AEW Dynamite Recap & Results

AEW Dynamite time! This one snuck up on me I expected it to be a bit later! But I’ll still be giving the live recap and results on the show as they come!

Chris Jericho & MJF vs. Top Flight

Faces surprise Jericho by showing no fear but the heat begins quickly. MJF tags in and is working over Dante Martin. He reverses a whip though, leap frog, dropkick takes Max to the outside! Top Flight get both heels in adjacent corners for the Corner Ten Punches! Stereo Dropkick spot follows and the heels powder! But they cut them off soon after, pace slows down. Dante fights back but a knee to the gut drops him.

Jericho takes Dante up top for a suplex but he reverses and sends him to the mat! Hiiiigh crossbody for a nearfall! Finally makes the tag to Darius who runs wild, C4 to MJF, Tope Suicida to Jericho! Up top, Missile Dropkick! Nearfall! Buzzsaw Kick to MJF, Tornado DDT kicking off Jericho’s chest for a nearfall! Tag to Dante. World’s Greatest Tag Team Special, Dante with an O’Connor Roll for a nearfall! Criss-Cross, Dante wants a rana, MJF counters with a Powerbomb out of the air, tag to Jericho, Lionsault for a nearfall!

Walls of Jericho get countered, Darius tags in but Jericho keeps on the heat. MJF tags in, they are battering Darius in the corner. Double team but Darius counters to take both down! Jericho sent to the outside, Dante throws him into the timekeeper’s table. Darius goes for a Springboard but Jake Hager gets involved and trips him facefirst onto the apron. This leads to the Heatseeker from MJF for the win!

Winners: Chris Jericho & MJF

Solid stuff as you’d expect. Top Flight definitely fit in well here.

Jake Hager in the ring. Says that every single member of the Inner Circle have done their job except one, Wardlow. Asks where Wardlow is. Says he’s away for family business. THIS is family business and he thinks he can choose when to show up. Jake says MJF wanted to join the Inner Circle because he knows that every week they’re a constant shining star. Says Wardlow is an asset but he’s also an asshole and they don’t see eye-to-eye so he’s got a match signed, next week: Hager vs. Wardlow! MJF and Jericho are stunned at this.

The Acclaimed debut a music video, ‘Buck Hunt’. They promise to turn the Young Bucks into young boys.

Tony Schiavone introduces Sting. He says he’s back in the jungle in TNT, he was an integral part of building the original jungle. He’s glad to see it’s still alive and well and intact. Once again he’s pointed towards Darby Allin up in the cheap seats. When asked about him, Sting says looking at Darby sends him back in time. Reminds him of when he was trying to catch a break. Remembers one of the greatest ever who is adored to this day, Dusty Rhodes. Chant of “Dusty”.

Sting says because of Dusty and the conversation that he had, he said (putting on Dusty accent) that they’d put color on his face, his tights, his boots. They’ll make him glow in the dark and put him with Ric Flair to get funky like a monkey if you weeell. Says it wasn’t long after that, he was having those main event matches with Flair. Says he saw Cody, Dusty’s offspring and he can’t describe it, he couldn’t stay away. He needed to be a part of AEW. “Welcome home” chant again.

Sting says it’s good to be home and regarding Darby… Taz interrupts yet again. Says what Sting is saying could bring a tear to a glass eye but everyone that knows him knows that Sting is about Sting. Part of it is Tony Schiavone building him up all these years, he’s sick of it. Starks says Sting keeps sticking his nose in their business. Tells him he’ll get hurt playing around in this jungle. Taz says he’s standing here with four hungry tigers ready to bite his head off right now. They start to swarm, but the lights go down… and when they’re back up, Darby’s now in the ring, he made a quick trek down!

Taz says that’s cool, no problem. Sting, Darby Allin, baseball bat, skateboard, they’ll take the high road. Says on January 6th Darby will put the TNT title on the line against Brian Cage and Cage will tear his head off. See him then. Cage asks “What if I don’t wanna wait?” But indeed Taz pulls his boys away. Darby and Sting then have a tense staredown as we fade to black. Lot of patience with this angle.

MJF has a camera man follow him into a room with Santana and Ortiz, interrupting a poker game. He asks for a moment of their time. Says he heard what happened. Santana lost somebody real close to him. He wants him to know that the most important human being in his life is his grandfather, who just passed away from cancer. Says from the bottom of his heart he wants to say he knows how hard it is and he’s here for him. Santana stands and tells him to keep his head up. They share a bro hug and Santana walks off. Ortiz accepts a handshake too. That seemed strangely sincere.

The Dark Order vs. Jurassic Express

Colt Cabana and Marko Stunt start out. Lock-up. Colt takes him into the corner, takes him up top. Rustles his hair like a little kid and mocks him, Marko with a flying rana! Dropkick, V tags in and gets an immediate deep armdrag. Jungleboy tags in, Inverted Atomic Drop and Enziguri combo for a 2 count. V with a leapfrog, eats a dropkick for a 2 count. Marko tags in, Ripcord Double Legdrop, Colt breaks it up. Colt drives the little guy into the corner. Continually misses chops, Marko tags in Luchasaurus who drops Colt with a big chop!

Cabana has to leave so in comes 10 only to eat a chop of his own. Lucha tags Marko, body slam to 10, Assisted Wheelbarrow Splash! Assisted Half Senton, Jungle tags in for a Flip Senton for 2! Side-steps a corner charge, shoulder thrust from the apron, flip into the ring, blocks a Wheelbarrow but Cabana and V land cheap shots. 10 with a Wheelbarrow Slingshot German! Cover for a nearfall! Commercial break. We come back in time to see V and 10 hit a double team, nearfall. 10 pulls Jungle up, whip, Jungle escapes a slam and nails a rebound lariat!

V tags in and keeps Jungle from making the tag. But Jungle escapes a back suplex and makes the tag to Luchasaurus! Pump Kick to Cabana, pulls V to the corner for a series of chops, big Wheelbarrow German Suplex, kip up! Absorbs shots from 10, even no sells a Pump Kick, hook kick takes 10 down! V off the top but Lucha catches him out of the air, Chokeslam, Standing Moonsault, 10 breaks up the pin! Tag to Stunt. Stands on the big man’s shoulders, Lucha with a boot off a Cabana charge, Marko with a Crossbody, Lucha with a Spin Kick to Cabana! Marko tries for a tope suicida but 10 stops him with a punch!

Sends Marko and V into the ring, Luchasaurus gets posted! Now they work over Marko, send him rebounding off the corner, Spinebuster from 10, Frog Splash from V, Jungleboy baaaarely breaks it up! Marko slides between V’s legs, dropkicks him into 10. Jungleboy with a thrust kick to V, Luchasaurus tosses Marko onto Cabana and 10 on the outside! Extinction Level Event puts an end to V.

Winners: Jurassic Express

Always nice to see Jurassic Express get wins on Dynamite.

Tony Schiavone in the ring to interview the winners. Marko says it feels so good to back on Dynamite but Tully Blanchard and FTR interrupt them from the big screen. Says what you have here is the 2020 tag team in the year. Tells ‘Jurassic Park’ that he gets they want to take them down. January 6th, they have two weeks to prepare. FTR are chomping at the bit. Used to be business but it’s now personal.

They’re on a quest to get those championships back and dinosaurs won’t take them down one notch at all. January 6th, come and get ’em. If Marko sticks his little nose into things he may have a flashback to the 80s. Jungleboy and Luchasaurus have to hold Marko back as he does his rabid dog bit.

Alex Marvez has found Kenny Omega and Don Callis at the team hotel. Don says since he’s here he has something to get off his chest. Says Tony Khan lets the wrestlers run this company. Lets PAC come out and make his own match? He’s never seen this, says Kenny does things on his own time, he’s the champion, this is a joke. Kenny says regarding this match with Fenix, let’s have a year-in review. AEW tag team title match, he choked. AAA, he choked. AEW World title eliminator, against his own brother who loves him, he choked and couldn’t even continue.

What happens when he faces someone who doesn’t love him, someone who actually kinda despises him, someone who beat his brother’s ass in that tournament? Tells him when the phone rings, people like him answer the call. Guys like Fenix trip over their own feet and get hurt on the way. That’s how it is.

PAC vs. Butcher

They come face to face. Butcher tosses him to the corner but PAC outspeeds him on a charge, leg kicks. Ducks punches, leg kicks… Butcher tosses him to the outside though! But PAC slides back in before Butcher can get out there. PAC powders as Butcher enters the ring, just messing with him. Lures him out and then back into the ring where he stomps on him, roundhouse kicks to the chest! Charging dropkick to the side of the head. Hits the ropes, Butcher surprises him with a crossbody! Stomping him into the mat. Pulls him up and slams him into the buckle. Grinds his knee into his face.

Butcher pulls PAC up, clubbing shot to the back. Big chop! Battering him into the corner, big hip toss that’s more like a biel! Pulls Pac up to his feet just to bring him right back down for a 2 count. Butcher with a power whip sends PAC bouncing off he buckles! PAC fighting back with upkicks. But a driving kick to the gut stops his momentum. PAC slides to the outside to avoid the pummeling. Butcher follows, PAC with some kicks. Reverses a whip, sends Butcher into the barrier but he bounces right back, big boot!

Commercial break, we return to see PAC nailing him with repeated roundhouse kicks! PAC goes up top. Waiting for a while here. Missile Dropkick sends Butcher reeling! And now up top on the opposite buckle, Butcher posts Penta at ringside! PAC sees this and bickers with Blade. Turns around to eat a lariato which flips him! Big time throw-down Proto Bomb! And a huge powerbomb follows for a nearfall!

Butcher arguing with the referee. Pulls PAC up slowly. Eddie Kingston on commentary is yelling at Butch to hurry up and show some urgency but he doesn’t seem to hear him as he’s really taking his time pulling him up. Kingston eventually just leaves the broadcast table but Lance Archer appears on the stage to scare him back! Meanwhile PAC with a boot up off a charge to bring Butcher to the mat. He scales the top rope, Black Arrow for the win!

Winner: PAC

Sort of a convoluted finish but PAC continues being built for that eventual world title match. Archer and PAC having a tense talk in the ring afterwards.

Backstage segment with Jade Cargill. Congratulates Brandi and says motherhood is a great thing. How convenient though that the second she shows up, Brandi pops up pregnant. Tells her the division will be 110% taken care of. Shaq called out Cody and she called out Brandi… so what’s next?

Wedding date announcement time. Miro, Kip and Ford out with Schiavone. Miro forces Tony to smile like he’s happy for them. Kip says this is the first ever wrestling wedding on TNT. Says this isn’t just a huge deal for all of them or the talent backstage, not just a massive deal for AEW. It’s a massive deal for all of the fans at home because he knows how much they can’t wait for their wedding! All the tweets and posts telling them how much they adore them, how much it’s the best moment to ever happen in their small and insignificant lives!

They’ll show them exactly the date when they are to be wed. They call up to the tron but the Best Friends’ entrance music and video is all we see! Miro and Kip act all shocked, looking around for them… but then they just cackle and show it’s a deception. Haven’t seen that bit in a while. They then show them what really happened. Orange and Chuck are helping Trent as he’s being loaded into an ambulance! Miro then announces that it’s gonna be a wedding on the beach at Beach Break, February 3rd! Ironically a show named after Orange Cassidy’s finish.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Evil Uno

Uno attacks Dustin before the bell! Sends him out of the ring, big chop to the chest. Takes him into the ring. Uno battering him, Dustin explodes out of the corner with a couple of clotheslines. Corner Ten Punches! Kick to the gut, running kick to the head. Pulls him to his feet, whip, Uno blocks a Snap Powerslam, stomp to the hand, dropkick takes Dustin to the floor! Uno rolls out of the ring. Whip into the barrier. Dustin with an uppercut, chop to the chest. Uno chops back, shot to the face. Dustin ducks a chop and it lands right in the post! Dustin slams the arm into the post repeatedly!

Dustin takes him into the ring and into the corner. Dustin raking at the face, elbow to the nose. Uppercut lands. Dustin stomps a mudhole. Uno sidesteps a charge, big boot drops him! Uno goes up top. Senton Atomico for a nearfall! Commercial break. We come back to see Uno nail a Piledriver for a nearfall! We see that during the break Dustin hit a Code Red and a Crossbody. Uno pulling Dustin up but he fights back. Gets the flip flop and fly combo! Dustin with a boot up on a charge but Dustin kicks him right back. Uno with a big boot, charges but Dustin sidesteps, big Bulldog gets the win!

Winner: Dustin Rhodes

I’m actually a little bit surprised by that one. Solid match though.

Uno afterwards is on his knees, offering a hand as he tells him he belongs with them. He starts to take the hand but instead kicks him away. Stu Grayson attacks Dustin from behind! Lee Johnson tries to make the save but gets nailed with a Backbreaker! Military Press Backbreaker to Dustin! Uno gets in Stu’s face unhappy with him attacking Dustin. QT Marshall rushes down to attack but Stu holds him in place for a big Uno haymaker, Lee Johnson with a missile dropkick finally runs the heels off!

Tony Schiavone interviewing Shawn Spears backstage. Spears asks Tony why he left the business for 15 years. Tony says he was burned out. Shawn says he’s exactly who he wants interviewing him. Says he went to New York but sometimes the grass isn’t greener. Says he looks better, works better, talks better even though everyone tries to tell him he’s not. He had to dig himself out of a hole for 18 months that Tony Khan and Cody Rhodes put him into it. He sees himself in the same problem as before and he won’t let it happen again.

Schiavone asks if he ever thought maybe he’s the common denominator. Shawn says never has he thought he was the problem and Tony’s a real piece of shit for saying that. Could work for anyone in the world with his talents and he’s here dealing with Schiavone! Spears storms off.

Shida backstage for a promo but Abadon attacks her before she can say anything! They’re quickly pulled apart, Shida just has to walk off towards the ring.

AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida vs. Alex Gracia

Shida takes over quick. Gracia with a sidestep on a charge, single leg dropkick but Shida bounces right back with her own dropkick to send her out of the ring. Shida goes outside, charging forearm drops him! Shida pulls her into the ring, cover for 2. Shida pulls Gracia up, she pulls her into an inside cradle for 2! Whip to the corner, charging back elbow. Roll, charging boot to the face! Pulls her to the center for a 2 count.

Forearms to the chest, Shida absorbs them and kicks her in the gut, Delayed Vertical Suplex! Shida pulls Gracia to the apron. Shida with a charging knee lift to the face! Abadon appears in the crowd area. Shida rushes over to her and pulls her to ringside. She batters her, ref nearly counts Shida out. She rushes back into the ring, Gracia with a roll up for a nearfall! Shida with a backbreaker, Falcon Arrow and she’s done the deal.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Warms my heart to see someone get distracted and NOT immediately get beaten by an upset roll-up.

Shida afterwards pokes the limp Abadon with a kendo stick until she zombies up and attacks! Drives Shida into the barrier, bites her neck! This is sold big, looks like she’s ripped the skin!

And now our main event! Acclaimed comes out first. Caster with a freestyle. Says with every single beat they go higher in the ratings.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) vs. The Acclaimed

Matt Jackson starts with Max Caster. Lock-up. Matt with a waistlock, Max with a wristlock. Takes him down to his knees, battering his back. Max with a big forearm on his way up. Whip, Matt slides between his legs, dropkick, arm drag into an arm wringer. Nick tags in with an axe handle to the arm. Tag to Anthony Bowens. Nick takes over immediately, tag to Matt, double back elbow, Caster come in, double suplex sends Caster onto his partner! Pop-Up Dropkick! Acclaimed powder, stereo baseball slides nailed!

Bowens sent into the barricade. Caster with a whip to Nick but he avoids the barricade, both Bucks nail him and lay him out on the floor. Risky Business on the floor, using the barricade in place of the top rope! Back into the ring, double teams continue, Nick with a double footstomp for a nearfall! Matt tags in, several shots, hits the ropes but Caster sweeps the leg. Bowens with some shots, tag to Caster, working over the arms of Matt. Snapmare into a double kick to the head, nearfall.

Caster pulls Matt up, Bowens tags in, go for a double team but Matt sends Caster to the floor, boot on a charge to Bowens, tag to Nick Jackson who is going wild, Pullover F-Xactor to Bowens, Asai Moonsault to Caster! Now up top, Senton Atomico but Bowens with the knees up, Caster with a Back Suplex sends Nick right onto the apron! Commercial break. We come back to see Matt pulled off the apron to prevent a tag as they’re working over Nick! Acclaimed with double team charging attacks, dropkick in the corner concludes this, cover for 2. Tag to Caster, Nick avoids a double team shot. Ducks under a double clothesline, tag to Matt!

Right hands to both men from Matt. Fakeout Superkick, instead a double DDT! Big punch to Caster, he reverses a whip to the outside, but Matt avoids a Baseball Slide, Nick with a running kick to the face from the apron! Matt gets Bowens with his series of Northern Lights Suplexes, into the Sharpshooter! Caster sends Nick into the barricade, goes in to break up the hold but Matt absorbs his punches and keeps the hold on! Nick pulls Caster to the floor for a Sharpshooter of his own!

But Bowens does make it to the rope after a lengthy stay for the break. Bowens with a boot up off a charge and he tries to go to the second rope but Nick tags himself in, Springboard Doomsday Device!! Nearfall! They set Bowens up, Nick up top, Caster crotches him! Takes Matt to the outside and throws him over the barricade! Now Caster tags in, Superplex to Nick and keeps hold, pulls him up for a suplex – Bowens with a crossbody on the way down!! Matt barely breaks up the pin!

Matt tags back in but he’s battered now. Exchange of forearms, Caster with a rake of the eyes, looks for a suplex but Matt escapes it, Superkick, rolling elbow from Bowens, Nick Superkicks Bowens and tries one on Caster but he avoids it and kicks Rick Knox instead! As they’re distracted the Acclaimed hit a low blow and then nail Nick with a boombox! Visual pin, another ref charges down, nearfall! They try for their tag finish but Nick escapes it, Matt with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb taking Bowens off the apron and through a table! Matt tags in, BTE Trigger for the win!

Winners: The Young Bucks

Strong stuff, certainly not the Top Flight match but the Acclaimed are certainly one to watch in their own right. And that’s the show.

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