The Brodie Lee Tribute Show AEW Dynamite

I can’t give this one a normal intro. This will likely be the hardest show I’ve ever had to cover but at the same time, one I dearly look forward to. Tonight’s edition of AEW Dynamite is dedicated to the beloved Brodie Lee, one of the greatest big men of his generation and by all accounts one of the kindest people in wrestling. As always I’ll be giving the live play-by-play of the show as it airs. This time instead of the usual AEW gold, I’m going with Dark Order purple in the text. It’s the smallest thing in the world, but it’s as much as I can do at the moment…

I really do think you should watch this one for yourself. But in case you can’t, I’ll be here. Watch this space for the Brodie Lee tribute show recap.

We begin with the whole roster on the stage. It’s Wednesday and you damn sure know what that means. Chant of “Brodie” immediately. His wife and kids are center stage for the ten bell salute. This is already hard.

Jon Moxley says he’s having a hard time coming up with words. Nothing to say that hasn’t already been said but that’s the comforting part, the outpouring of love from fans and friends. Says Brodie brought joy to the people around him. He had the privilege of spending a lot of time with him. Loved being a dad. Brodie used to tell him how much he’d love it. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Mox says 2020 has hit us hard over and over but this is a PRIDE soccer style kick to the face of the community.

That’s what pro wrestling is, it’s a community.

When the chips are down, we support each other and love each other. Brought together from all over the world for something we love. Today they celebrate Brodie and try to be a better person every single day because every day is a gift and every day is special. Every day he spent with Brodie Lee was special. Tells him he loves him and he’ll never forget him.

First match time now…

Matt Hardy & Private Party vs. Colt Cabana & The Young Bucks

I’m pretty sure this is the first time Colt’s actually done the Dark Order signal. I’ll probably be crying this whole show…

Colt starts with Isiah Kassidy. Whip reversed, Colt kicks off the second buckle. Shoot offs, Colt grabs him for a suplex, blocked but a huge right hand drops him. Kassidy tags to Quen who comes in for the drop toe hold, Nick tags in, double back elbow. Spin Neckbreaker/Backbreaker combo. Triple Dropkick takes Matt Hardy to the outside! Nick whips Matt into a Baseball Slide, splitting the uprights for the tope con hilo! Now Colt to the apron, breaking out an Asai Moonsault!

Nick with some charging forearms, Hardy with a boot as he tags in. Sleeper hold applied. Throws him to the mat. Cheap shot to Cabana. Matt tags himself in, Hardy tries the Razor’s Edge but Matt Jackson clips him. Tandem moves begin, Double Hip Toss to Quen, double dropkick to Kassidy and a quick nod to the heavens. Matt stomps Quen into the ropes. Fight spills to the outside, Quen with a tope suicida. Quen takes Matt Jackson into the ring, vertical suplex and 2 count.

Hardy Party begins the isolation now.

Hardy whips Matt to the corner, just nails him with a haymaker. Quen with a dropkick for 2. Kassidy tags in, Inverted Atomic Drop and enziguri! Kassidy with a back suplex for 2. Matt Hardy tags in, Signature Second Rope Elbow Drop. Matt Jackson fighting back now, boot up, crossbody, Kassidy has to break up the pin. M. Jackson with several shots to the face, Side Effect lands for 2! Hardy setting up for the Twist of Fate but gets too close to the opposing corner, spooked away and Matt Jackson lands the Twist of Fate instead!

Colt Cabana tags in, Springboard Moonsault to both members of Private Party! Flip, flop and fly to Isiah! Ducks a line, headscissor to Kassidy! Flying Apple to Quen for the nearfall! Wants the tag to Nick but Matt Hardy pulls him to the floor. Kassidy ducks the Discus Lariat, crucifix for 2. Quen tags in, huuuge crossbody for a nearfall! Hardy tags in, body slam. Sends Private Party to opposite corners. Cabana kicks Hardy into crotching Quen as Nick deposits Kassidy! Super Rana from Nick to Quen, Nick tags in, series of clotheslines!

Hardy trips him up, sends Cabana over the barricade, same to Matt Jackson! Nick with a running kick from the apron to Matt Hardy, X-Factor to Quen, Asai Moonsault to Hardy! Gin & Juice nailed on Nick in the ring though! Series of senton bombs, Cabana and Matt Jackson have to break up the pin! Now Matt Hardy wants to use a chair as the ref is dealing with mounted punches. Marq Quen refuses the weapon, Cabana tags in, forearm drops Matt Hardy to the outside. Private Party set up Cabana for Gin and Juice but a Superkick from Matt stops Quen, Chicago Skyline to Kassidy! Indytaker to Quen, Cabana with the Superman Pin for the win!

Winners: Colt Cabana & The Young Bucks

Very nice stuff as you’d expect.

The Acclaimed start coming out to the ring and tease cutting a heel promo on the Dark Order. SCU rush up from behind and throw them into the ring, double superkicks and a Boom Boom Elbow from Cabana sends them out of the ring!

Darby Allin says the first time he met Brodie he told Sammy that he was the first guy on his list that he wanted to wrestle. He found out quick that there was no ego with Brodie, he wasn’t there to take anyone’s spot he was there to elevate everyone. Wasn’t selfish, he wanted to lift everybody up. Picking his brain, he had so much knowledge that he was willing to share with all the young guys. Says he was the man, number one dude he wished he could’ve wrestled.

Dark Order music gonna be playing a ton tonight. Lance Archer coming out with them and he’s in a Luke Harper cosplay. Eddie Kingston on the mic says that he loves Brodie Lee and this is for him, but the Dark Order is nothing without him and they’ll prove it tonight.

Lance Archer, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson vs. Eddie Kingston, The Butcher & The Blade

Uno with a big boot to Kingston before the bell for a cheap pop! Heels getting thrown out, Uno with a snap suplex to Kingston. Archer slams Grayson and Uno onto Kingston repeatedly. Double suplex sends Archer onto Kingston too, my goodness! Kingston being worked over in the corner. Stu with a whip reversed, Bunny tries for the trip, Blade and Butcher with cheap shots. Kingston pulls Grayson up and they’re working him over in the corner now. Butcher with a heavy clothesline, Blade with a very nice powerslam for a 2 count.

Blade with a knife edge chop to Stu. Whip, Jake Roberts tripping up Stu now, Uno with a Hot Shot and Grayson nails the Sidewalk Slam in memory of Brodie Lee! Genuinely touching. Commercial break. We come back to see Uno and Kingston in a slapfest! Eddie wins out briefly, but a Spinning backfist is fucked repeatedly, Uno nails him twice, Half-N-Half lands! Tags to Blade and Archer. Archer runs right through a Blade clothesline and nails Butcher off the apron. No sells Blade’s chops, Ripcord into a wicked slam! Blade with a boot up but Archer nails him, charging elbow. Now here’s the rarely seen Oldschool Ropewalk! Into the Springing Moonsault!

Butcher comes in to meet him but Archer out muscles him with the Pounce!

Stu Grayson tags in, Stu and Uno with an Assisted Gordbuster, Top Rope Frog Splash from Archer! Kingston and Butcher break up the pin. Kingston with a DDT to Grayson for a nearfall! Butcher tags in. Pulls him up, double whip, Grayson rolls under the double line, Pele Kick takes them both out! Tag back to Archer, crossbody nailed! Blackout attempted on Blade… Kingston pulls him free. Archer takes Kingston down, Grayson with a WILD flying DDT onto the apron to Butcher! Uno and Grayson with a beautiful Inverted Gory Bomb/Blockbuster combo for the win!

Winners: The Dark Order & Lance Archer

Afterwards Kingston gets battered around, even eating a Short-Arm Clothesline from Jake Roberts.

Dax Harwood praises Brodie as a family man and the most genuine person he’s met in wrestling. Arn talks up what a fun loving family they are. Colt says Brodie would do anything to see his family. Bryce Remsburg is the next one we see and he’s in tears saying Brodie’d be on a Mt. Rushmore of wrestling dads.

Next up we’ve got another six-man tag.

Hangman Page, John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. MJF, Santana & Ortiz

MJF with some hilarious Puerto Rican gear to try and mesh with Santana and Ortiz. Meanwhile John Silver comes out with a replica of Brodie’s gear. Silver and Reynolds start out with THE PAPERS and bash them over Santana and Ortiz before the bell!! MJF starts with Hangman, Page with a leap frog, and he papers MJF!!! Max bails from the ring and starts yelling at -1 in the front row!

Ortiz with a whip to Silver but John with a shoulder tackle. Leapfrog, Lucha Arm Drag. Ortiz side steps a charge for a Backbreaker, Santana tags in, Springboard Crossbody! Pump Kick! Silver with a big back elbow, tag to Reynolds, sunset flip for 2. Flying Spinning Elbow! Takes an elbow pad off for the elbow drop for 2. Back elbow off a charge, jumps up but Santana gets him with a kick to the shin, jumping neckbreaker takes him off the ropes! Vertical suplex, hangs on, two amigos, Ortiz tags in for a double suplex and the third amigo, nearfall!

Page makes the tag and it’s a house of fire!

Nailing everybody with lariatos. Sets up MJF for the Buckshot Lariat. Max powders to avoid it. Santana & Ortiz lift Page for a wild Reverse Suplex from MJF for a nearfall! Commercial break as the Brodie Lee tribute show continues. Page with some chops to MJF as we come back but Max cuts him off with a body slam. Goes to the second rope for a double axe handle but Page with a Brodie Lee big boot out of the air! Silver tags in and takes out everybody, charging clotheslines to opposing sides, charging snapmare sends Ortiz into Santana!

Silver with one of his wild sequences, Sit-Out Powerbomb to Ortiz for a nearfall! Santana with a Roll Thru Cutter! Double stomp from Reynolds! Spinebuster from Ortiz! Page with a rolling elbow! MJF with a brutal arm drag sends Page into the buckles! Silver with a wild move turning a Monkey Flip into a WICKED Canadian Destroyer?! Tope Suicida to Santana! But MJF clips him, Heatseeker! Powerbomb from Ortiz, knee from Santana! Reynolds BARELY breaks up the pin! Wardlow in the ring and he NAILS Reynolds with a lariat!


He sends him to the back! That was incredible! Reynolds with a Stunner, Silver with a big move, Page with a Buckshot Lariat! MJF puts Ortiz’s leg on the bottom rope for the break. Max pulls the mask off of -1 at ringside! But -1 has a kendo stick!! Nails MJF and he’s out like a light! Back in the ring, John Silver with the classic Brodie pose into the Discus Clothesline and he gets the pin!!

Winners: Hangman Page, John Silver & Alex Reynolds

Silver’s crying as the bell rings. Erick Rowan returns to the ring with a sign that says “goodbye for now my brother”.

Eddie Kingston talks about how much he’ll miss Brodie making fun of him and believing in him. He wants to tell Brodie Jr. that his father isn’t gone as long as he’s alive and remembers him and his teachings, he’s never gone. His father wasn’t just a warrior in the ring but outside of it. Many men don’t nowadays but his father took care of him and loved him so much.

And now the one standard tag match of the night instead of a trios I believe, since we only have the two Dark Order ladies.

Penelope Ford & Britt Baker vs. Ana Jay & Tay Conti

Britt and Ana start. Lock-up, quickly broken. Lock-up again, Jay with a side headlock takeover. Britt with a headscissor to escape. Rolls her over for a 2 count. Jay with a headlock. Baker with an arm drag into a hammerlock. Jay rolls through as the chain wrestling continues. Shoulder block. Ducks a chop, ducks a line, looks for the Queenslayer but Britt escapes, tag to Ford. Deep Flatliner to Ford! Jay sends her to the corner, Conti tags in.

Jay with an assisted clothesline, Conti nails Ford as well for 2. Ford with a forearm but Conti just nails her with a series of shots, Judo Throw series! Kick ducked but she gets it on the way back, nearfall! Baker with a bit of an assist, Ford with a German Suplex for 2! Baker tags in, knee lifts to the face. Kicks her out of the ring. Looking for a running kick off the apron, Conti blocks it but Britt stomps her head into the apron. Rebel sends positions Conti on the apron for a big Springing Meteora from Ford! Baker pulls her in and covers for a nearfall.

Commercial break as the Brodie Lee tribute show continues.

As we come back, stereo shots as Conti and Ford knock each other down. Simultags and Ana Jay is a house of fire, ending with a Running Neck Snap to Baker! Hip attack to Britt, big enziguri! Ford with an Orton Style Backbreaker from behind, Conti with a big slam, Baker deposits her. Jay with a Dangerous Jay Kick. Brodie pose as she’s giving tribute, Britt attacks her from behind. Fisherman’s Neckbreaker – nearfall!! Ford tags in, up top, Blockbuster! Close nearfall.

Ford pulling Ana up to her feet. Handspring for a back elbow but she gets caught in the Queenslayer! Conti ensures Baker can’t make the save and rips Reba away from the apron as well, Ford has no choice but to tap!

Winners: Ana Jay & Tay Conti

Fittingly Dark Order are unbeaten on this show and I can’t imagine that will change.

Tony Schiavone in the ring to interview Britt Baker. Britt says she’s sick of the conspiracy. Says that match was rigged. Ana Jay’s rigged, Tay Conti’s rigged. The whole thing is kind of a Big Rig! Thunder Rosa hits the ring to attack Baker and Reba and a ton of refs to pull her off.

Chris Jericho is the next to talk about how he had the pleasure to wrestle Brodie Lee 27 times.

One of those times was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He saw a mark on the ceiling annoying him. Brodie Lee said that was the arrow pointing to Mecca. Jericho says he was a huge guy but a very wise one. He was one of the best guys he worked with.

He believed in him and helped him get here, in his last six months he proved that he could be what he knew he could be and that’s a top star. Says he has a very unfriendly dog but she took to him right away when she met him, even she knew what a good guy he was. Says he loves Brodie and promises they will take care of his family.

Next up is our main event, with the face team handpicked by Brodie Lee Jr. himself.

Preston Vance aka 10 makes his way out first, he’s -1’s fav. Orange makes sure to give the kid a lackadaisical fistbump.

10, Orange Cassidy & Cody vs. Team Taz

Bryce Remsburg is the official and shares a hug with Cody, Bryce was the most despondent in the interviews. Hobbs and Cody start, Hobbs with a big shoulderblock! Tag to Starks. Cody with a drop toe hold. Starks takes COdy to the corner, they exchange chops! Starks with a floatover, dropkick. Whip, flying shoulder tackle. Cody with his signature uppercut. Wants a tag but Orange is a bit too lazy for it, so 10 tags in instead. Still some tension there between Dark Order and Nightmare Family members.

Starks takes over but gets shot off, shoulderblock! Hits the ropes, Starks with a leapfrog, 10 springs him off the ropes for the Wheelbarrow German Suplex! Tag to Cassidy who rolls his way on in. “Freshly Squeezed” chant as Hobbs tags in. He has his hands up looking for a test of strength! Orange acts like he’s going for it but just puts his hands in his pockets. Hobbs with a shove. Cassidy with the world’s most devastating shoulder tackle.

Hobbs shoves him away as we go to commercial break, the Brodie Lee Tribute Show will continue.

Big boys Cage and Hobbs double teaming Cassidy as we come back. Hobbs with a Delayed Vertical Suplex! Tag to Cage. Pulls Orange up for a Delayed Vertical Suplex of his own. Holds him for a looong time before taking him down. Starks tags in and wants one too! Delayed Vertical Suplex but of course Cassidy slips behind him, reverses the suplex! Starks desperately trying to prevent the tag but he ducks and dives for it, tag to Cody! Series of clotheslines, leaps over a Starks charge, Snap Powerslam for a nearfall!

Cody tosses his weight belt to the crowd. Cage with a knee to the back of Cody but he absorbs it – Starks and Cody meet in the middle with Discus Lariats! Now comes 10! Nails everyone, catches Starks on a Crossbody, Powerslam nailed! And he gives Brodie Lee his own nod. Sets him up, poses Brodie style for the Brodie Bomb! Big boot takes Hobbs to the floor! Whips Starks, Ricky escapes the Spinebuster, cutting Spear! Orange with a lazy breakup. Orange tries Beach Break, Starks looks for Roshambo, Orange with his Spinning DDT!

Hobbs with a huge body block to Cassidy! Cody in to send Hobbs out, Cage with an STO to Cody! Pump Kick by 10 breaks up a Powerbomb Attempt, Short-Arm Clothesline to the back of the head! Starks with a Tornado DDT for a nearfall! Big chant for “10”. At ringside Taz grabs a chair and Arn ANderson does the same as they confront each other! Orange gets Starks with the Orange Punch, Cody with a Cross-Rhodes and he tosses him to 10 for the Spinebuster! Cover! And that is that.

Winners: 10, Cody & Orange Cassidy

Thus the clean sweep is finished.

Team Taz with an attack from behind afterwards though, including Hook! Lights go out and Darby Allin is out to make the save, coming down the stands! And it seems he’s not alone as the lights go out again… they come back up and the snow is falling… Sting steps from the same door Darby just walked out of and they’re clearly together now! Team Taz is already retreating as they head to the ring.

That’s the last match of the night but we’re of course closing with a special tribute to Brodie Lee after the last commercial.

We come back to see Cody alone in the ring. Big “Brodie” chant. Cody says he had to write this memo the other day, looking for a quote to encapsulate someone like Brodie Lee. Says one is that you can judge a man’s character by how he treats someone that can do him no good. We’ve heard all these stories of people that were positively affected by Brodie Lee.

Cody says there has never been a wrestler in every company to have that connection and that’s why everyone is affected so deeply. In short he was a beautiful man. Wants to celebrate the legacy, invites -1 Brodie Lee Jr. to the ring. He’s escorted out with his mother as well as Preston Vance and Tony Khan making a rare on-air appearance on Dynamite. -1 lays Brodie’s boots on the mat. Khan calls Brodie the best TNT Champion they’ve ever had and presents -1 with the TNT title. We then cut to a lovely video package of Brodie’s career to close the show.

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