Goes up top for the Frog Splash, and lands it nicely! Clooose nearfall!

Carmella blocks a Backstabber, takes her to the corner and elbows her in the face. Sasha with a boot up off a charge, comes off the top but Carmella ducks it – she slips out of a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker attempt, Carmella with a Spike X-Factor! Nearfall!! Takes her to the corner, headscissor, hanging over the top rope for a choke! Has to break before 5. Wrenches Sasha’s head against the ropes. Pulls her to the apron, Superkick right to the head! Into the ring, covers – Sasha barely grabs the bottom rope for the break!

Banks trips Carmella into the buckle, sunset flip for 2. Drives her into the second buckle with her headscissor! Pulls her up with her, they’re fighting up top now. Carmella stands, Super Rana – Sasha rolls through for a nearfall! ‘Mella rolls her up for a nearfall! Sasha with a backslide for 2! They’re fighting over it now, stand up, Banks with a Jacknife but Carmella kicks out right into the Code of Silence!!!

Sasha struggles, looks to counter into the Bank Statement! But ‘Mella breaks out, Double Chickenwing, stomping on the face as she torques her! Sasha pulls herself to the ropes for the break. Carmella charges but Sasha side steps, she bounces off the buckle, Sasha rolls her into the Bank Statement! Carmella is struggling, Reginald grabs Carmella by the ankle and pulls her outside! Sasha on the apron, Flying Meteora takes out Reginald! Carmella with a superkick! And another one! Takes her into the ring, cover for a cloooose nearfall! Carmella is yelling at her, clearly getting frustrated. Slapping at her back. Pulls her up for an X-Factor but Sasha counters right into the Bank Statement! She has no choice but to tap and that is that.

Winner: Sasha Banks

That was good! Kinda funny that the ref didn’t DQ Carmella a few times there as even Cole commented on but I’ll take a clean face win over a heel getting DQ’d any day.

Billie Kay comes up to Asuka backstage. Says she knew Sasha would win the title, adds clairvoyant to her resume. Hands her the resume, says she’s a former tag champ and is great in high pressure situations. Says she would make a great partner for her! Claims she can speak Japanese but clearly is faking it. Has her own version of Asuka’s mask, made by drawing on a frying pan. Asuka tells her she’s not ready for Asuka and hands her resume back with a smile.

Tag title match time. New Day are interviewed backstage. Kofi says this won’t be different from the last time they defended their tag titles against them. Xavier says the New Day has no ceilings. Cedric and Shelton aren’t just going against the New Day tonight, they’re going against Big Match New Day. Butthurt Business will be even more butthurt after tonight. Because New Day Rocks!

WWE Raw Tag Team Championships: The New Day (c) vs. The Hurt Business

Kofi with an immediate Superkick to Cedric! Nearfall! Pulls him up, Russian Legsweep! Tag to Xavier, he goes up top, Flying Legdrop! Nearfall! Kofi with a shoulder thrust as he tags in, Pullover Crossbody for a 2 count! Pulls Cedric up, snapmare. Xavier tags in, Kofi with a kick to the face, Woods with a Sliding Clothesline, Kofi with a Springing Splash, Woods pulls Cedric up, Saving Grace! Nearfall! Alexander kicks Xavier away, tag to Benjamin. Vertical Suplex for a nearfall.

Shelton with a whip, Spinebuster! Nearfall! Whip, Xavier slips past him a few times, forearm. Drop toe hold into the middle rope, hits the ropes, Kofi tags in, Woods with his sliding senton/baseball slide combo, Missile Dropkick from Kingston for a nearfall! Xavier and Cedric fight on the outside, Xavier tags in, Kofi with a tope to Cedric, Xavier with a Tornado DDT to Shelton for a nearfall! Woods with some chops. Whip to the opposite corner, Shelton takes Xavier to the apron.

Woods with a forearm but a Pump Knee stops him! Shelton drags him into the ring and HURLS him right into the bottom turnbuckle! He falls to the floor, tag to Cedric. Running punt to the back! Drags Xavier inside for the 2 count. Rear Facelock, knee driving into the back. Shelton tags in, Shoulderbreaker and now he’s working him over with an armbar. Tags and isolation begin now as the match finally slows. Xavier fights up but a big right hand from Cedric blasts him! Handspring for the Neuralizer but Woods with an enziguri out of the air! Simultags, Kofi with a Springboard Clothesline to Shelton! Blade chops, single leg dropkick! Flying Clothesline!

Kofi has to stop Cedric from running in. Kofi looks for the Boom Drop – Shelton catches him out of the air with a Powerbomb position! Cedric tags, they try for a Doomsday Device but Kofi avoids Cedric and ranas Benjamin, SOS to Cedric for a nearfall!! Kofi avodis a Lumber Check, series of whip reversals, Cedric avoids the Double Stomp, Cedric with a high knee, Brainbuster, Xavier breaks up the pins! Shelton and Xavier fight, big boot sends Woods into a Neuralizer, Paydirt sends Xavier to the floor! Shelton tags in, Kofi slips out of an Angle Slam, big dropkick! Enziguri to Cedric! Shuriken to Shelton! Up top but Benjamin blocks him.

Shelton is looking for a superplex. Kofi drops him with a headbutt. But Shelton leaps to the top rope for the Super Overhead Belly To Belly! Sizing up Kofi, Cedric tags himself in, Lumbar Check!! Cover and that is that!!

Winners: The Hurt Business

LOVED that match, love everything about it! Warms my heart to see some of the old Shelton shine through, awesome that Hurt Business is covered in gold and just wonderful that Cedric’s finally found success on Raw.

Sami Zayn backstage derides Kayla Braxton for posting the audio of him screaming at his assistant. Demands she tell him who her source is, she tells him a journalist can’t reveal this and walks off. Sami screams at her about him being the only ethical one here.

Time to find out who Asuka’s mystery partner is. And the reports were true!

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax (c) vs. Asuka & Charlotte Flair

Asuka starts with Shayna. Baszler with a waistlock, Asuka reverses. Shayna breaks free, round kicks to the chest! Shayna tries to stomp the arm but Asuka rolls free, tag to Flair! She steps into the ring. Charging clothesline, forearm to Nia, wants the Figure Four on Baszler but Shayna kicks her away. Nia tags in. Flair with a waistlock, Nia drives her into the corner. Flair sidesteps her, headlock. Nia shoots her off. Shoulder block but Jax doesn’t budge. Charlotte with a kick to the gut, headlock again. Asuka tags in, round kicks to the legs.

Asuka with a back elbow, Codebreaker! Charging hip attack! Up top, Nia hoists her up but Asuka with a sunset flip. Nia pulls her up, headbutt, takes her into the post. Tag to Baszler, stomp on the arm. More shoulder stomps. Cover for 2. Asuka counters an armbar with a roll-up for 2, Baszler with a clothesline. Tag to Nia. She pulls Asuka shoulderfirst into the post! Back into the ring, tag to Shayna. Body shots. Still working on the arm. Kimura of sorts locked in. Asuka breaks out with kicks but Baszler trips her up. Cover for 2. Tags and isolation.

Baszler takes Charlotte to the floor to avoid a tag but Flair drops her with a right hand, tag made! Lights Nia up with chops. Kick drops her awkwardly, running boot to the head. Shayna in, gets tossed with an Exploder, kip up! Charge, catches a kick. Knee drop to the back of the leg, running big boot! Nearfall! Asuka with a sliding knee to Baszler! Charlotte up top, Triangle Moonsault onto both heels! Takes Jax into the ring, Figure Four attempted but she gets kicked to the corner. Nia hoists Charlotte up for a Samoan Drop, Flair escapes, Asuka tags in, Jax with a Samoan Drop but Asuka up to, Missile Dropkick!

Baszler tags in now. Looks for the Kirifuda Clutch, Asuka reverses, Asukalock, no Shayna back into the Clutch. Flair tags herself in, STO Backbreaker into a Flatliner into the buckle! Big boot drops Jax to the floor, Baszler with a cradle for a nearfall! Figure Four cinched in and now there’s the Figure Eight! Nia pulls Charlotte down though. Asuka with a flying hip attack off the apron to Jax! Shayna with the Kirifuda Clutch but Charlotte rolls through, hits Natural Selection and she gets the pin!

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Asuka

As ridiculous as it is to do all this and then not have Lana i nthe match, that was infinitely better with Charlotte involved. This is for damn sure a superteam here. Won’t have the titles for long but it’s fun all the same.

Big E and R-Truth are laughing backstage. Sami is irate at E for sharing his tirade. E says it’s good it was that kind of leak and not the other kind. Tells him to put his conspiracy theories elsewhere. Sami tells Big E he’s a joke who’s been treading water ever since he went solo. Big E turns serious here and tells him to keep playing, keep it up. Sami is obviously shook and backs off.

Firefly Inferno Match is confirmed to be headlining as now we have our other TLC match.

Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match for the WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Kevin Owens

As the title is being raised, Kevin Owens attacks before the bell! He is stomping on roman in the corner! Blow to the back, pummeling, and here’s the Cannonball! Reigns reeling, rolls to the floor. Owens goes out there with him and sends him right into the barricade! And a Cannonball onto the barrier as well, damn! Owens grabs Roman by the hair and tosses him into the steps! Up onto the apron, Frog Splash on the floor!! Kevin takes a ladder into the ring.

Jey Uso runs down to the ring, Owens stops him with a Superkick! Kev takes a chair and bashes him in the gut, smacks it across his back. Then tosses it onto Roman’s back. Jey finally catches him with a right hand and tries for a Superkick but Owens nails him in the leg with the chair to block it! Wraps the chair around his ankle and stomps it! Kev is looking like a world beater right now. Owens clears an announce table. But the refs are already helping Jey to the back, Roman catches Owens from behind with a Drive-By!

Roman takes up a set of stairs and smashes it repeatedly into Owens’ torso! Tosses the steps aside. Takes Owens inside, takes a baby ladder into the ring and smashes it repeatedly into him. Crushes his chest with it. Leans it against the ropes and goes outside, grabs a chair and takes it into the ring. And a second one. Stomps the hand of Owens, cracks the chair across his back! Kev grabs the second chair and swings it at the air but Roman waylays him with more chair shots. Sets a chair up, cracks the other across his back again. Sits the other chair up, two chairs facing each other now.

Kevin fighting back, exchange of punches, Roman with an uppercut, hoists Owens onto his shoulders but Kev escapes. Kick to the gut, looking for a Powerbomb but Reigns counters, back body drop sends Owens onto the chairs! Roman talking to himself, says he has to torture this fool. Takes Owens to the floor. Sets the ladder up in the ring. Starts to climb but Owens back in the ring with a chair, takes it to his leg, then to the back as he falls to the mat! Sits a chair up, Fisherman’s Suplex right onto it!!

Kevin climbs the ladder and grabs the title but Jey Uso is back on one leg! He drags Owens to the mat, exchange of punches, Owens wins out but Reigns with a Superman Punch! Jey grabs a table, limping as he takes it into the ring. And another one as well. Roman and Jey setting tables up, one in the corner, the other in the ring. Roman looks offended that Owens keeps trying to get up, stomps on him and grinds his head into the mat. Roman whips Kevin towards Jey but he counters, superkick drops Jey, Stunner to Reigns! Roman and Jey both spill to the floor!

Now Owens is alone in the ring and is dragging the ladder over. Owens starts climbing but Jey pulls him out to the floor! Owens with a big forearm, now he pulls him in short-arm style – Pop-Up Powerbomb through the announce table!!! Just to be sure Owens buries Jey under the pieces of the announce table as well as a rolling chair. Owens rolls into the ring, climbs the ladder again. But Roman is in, he climbs up the other side. Kev grabs the title but Roman with some right hands. Exchange of punches. Reigns rakes the eyes!

Reigns on the other side of the ladder pulls Owens to the mat, nails him in the face. Owens fires back. Roman blocks a Superkick and hoists him up – POWERBOMB RIGHT ONTO THE LITTLE LADDER! Yikes! Roman follows up with a brutal Back Suplex on the inside of a full size ladder, damn! Owens is out. Roman drags him outside, Chokeslam through a table! Roman checks on Jey. He pulls the announce table piece off of him, throws the rolling chair onto Owens! Pulls Kevin up and nails him in the face. Reigns pulls him onto his shoulders, Samoan Drop through a table, this has become a brutal beatdown.

Reigns is taking his time entering the ring, having just destroyed Owens. He climbs the ladder slowly, smiling proudly. But no… Owens has made it back inside and he’s holding onto Roman’s ankle! Roman cackles, he’s in disbelief that Owens got back into the ring. Reigns kicks him away as he makes his way to the mat. He tells Owens he’s embarrassing the family now. Slaps him around. Owens with a big slap in response! Reigns with a brutal Spear right through the table! Owens falls to the floor but he’s still trying to pick himself up.

Reigns is stunned as Owens yells at him that he’ll have to kill him. Roman goes outside, charges for a spear – Owens sidesteps and Reigns goes right through the barricade!! Owens into the ring! He stares climbing!! He reaches… Reigns barely makes it in time to grab his ankles and pull him down slowly. Roman throws Owens into the ladder and it tips over. Approaches… Owens with a Superkick! And a second one! Whip, looks for the Pop-Up Powerbomb but Reigns with a Superman Punch out of the air! Roman tries a second one – Owens counters, Powerbomb out of the air through a table!!

Now Owens is desperately scaling the rungs of the ladder! But no Jey is climbing behind him and grabbing at the arm, Owens with headbutts sends him to the floor but no Jey pulls him down with him! Stunner to Uso! Owens climbing once again! Roman climbing up as Owens grabs the title, Reigns with a low blow through the rungs of the ladder! Hooks him with a Guillotine! Chokes him out, Owens falls limp to the mat. Roman finally reaches up and pulls down the title.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Helluva match. Not headlining with that is certainly A Choice. My internet continues to break up at the worst of times, always during these shows…

Anyway nothing but the Firefly Inferno Match left now.

Firefly Inferno Match: Randy Orton vs. The Fiend

Orton for once is fully clothed, sweatshirt and pants, so he’s equally likely to be burned. Very sound. No fire at the bell… Orton with shots but Fiend just roars at him. Knocks him into the corner, stomps him to the mat. Pulls him up, Sister Abigail attempted but Orton escapes, dropkick. Fiend with a shot to the face, drives him into the corner. Chokes him on the top rope. Orton ducks a line, Fiend with a Crossbody. Hooks him for the Sister Abigail again but Orton counters with his signature Backbreaker. Fiend right back to his feet though, deflects an RKO, finally lands Sister Abigail!

Fiend roars and now the whole ThunderDome bursts into flames! The fire is all across the barrier! Fiend takes Orton outside and headbutts him! Fiend wants to drag Orton into the flames, Randy scrambles out of it but a clothesline drops him! Fiend takes out a belt and whips him with it! Fiend sets the belt on fire! He swings it but Orton avoids it! Starts to bring him over to the fire but Fiend counters and posts him! Pulls a pickaxe from under the ring?! He swings it at Orton but he avoids it and the axe gets stuck on the barrier! Orton tries to attack from behind but Fiend tosses him into the barricade.

Fiend pulls the rocking chair over to ringside, douses it in lighter fluid and then makes a trail of it. Fiend punches Orton onto the chair! Now he has a lighter… sets it off and drops it onto the trail, the fire goes to the chair and Orton scrambles out of the way just in time as the chair goes alight! Orton nails Fiend in the gut with an axehandle, an actual one. Steps bouncing off Fiend’s head repeatedly! Orton wraps a chain around his fist, smashes Fiend with it! Repeated shots with the chain, wrenching it over his face and pushing him towards the fire! Fiend barely blocks this and escapes.

Fiend rolls into the ring, Orton follows. Orton charges and Fiend with a big Uranage! Neck snap. Pulls Orton up and throws him to the floor. Fiend slowly goes out with Orton, stomps on his head and picks up the axehandle. He sets the axehandle aflame now! Orton stops him with a kick and lets it fall to the floor! Orton drapes Fiend on the apron, Hangman’s DDT to the floor! Orton stalks for the RKO but Fiend with a Mandible Claw!! Orton reverses and turns him around… the fire reaches his leather coat and he’s set aflame!!!

Winner: Randy Orton

But he rushes into the ring after Orton anyway?! Orton drops him with an RKO! That was badass, everyone who gets burned used to just panic and run off but Fiend kept coming. The bell didn’t ring I don’t think but by the usual stip that should be it. Orton is checking on the Fiend afterwards, rolls him over and seems disturbed at what he’s done. Orton goes out there and takes up the canister of gasoline, we’re not done here! He pours it all over him… he has a box of matches. Lights the match! Admires it for a moment… drops it on him and his whole body goes up in flames!! And that’s our lasting shot of the night!

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