WWE Raw Recap

I can’t say I really want it to be Monday but it certainly is, and with it brings us Monday Night Raw. As always I’ll be with you throughout the evening to give you the live play-by-play of the show as it airs, so watch this space for the WWE Raw Recap!

Rightfully the show begins with a still in memory of Jon Huber aka Brodie Lee aka Luke Harper. The wrestling world has been mourning him all week, the amount of tributes I’ve seen for him have been astounding. He was a truly beloved man. Tom Phillips also sneaks in a “It’s Monday and you know what that means”.

Drew McIntyre comes out to the ring and sneaks the same line in, plus a “Yeah yeah yeah” before doing a super quick recap of his 2020. He wants to thank everyone. There was a time in his career when he was the chosen one of the powers to be. But the people chose him this time and it took him right to the top, so thank you. Now Drew McIntyre is defending the WWE title on Legend’s Night, against either Keith Lee or Sheamus.

Speaking of which out comes Sheamus. Apologizes for interrupting but Drew says it’s what people do. Tells him that he came to him last week and asked him not to pull any BS. Sheamus tells him he didn’t! He promised not to put a finger on Keith Lee and he didn’t. They won the match and the rest was fair game. Drew says he should’ve known better and Sheamus agrees. Says this is their dream to be in the WWE, both of them as world champions, him a former one and Drew a current. They’re now one week away from making the dream a reality.

Drew admits he’s getting goosebumps thinking about it as they talked about it seventeen years. He wants that match. Everyone in the back will get uncomfortable because they know how physical it’s gonna get. Sheamus agrees whilst also boasting about kicking Keith Lee’s head off.

Keith comes out of course. Says Drew vouched for Sheamus to say he could trust him but there’s zero trust. His word is just as good as Sheamus’. Says every fiber of his being wants to beat his face in right now but he will wait until the bell rings to force him to issue an apology. And Drew should maybe consider his best friends because later on he may do the very same to him and stab him in the back. Sheamus says Lee wonders why this is happening, because of his mouth! Because he keeps saying things like that, that he’ll betray his best mate. Asks who he thinks he is!

Drew breaks them up and tells them to get the match started right now. That will be the first match of the night as the WWE Raw Recap continues – but just before the commercial break Sheamus surprises Lee with two rather limp Brogue Kicks.

Sheamus vs. Keith Lee

They come to blows in the middle of the ring. Lee with knee lifts, clubbering shot to the back. Big body blows. Forearms drop Sheamus. Takes him to his feet, hooks for a suplex but Sheamus knees his way free. Elbows to the back. Holds him down with an armbar and facelock. Lee with a hip toss to break, kick to the back. Body shots in the corner. Sheamus takes over again. Takes him down, stands on his face for a moment. Inverted Double Wristlock. Lee with body shots on his way up, Sheamus fends him off. Charges, Lee blocks a body block, Overhead Belly To Belly takes Sheamus to the outside!

Drives Sheamus into the barrier, the apron and the post, combo~! Takes him into the ring but Sheamus surprises him with a Pump Knee to take him to the floor! Sheamus going up top as Lee is outside?

Sheamus with a Top Rope Clothesline to the outside, taking Lee into the announce desk before the commercial break! WWE Raw Recap rolls on!

We come back to see Lee power Sheamus up Military Press style, tosses him and he rolls to the apron! Lee pulls Sheamus up but gets caught with a Hot Shot! Sheamus with Ten Beats, Inverted Hot Shot to finish and he’s back up top again! Wants the Battering Ram but Lee nails him out of the air with a shoulder block. Lee nails him in the corner, Biel Toss. Throw-Down Spinebuster for a nearfall!

Lee pulls Sheamus up but he fights back. Whip reversed though, Lee with a corner clothesline. Hits the ropes, hits sort of a weird body block for a 2 count. Maybe it was supposed to be a Thesz Press, not sure. Sheamus fights back, dropkick to the leg drops him. Lee kicks him away, ducks a Brogue Kick, Crossbody lands for a 2 count! Pulls Sheamus up and takes him to the corner.

Sheamus sidesteps a charge, hoists him up, very impressive White Noise for a nearfall!

Sheamus with slaps across the face. Pulling him up slowly, Lee powers out, eats some shots but responds with Grizzly Magnum! Pops him up for the Spirit Bomb and gets the win!

Winner: Keith Lee

Wow, kinda didn’t expect him to win although obviously Sheamus/Drew is more a long-term thing but it’s not like they tend to save matches for very long… either way, Lee confronts Drew afterwards for the face-off.

Elias and Ryker are backstage as Elias is warming up his guitar. And uh that’s all.

Miz and Morrison make their way out looking rather haggard for their standards. Miz faces Gran Metalik next as the WWE Raw Recap continues.

The Miz vs. Gran Metalik

Metalik ducks a grapple and rolls him up for 2! Oklahoma Roll for 2, Wheelbarrow Victory Roll for 2! Miz is shook. Metalik with a headscissor takes Miz to the outside. Miz up to the apron but gets dropkicked right to the floor! Metalik up top, Springboard Moonsault wipes Miz out! Throws Miz into the ring, Springboards in but Miz with a big boot out of the air! Grinds him against the second rope, facewashing kick.

Miz is furious at the world, charging big boot drops him as he yells about being robbed. Metalik tries to fight back but Miz stops this with a knee to the gut. Pulls him up for a Back Suplex but Metalik escapes, Bulldog, spin on the ropes for a Missile Dropkick! Charges for a rana, Miz tries to hit a Powerbomb but Metalik counters with a Sunset Flip to get the upset win!

Winner: Gran Metalik

Well that was unexpected but I’m not mad about it at all! Metalik’s been one of their most underrated guys for a long time, nice to see him get an upset.

AJ Styles and Omos confront Elias and Ryker, AJ’s not happy about hearing him strum his guitar. Suggests he break his fingers and then nobody will ever have to hear him again.

Dana Brooke vs. Shayna Baszler

Baszler with leg kicks. Dana catches one, slaps her across the face. Ducks a line, shoulder block takes her down. Shoulder thrusts in the corner. Snapmare. Hits the ropes, Handspring Moonsault attempted but Shayna with the knees up! She singles out the arm and goes for the stomp but Dana avoids it, only for Shayna to grab the arm and take it and smash it into the apron. Knee drop onto the arm back in the ring, and cranking on the wrist on the mat.

Dana fights up from a chinlock, Jawbreaker. Back elbow off a charge. Charging clotheslines. Body slam! Baseball slide attempted but Shayna catches her and spins her around, Kirifuda Clutch that takes her outside the ring! Ref’s count reaches 6, Shayna rolls inside.

But instead of going for the count out she comes back out to attack Mandy Rose from behind!

Singles the arm out on the steps for a stomp but Dana makes the save and throws her inside. Victory Roll for a nearfall! Flip Neckbreaker! Close nearfall! Brooke goes up top. Flies at her but Shayna rolls out of the way, Pump Knee drops her and there’s the Kirifuda Clutch for the tap!

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Afterwards Shayna takes Mandy into the Kirifuda Clutch again, leaves them both laid out singlehandedly. Certainly one way to re-establish her in singles.

WWE Raw Recap continues! Recap of Randy Orton setting the Fiend ablaze and then being visited by Alexa Bliss. Evidently A Moment Of Bliss has been rebranded as Alexa’s Playground and Randy Orton will be joining her on it next.

Alexa’s Playground begins.

Alexa is swinging on her set. Again says ‘he’ built it for her. Laughs at how things got heated at TLC, hasn’t seen him since then. Suggests he might come back on Legend’s Night. Says he’s a big fan of Hulk Hogan, taking his vitamins and saying his prayers… though he doesn’t really want to know who he prays to. But he must be watching. Gets a “yeah yeah yeah” in as she invites Randy Orton to come down as he must want an audience!

Orton’s music hits but he doesn’t show up. Alexa looks sad. Says maybe Randy doesn’t want to help us find him. No, she’ll try one more time and introduces him again, the music hits again but there’s no Randy. Bliss says Randy doesn’t want to play with them anymore. You light someone on fire ONE TIME and it goes to their head. Inconsiderate and rude.

The Firefly Funhouse music hits and Randy Orton appears in the Funhouse itself.

Randy says he wanted to take advantage of the Funhouse being empty, wanted to see what they had around here. Kicks Huskus away. Says Alexa thinks the Fiend is coming back. Picks up Buzzy. Says the Fiend is never coming back after TLC but if he does… he’ll have nothing left to come back to. Orton tosses Buzzy into Abigail knocking her down.

He says he wants to make sure he has nothing. Picks up poor Ramblin’ Rabbit, takes a moment to admire the portrait of the burning house before ripping the Rabbit’s head off. Alexa demands Orton meet him in the ring, as if challenging for a match. Randy says he accepts!

We see footage of Nia Jax destroying Charlotte Flair and sidelining her back in June, I guess they just remembered that they did this. Flair with a promo backstage. Says six months ago Nia injured her arm and put her out for half a year but last week she walked into TLC to beat Nia and Shayna. She’s absolutely ready for this one-on-one match. Nia is a great competitor but if there’s one person she’s willing to bet on, it’s herself.

Charlotte says she has the same resolution every year and that’s to climb to the top and stay there. Asuka has a Happy New Year 2021 tiara, says nobody is ready for Charlotte and blows on her noisemaker.

Now comes AJ Styles to the ring.

AJ Styles vs. Elias

Really seems like Elias is aligned whatever they need him to be on a given night, doesn’t it? Lock-up, AJ with a side headlock takedown. Elias with a headscissor, nails him towards the corner, body shots. Pulls him up, chop drops him! Whip, back body drop! Knee drop to the arm. Hoists AJ up by the arm, takes him down and grinds a knee into the shoulder. Pulls him up but AJ with a sunset flip for 2. Drop Toe Hold into the ropes. Battering him with shots in the corner.

Some bit of miscommunication off a whip but AJ with a dropkick takes Elias to the outside. Looks for an Asai Moonsault but Elias stops him and slams him facefirst onto the apron! Posts him! Commercial break as the WWE Raw Recap continues. We come back to see Elias land a flying knee to the face, nearfall! Elias with an Old School like start, into a Meteora for a nearfall! Neat stuff. Elias throws AJ to the floor. Ryker stalks AJ on the floor but Omos spooks him away. It really doesn’t feel like this match has a babyface actually.

Elias takes AJ into the ring, keeps watching Omos as he goes into the ring. Gets AJ into a wristlock. Styles fights out, ducks some shots, clothesline, flying forearm and he fires up. Flying clothesline in the corner, pulls him onto his shoulders for the Usigoroshi for a nearfall! Looking for a Styles Clash but Elias breaks free.

AJ with a boot in the corner and tries for the Phenomenal Forearm but Elias clips him, pulls him to the mat for Drift Away – nearfall!!

Now Elias up top but AJ crotches him. Elias with a boot off a charge but Styles bounces back with a Pele Kick and Elias falls limp to the mat! Elias takes AJ onto his shoulders – TKO! Close nearfall. Elias tryin’ to find a new finish now I suppose. Elias pulling AJ up but he fires back, enziguri lands. Gets taken to the apron, forearm gets some space – Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

Pretty good stuff, can’t complain. Elias holds his own well enough, he’s really not bad but I really feel like his best bet is finding a workhorse tag partner. If he had that I think you’d really have something with his act. But uh, Ryker ain’t that so…

Ricochet on Raw Talk last week says he would never want to join Retribution but he can’t be the one people step over in their careers. If he has to do something new to stop that, who knows?

Ricochet vs. Mustafa Ali

Exchange of punches out of the gates, Ricochet double legs him for mounted shots. Chops him in the corner. Uppercut to the face, power whip to the corner, charging chop! Pulls him out, body slam! Hits the ropes, elbow drop for a 1 count. Ricochet with an Inverted Headscissor, dropkick for a 2 count. Whip for a back body drop. Ali trips him into the buckles. Forearm, whip to the opposite corner, off the rebound Ali with a neckbreaker for a 2 count!

Ricochet takes Ali to the apron, they’re on opposite sides of the post. Ali with an elbow, they both scale the second ropes. Slapjack and Reckoning provide distractions for the ref as T-Bar and Mace double team Ricochet and throw him into the barricade! Ali follows up with a HARD Frog Splash onto the floor! Hot dayam. WWE Raw Recap continues as we go to commercial break. We come back, Ali catches boots and slides him into a Backstabber out of the corner for a nearfall!

Side headlock. Ricochet fights his way up but gets a knee to the gut. Ali with a bodyslam, elbow drop to the chest for a 2 count. Suplex attempted, Ricochet slips to his feet and takes him to the corner. Charges, Ali rolls over him, elbow, thrust kick takes him to his knees – Backflip into a German Suplex! Ricochet with a combination of strikes – Discus Lariato~! I did really want someone to do that this show.

Kickback follows, cover – Mace pulls Ali to the outside to break up the pin!

Incredibly this is not a DQ. Slapjack, Mace and T-Bar all on the apron. Ricochet with a wild DDT takes T-Bar off the apron! Charging kicks to Mace and Slapjack! Charging dropkick to Ali on the apron! Tornado DDT to Mace onto the floor! Throws Ali into the ring! Up top for the Shooting Star but Ali with the knees up – into the Koji Clutch! And he passes out in the hold!

Winner: Mustafa Ali

That rocked. Much as it sucks how they’ve booked Ricochet here with this big losing streak against Retribution, a great match is a great match as far as the WWE Raw Recap is concerned.

Ali takes up the mic and asks Ricochet when he’ll learn that he has no chance. But he’ll give him a chance to erase all his regrets, a chance for a new outlook and a new beginning. Tells him to join Retribution. Asks for his decision and hands him the mic. Ricochet says he’s made a decision: he will… NOT join! Surprises him with the Recoil and powders to avoid a beatdown.

Nia Jax backstage says Charlotte is smart to be afraid of her. Her resolutions are to end Charlotte Flair, get the tag titles back and officially enter the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Says when she wins, she will take the women’s title from whomever holds it. Shayna says she kinda likes that idea.

WWE Raw Recap continues; Drew McIntyre with a promo backstage.

He says he’s excited for Legend’s Night and he’s proud of Keith Lee for finally stepping up, says people have been waiting for him to do it. He’s got the spark to be at the top of WWE, he’s ready. He knows better than anybody that when Keith Lee is at his best he can beat anybody in WWE, except for Drew McIntyre. Winks.

Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax

Lock-up. They break up quickly though. And right back to it. Nia knocks her away. Flair with a headlock. Nia somehow fails to shoot her off. Nia then somehow fails to get a back suplex so she instead drives her in the corner. Short-Arm Shoulderblocks. Arm drag. Power whip to the corner, Flair with a shoulder thrust from the apron. Charging big boot in the ring, sliding dropkick takes her to the outside.

Nia takes a moment to herself before entering the ring. Flair with a Discus Forearm as she comes into the ring, battering shots. She tries to pull her but Nia is standing her ground so she dropkicks her to the outside again. Baseball Slide sends her into the desk! Shayna tries to interfere but an Asuka Spinning Backfist drops her! Charlotte side-steps a Nia charge and posts her, takes her into the ring for a Figure Four but Nia kicks her away and she gets driven into the buckle! Commercial break as the Raw Recap continues.

Flair with back elbows as we come back, Snapping Neckbreaker. Big chops follow. Nia taking Flair on her shoulders but Charlotte escapes and trips her to the mat! Pulls her in position for a Moonsault, but Nia trips her facefirst onto the buckle. Hoists her but Flair with a roll-through for a 2 count. Big boot countered into a Sit-Out Powerbomb! Nearfall. Nia hits the ropes for a leg drop but Flair avoids it. Figure Four attempted but Nia kicks her away. Asuka and Shayna fighting on the outside distracts Nia, Flair clips her and gets her in the Figure Four but Shayna Bazler rushes in to put FLair in the Kirifuda Clutch and that’s a DQ!

Winner: Charlotte Flair (by DQ)

Baszler and Jax double team her until Asuka runs them both off. I actually would kinda like to see a Shayna/Charlotte singles match…

Hurt Business have their usual bullying segment backstage.

Angel Garza walking around backstage. Says his first year has been full of ups and downs, he’s swiped left and right. But the new year brings new opportunities. Says he may even introduce himself to one of the many female superstars of the day. He’s asked who the current rose is for. R-Truth and the 24/7 club run by and he drops the rose and it gets trampled. Sheepishly he hands the rose to the interviewer and says it’s the thought that counts. Kinda seems like that would’ve been a good opportunity for him to get mad and start having a beef with somebody but whatever.

Backstage with Hardy Bros and New Day, Jeff congratulates New Day for Big E’s IC title win. Riddle says they have a huge match ahead of them, gotta think of a sweet new name for the four of them. Suggest Little Bronies, Xavier says it’s technically taken. So he suggests Positively Hard Bros instead and everyone groans.

Positively Hard Bros vs. The Hurt Business

Before the match begins, MVP and Lashley are on the mic. MVP says the Almighty wants to make an exclusive business forecast for 2021. Lashley declares himself into the Men’s Rumble match and promises to main event this year’s WrestleMania. Bell rings, Cedric and Riddle start. Exchange of shots, Riddle ducks a line, tries a Pele but Cedric blocks, rolls him over for a dropkick! But Riddle with a Gutwrench Suplex and Lashley tags in.

Lashley with a shoulder block, hoists him up, Riddle trying for a guillotine but Lashley completes the Vertical Suplex! MVP tags in and the isolation commences. Shelton Benjamin tags in, snap suplex for 2. Riddle fights back, Hardy tags in, uses Riddle as a platform for the dropkick, Woods tags in and the Unicorn Stampede commences with Riddle and Jeff subbing in for Big E. Jeff finishes with his corner dropkick. Hurt Business starts running but the babyfaces clear the ring and it takes everybody to get Lashley to the floor!

WWE Raw Recap continues after the commercial break.

We come back to see Lashley decimating Riddle. Single Armbreaker. Tag to Shelton and the isolation continues. Single Leg Boston Crab, Riddle makes it to the ropes for the break. Riddle is dumped to the outside, MVP goes down with him to mock him. Riddle taken inside, Alexander tags in, SNAP Back Suplex for a nearfall! Riddle fights back, roundhouse kick drops him! Riddle makes the tag to Kofi and he’s running wild, dropkick, high clothesline! Boom Drop nailed!

Looking for the Trouble In Paradise, Benjamin with the distraction, Cedric clips him, Kofi escapes the Lumbar Check, Xavier with the blind tag, Kofi with a suicide dive! Cedric wants to follow but Xavier trips him up, takes MVP to the outside, drop toe hold takes Cedric into the ropes, Two For One! Catapult into the ropes for Cedric, Hardy off the top with a clothesline to MVP! Xavier with the Brodie Discus Clothesline to Cedric!

Swanton Bomb from Jeff, Lashley has to break things up! Now the match breaks down and everyone attacks everyone! Lashley and Hardy end up the legal men, Jeff with a knee off the spear attempt, tries a Twist of Fate but it’s countered into the Hurt Lock for the tap!

Winners: The Hurt Business

Hurt Business continue to be very protected at this stage. But when they try the post-match attack, Riddle lands a Final Flash to Lashley and the faces manage to escape.

In the stairwell, Adam Pearce brings the MITB briefcase to them. Says Miz was right the entire time, Morrison did not have the right to cash in. So once again the MITB contract is his! He lays it at their feet and they freak out. Big dance up and down the stairs.

Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring for the main event segment and the conclusion of the WWE Raw Recap.

Randy comes out wary of the Fiend. Asks her where she is. Alexa says it’s not about him, it’s about her. She goes out of the ring and grabs a big Christmas present. A bit late. She goes down and opens it. She pulls out some kerosene and a matchbox. She challenges him to do to her what he did to him. She lays down. Orton doesn’t go for it so she stands up and pours the kerosene out on the mat, leaves a trail up to Orton. She stands at the puddle and says she did the job for him, go ahead.

He’s not going for it and she’s getting upset. She grabs the kerosene again and pours it all around her. Tells him he doesn’t have the guts. Thinks he’s sick, twisted, demented? But he’s not. If he were, he’d light that match. Tells him he’s nothing but a little bitch. She dumps the kerosene on herself! She’s just covered in it. Randy says “You think I won’t do it?” He slowly goes down and grabs the matchbox. Tells her he WANTS to do it but he knows it’s what she wants him to do so he’s trying to process that.

He knows that he loves watching people in pain but she wants to see the Fiend. Well maybe he’ll do it, maybe he’ll set her on fire right now… the lights start to go down. We see Randy has indeed lit a match and is starting to drop it but the lights go ALL the way out and the show just ends. Allllrighty then.

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