WWE Raw Recap

We’ve got another edition of WWE Raw here tonight and I’m actually typing stuff out in advance for once~! Should probably do that more often… it’s Legends Night which means pointless cameos galore! Plus Drew McIntyre defends the WWE Championship against Keith Lee, and we learn whether or not Alexa Bliss got burned alive a week ago! Fun for the whole family. As always I’ll be doing the written play-by-play on the show as it airs, so stay tuned for the WWE Raw Recap!

The show – and the WWE Raw Recap – begins with MizTV. Miz hypes up the show.

They run down some of the legends we see, including Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Torrie Wilson and Booker T. But the biggest legend is of course the Miz. They proclaim that 2021 is going to be their year. Miz introduces the first guests of the new year – the New Day. They come out and flip the script to claim this is their new show, New Day Talks.

Kofi says he’s the host and Xavier is the band leader! Kofi says this is like a cookout and Miz & Morrison aren’t invited. Woods says this is the first show ever with working smell-o-vision and it is definitely working, they hold their noses. They mock their ‘correct’ bit. Miz suggests Xavier will be bombing on G4 but they yell this is incorrect. Kofi says every good host has a bailiff. Brings out a card, asks them if they have New Year’s Resolutions. Morrison has a ton of mundane answers.

Kofi asks of all the legends here tonight, who do they want to go to dinner with. Morrison says Tatanka but doesn’t really get to explain why as Miz doesn’t like his encouraging them. Miz erupts in anger about their mockery. As he yells at him, Teddy Long’s music hits and he comes out to the stage! Aside from a goatee he looks and sounds exactly like he used to. Tries to put Miz and Morrison against THE UNDERTAKAAAAAA but Adam Pearce lets him know that’s not possible so instead he puts them against the New Day in a tag team match, playa.

The New Day vs. The Miz & John Morrison

Xavier takes Morrison to the corner for chops . Kofi tags in, double chop, trip and a charging double knee, cover for 2. They let loose the tag team tandem moves. Morrison fights back with a forearm, tag to Miz. Stomping ensues. Kofi tags in, side headlock takeover. Kofi with some leapfrogs, counters Skull Crushing Finale, Miz catches the Trouble In Paradise for a Catapult but Kofi lands on the ropes and leaps into a Twisting Crossbody for a nearfall! Woods tags in, they tease a double team with Xavier throwing Kofi onto Miz but instead Kofi just stands and stomps him.

Morrison tags in to try and take over, Standing Shooting Star but Xavier rolls out of the way! Kofi tags in and covers for 2. Morrison with a Monkey Flip but Kofi lands on his feet! Twerks at him in mockery. Single leg dropkick to Morrison sets him up, Monkey Flip truly monkey flips him! Heels sent to the outside, Kofi with a big tope wipes them out!

Commercial break as the WWE Raw Recap continues.

We come back to see Morrison and Kofi fighting it out, Morrison with a hook kick takes him down! Miz tags in and pummels Kingston. Heels with the isolation now. Kofi tries to fight back but gets cut off. Miz with a Mizline. Cover for a 2 count. Kofi fights his way up and nails an SOS! Simultags, Woods with a series of clotheslines on Morrison, spinning heel kick! Takes Miz to the outside, Morrison nails him with a forearm to drop him!

But Xavier responds with a Discus Forearm to drape him on the middle rope, wants the 2 In 1 but because of the extra time Miz is able to avoid it, only to take a flying clothesline off the steps from Kofi! Morrison with an O’Connor Roll back in the ring, uses the ropes but Kofi thwarts that, Xavier with the Shining Wizard for the win!

Winners: The New Day

Very good match, New Day have been so damn consistent since coming back together.

Recap of Orton and Alexa’s segment from last week. Randy says the voices were telling him to do it, set her on fire and watch her burn. But he couldn’t do it and the reason why is because just like everyone else that’s faced the Fiend has said, something in them changes. He showed Alexa Bliss restraint, compassion and mercy and for that, he hates himself for it. But then he realizes that in that newfound hatred he realizes that there are no boundaries and he’s capable of any and everything.

Asks if one could imagine if he put that hatred towards himself towards someone else. Says he doesn’t want to talk about the Fiend right now he wants to talk to some legends and remind them why he’s called the Legend Killer.

We see Angel Garza roll up R-Truth for the 24/7 title during an online video celebrating the new year. Backstage Angel meets up with Alicia Fox to flirt but she baffles him with TikTok talk. He then moves on to see Tatanka, Mickie James and Sgt. Slaughter in the middle of a conversation. What on EARTH would they have to talk about, I have no idea. But Angel hands Mickie his rose. Slaughter sniffs it and calls him a maggot.

Elias vs. AJ Styles

AJ with a side headlock takedown. Elias Back Suplexes him but AJ holds on and rolls him over for a 1 count! Elias fights out, back elbow. Battering shots in the corner until he falls. Big chop. Whip to the opposite corner to bounce him off, big clothesline for 2. AJ fires back, kick off a back body drop attempt. Elias hot shots him though, and there’s the Military Press right onto the top buckle, yikes! AJ ends up on the apron, Elias with a charging forearm sends him to the floor! Commercial break, WWE Raw Recap continues ect.

Elias takes AJ up top as we come back. AJ fighting back. Elias wins out on strikes though. Goes up there with him and hooks for a superplex. AJ slips between his legs and trips him up into the buckle. Elias with a boot up off a charge, forearms exchanged, AJ with a chop, Elias with a big boot! Elias with a knee lift, chop, AJ with his combo but Elias ducks the last one and nails a Sit-Out Chokeslam for a 2 count!

Now Elias stomping AJ’s torso, goes up top. AJ rolls away so Elias has to follow him, Styles with an enziguri and slips to the apron. Phenomenal Forearm attempted – but Elias gets him with a high knee out of the air! Nearfall! Elias looks for an Electric Chair, AJ reverses with a rana, Brainbuster nailed! Styles Clash to follow and that is that.

Winner: AJ Styles

That was good, straight-up! Obviously it ain’t too hard to have a good match with AJ Styles but it has to be said that Elias has improved a lot over time, he genuinely looked good. Afterwards Ryker tries to attack AJ with a guitar, Omos appears in the ring and big boots the guitar and it explodes. So the heels flee from the other heels. They’re pronouncing ‘Omos’ different this week, incidentally.

Charlotte Flair has declared for the 2021 Royal Rumble match. Charlotte then comes out with Naitch by her side, natch.

Backstage Riddle suggests that Big Show be the Big Bro. He has a match with Bobby Lashley he has to get ready for but he’ll come back for more ideas later. Randy Orton then confronts Big Show. Says it must be an interesting feeling knowing that he can never compete in that ring again. Show asks, “Who says I can’t?”

Orton says he ended his career with a punt to the skull. Big Show tells him he can compete any time he wants, he can do it right now. Orton shoves him into his seat as Show laughs about how he won’t get into his head. Big Show says he’s not embarrassed to be standing here with the legends. Orton tells him that if Big Show cared he would get up and do something about it. He continues to threaten tonight’s legends.

Anyway as the WWE Raw Recap continues, the women’s tag team champions are still making their entrance.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Charlotte Flair & Asuka vs. Peyton Royce & Lacey Evans (Non-Title)

Charlotte and Lacey start, Flair with a waistlock takedown. Lacey grabs the bottom rope to escape a figure four attempt. Lacey runs around ringside to make Flair chase her, Peyton tags herself in as Lacey runs by, Charlotte tries to fight both at once but Peyton takes her down. Forearm nailed. Flair fights right back. Peyton with a whip, Flair with a roll-up, roll through for a knee to the face! Heels batter her in the corner though. Charlotte fighting back, backbreaker to Evans, Asuka tags in for a Missile Dropkick!

Peyton tags in, Asuka with a shoulder block, charging hip attack! Thrust kick to Evans. Clothesline/bulldog combo for a 2 count! Peyton takes Asuka to the corner, charging forearm takes her to the floor. Lacey Evans is trying to woo Ric Flair (hah) on the outside, Charlotte pulls her around and slaps her across the face. A brawl breaks out between them as we go to commercial break.

WWE Raw Recap continues when we come back.

Heels are isolating Asuka as we return. Royce whips her to the corner. Crawls over towards her creepily. Hair toss. Lacey tags in, snapmare, holding her down with a facelock. Slams her face into the canvas repeatedly. Peyton tags in, Asuka fighting back now, clothesline lands. Simultags and Charlotte is a house of fire, big chops to Lacey.

Looking for a slam, Evans slips free and Royce tags in but Flair gets her with a Fallaway Slam! Moonsault off the top to both of them as Asuka tagged in, sliding kick to the head for a nearfall! Peyton with an elbow, Charlotte tags in as Asuka gets a Codebreaker, Charlotte with a terrible Natural Selection and it gets broken up, glad that wasn’t the finish. Evans pulls Flair to the apron and trips her onto the apron.

Lacey again starts flirting with Ric Flair, Charlotte with a baseball slide takes her to the floor! Throws Evans into the ring. Peyton with a whip, Flair trips up Charlotte! That didn’t even look like an accident at all, and Royce cradles her for a win!

Winners: Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce

Funny story I guess. Charlotte afterwards stomps down the steps and tells Ric as bluntly as possible to stay out of her business. Again.

Sheamus talks to Drew McIntyre backstage and tells him to give Keith Lee an extra kick in the head for him. Drew says he’ll do anything to retain the WWE title. They run into Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart. Hulk says Drew’s been training, saying his prayers and eating his vitamins. Says he held the WWE flag high throughout these crazy times. Says Drew reminds him a lot of himself. McIntyre says Hulk’s always believed in him.

Asks if there’s any chance that Sheamus’ big mouth reminds him of Jimmy. Calls him the mouth of the South of Ireland. Sheamus says none of them are funny. Jimmy yells through his megaphone for him to lighten up as he chases him away. Hogan and Drew conclude with a “Whatcha gonna do” bit.

WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Riddle (Non-Title)

As the WWE Raw Recap continues, Riddle attacks Lashley from behind and pummels him in the corner before the bell! Once the bell rings, Riddle with a combination of blows and looks for a kimura but Lashley powers him into a slam! Throws him to the corner. Battering him with strikes. Elbows to the head. Riddle counters a punch with a triangle and yanks him over the top rope to the floor, wow! Lashley powers him up and runs him right into the ringpost, yikes! Commercial break.

We return to see Lashley continue brutalizing Riddle. During the commercial break Lashley hit a massive chokeslam. Riddle fighting back with a roundhouse kicks but Lashley drops him with a lariat. Bobby pulls him up and takes him to the corner. Lashley grinds him, whip to the opposite corner, drives him to another top buckle. Riddle blocks a line, Pele Kick, charging forearms ensue! Pulls him for an Exploder but Lashley counters with the Dominator – but Riddle lands on his feet! PK, Broton for a 1 count!! Final Flash knee for ANOTHER 1 count!

Riddle goes up top. Lashley blocks him, pulls him off for a Dominator! Cinches him into the Hurt Lock, Riddle kicks off the rope and nearly kicks the ref. Riddle taps while the ref can’t see him and Lashley starts celebrating. Riddle rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Riddle

That’s a great way for a heel to win a match, one of the heel-est ways to win I’ve ever seen in fact. Riddle’s not a heel. So that’s a bit of a problem.

Ricochet is meeting up with Mark Henry backstage getting a pep talk. Henry’s got a walker. As Ricochet leaves Orton comes up and asks if the World’s Strongest Man will be in the Rumble but he taunts him, says that’ll probably never happen again. Asks him how fast his scooter is. Henry says hopefully fast enough to get away from his ass. Orton brings up the Hall of Pain days and says he owes him a lot of receipts. Randy says he’ll give him a pass but only if he pedals his ass on out of here. Yells at him to go and Henry has no other choice.

WWE Raw Recap continues. Backstage MVP rightfully claims that Lashley was robbed of a victory. Bobby correctly states that he tapped out. Says when he gets his hands on him again he will punish his punk ass. MVP says they pissed him off.

Mandy Rose makes her way out but gets attack from behind by Shayna Baszler. Dana Brooke rushes out and into the ring, says she’ll take her on in her place.

Shayna Baszler vs. Dana Brooke

Shayna with leg kicks, whip reversed as Dana takes Shayna to the floor. Shayna charges in, avoids a back body drop for the Kirifuda Clutch, Dana rolls her over for the three count.

Winner: Dana Brooke

…Buuut the Clutch is still in and she can’t get out until Mandy Rose comes in with a pump knee to break it up. Shayna tries to attack but a Double Flapjack sends her packing.

Ric Flair, IRS and Molly Holly are our next incredibly random batch conversing. Randy Orton is here yet again. Tells Ric it’s been a while. Thinks for old time’s sakes maybe he’d walk down the aisle with him one last time against Jeff Hardy but he won’t let him screw him like he did Charlotte. Flair tells Orton he had so much confidence in him and wanted him to break the world title record.

Randy says he always remembers and Flair taught him everything he ever knew. But now the only reason he’s even slightly relevant is Charlotte being ten times the competitor that he ever was. Says he looks and sounds like Ric Flair but he’s just a pathetic old man. He walks away, leaving Flair sad.

Keith Lee is exercising backstage. Riddle comes up and lies that he didn’t need too much good luck against Lashley so he wishes Lee good luck. Says new year, new champ. Lee thanks him for the pep talk.

Here up next on the WWE Raw Recap…

Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

Lock-up. Jeff takes him into the corner but Randy reverses, Jeff reverses back. Orton with a thumb to the eye. Takes him outside and slams Jeff’s face into the announce desk repeatedly. Back Suplex sends him crashing onto the table! Orton resets the count. Pulls Jeff up by the ear, Randy has a lot of history with Jeff’s ear hole. You heard me. He takes him into the ring. Hammerlock, Jeff grabs the rope for the break. Orton stomps him. Jeff with some kicks and shots, Hardy fights back, clothesline and short splash. Drives him into the corner, Orton nails him away, kick to the face.

Stomping his arm. Garvin Stomp ensues. Side headlock cinched in. Hardy fights to his feet, Twist of Fate lands! Hardy strips off the shirt as he goes up top. Orton powders, Jeff runs off the apron for a clothesline! Commercial break as the WWE Raw Recap rolls on. When we come back the headlock has resumed. Hardy fights up but gets tripped to the mat, cover for 2. Orton grabs at the ear hole! Both of them this time and he’s just ripping at them! Boy this looks hideous. Orton stomps his chest, knee drop for a 2 count! Orton headlock continues, Jeff with a Jawbreaker counter.

The Jeff Hardy Comeback follows – Inverted Atomic Drop into the Legal Low Blow, Basement Dropkick, Short Splash for a nearfall!

Exchange of punches. Orton with a whip, Jeff counters with a line. Charging clothesline in the corner. Orton reverses a whip into the other corner but Jeff with an elbow, Whisper In The Wind for a nearfall! Hardy wants a kick, it’s caught but the Inverted Enziguri lands! Hardy up top, Orton rolls out of the way so Jeff has to go after him. Randy throws him to the apron, Draping DDT! Orton stalks for the RKO, Jeff with a roll-up for a nearfall, Twist of Fate countered int othe RKO for the win!

Winner: Randy Orton

I think their ’08 Rumble WWE title match had about the same finish, but very cool stuff regardless.

Lucha House Party meet Melina backstage. Melina starts the Lucha chant. Next up on the WWE Raw Recap…

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin vs. Lucha House Party (Non-Title)

Metalik and Benjamin start. Shelton with a big shoulder block. Whip to the corner, Metalik with a boot up on a charge. Headscissor takedown, thrust kick to the gut, spins around the middle rope for a flying rana but Shelton catches him out of the air and nails him with a Powerbomb! Cedric tags in, nails him with a Short-Arm Clothesline. Metalik blocks the Lumbar Check, flips free, Dorado tags in, Springboard Rana! Hits the ropes – WILD Michinoku Driver! Cedric mounts him and mauls him with punches!

Cedric with a whip, Dorado with the Handspring Stunner! Benjamin tags in, Pump Knee drops Metalik from the apron. Takes Lince to the corner and batters him, Cedric tags in, in spite of Shelton’s better judgement. They keep tagging each other in and can’t agree on who should be the legal man right now, Dorado surprises Shelton with a truly wild Inverted Headscissor into a cover for the flash win!

Winners: Lucha House Party

Aight… MVP afterwards derides them both and demands they get on the same page.

Torrie Wilson is talking with Nikki Cross and looks about twice her height. Angel Garza comes up to her with a rose. Torrie tells him she invited Cardi B and Kylie Jenner to watch the show and suggests Angel go give Cardi the rose. He bites on it but it’s just a setup for a Boogeyman jumpscare. R-Truth then rolls Garza up to take the 24/7 title and runs off with Nikki and Cardi. Ron Simmons is here for the ‘DAMN’.

Main event time for the WWE Raw Recap…

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Keith Lee

All the legends applauded Keith Lee on his way out, that’s pretty cool. Lock-up as the bell rings. Break in the ropes. Lee powers him in the corner. McIntyre shoves him away. Drew gets him in a cravate. Lee spins him into a hip toss, shoulder block absorbed. Lee with a leap frog, duck under, shoulder block! Drew shoves him away. Lee does the same. Drew with a big slap! Drives him to the corner and batters him. Big chop! Lee blocks a whip, shoulder thrust, forearm drives Drew to the floor!

McIntyre favoring his jaw as he re-enters the ring. McIntyre kicks him to his knees, takes him down to stomp on his face. Big chop in the corner! Lee reverses a whip, clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor! Lee follows but McIntyre stops him with a big boot! The Pounce sends him flying over the barricade!

Commercial break as the WWE Raw Recap shall continue.

We come back to see Keith Lee continuing to dominate. Exchange of forearms, Lee with a big right hand drops McIntyre to the canvas. Pulls him into a cover for 2. Lee with a HUGE body slam sends McIntyre flying! Cover for a nearfall! Pulls Drew up, batters his back, body slam. Cover for 2. Lee takes him to the corner, McIntyre side-steps a charge. Chops him, grabs for an Overhead Belly To Belly but Lee is BEEG! Drew bounces him off the corner and keeps trying but Lee with a knee to the gut stops him.

Lee powers him up onto his shoulders, McIntyre slips free, bounces him off the buckle again – sends him flying with the Overhead Belly To Belly! Neckbreaker, kip up! Looking for the Claymore but Lee side-steps, Crucifix for a nearfall. Lee with a Uranage for a nearfall!

McIntyre rolls to the outside, Lee steps onto the apron – McIntyre grabs him and powerbombs him right through the announce table!!!

My God. Commercial break as the WWE Raw Recap continues. We come back to see McIntyre nail a flying clothesline off the top rope for a nearfall! McIntyre going for the Future Shock but Lee escapes and hits the Grizzly Magnum! Clubbing lariat for a nearfall! Hits the ropes, McIntyre ducks a clothesline, tries a backslide! Lee fights it though… reverses slowly, sends him over but McIntyre counters with the Future Shock DDT! Close nearfall!

Piping in that “This Is Awesome” chant now, glad to know WWE thinks highly of it’s main event. McIntyre goes up top but Lee nails him, wants the superplex. He’s all the way up top balancing on that top rope… SPANISH FLYYYYYYYYY!!! HOLY CRAP! NEARFALL! Pulls Drew up, McIntyre shoves him away, Spinebuster for a nearfall! Charges for a Claymore – Lee catches him and counters, looks for the Spirit Bomb but McIntyre escapes – Claymore for the win!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

That was a damn classic. Up there with the all-time Raw main events for sure.

McIntyre has a mic for some words… and… before he can say anything, Goldberg’s music hits?! He makes his way to the ring, conveniently they had piped “Goldberg” chants ready. He says he was in the back thinking there couldn’t be a better representative to be WWE Champion. Drew’s got size, speed and athleticism. But the one thing he doesn’t have is respect. Says he heard what he said but it’s not what he was thinking.

When he addresses the legends he looks at a bunch of washed up men and women. Says he thinks that him in his prime is better than them in their prime. Claims he doesn’t think a one of them could pose a threat. Well he’s coming to challenge him for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble.

Drew says he’s trying to get into his head, everyone knows he’s full of respect. But you think about the guy 20 years ago full of piss and vinegar, it couldn’t be him now, says fighting him would be like fighting his own dad! Goldberg shoves him as we go to a very abrupt ending. Well alright then.

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